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in England, and of licences for dis- and the disbursements at such ports tilling, rectifying, or compounding for certain public purpoisés. such spirits, and for the sale of spi LXXXVIII. An Act to make prorits, and to impose other duties in vision for the salaries of certain lieu thereof; and to provide other bishops, and other ecclesiastical digregulations for the collection of the nitaries and ministers, in the diocese said duties, and for the sale of spi- of Jamaica, and in the diocese of rits, and for the warehousing of such Barbadoes and the Leeward islands ; spirits, without payment of duty, and to enable his majesty to grant for exportation.

annuities to such bishops upon the LXXXI. An Act to repeal several resignation of their offices.

duties payable on excise licences in LXXXIX. An Act to authorize the Great Britain and Ireland, and to purchase of the office of receiver and impose other duties in lieu thereof; comptroller of the seal of the court and to amend the laws for granting of King's-bench and Common Pleas, excise licences.

and of custos-brevium of the court LXXXII. An Act to abolish the of Common Pleas.

sale of offices in the court of King's. XC. An Act to amend an Act of the bench in England, to make provision fifty-seventh year of his late majesfor the lord chief justice of the said ty forenabling his majesty to recoma court, and to grant an additional pense the services of persons holding annuity to the said lord chief justice or who have held certain high and on resignation of his office.

efficient civil offices. LXXXIII. An Act to abolish the XCI. An Act to repeal so much of

sale of offices in the court of Com- an Act passed in the sixth year of mon Pleas in England, to make pro- his late majesty King George the vision for the lord chief justice of First, as relates to the restraining the said court, and to grant an ad- several extravagant and unwarrantditional annuity to the said lord able practices in the said Act menchief justice on resignation of his tioned; and for conferring additional office.

powers upon his majesty, with reLXXXIV. An Act to provide for spect to the granting of charters of

the augmenting the salaries of the incorporation to trading and other master of the Rolls and the vice companies. chancellor of England, the chief XCII. An Act to render valid marbaron of the court of Exchequer, riages solemnized in certain churches and the puisne judges and barons of and public chapels in which banns the courts in Westminster-hall; and have not usually been published. to enable his majesty to grant an

XCIII. An Act to render valid cer. annuity to such vice chancellor, and tain decrees and orders at the Rolls additional annuities to such master court. of the Rolls, chief baron, and puisne XCIV. An Act to alter and amend judges and barons, on their resign

an Act for the better protection of ation of their respective offices the property of merchants and others, LXXXV. An Act for further regula who may hereafter enter into con

ting the payment of the salaries and tracts or agreements in relation to pensions to the judges of his majes- goods, wares, or merchandize inty's courts in India, and the bishop trusted to factors or agents. of Calcutta ; for authorizing the XCV. An Act to enable such transportation of offenders from the as his majesty may be pleased to call island of St. Helena; and for more to the degree of a sergeant at law, to eftectually providing for the admin. take upon themselves that office in istration of justice in Singapore and vacation. Mallacca, and certain colonies on the XCVI. An Act for preventing frivocoast of Coromandel.

lous writs of error. LXXXVI. An Act to provide for the XCVII. An Act for the better pre

erection of certain courts and offices servation of the peace and good of justice in Scotland.

order in the universities of EngLXXXVII. An Act to regulate the

and. payment of salaries and allowances XCVIII. An Act to prevent the furto British consuls at foreign ports,

ther circulation of tokens issued by lation of the linen and hempen CVI. An Act for the management of manufactures of Ireland. the customs.


the governor and company of the CXV, An Act for regulating the Bank of Ireland, for the convenience trade of the isle of Man. of the public, and for defraying the CXVI. An Act for regulating vessels expence of exchanging such tokens. carrying passengers to foreign parts. XCIX. An Act to repeal an Act of CXVII. An Act to repeal the excise

the last session of parliament rela- duties and drawbacks on flint glass tive to the forming tables of manors, in Great Britain, and to impose parishes, and townlands in Ireland, other duties and another drawback and to make provision for ascertain- in lieu thereof, throughout the Uni.

ing the boundaries of the same. ted Kingdom ; and to continue the C. An Act to extend the powers of jurisdiction and powers for recover

an Act for vesting in commissioners ing penalties under customs and exthe bridges building over the Me- cise laws in Ireland, until further nia Straits and the river Conway, provisions can be made. and the harbours of Howth and Ho CXVIII. An Act to transfer the collyhead, and the road from Dublin lection and management of the du. to Howth ; and for the further im- ties on gold and silver plate in Ireprovement of the road from London land, and also on certain licences to Holyhead.

