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DEATHS.-Nov. numerous workmen employed in restricted to the castle alone. The completing the splendid decorations grounds, the villages, the roads in of the grand drawing-room at Bel- its vicinity, were improved through voir, which it was intended should her agency. Every rational sughave been first opened on the gestion which had for its object the occasion of the duke's approaching decoration and the embellishment birth-day: she also took her accus- of this beautiful domain, tomed exercise, and wrote several adopted with eagerness, and zealetters. In the evening symptoms lously carried into effect under her of the disease, with which she was personal and immediate superinseverely attacked a year ago, began tendence. On several occasions she to manifest themselves; but on the was complimented with premiums following day they appeared to have from the Society for the promotion abated very considerably. At two

At two of Arts and Manufactures, for her o'clock on Sunday morning, Mr. extensive plantations and acknowCatlett, surgeon to the fainily, who ledged improvements in the breedsleeps in the castle, was hastilying of cattle. On the 9th of Dec. summoned to her grace's apart- the remains of the duchess were ment, and found her state so ex-, deposited in the family vault at tremely dangerous as to excite the Bottesford. Crowds of 'inhabitants most alarming apprehensions. Ex- of the vicinity had assembled to pay presses were instantly sent off to the last tribute of respect to their Dr. Wilson, of Grantham, Dr. esteemed benefactress. Early in the Pennington of Nottingham, Dr. morning the duke of Rutland'arrived Arnold of Leicester, and sir Henry at Bottesford, and immediately proHalford. The three first promptly ceeded to the house of the rev. obeyed the summons; sir Henry Charles Thornton. The procession arrived at the castle from London left Belvoir-castle at ten o'clock, at 5 o'clock on Tuesday morning, and arrived at Bottesford about one. but the hand of death was already. It was followed by a long train of on the duchess; all the efforts of carriages. the faculty had been unremittingly 29. At Clapham, aged 78, Sarah, exerted to arrest the progress of relict of the late William Cotterell, the disorder, but in vain. The esq. late sword bearer of the city duke never quitted the bed-side, till of London. slie had ceased to breathe. Her At his chambers in the grace, born Nov. 13, 1780, was the Albany, aged 70, William Ogilvy, ñfth, but second surviving daughter esq. of Westhall county of Angus. of Frederick earl of Carlisle, who Jacob Mocatta, esq. of Finsdied Sept. 4 (see p. 277), by Ca- bury-square, aged 57, of the firm of roline, daughter of Granville Leve- Mocatta and Goldsmid. son, the first marquess of Stafford. 30. At his brother's house, in She was married to John Henry Upper Wimpole-street, Edward Manners, duke of Rutland, on the Calvert, esq. 22nd of April 1799, and had issue Lately, at Bristol, aged 75, John nine children, of whom three sons Nott, M. D. resident physician at and four daughters survive. Of her the Hot-wells. He was born at elevated taste, Belvoir-castle will Worcester, Dec. 24, 1751. At a long remain a magnificent monu- very early period, while at school, ment. From its first commencement, he evinced his taste for poetic comtwenty-five years ago, in despite of position, in some happy translations momentary interruption from the from the Latin classics. He studied fire in October 1816, until its recent surgery first at Birmingham, under completion, the duchess had selected Mr. Hector; and then removed to all the plans for its erection. Nor London, to finish his education were her active and useful exertions under the eye of sir Cæsar Hawa VOL. LXVII.


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DEATHS.-Nov. kins, with whose family he had Secundus,” 8vo. 1775. “ Leonora ; become connected; he afterwards an Elegy on the Death of a Young went to Paris, to profit by what Lady,” 4to. 1775. “Sonnets and might be learnt in the French school Odes from the Italian of Petrarch," of surgery. In 1775, an invalid 8vo. 1777.. Poems; consisting of gentleman was intrusted to his Original Pieces and Translations, care, with whom he continued two 8vo. 1780. “ Heroic Epistle in years on the Continent. On his Verse, from Monsieur Vestris, in return, he applied himself to his London, to Madame Heinel in professional pursuits in London, France,” 4to. 1781. “Propertii where he proposed to settle ; but Monobiblos; or that book of the his love of literature, and general Elegies of Propertius entitled knowledge, making him desirous Cynthia," 8vo. 1782. “Select Odes of going again abroad, he went, in from the Persian of Hafiz,” 4to. 1783, as surgeon on board an East 1787. “A Chemical Dissertation Indiaman to China, and remained on the Thermal Waters of Pisa and absent from England about three the Acidulous Spring of Asciano," years. It was at this period that he 8vo. 1793. « On the Hotwell learned Persian ; his beautiful and Waters, near Bristol," 8vo. 1793. faithful translations of some select “ The Poems of Caius Valerius Odes from Hafiz were a proof of the Catullus, in English verse, with the proficiency he made in that language. Latin Text versified, and Classical On his return to England, he Notes,” 8vo. ii. vols. 1794.

