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ty of Kent, and the parishes of Sand. the town of Manchester in the hurst, Newenden, and Northiam, to county of Lancaster, to join a diverTaylor's Corner in the parish of Rye sion of the Manchester and Saltersin the county of Sussex, and from brook road in Andershaw in the Highgate aforesaid to Cooper's Cor. parish of Ashton-under-Line in the ner in the county of Sussex; and - said county, and two branches of also a piece of road communicating road communicating therewith. with the said road, called White lii. An Act for amending and repairing

bread-lane, in the said county. the turnpike road leading from the xliv. An Act for making and main- North-end of the town of Rotherham

taining a turnpike road from Brig- to the east side of Tankersley-park house in the parish of Halifax, to in the county of York. Denholm-gate in the parish of Brad- liii. An Act for repairing the road ford, in the West Riding of the branching out of the Great North county of York.

road by the Guide-post at the south xlv. 'An Act for more effectually re- end of Spittlegate in the parish of

pairing and improving certain roads Grantham in the county of Lincoln, passing through Prince's Risborough and leading from thence to the turnin the county of Buckingham, and pike road at or near Bridge-end in communicating with Aylesbury and the same county. Great Marlow in the said county, liv. An Act for improving and main. and Thame in the county of Ox- taining the harbour of the burgh of ford.

barony of Stonehaven in the county xlvi. An Act for repairing the road of Kincardine, and the entrance from Kingston-upon-Thames to Lea- thereto;

and rendering more contherhead in the county of Surrey, venient and commodious the streets xlvii. An Act for more effectually and avenues leading to the same.

amending, widening, and maintain- lv. An Act for making more effectual ing the road from Barton-bridge in provision for paying off and disthe parish of Eccles, through the charging the debts and expenses township of Worsley, to Moses gate incurred in taking down and rein the township of Farnworth, and building the parish church of St. for making, repairing, and improving James in the town and county of other roads to communicate there. Poole, and the tower of the same with, all in the county Palatine of Church. Lancaster.

lvi. An Act for altering and amending xlviii. An Act for making and main- an Act of the fifty-ninth year of his

laining a turnpike road from the late majesty, for building a new town of Barnsley, by way of Beaver church in the parish of St. Luke Hole, to Cudworth Bridge, on the Chelsea in the county of Middlesex, present highway leading to the town lvii

. An Act for providing additional of Pontefract in the West Riding of

burying ground for the parish of St. the county of York.

Mary Stratford Bow in the county xlix. An Act for amending, maintain- of Middlesex.

ing, and improving the roads from lviii. An Act to provide for the per. Bridgnorth to Cleobury North, and petual maintenance and support of also through Ditton Priors to the the chapel of the Holy and Undivided Brown Clee Hill, and from Cleobury Trinity in the town of Gosport, Mortimer to several places therein within the parish of Alverstoke, in mentioned, and other roads branch. the county of Southampton. ing therefrom, in the counties of lix. An Act for building a bridge over Salop and Worcester.

the river Don, near the village of 1. An Act for making and maintaining Balgownie or Polgownie, in the pa

a turnpike road from the town of rish of Old Machar and county of Gravesend to Wrotham in the coun- Aberdeen. ty of Kent, and from thence to Ix. An Act for building a bridge over Borough Green on the turnpike the river Wye, at å place called road leading from Wrotham Heath the Kerne, in the county of Here

ford, and for making convenient

to Ightham, in the said county. li. An Act for making and maintaining

roads, avenues, and approaches a road fron Great Ancoats-street in thereto.

Ixi. An Act for the erection of a dering more effectual an Act of his

bridge across the river Shannon, at late majesty, for enlarging and imor near Athlunkard, and for making proving the minster yard of the approaches thereto.

cathedral and metropolitical church Ixii. An Act for making and maintain. of St. Peter in York.

ing a railway or trainroad from the lxx. An Act for paving, lighting, northern extremity of a certain cleansing, watching, watering, and estate called Abertyswg, in the improving the town and borough parish of Bedwelty in the county of of Sudbury, in the county of Monmouth, to join the Sirhowy Suffolk. railway, at or near Pye-corner in. lxxi. An Act for lighting, watching, the parish of Bassaleg in the same cleansing, and improving the town county.

