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VESSELS EMPLOYED IN THE FOREIGN TRADE.--An Account of the Number of VESSELS, with the Amount of their

TONNAGE, and the Number of Men and Boys employed in Navigating the same (including their repeated Voyages)
that entered Inwards and cleared Outwards, at the several Ports of the United Kingdom, from and to all Parts of the
World (exclusive of the intercourse between GREAT BRITAIN and IRELAND respectively) during each of the three
Years ending 5th January 1825.



Passed in the Sixth Session of the SEVENTH Parliament of the

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 6 Geo. IV. 1825.

I. AN Act for granting and applying rendering the payment of creditors

certain sums of money for the ser- more equal and expeditious in Scotvice of the

land. II. An Act for raising the sum of XII. An Act to prolong the time of


twenty millions by exchequer bills the commencement of an Act of the for the service of the year 1825. last session of parliament, for ascerIII. An Act to indemnify such per- taining and establishing uniformity

sons in the United Kingdom as of weights and measures, and to have omitted to qualify themselves amend the said Act. for offices and employments, and XIII. An Act to reduce the duties for extending the time limited for on wine, coffee, and hemp, imported those purposes respectively.

into the United Kingdom. IV. An Act to amend certain Acts XIV. An Act for applying the sum

relating to unlawful societies in of ten millions five hundred thou. Ireland.

sand pounds out of the consolidated V. An Act for punishing mutiny and fund, for the service of the year

desertion; and for the better pay- 1825. ment of the army and their quarters. XV. An Act to explain and amend VI. An Act for the regulating of his two Acts passed in the forty-third

majesty's royal marine forces while and forty-fourth years of the reign on shore.

of his late majesty King George the VII. An Act for the further repeal Third, for making and maintaining

of certain duties of assessed taxes, an inland navigation, commonly and for granting relief in the cases called the Caledonian Canal, by estherein mentioned.

tablishing further checks upon the VIII. An Act to amend and render expenditure of public money for

more effectual an Act passed in the that purpose, in certain cases, fifty-fifth year of the reign of his XVI. An Act to amend the laws relaté majesty, for enabling spiritual lating to bankrupts. persons to exchange their parsonage XVII. An Act to extend the prohouses or glebe lands ; and for other visions of an Act of the fifty-ninth purposes therein mentioned.

year of his late majesty, concerning IX. An Act for continuing to his the disposition of certain real and

majesty for one year certain duties personal property of his majesty, on personal estates, offices, and pen- his heirs and successors. sions in England; and also for XVIII. An Act to make further granting, certain duties on sugar provision for the payment of the imported; for the service of the

crews of his majesty's ships and

vessels. X. An Act to facilitate the proceed. XIX. An Act for the amendment of

nigs before the commissioners of the law as to the offence of sending inquiry relating to courts of justice threatening letters. in Ireland.

XX. An Act for fixing, until the XI. An Act to continue, until the twenty-fifth day of March 1826, the

twenty-fifth day of July 1826, an rates of subsistence to be paid to Act passed in the fifty-fourth year inn-keepers and others on quartering of the reign of his late, majesty, for soldiers,

year 1825.

XXI. An Act to amend an Act for application of monies arising in cer.

the more effectual administration tain cases of assessments for land of the office of justice of the peace tax in Great Britain. in and near the metropolis. XXXIII. An Act to repeal certain

Acts relating to the governor and fication and the manner of enrolling jurors in Scotland, and of choosing trading to the Levant seas, and the jurors on criminal trials there; and duties payable to them; and to to unite counties for the purposes of

authorize the transfer and disposal trial in cases of high treason in of the possessions and property of Scotland.

the said
governor and

company, for XXIII. An Act for the better regu- the public service.

lation of the sheriff and stewart and XXXIV. An Act to empower the Burgh courts of Scotland.

commissioners of his majesty's treaXXIV. An Act for the more easy sury to purchase a certain annuity recovery of small debts in the sheriff'

in respect of duties of customs courts in Scotland.

levied in the Isle of Man, and any XXV. An Act for defining the rights reserved sovereign rights in the said

of capital convicts who receive par- Island belonging to John duke of don, and of convicts after having Atholl. been punished for clergyable fe. XXXV. An Act to render more lonies; for placing clerks in orders effectual the several Acts for auon the same footing, with other thorizing advances for carrying on persons, as to felonies; and for public works, so far as relates to limiting the effect of the benefit of Ireland, clergy.