“ Bedeclined entering into any medical linda ; or the Kisses of Bonefonius engagements, that he might attend of Auvergne, with the Latin Text," his brother and his family to the 8vo. 1797. “ The First Book of Continent, whither, on account of Titus Carus Lucretius on the Nature health, they were obliged to go. of Things, with the Latin Text,” He came back in 1788; and then 8vo. 1799. “ The Lyrics of Horace, Dr. Warren urged him to graduate with the Latin Text revised;"' 2 vols. in medicine. He did so with dis. Svo. 1803. • Sappho, after a Greek tinguished honour; and soon after, Romance;” 12mo. 1803. “On the at Dr. Warren's recommendation, Influenza, as it prevailed in Bristol attended the then duchess of Devon- and its vicinity, in the Spring of shire and lady Duncannon, as their 1803 ;" 8vo. 1803. Petrarch; a physician, to the Continent. With Selection from his Odes, and Sonihat fainily he remained connected, nets translated with Notes ;" 8vo. . more or less, till 1793; when he 1808. “Select Poems from the came back to the Hot-wells, the Hesperides, or Works both human place of his predilection. During and divine, of Robert Herrick;" the last eight years of his life, he 8vo. 1810. A Nosological Comsuffered from a painful state of panion to the London Pharmacoparalysis, amounting to hemiplegia. poeia ;” 12mo. 1811. “The Gull's This confined him almost wholly to Horn Book, by T. Decker ; reprinted the house. His mental faculties, with Notes and Illustrations;" 4to. however, were active; and he 1812. Besides these published works, amused himself in revising, his Dr. Nott supplied many valuable unfinished compositions, and in articles to the Gentleman's Magaarranging plans for new works. zine, and other literary and medical

The following list of his works journals. Previous to his last ill. will shew the extent of his know-ness, he had finished a complete ledge and the versatility of his “Translation of Petrarch's Sontalents :-“ Alonzo ; or the Youth- nets, Canzoni, and Triumphs, with ful Solitair; a poetic tale,” 4to. copious Notes, as well historical as 1772. “Basia; or a poetic transla- crítical and explanatory; with a tion of the Kisses of Johannes Life, and a Dissertation on the


DEATHS.-Dec. Genius of Petrarch ;" which transla- represent that place for seven sue, tion, had his life been spared, it was cessive parliaments, he retired his intention to have published. from its representation in 1812, Dr. Nott had also long contem- having held his seat in the house plated a Poetic Version of Silius for thirty-eight years. Mr. Coke Italicus; and amused himself in frequently took an active part in the translating select passages, during House of Commons, particularly his last illness, but no great or con- during the administration of lord nected progress was made in the North. At the close of the American undertaking

war, he was appointed one of the

commissioners for settling, the DECEMBER

American claims, but soon resigned

that employment. He was for some 1. In Bedford-place, Louisa time chairman of the quarter sesCatharine, wife of Edmund Robert sions for the county of Derby, from Daniell, esq.

which situation he retired through 2. At her son's house at Camber- infirmity in the year 1818, and from well, aged 84, Mrs. Martha Jackson, that period he declined all public relict of the late Mr. Thomas Jack- business.

6. At his sister's, Lower Grosve3. At Lisbon, Garnett Gould, nor-street, aged 21, captain Charles esq. for many years an eminent Robinson, a young officer who had British merchant in that city. only returned from India a few

4. At Blenheim-house, in his 3rd days. He was unfortunately adyear, Francis Astley, youngest son dicted to walking in his sleep, and of sir Charles Harry Rich, bart. throwing himself from his bed

In Devonshire-place, aged 86, chamber window in the second Mrs. Corbett, widow of the late story, was killed on the spot. Thomas Corbett, esq. of Darnhall, 11. At Avignon, the hon. Mrs. Cheshire.

Long, wife of captain Long, second At his house, the College, in daughter of lord Stanley, and grandDerby, aged 80, Daniel Parker daughter of the earl of Derby. Coke, esq. descended from an 12. In Lower Grosvenor-street, ancient family at Trusley, in that Miss Chaytor, eldest daughter of county. He was the only son of the late Dr. Chaytor, D. D. preThomas Coke, esq. barrister at law, bendary of Durham. and Dorothy, daughter and heiress At her house in of Thomas Goodwin, esq. Daniel Grosvenor-street, in her 92nd year, Parker, their only son, was born Elizabeth, dowager marchioness of July 17, 1745. In the year 1762, Bath. She was the eldest daughter he was admitted of All Souls Col of William second duke of Portland lege, Oxford. He was afterwards (who died May by 1762), by Margacalled to the bar, and for many ret Cavendish Harley, only daughyears attended the Midland circuit. ter and sole heir of Edward, second In 1775 he stood a contested election earl of Oxford and Mortimer, and for his native town, against John was born June 27, 1735. She was Gisborne, esq. Mr. Gisborne was married to Thomas, first marquis returned by a majority of fourteen of Bath, K. G. on the 22nd of May, votes ; but in consequence of a 1759; by whoin, who died Nov. 19, petition to the House of Commons, 1796, she had issue the present Feb. 8, 1776, Mr. Coke was by the marquis of Bath and eight other committee declared to have been children, six daughters and two sons. duly elected. In 1780 he was re- 15. In Curzon-street, aged 80, turned for the town of Nottingham, Archer Mearns, esq. formerly of the jointly with Robert Smith, esq. now 3rd regiment of guards. lord Carrington, and continued to 16. At Jersey, at his brother's



