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a son.

a son.

a son.

BIRTHS. folk, the marchioness of Blandford, 20. The lady of J. Billingsley

Parry, esq. daughter of John Fane, AUGUST.

esq. M. P. a daughter.

21. The lady of John Barwis, esq. 1. At Forston House, near Dor- of Kilkenny, a daughter. chester, the lady of George Peach, 22. At Bath, the lady of captain esq. a son and heir.

Elton, a son. 4. At Goldsboro' Hall, York- 24. · At Sheen Cottage, East shire, lady Louisa Lascelles, a son: Sheen, Mrs. J. T. James, of Flitton

5. At Radway, Warwickshire, the Vicarage, Bedfordshire, a son. lady of lient.-col. F. S. Miller, C. B. 25. Åt the Vicarage, Gillingham,

the lady of the rev. Henry Moule, At Scarborough, the lady of Charles Winn, esq. of Nostel Priory, 29. At Charlton Kings, the lady twin daughters.

of the rev. J. Walker, a daughter. 8. In Hamilton-place, countess At the Grove, Camberwell, the Gower, a daughter.

lady of W. A. Urquhart, esq. a son. At Shugborough, viscountess 30. At Gillingham Vicarage, Anson, à son and heir.

Kent, the lady of the rev. Dr. Page, The lady of W. Hulton, esq. a daughter. of Hulton Park, a son. 12. In Upper Grosvenor-street,

OCTOBER. the lady of sir Gore Ouseley, bart. a son and heir.

4. At Brighton, the lady of the 15. At Nuttal Hall, county Lanc. rev. J. S. M. Anderson, a daughter. the lady of J. Grant, esq. a son and 7. At Edinburgh, lady Julian heir.

Warrender, a son. 18. At the Vicarage House, Tun- 8. Elmham Hall, Norfolk, the stall, Lancashire, the lady of the hon. Mrs. Milles, a daughter. rev. W. Carus Wilson, à son.

9. At Knowsley Hall, the man20. The lady of Christopher sion of her ladyship's father, the James Magnay, esq. à son.

earl of Derby, the lady of the earl 23. At Wistow Hall, Leic. Mrs. of Wilton, a son and heir. Henry Halford, a daughter.

10. At Stillington, Yorkshire, the At Carlton Hall, Northampt. lady of Harry Croft, esq. a son and hon. lady Palmer, a son.

heir. The lady of Joseph Feilden, The lady of_Edward Wigan, esq. of Whitton House near Man- esq. of Highbury Terrace, a daugh. chester, a son.

il. At Denmark Hill, the lady

of C. D. Gordon, esq. a daughter. SEPTEMBER

The lady of H. Boldero, esq. 1. In Stratford-place, the lady of Royal Engineers, a son. J. A. Warre, esq. a son.

12. At the Terrace, Kennington6. The lady of the rev. Dr. Good- common, the lady of Thomas Farenough, a daughter.

mer, esq.

a daughter. 11. At Alexandria, in Piedmont, At Brentwood, the hon, Mrs. Madame la Marquise de Faverge, Charles Petre, a daughter. a daughter.

13. At Eaton Hall, Cheshire, lady 13. At Aberystwith, the lady of Elizabeth Belgrave, a son and heir. Morgan John Evans, esq. of Llwyn

15. At Holmendale House, barried, Radnorshire, a son. Bletchingly, the lady of Thomas

16. At Tunbridge Wells, the lady Bagden, esq. a daughter. of Henry Alexander, esq. a daugh. 16. At the Rectory House, Stan17. In Mount-street, rosvenor

Suffolk, the lady of rev. S. square, the lady of sir Richard Sheen, a daughter. Twineham, a daughter.

At his seat, Stanley Hall,

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a son.


a son.

MARRIAGES. Shropshire, the lady of sir Tyrwhitt 1. At Dawlish, the lady of D. Jones, bart. a son.