of Leek in the county of Stafford. lxii. An Act for making and main. lxxii. An Act for lighting, watching, taining a railway or tramroad from

paving, cleansing, and improving or near a certain slate quarry called the streets, highways, and places Gloddfarlon, in the parish of Llan- wit hi the borough, town, and dwrog in the county of Carnarvon, parish of Newbury, and the tithing to the town and port of Carnarvon or hamlet of Speenhamland in the in the same county.

parish of Speen, in the county of Ixiv. An Act to amend an Act of his Berks.

late majesty, for completing and lxxiii. An Act for watching, and maintaining the East Country dock lighting the townships or vills of at Rotherhithe in the county of Hanley and Shelton in the parish Surrey, and to enlarge the powers of Sloke-upon-Trent, in the county of the said Act.

of Stafford. lxv. An Act to alter and amend two lxxiv. An Act to amend an Act of

Acts of the fifty-fourth and fifty- his late majesty for paving, cleansninth years of his late majesty, for ing, lighting, watching, and reguerecting and maintaining a new lating the streets and public places court-house and other offices for the within such part of the parish of city and county of Aberdeen ; and Walcot in the county of Somerset for providing an additiorial gaol for as is not within the city of Bath. the said city and county; and to lxxv. An Act for the better regulation provide a safe and convenient place of buildings in the town of Liver. for the custody and preservation pool, in the county Palatine of of the public records of the said Lancaster, and for authorizing the city and county; and for other pur. making of bye-laws, rules, and reposes connected therewith.

gulations for vessels frequenting Livi. An Act for supplying with the docks, basins, and quays belong

water the town and borough of ing to the corporation there. Chesterfield in the county of Derby, lxxvi. An Act' for better assessing and for lighting the said town and and collecting the poor and other borough with gas.

parochial rales in the parish of Ixvii. An Act for lighting with gas Croydon in the county of Surrey. the town of Ashton-under-Lyne, lxxvii. An Act for lighting the town and the neighbourhood thereof, in and borough of Chesterfield in the the county Palatine of Lancaster, county of Derby. and the township of Duckinfield in lxxviii. An Act for amending and the county Palatine of Chester ; and enlarging an Act of his late majesfor supplying with water the said ty, for better. paving, lighting, town of Ashton-under-Lyne, and cleansing, watching, and otherwise the neighbourhood thereof.

improving the city of Norwich. lxviii. An Act for better supplying lxxix. An Act to establish an addi

with water the town and township tional company for more effectually of Stockport, and the township of lighting with gas the town of BirBrinnington, and several other mingham, and certain other parishes townships

adjoining thereto, in the and places in the counties of Warcounties Palatine of Chester and wick and Stafford. Lancaster,

lxxx. An Act for more effectually lxix. An Act for extending and ren. repairing, widening, altering and


improving the road from the bo- making and repairing the roads berough of Leicester to the town of tween Newton Abbot and Brixham, Lutterworth in the county of Lei. Kingsweare and Dartmouth, Shala cester.

don and Torquay, and also be. lxxxi. An Act for more effectually tween Torquay and St. Mary's

repairing, widening, altering, and Church, and the bridge to be built improving the road from Melton over the river Teign at Shaldon, Mowbray, in the county of Leices- and for making and repairing several ter, to the Guide-post in St. Mar. other roads communicating theregaret's-field, Leicester, and the with ; all in the county of Devon. road branching from the said road at lxxxix. An Act for amending and or near a certain place in the lord- maintaining the road from the ship of Barkby in the said county, market place in Cromford to the called The Round Hill, to the town Guide-post on Hopton Moor, and of Barkby.

two branch roads to Newhaven lxxxii. An Act for more effectually house and Wirksworth ; all in the repairing, widening, altering, and county of Derby. improving the road from Welford xc. An Act for amending and mainBridge in the county of Northamp- taining the turnpike-road from ton, to Milstone-lane in the town Bawtry, through the town of Tins. of Leicester.

ley, to the road from Rotherham to Ixxxiii. An Act for more effectually Sheffield in the West Riding of the

improving the roads from Manches. county of York. ter in the county Palatine of Lan- xci. An Act for more effectually recaster, through Oldham, to Auster. pairing and improving several roads lands in the parish of Saddleworth leading from "Tavistock to New in the county of York, and from Bridge, and other roads therein Oldham to Ashton-under-Lyne, and mentioned, all in the county of from Oldham to Rochdale, in the Devon; and for making diversions

said county Palatine of Lancaster. to communicate therewith. lxxxiv. An Act for making and main. xcii. An Act for making, and main

taining a turnpike-road from Trebar taining a road from Bradshaw Brow, with Sands on the sea shore to Con- near the town of Bolton-le-Moors dolen-bridge on the road leading in the county of Lancaster, to the from Bossiney to Camelford, all in Bury and Blackburn turnpike-road the county of Cornwall.