DEATHS.--Dec. colonel Touzel, Richard Percival, in 1756. At the age of eighteen he son of the late Thomas Moulson, esq. went to Rome, where he continued of Chester, and nephew of the late several years. Among his early Dr. Percival, of Manchester. performances of any repute were

17. Mrs. Sarjeant, of King-street, his “ St. Roche healing the sick Cheapside.

during a pestilence," and " BeliAt Hampstead, in her 81st sarius begging alms.". In 1784 he year, Elizabeth, widow of the late again visited Italy, where he proJohn Baker, esq.

duced his “ Horatii,” which at once 18. Mrs. Phillips, of Grove-cot- stamped his reputation, and seemed tage, Clapham.

to create a new æra in the art. The 22. In Duke-street, Westminster, fame he thus acquired was increased aged 54, Nathaniel Atcheson, esq. hy his 'picture of “ Brutus and his F. S. A. solicitor. He published sons,” and the “ Death of SoReport of the Case, Havelock crates.” Shortly after this period, against Rookwood, argued and he took an active part in the troudetermined in the Court of King's bles of the Revolution; and during Bench, on the validity of a sentence the Reign of Terror, was one of the of condemnation by an enemy's most furious of the Jacobins, and Consul in a Neutral Port,” 8vo. voted for the death of the king. 1800. A Letter on the present His pencil, too, was devoted to state of the carrying part of the representing many of the political Coal Trade,” 8vo. 1802. "Report scenes' and events of the day; and of the Case, Fisher against Ward, he gave a variety of designs for respecting the Russian Embargo, on national monuments. Among these British Ships,” 8vo, 1803. Ame- projects was one for a colossal firican Encroachments on British gure representing the French people. Rights,” 8vo, 1803. Mr. Atcheson, On the fall of Robespierrè, he was in by assiduity, knowledge, and saga- great personal danger; and nothing city, had raised himself into emi- but his great reputation as an artist nence as a solicitor, and enjoyed the could have averted his death on the respect and confidence of some of scaffold. After an interval of comthe most distinguished characters plete inactivity he produced his of the country

He was the picture of the “ Rape of the Sac original founder of the Pitt club. bines,” in 1799; and in 1804 was

23. In Hamburgh, aged 40, lieut. appointed first painter to the emJames Heselden, R. N. of Barton- peror, by whom he was commisupon-Humber.

sioned to paint the ceremony of his Lately, in Seymour-street, Port- coronation, and other subjects. man-square, Anne, widow of admiral After the return of Napoleon from sir Jaines Wallace.

Elba, he received particular notice In her 92nd year, the dowager from him. As an artist, David has lady Rossmore, widow of Robert the merit of having rescued paintCunninghame, first lord Rossmore. ing from the insipid unnatural Gifted with qualities of a superior style which had so long prevailed order, she was for a long series of in France; but in attempting to years the leader of the ton in the restore classical design and simmetropolis of Ireland.

plicity, he exaggerated them into 29. At Brussels, whither he re- coldness and theatrical affectation. tired after the restoration of Louis Latterly he altered his system enXVIII., being included in the de- tirely ; for instead of the severe and cree passed against the regicides, rigid manner which distinguishes Jaques Louis David, the celebrated his Horatii and Brutus, he copied painter. This artist, who may be nature, without attempting to-reregarded as the chief of the modern fine upon his models. French school, was born at Paris,

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The above form the CABINET.

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Marquis Wellesley................
Lord Manners
Right hon. Henry Goulburn
Right hon. Sir G. Fitzgerald Hill

Right hon. William C. Plunkett Henry Joy, esq.

Lord President of the Council.
Lord High Chancellor.
Lord Privy Seal.
First Lord of the Treasury.
Chancellor and Under Treasurer of

the Exchequer, and Chancellor of

the Exchequer for Ireland.
First Lord of the Admiralty.
Master-General of Ordnance.
Home Secretary of State.
Foreign Secretary of State.
Secretary of State for War and the

President of Board of Control.
Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster.
Treasurer of the Navy.

Lord Chamberlain.
Lord Steward.
Master of the Horse.
Secretary at War.
Paymaster General of the Forces.
Master of the Mint.
Vice President of Board of Trade.
Postmaster General.
Lieutenant-General of Ordnance.
First Commissioner of Woods and Forests.


Lord Lieutenant.
Lord High Chancellor.
Chief Secretary.
Vice Treasurer of the Exchequer.


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