Geale, esq. a daughter. 16. At Misterton Hall, Leices- 2. At Canterbury, the lady of tershire, the lady of Richard Gough, Arthur Davies, esq.Ist Drag. guards, esq. a son.

At Connaught-place, lady 3. At the Vicarage, Leyland, the Wigram, a son.

lady of rev. G. Baldwin, a daugh19. At St. Austin's Wilts, Mrs. Ralph Allen Daniell, a daughter.

At Hull, the lady of major 20. At Camberwell House, Brad- Cairnes, 56th regt. a daughter. ford, Wilts, Mrs. Rich. Thos. Bate- At Howden, the lady of R. A. man, a son.

Worsop, esq. a daughter. 22. At Swindon, Mrs. Amb. God- 5. At Brandsby Hall, Yorkshire, dard, a daughter.

the lady of Francis Chólmeley, esq. 24. At Beverley, the lady of capt. Fred. Robertson, a son.

10. At his lordship's house, in 28. The lady of S. Linthorne, London, the lady of the right rev. esq. of Poole, a daughter.

the lord bishop of Chester, a son. 30. At Craythorne House, Ten- The lady of C. R. Pole, esq. terden, Mrs. Fred. Adams, a son. of Nottingham-place, a daughter.

15._At Liverpool, the lady of NOVEMBER.

Wm. Rutson, esq. a son. 1. In Norfolk-street, Park-lane, 17. At East Sheen, Surrey, the London, lady Combermere, a daugh. hon. Mrs. Penrhyn (daughter of

3. At Bagborough House, Somer- lord Stanley), a daughter. set, Mrs. Francis Popham, a daugh.

20. The lady of J. H. Markland, 5. In Brownlow-street, Liverpool, esq. of Gower-street, a daughter. the lady of capt. Wm. Sage, a daugh. At Wheatley, county, York,

9. At Wadley House, Farring- the lady of sir W. B. Cooke, bart. a don, Berks, Mrs. H. Weyland daughter. "Powell, a daughter.

24. At Longcroft Hall, Stafford13. At Compton House, Farring- shire, the lady of the late W. W. don, the lady of capt. W. B. Dash- Fell, esq. barrister-at-law, a son. wood, R. N. a daughter.

Lately, Mrs. Monk, lady of the 17. At Howsham, Yorkshire, the very rev. the dean of Peterborough, lady of G. Cholmely, esq. a daugh.

a daughter. 18. The lady of James Woodford, At Norfolk House, the esq. of Devonshire-street, Portland- countess of Surrey, a son. place, a son.

Lady Burghersh, a son. 19. In Somerset-street, Portman

MARRIAGES. square, Mrs. C. H. Pilgrim, a son. 28. T'he lady of Geo. Smith, esq.

JANUARY of Armin Pastures, a son.

29. At Connaught-place, the lady 3. At York, Robert Mansel, esq. of Jos. Smyth Wyndham, esq. of 6th Dragoons, to Maria, daughter Wawne, in 'Holderness, a son and of William Armstrong, esq. of same heir.

regiment. 30. The lady of rev. R. Rem- 4. At Paris, John Bulkeley, esq. mington, of Manchester, a son. to Sarah Mary, daughter of the late

At Combe House, the lady of Parr Bulkeley, esq. Geo. Hilhouse, esq. a daughter.

C. Barker, M. A. to Caroline, DECEMBER

daughter of Theophilus Richards,

esq. of Edgbaston. 1. At Iberuden, the lady of C. 6. Charles Frederick Biggs, esq. Tylden, Pattenson, esq. a daughter. of Blackheath, to Frances, daughter

MARRIAGES. of J. Gray, esq. of the Grove, Strat- maine, Castle Hill Lodge, Reading ford, Essex.