in Great Britain and Ireland re. CI. An Act to provide for the repair- spectively, from the commissioners

ing, maintaining, and keeping in of excise to the commissioners of repair certain roads and bridges in stamps in Great Britain and IreIreland.

land respectively; and to repeal so CII. An Act to amend the laws re- much of an Act as requires excise

specting deserted children in Ire- stamps to be affixed on papers and land.

pots containing cocoa paste. CIII. An Act to enable the principal CXIX. An Act to allow newspapers

officers and commissioners of his to be printed upon paper of a larger majesty's Navy to acquire certain size than is now allowed ; and to reportions of the docks and shore duce the stamp duties now payable ground at Leith for a naval yard, upon supplements to newspapers and and to enable the commissioners of other papers in Great Britain. the treasury to advance a certain CXX. An Act for the better regu. sum of money on the security of the lating of the forms of process in the

docks and of the harbour of Leith. courts of law in Scotland. CIV. An Act to repeal certain duties CXXI. An Act to enable the insolv.

of customs, and to grant other duties ent debtors court to dispense, until in lieu thereof; to continue until the end of the next session of parthe fifth day of July 1826, the boun- liament, with the necessity of prities on refined sugar; and to alter soners residing within the walls in the bounty on cordage.

certain cases. CV. An Act to repeal the several CXXII. An Act for the better regulaws relating to the customs.

CXXIII. An Act to establish a taxCVII. An Act for the general regu- ation of costs on private bills in the lation of the customs.

House of Commons; and to prohibit CVIII. An Act for the prevention of the sale of certain offices under the smuggling

serjeant at arms attending the House CIX. An Act for the encouragement of Commons.

of British shipping and Navigation. CXXIV. An Act for making the four CX. An Act for the registering of districts in the parish of St. MaryBritish vessels.

le-bone, in the county of Middlesex, CXI. An Act for granting duties of district rectories for certain pur

customs. CXII. An Act for the warehousing CXXV. An Act for the amendment of goods.

of the law respecting pilots and CXIII. An Act to grant certain boun- pilotage ; and also for the better ties and allowances of customs.

preservation of floating lights, buoys, CXIV. An Act to regulate the trade and beacons.

of the British possessions abroad. CXXVI. An Act to make provision


Scotland for the further prevention taining a new branch of road to of malicious shooting, and attempt- communicate with the said road. ing to discharge loaded fire arms, ii. An Act for repairing and maintainstabbing, cutting, wounding, poison- ing the road from Penwortham bridge ing, maiming, disfiguring, and dis- to the boundary between the townabling his majesty's subjects. ships of Wrightington and ShevCXXVII. An Act for making further ington, and the road from Lydiate

provision by law for the protection lane End to a bridge called Little of property in orchards, gardens, Hanging bridge, all in the county of and nursery grounds.

Lancaster. CXXVIII. An Act to enable the com- iii. An Act for making and maintain

missioners of his majesty's treasury ing a turnpike road from the turnpike to advance out of the consolidated road called Wellington bridge road, fund certain sums for the payment near the town of Leeds, in the West of debts due from the commissioners Riding of the county of York, to the of Wide streets, and for the erecting turnpike road leading from Wakea corn exchange in the city of Dube field to Bradford, in the said Riding, lin; and to repeal certain duties on near a certain place called Tonglicences relating to cards and clubs lane End, in the lordship or liberty in the city of Dublin.

of Tong, in the parish of Birstal, in CXXIX. -An Act to repeal the laws the Riding, aforesaid, with several

relating to the combination of work- branch roads therefrom. men, and to make other provisions iv. An Act for building a bridge and in lieu thereof.

making a causeway and turnpike CXXX. An Act to alter and amend road from or near Grigg's-quay, in

the law as to church rates in Ire. the parish of Uny Lelant, over Hale

land, and to regulate the same. river and Sands, in the parish of CXXXI. An Act to regulate the St. Erth, to Carnsew-quay, through

mode in which certain societies or Hayle Foundery, in the said parish copartnerships in Scotland may sue of St. Erth, and Pen Poll, in the and be sued.

parish of Phillack, all in the county CXXXII. An Act for dividing, al- of Cornwall.