in the township of Haslingden in lxxxv. An Act for more effectually the same county, and three branches

amending, improving, and keeping of road communicating therewith. in repair the road from the town of xciii. An Act for more effectually reCockermouth to the town of Mary- pairing several roads leading from port, and from thence by Allonby to and through the town of WivlisWigton, and several other roads combe in the county of Somerset, therein mentioned, all in the county and the roads adjoining thereto, of Cumberland.

in the counties of Somerset and Lxxxvi. An Act for amending, im. Devon ; and for making a new line

proving, and maintaining the road of road to coinmunicate therewith. from Lockwood to Meltham, and the xciv. An Act for repairing certain branch of road to Meltham Mills ; roads from the borough of New all in the parish of Almondbury in Woodstock to Rollright-lane, and the West Riding of the county of other roads therein mentioned, in York.

the county of Oxford. Ixxxvii. An Act for more effectually xcv. An Act for repairing and amend.

repairing and improving the roads ing the road from Mullen's-pond in from Sheet Bridge to Portsmouth, the county of Southampton, through and from Petersfield to the Alton Amesbury, to the eighteen-mile and Alresford turnpike-road near stone from the city of New Sarum, Ropley, in the county of Southamp- near Willoughby Hedge, in the ton, and for making and maintaining county of Wilts, and several other

new branch of road to communi- roads leading out of the said road. cate therewith.

xcvi. An Act for making and mainlxxvij. An Act for more effectually taining a turnpike-road from the city of Cork to the town of Bally. laining a railway or tram-road from

hooly on the river Blackwater. or from near to a certain place called xcvii. An Act for making and main- Duffryn Llynvi, in the parish of

taining a new road from Leeds to Llangonoyd in the county of Gla. Whitehall near Halifax, and several morgan, to or near to a certain bay branch roads therefrom, all in the called Pwll Cawl, otherwise Porth

West Riding of the county of York. Cawl, in the parish of Newton Notxcviii. An Act for more effectually tage in the same county; and for

repairing and improving the road extending and improving the same from Sheffield in the county of bay, by the erection of a pier and York, to the Marple Bridge road, other suitable works for that purin the parish of Glossop in the pose. county of Derby, and the branch to cv. An Act for making and constructMortimer's road, in the parish of ing certain wet docks, warehouses, Hathersage in the said county of and other works, in the parish of St. Derby.

Botolph without Aldgate, and in xcix. An Act for more effectually the parish or precincť of St. Ka.

maintaining and improving the road therine near the Tower of London, from Teignmouth to Dawlish, and in the county of Middlesex. for making and maintaining roads cvi. An Act for collecting the Shawsfrom Dawlish to the Exeter turn. water, and applying the same to the pike-roads, together with a road driving mills and machinery, near from Southtown to Chudleigh, and the town of Greenock in the county certain branches communicating of Renfrew, and for supplying the with the same; all in the county of said town and harbour thereof with Devon.

water. €. An Act for more effectually re- cvii. An Act for establishing addi.

pairing, widening, and improving tional market places in the city of several roads leading to and through Glasgow ; for opening certain streets the towns of Weymouth and Mel. and communications therein, and combe Regis and Dorchester, in the otherwise improving the said city. county of Dorset.

cviii. An Act for amending and conei. An Act for more effectually re- tinuing several Acts for repairing

pairing the road from Greenhill roads in the county of Renfrew. Moor to Hernstone-lane Head road, cix. An Act for more effectually near Stony Middleton, and other making, maintaining, and repairing. roads therein mentioned, in the certain roads in the counties of county of Derby, and in the West Banff, Aberdeen, and Elgin, and Riding of the county of York; and for building bridges over the rivers for making an extension and branch Spey and Dovern. of road therefrom.