Berks. 6. At St. Margaret's, Westmin- 20. At Greenwich, L. Leake. ster, capt. Patrick Campbell, C. B. of Stoke Newington, to Mary Anu, of H. M. S. Ganges, to Margaret, eldest daughter of George Walpole, daughter of the late A. Wauchope, esq. of Croom's Hill. esq. of Niddrie Marischall, col. - By special licence, colonel sir Edinburgh.

John Sinclair, bart. of Dunheath, At Plympton, Devon, the rev. to Miss Sarah Charlotte Carter. John Collier Jones, D. D. rector At Worcester, capt. C. 0. of Ex. Coll. Oxford, to Charlotte, Aveline, of the hon.East India Comdaughter of the late rev. Duke Yonge, pany's service, to Eliza, eldest daughof Cornwood, and widow of the ter of A. Maund, esq. of Worcester. late capt. G. Crawley, R. N.

24. Philip Thomas Wykeham, 8. At Wooton, lieut.-col. Ogilvie, esq. of Tythrop House, Oxford46th regiment, to Janet Rebecca, shire, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter daughter of J. A. Ogilvie, esq. Tan- of F. Wykeham Martin, esq. of hurst, Surrey.

Leed's Castle, Kent. Jl. T. Bárton Bowen, esq. of 25. At Tynemouth, NorthumberPortman-street, to Charlotte, daugh- land, William Clark Wright, esq. ter of the late W. Chaloner, esq. of eldest son of John Wright, esq. of Guisborough, Yorkshire.

Walls End, in that county, to CharMich. Warren, esq; of Sande lotte Sarah, youngest daughter of ford's-court, county Kilkenny, to the late Joshua Parr, of PentreSarah, only daughter of Millington park, Carmarthenshire. Eaton Swittenham, esq. of Switten- 26. At Norfolk, Charles Loftus, ham Hall.

esq. third son of general and lady 13. At Bristol, Richard Hunt, Elizabeth Loftus, to Jane, youngest jun. esq. to Emmeline Mary, daugh- daughter of the late colonel John ter of Jacob Elton, esq. of Bristol, Dixon. and niece of the late admiral sir Wil- At Litchfield, Bructon Gibliam Young

bons, esq. of Birches Green, near 17. Lieut. H. Lawless, R. N. to Birmingham, to Eliza Lucy, youngMiss Catherine Gask, of Bury-street, est daughter of the late Charles St. James's.

Leonard, esq. of Hampstead, StafCapt. Charles Hesse, late 18th fordsbire. Hussars, to Mary Elizabeth, daugh- 27. Francis Frederick Rougemont, ter of Thomas Chambre, esq. of esq. of Dulwich, to Marianne, Nottingham-place.

youngest daughter of Alexander 18. S. Mitchell, esq. of Devon- Glennie, esq. of Great James-street. shire - street, Portland - place, to The rev. William Hutton Sarah, daughter of B. Barnard, esq. Wilkinson, B. A. of St. John's-colof Ham-common.

lege, Cambridge, and of Nether - Capt. John Pasley, 47th regi- Hall, Suffolk, to Eliza Caroline, ment, to Margaret, daughter of J. daughter of G. B. Tyndale, esq. of Durham, esq. of Enfield.

Lincoln's-inn-fields. At St. Mary, Lambeth, the 31. Capt. the hon. Walter Forbes, rev. Robert Hodgson Fowler, of Coldstream-guards, second son of Southwell, Nottinghamshire, to the right hon. lord Forbes, to HoFrances Elizabeth, only child of ratio, daughter of sir John Gregory Thomas Bish, esq. of South Lam- Shaw, bart. of Kenward, in the beth.

19. At Kelvedon, the rev. John Bridges Storry, A. M. vicar of

FEBRUARY. Great Tey, Essex, to Margaret, 1. At Plymouth, major Holtwell, eldest daughter of the rev. Dr. Ro- R. A. to Amelia, daughter of the

county of Kent.


MARRIAGES. late capt. Elphinstone, R. N. of 24. Rev. E. Bellamy, of the Belliar.