lotting, and inclosing the forest of v. An Act for lighting, cleansing, Salcey, in the counties of Northamp- watching, and improving the townton and Buckingham, and of certain ship of Ardwick in the county of lands in the parish of Hartwell in Lancaster, and for regulating the

the said county of Northampton. police thereof. CXXXIII. An Act to amend and ex- vi. An Act for paving, lighting, watch

plain an Act of the fifty-fifth year of ing cleansing, regulating, and imhis late majesty, for better regu- proving the town of Stroud in the lating the practice of Apothecaries county of Gloucester. throughout England and Wales. vii. An Act for more effectually reCXXXIV. An Act for applying the pairing the roads from the turnpike

surplus of the grants of the year road upon Gatherley Moor in the 1824 to the service of the year 1825; county of York to Straindrop in the and for further appropriating the county of Durham, and from the supplies granted in this session of said turnpike road near Smallways, parliament.

across the river Tees, lo Winston in

the said county of Durham. viii. An Act for repairing the road

leading from Bridgnorth to Shiffnall PUBLIC ACTS.

otherwise Idsall, in the county of

Salop. Of a Local and Personal Nature, ix. An Act for enlarging the term to be noticed by the Courts.

and powers of several Acts passed

for repairing the high road from i. An Act for more effectually re. Boroughbridge in the county of

pairing and otherwise improving the York to Catterick in the same counroad from the town of Derby to the ty, and from thence to Piersbridge town of Uttoxeter in the county of on the river Tees. Stafford, and for making and main- ' X. An Act for repairing the road VOL. LXVII.


from Hinckley in the county of parish of Leigh, all in the county Leicester to Nuneaton in the coun- palatine of Lancaster. ty of Warwick, and from thence to xix. An Act for better lighting, cleansBishop's-gate in the city of Coven. ing, watching, paving, and otherwise try.

improving the township of Stour. xi. An Act for making and maintain- bridge in the parish of Oldswinford

ing a turnpike road from Midhurst, in the county of Worcester , for rein the county of Sussex, to the Lon- gulating the market, and building, a don and Portsmouth turnpike road, market place within and for the said between the fifty-second and fifty- township; and for removing and prethird mile-stones near Sheet bridge, venting nuisances and annoyances in the county of Southampton.

therein. xii. An Act for making and maintain- XX. An Act to amend and render

a turnpike road from Kirkby Stephen, more effectual several Acts relative in the county of Westmoreland, into to the paving, lighting, watching, the Sedberg, and Kerby Kendal and improving the town of Margate turnpike road, and out of and from in the parish of St. John the Baptist the same turnpike road to Hawes in the county of Kent ; for erecting in the North Riding of the county of certain defences against the sea for York; and a new branch from Hawes the protection of the said town ; and aforesaid to the village of Gayle in for making further improvements the township of Hawes.

in and about the said town and xiii. An Act for repairing the road

parish. from Stockton to Barnard Castle in xxi. An Act for lighting with gas the the county of Durham.

town of Stockport in the county xiv. An Act for making and maintain- Palatine of Chester.

ing a turnpike road from the city of xxii. An Act for amending and mainWinchester to the town of Peters- taining the road leading from Wigan

field in the county of Southampton. and commencing at Clarington brook, xv. An Act for more effectually re- and passing over Amberswood com

pairing the road from Bramcote mon through Hindley to a place Odd house in the county of Notting- called Chequer Bent in Westhoughham, to the Cross Post upon Smalley ton, all in the county Palatine of Common in the county of Derby, and Lancaster. from Ilkeston to Heanor in the said xxiii. An Act for making and main. county of Derby, and from Trowell taining a turnpike road from Cains. in the said county of Nottingham to cross through 'Stroud, over Rodbothe town of Nottingham.

rough and Minchinhampton comxvi. An Act for repairing and main- mons, to the town of Minchinhamp

taining the road from Whiteburn, ton, with several branches therefrom, upon the turnpike road from Edin- all in the county of Gloucester. burgh to Greenlaw, passing through xxiv. An Act for more effectually reThornydike and Westruther to pairing the road from Grantham, in Choicelee, upon the turnpike road the county of Lincoln, to Nottingfrom Greenlaw to Dunse, all in the ham Trent bridge, in the county of county of Berwick.