XXXVI. An Act for enabling the XXVI. An Act for the consolidation corporation of Pembroke to relin

of the Royal Naval Asylum with quish and convey to the commisthe Royal Hospital for seamen at sioners of his majesty's navy the Greenwich, in the county of Kent. right of letting the stalls, sittings, XXVII. An Act for extending to

and other conveniences in the marScotland certain provisions of an ket established in the town of PemAct for the relief of the poor, in so broke dock, and the right to the far as the same relate to parochial re- rents, tolls, and fees thereof.

lief to Chelsea and other pensioners. XXXVII. An Act to provide for XXVIII. An Act for granting rates the future assimilation of the duties

of postage for the conveyance of of excise upon sweets or made letters and packets between Great wines, upon mead and metheglin, Britain and Ireland, by way of upon vinegar, and upon cyder and Liverpool.

perry, in Great Britain and Ireland, XXIX. An Act to repeal an Act and to continue the duty of excise

made in the second year of the reign on sweets or made wines in Great of King William and Queen Mary, Britain until the fifth day of Janu. for the discouraging the importation

ary 1826. of thrown silk.

XXXVIII. An Act for extending XXX. An Act to amend an Act the jurisdiction of the commissioners

of the fourth year of his present acting in execution of an Act of the majesty's reign, for the better ad- fifth year of his present majesty, for ministration of justice in the court paving and regulating the Regent's of Chancery in Ireland.

park, together with the new street XXXI. An Act to defray the charge from thence to Pall Mall; and for

of the pay, clothing, and contingent other purposes relating thereto.
and other expenses of the disembo- XXXIX. An Act for granting cer.
died militia in Great Britain and tain powers and authorities to a
Ireland; and to grant allowances in company, to be incorporated by
certain cases to subaltern officers, charter, to be called " The Van
adjutants, quarterınasters, surgeons, Diemen's Land Company," for the
assistant surgeons, surgeons mates, cultivation and iniprovement of
and serjeant majors of militia, until waste lands in his majesty's island

the twenty-fifth day of March 1826. of Van Diemen's Land,' and for XXXII. An Act to provide for the other purposes relating thereto.


XL. An Act to enable justices of the last session of parliament, for amend.

peace in England, in certain cases, ing former Acts relating to presentto borrow money on mortgage of the ments by grand juries for payment rate of the county, riding or place,

of the salaries of treasurers and for which such justices shall be then public officers of the several counties acting

in Ireland. XLI. An Act to repeal the stamp LIII. An Act for limiting the time

duties payable in Great Britain and within which inquisitions of lunacy, Ireland upon the transfer of property idiotcy, and non compos mentis, in ships and vessels, and upon bonds may be traversed, and for making and debentures required to be given other regulations in the proceedings in relation to the duties, drawbacks, pending a traverse. and bounties of customs or excise; LIV. An Act to amend an Act of the and to grant other duties of stamps first and second years of his present on such bonds and debentures.

majesty, for the establishment of XLII. An Act for the better regu- asylums for the lunatic poor in Irelation of co-partnerships of certain

land. bankers in Ireland.

LV. An Act to regulate the proceed. XLIII. An Act to amend and ren- ings as to sealing of writs in the

der more effectual an Act made in court of Exchequer in Ireland. the reign of King

Charles the First, LVI. An Act to amend two Acts for for impounding of distresses in Ire- removing difficulties in the conland.

viction of offenders stealing property XLIV. An Act for granting to his in mines and from corporate bodies.

majesty rates of postage on the con. LVII. An Act for the amendment veyance of letters and packets to and of the law respecting the settlement from Colombia and Mexico.

of the poor, as far as regards renting XLV. An Act to allow, until the fifth tenements and paying parochial day of July 1825, the enrolment of

taxes. articles of clerkship to solicitors and LVIII. An Act for providing equiattornies in England, and the valent rates of excise duties, allowmaking and filing of affidavits re- ances, and drawbacks on beer and lating thereto, in certain cases, malt, and on spirits, made in Scot. where the same may have been land or Ireland, according to the omitted or neglected.

measure of the new imperial stanXLVI. An Act to prevent articled dard gallon.

clerks of attornies, and others, in LIX. An Act to provide for the Great Britain, from being prejudiced extinction of feudal and seignioral by the neglect of such attornies, and rights and burthens on lands held others, in omitting to take out their à Titre de Fief and à Titre de Cens, annual certificates.

in the province of Lower Canada; XLVII. An Act for restricting the and for the gradual conversion of

punishment of leasing-making, se- those tenures into the tenure of free

dition, and blasphemy, in Scotland. and common soccage ; and for other XLVIII. An Act to alter and amend purposes relating to the said pro

an Act passed in the thirty-ninth vince. and fortieth years of King George LX. An Act to amend an Act of the the third, for the recovery of small fourth year of his present majesty's debts in Scotland.

reign, for the better administration XLIX. An Act for encouraging the of justice in the equity side of the

capture or destruction of piratical court of Exchequer in Ireland. ships and vessels.