Priory, Downham, to Mary, daugh2. At Greenham-chapel, Berks, ter of G. Scholey, esq. of Claphammajor Henry Bowyer Lane, of the RoyalArtillery, toJane, eldestdaugh- 28. Lord Henry, second son of ter of the late Archibald Thomson, the marquis of Cholmondeley, to of Jamaica, esq.

Marcia, daughter of right hon. C. John Edward Fordham, esq. Arbuthnot. of Melbourne Bury, in the county of Cambridge, to Harriet, the

MARCH second daughter of John Gurney, esq. king's counsel.

1. Rev. Henry Freeland of Cob5. Philip Watier, esq. to Anne, ham, Surrey, rector of Hasketon, second daughter of the late William Suffolk, to Sophia Lydia, daughter Simes, esq. of College Hill, Shrews- of the late T. Ruggles, esq. of bury.

Spaines Hall, Essex. 8. At Hurley, Berks, capt. the At Edinburgh, capt. Basil hon. Charles Leonard Irby, R. N. Hall, R. N. to Margaret, daughter fourth son of lord Boston, to Fran- of the late sir J. Hunter, consul ces, second daughter of John general in Spain. Mangles, esq.

3. D. Tighe, esq. to Fanny, daughAt Lewisham, Kent, lieut. ter of the late 'hon. sir Edward Charles Goullett, R. N. youngest Crofton, bart. of Mote, county son of the late Peter Goullett, esq. Roscommon, and sister of lord Crofof Heavitree, Devon, to Emma, ton. fifth daughter of the late Thomas 7. Rev. Moss King, second son Britten esq; of Forest Hill, in the of John King, esq. of Grosvenorcounty of Kent,

place, to Elizabeth Margaret, 15. At Earl's Colne, Essex, J. P. daughter of rev. Latham CoddingBurrows, esq. of Austin Friars, ton, of Tiniolin Glebe, county London, to Henrietta, second daugh- Kildare. ter of the late rev. Thomas Carwar- 8. Henry, only son of sir Henry dine, of Colne Priory.

W. Martin, bart. to Catharine, -John Bridges, esq. of Purbroke daughter of sir Byam Martin, K. Cottage, Hants, to Anne, youngest C. B. daughter of Alexander Stewart, 9. At Shrewsbury, rev. Frederick esq.of Huntfield, Lanarkshire, N.B. Holmes, professor in the Bishop's

16. John Ward, esq. of Air-street, college at Calcutta, to Anna Maria, Piccadilly, to Sophia, daughter of eldest daughter of Joseph Loxdale, John Warren, esq. of Compton- esq. of Kingsland House. terrace, Islington.

At Bristol, W. Woodward 19. At Ashford Middlesex, J. E. Haynes, esq. of Neath, to Anne, Todd, esq. of Bedford-place, to daughter of the late rev. J. Collins, Jane, only daughter of A. Downes, of Oxwich, Glamorgan. esq.

JO. Capt. John Elliot Cairnes, 22. At Teddington, Middlesex, 56th regiment, to Susanna, daughRandle Henry Feilden, esq. third ter of late T. Jackson, esq. of Stamson of the late Henry Feilden, esq. ford. of Witton, Lancashire, to Phæbe. 16. Col. hon. F. Ponsonby, to Sarah, only daughter of col. sir lady Emily Bathurst, daughter of Robert Arbuthnot, K, C. B. Cold- earl Bathurst. stream-guards.

22. Warden Sergison, esq. eldest - At St. Marylebone-church, son of the rev. William Sergison, lieut.-col. Robins, late of 7th of Cuckfield-park, Sussex, to Editha, Hussars, to Fanny Sophia, daughter second daughter of the late sir Jacob of the late admiral sir Hyde Parker. Henry Astley, of Melton Constable,

MARRIAGES. Norfolk, and of Seaton Delaval, late hon. and rev. Pierce Butler, and Northumberland.

niece to the earl of Carrick. 22. James Wittit Lyon, esq. of 7. Captain George Ferguson, of Albemarle-street, to Emma Dalton, Pittour, R. N. to the hon. Elizabeth second daughter of Mrs. Edwards, Jane Rowley, eldest daughter of Regent-street, and of Rheola, Gla- lord Langford. morganshire.