cx. An Act to amend certain Acts for cii. An Act for repairing and maintain- making and maintaining roads, and

ing the road from Huddersfield in converting the statute labour, in the the West Riding of the county of counties of Ross and Cromarty, and York, to New Hey in the parish of part of Nairn locally situate in the Rochdale in the county of Lancas- county of Ross. ter, with a branch to Toothill-lane cxi. An Act to amend an Act for in the said Riding; and for making making certain streets in the city of a new road from Buck Stones to the Glasgow; and for forming a street highway leading from Ripponden to from King-street to Stockwell-street, Stainland, at or near to Barkisland and from thence to Howard-street, school.

in the said city. ciii. An Act for making and main- cxii. An Act to enlarge the powers of

taining a turnpike road from Mel. an Act of his late majesty's reign, tham in the parish of Almondbury, to empower the justices of the peace to the Greenfield and Shepley-lane within the hundred of Salford, in Head turnpike road near Wessenden the county Palatine of Lancaster, to Head, in the township of Austonley raise a sum of money, to be paid by in the West Riding of the county way of salary to the chairman of the of York.

quarter sessions for the said hun. civ. An Act for making and main- dred.


cxiii. An Act for enabling the Glou. cxxiii. An Act to repeal two Acts,

cester and Berkeley canal company respectively of the thirty-second and to raise a further sum of money, thirty-sixth years of his late maand for altering, amending, and en- jesty King George the Third, for larging the powers and provisions the better reliet" and employment contained in the several Acts for of the poor of Montgomery and making the said canal.

Pool united district, and to provide cxiv. An Act for amending and ren. new powers and regulations in lieu

dering more effectual two Acts of thereof. the thirty-sixth and thirty-ninth cxxiv. An Act for erecting an addiyears of his late majesty, for im- tional bridge over the river Dee in proving the haven of Great Grimsby the city of Chester, for opening and in the county of Lincoln.

making convenient roads and apcxv. An Act for making and con- proaches thereto, and for taking structing a harbour and other

down and rebuilding the parish works, in the parish of Pembrey, church of St. Bridget within the in the county of Carmarthen; and said city, and for repairing the for making a canal and railway present bridge over the river Dee. from the said harbour to the Kid. cxxv. An Act for the rebuilding of welly and Llanelly canal in the said Kingston bridge, and for improving county.

and making suitable approaches cxvi. An Act to amend and enlarge thereto.

the powers and provisions of several cxxvi. An Act to amend two Acts Acts relating to the harbour and for building a bridge over the river bridge of the bomugh and town of South Esk, at or near the town Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, of Montrose in the county of Forfar. in the county of Dorset.

cxxvii. An Act for paving, lighting, cxvii. An Act for amending three watching, and improving the city Acts for enlarging the harbour of of York and the suburbs thereof, Glasgow, and improving the naviga- and the liberty of St. Peter within tion of the river Clyde to the said the said city, and for regulating city; and for other purposes therein the police of the same respectively. mentioned.

cxxviii. An Act for lighting, cleanscxviii. An Act for making wet docks, ing, watching, and regulating the

warehouses, and other works, in and town of Rochdale in the county near to St. Saviour's dock in the Palatine of Lancaster. parishes of St. John Southwark and cxxix. An Act for paving, lighting, St. Mary Magdalen Bermondsey in watching, cleansing, regulating, and the county of Surrey, to be called otherwise improving the town and The South London Docks.

parish of Louth in the county of cxix. An Act for making and con- Lincoln.

structing certain wet docks, ware- cxxx. An Act for paving, cleansing, houses, and other works, for the lighting, watching, and otherwise accommodation and better security improving the several streets, lanes, of ships and other vessels in the public passages and places, in the coal and other trades, in the Isle borough of Banbury in the county of Dogs in the parish of All Saints of Oxford.

Poplar in the county of Middlesex. cxxxi. An Act for regulating the cxx. An Act for making and main- markets in the town of Burslem in

taining a railway or train-road from the county of Stafford; and for the sea shore at or near Whitstable lighting, regulating the police, and in the county of Kent to or near to watching the said town of Burslem, the city of Canterbury in the said and the vills of Longport, Cobridge, county.

Sneyd Green, and parts adjacent, in cxxi. An Act for making and main- the parish of Burslem.

taining a railway or tram-road in the cxxxii. An Act for better paving and parish of St. George in the island otherwise improving the borough of

of Portland in the county of Dorset. Derby. cxxii. An Act for building two cha cxxxiii. An Act for paving or flag

in the town of Brighthelmstone in ging, lighting, cleansing, watching, the county of Sussex.

regulating and improving the town

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