LXI. An Act to amend two Acts of L. An Act for consolidating, and the fifty-eighth year of his late ma

amending the laws relative to jurors jesty, for regulating the payment and juries.

of regimental debts, and the distriLI. An Act for the amnendment of bution of the effects of officers and the laws with respect to special soldiers dying in service, and the juries, and to trials in counties of receipt of sums due to soldiers ; and cities and towns, and towns cor

of the fourth year of his present porate, in Ireland.

majesty, for punishing mutiny and LII. An Act to amend an Act of the desertion of officers and soldiers in

the service of the East India com- highness Ernest Augustus duke of pany.

Cumberland, for the purpose of enLXII. An Act to amend an Act of abling his said royal highness to

the Scottish parliament, relative to provide for the support and educathe aliment of poor prisoners.

tion of his highness prince George LXIII. An Act to make further pro- Frederick Alexander Charles Er.

visions for the regulation of cotton nest Augustus of Cumberland. mills and factories, and for the bet. LXXII. An Act to enable his mater preservation of the health of jesty to grant an annual sum to her young persons employed therein. royal highness Mary Louisa, Vic. LXIV. An Act to alter for one year, toria duchess of Kent, for the purand until the end of the then next

pose of enabling her said royal session of parliament, the duty on highness to provide for the support wheat the produce of the British and education of her highness the possessions in North America.

princess Alexandrina Victoria of LXV. An Act to allow, until the Kent.

fifteenth day of August 1825, the LXXIII. An Act for further regu. entry of warehoused corn, grain, lating the trade of his majesty's and wheaten flour for home con- possessions in America and the sumption, on payment of duty. West Indies, and for the warehous. LXVI. An Act for explaining and ing of goods therein.

amending an Act of the sixth year LXXIV. An Act for consolidating of the reign of her majesty Queen and amending the laws relating to Anne, intituled “An Act to make conveyances and transfers of estates further provision for electing and and funds vested in trustees, who summoning sixteen peers of Scotland are infants, idiots, lunatics, or to sit in the house of peers in the trustees of unsound mind, or who parliament of Great Britain, and for cannot be compelled or refuse to trying peers for offences committed act; and also the laws relating to in Scotland, and for the further re- stocks and securities belonging to gulating of voters in elections of infants, idiots, lunatics, and persons members to serve in parliament, so of unsound mind. far as relates to the trial of peers for LXXV. An Act to enable his majesty

offences committed in Scotland. to grant to a company, to be incor. LXVII. An Act to alter and amend porated by charter, to be called

an Act passed in the seventh year # The Canada Company," certain of the reign of his majesty King lands in the province of Upper James the First, intituled “An Canada, and to invest the said comAct that all such as are to be na- pany with certain powers and prituralized or restored in blood shall vileges, and for other purposes first receive the sacrament of the relating thereto. Lord's supper, and the oath of alle. LXXVI. An Act to extend to the

giance and the oath of supremacy' island of Mauritius the duties and LXVIII. An Act to regulate the regulations which relate to the

conveyance of printed votes and British islands in the West Indies. proceedings in parliament, and LXXVII. An Act to authorize the printed newspapers, by packet boats application of part of the land rebetween Great Britain and Ireland, venue of the Crown for the repair and the British colonies, and also in and improvement of Buckinghain the United Kingdom,

house. LXIX. An Act for punishing offen. LXXVIII. An Act to repeal the

ces committed by transports kept to several laws relating to the performlabour in the colonies; and better ance of quarantine, and to makeother regulating the powers of justices of provisions in lieu thereof. the peace in New South Wales. LXXIX. An Act to provide for the LXX. An Act for raising the sum of assimilation of the currency and

ten millions five hundred thousand monies of account throughout the pounds by Exchequer bills, for the United Kingdom of Great Britain service of the year 1825.

and Ireland. LXXI. An Act to enable his majesty LXXX. An Act to repeal the duties

to grant an annual sum to his royal payable in respect of spirits distilled

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