Nottingham. xvii, An Act to enable the company XXV. An Act for making and maintain.

of proprietors of the Calder" and ing a turnpike road from the preHebble navigation to make a navi. sent turnpike road, between Maidgable cut or canal from Salterhebble stone and Wrotham in the county bridge to Bailey hall

, near to the of Kent, to Strood in the said countown of Halifax, in the West Riding ty. of the county of York; and to xxvi. An Act for making a turnpike amend the Act relating to the said road from the Hope turnpike, in Navigation.

the Leominster and Hereford road, xviii. An Act for making and main. to or near Burley gate, in the

taining a railway or tram road from Hereford and Bromyard turnpike or near the Manchester, Bolton, road, and from thence to a place and Bury canal, in the parish of called the Trumpet, in the Ledbury Bolton-le-moors, to or near the and Hereford turnpike road, all in Leeds and Liverpool canal, in the the county of Hereford.

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xivii. An Act for more effectually re- XXXVI. An Act to continue and ren

pairing and improving the road from der more effectual certain Acts for Stockport in the county Palatine of laying a duty of two pennies Scots, Chester to near New Houses in the or one-sixth part of a penny sterling, county of York, and other roads in

on every Scots pint of ale or beer the said counties, and in the coun- brewed for sale or vended within the ty Palatine of Lancaster; and for town and parish of Dalkeith, for the making and maintaining several purposes therein mentioned. new branches to communicate there. xxxvii. An Act to enable the Royal with.

Exchange assurance companies, and ixviii. An Act for more effectually their successors, to advance money,

amending, widening, improving, and or lend stock, upon the security of keeping in repair the road from freehold, copyhold, or leasehold esWooler to the great North turn- tates. pike road, at or near to Adderstone. Xxxviii. An Act for making and mainlane, in the county of Northumber- taining a turnpike road from Wake. land.

field, to join the Shepley-lane head xxix. An Aet to repeal certain parts turnpike road in Denby Dale, in

of and to alter and amend an Act the parish of Penistone, with certain passed in the forty-seventh year of branches; all in the West Riding of the reign of his late majesty King the county of York. George the Third, to authorize the xxxix. An Act for more effectually trustees of the river Weaver navi. repairing the roads from the Glou. gation to open a more convenient cester hotel in the town of Bright. communication between the said helmstone, through the towns of river near Frodsham bridge and the Cuckfield and Crawley, to the counriver Mersey near Weston Point, ty oak on Lovell Heath, and certain in the township of Weston, in the other roads therein mentioned , and county of Chester and to amend also for making and maintaining a

two Acts relative to the said river. branch of road from Austy Cross in Xxx. An Act for making and main. the parish of Cuckfield to West

taining a railway or tram road from Grinsted; all in the county of Susthe Cromford canal, at or near to sex. Cromford, in the parish of Wirks- xl. An Act for more effectually reworth, in the county of Derby, to pairing and improving the road the Peak Forest canal, at or near to leading from Haleworthy, in the Whaley (otherwise Yardsley-cum- parish of Davidstow in the county Whaley), in the county Palatine of of Cornwall, to the East end of Chester.

Wadebridge; and from the West xxxi. An Act to enable the Vaux

end of Wadebridge, into and through hall bridge company to raise a fur- the Borough of Mitchell, in the ther sum of money, and to alter and

said county. amend the Acts relating to the said xli. An Act for maintaining and imbridge.

proving the road from Deanburn in xxxii. An Act for lighting, watching, the county of Haddington, through

paving, cleansing, regulating, and Greenlaw in the county of Berwick, otherwise improving the town of to Cornhill in the county of DurOundle in the county of Northamp- ham ; with branches from Carfrae ton.

Mill through Lauder, from Orange. xxxiii. An Act for erecting a chapel lane to Swinton Mill, and from

at Pelham Crescent, in the parish of Coldstream to Mount Pleasant, all St. Mary in the Castle, in the liber- in the county of Berwick; and for ty of the town and port of Hastings maintaining the bridge over the in the county of Sussex.

river Tweed at Coldstream. xxxiv. An Act for lighting with gas xlii. An Act for making and maintain.

the Borough and neighbourhood' of ing a turnpike road from Eccleshill

Boston in the county of Lincoln. to Bradford in the county of York. XXXV. An Act for enabling the Glas- xliii. An Act for more effectually re

gow, gas light company to raise a pairing and widening the road from further sum of money ; and for other Flinwell Vent in the county of Suspurposes relating thereto.

sex, through Highgate in the coun

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