-Henry, eldest son of the hon. -Charles Willis, jun. esq. of John Wodehouse, and grandson of Cranbrook, Kent, to Mary, youngest lord Wodehouse, to Anne, only daughter of the late William Nac- daughter of T. T. Gurdon, esq. bean, esq. of Roaring-river estate, of Letton, Norfolk. Jamaica.

-- Francis Baring, esq. eldest son 24. At Hockliffe, Bedfordshire, of sir Thomas Baring, bart. M. P. Thomas Tringham Smith, esq. of to Jane, youngest daughter of the Bolton-street, Piccadilly, to Emma, hon. sir George Grey, bart, M. P. youngest daughter of lieut.-col. -Charles Ross, esq. son of general Gilpin, of the Grange, Hockliffe. Ross, to lady Mary Cornwallis,

26. At Kensington, Richard Tem- fourth daughter of the late marquis ple, esq. of Kemsey, Worcester- Cornwallis. shire, to Louisa Anne, youngest -At Weymouth, John Gordon, daughter of the late James Rivett esq. of Wincombe, county of Wilts, Carnac, esq. member of Council at to Maria, widow of the late Richard Bombay.

Oliver, esq. of the Crescent, Bath. -At Bath, D.H. Dallas, esq.only -At Cowbridge, Glamorganshire, son of sir Thomas Dallas, to Mari- the rev. Robert Bathurst Plumptre, anne, only daughter of the late son of the very rev. the dean of Thomas Whiting Yorke, esq. of Gloucester, to Susanna, daughter of Lincolnshire.

the lace rev. Iltyd Nichol, D. D. of 28. At Kilcolgar-church, county Ham, in the county of Glamorgan. of Galway, Ireland, captain Francis 9. At Eveline, Oxon, Neville Manley Shawe, of the Coldstream Reid, esq.eldest son of Andrew Reid, guards, to Albinia Hester, eldest esq. of Linsdown, Herts, to the hon. daughter of Major-general John Caroline Napier, youngest daughTaylor, of Castle Taylor, in the ter of the late right hon. lord Napier. county of Galway.

12. The rev. Daniel H. John 31. Ac Newton Ferrers, Devon- Hopkins, rector of Woolley, Hants, shire, Philip, second son of sir John to Esther Barnard, daughter of the Perring, bart. Memland, to Frances late John Hammond, M. D. Mary, only daughter of the late --At Wappenbury, Theophilus Henry Roe, of Gnaton.

Biddulph, esq. eldest son of Sir

Theophilus Biddulph, bart. of Bisbury

hall, Warwickshire, to Jane Rebecca, APRIL.

second daughter of the late Robert

Vyner, esq. of Eathorpe, in the same 4. Dr. P. Leslie, to Miss Hendrie. county.

5. In the private chapel, at Shawe- 13. Lieut.-col. Disbrowe, Grenahall, Lancashire, the seat of Wm. dier-guards, to Louisa, daughter of Farington, esq. Alexander Nowell, the right hon. lord Kilmaine. esq. of Undexley-park, Westmore- 14. At Barnes, Surrey, W. N. land to Charlotte, daughter of the Comyn, esq. of Norfolk - street, late James Farington, esą.

Strand, to Annabella, second daugh6. Francis Hawksworth Fawkes, ter of the late Hugh Campbell, esq. of Hawksworth-hall, in the county of the former place. of York, and eldest son of Walter -The rev. Henry de la Fite, to Fawkes, esq. of Farnley-ball, to Sarah, daughter of the late s. De Elizabeth Butler, only child of the

Castro, esq.

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