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This, this was Vesta's seat-sublime, alone,
The mountain crag appear'd her Virgin throne,
In all the majesty of Goddess might,
Fann'd by pure gales, and bathed in cloudless light;
Her's was the dash of Anio's sacred tide,
The flame from Heaven's ethereal fount supplied,
And the young forms that trod the marble shrine,
For earth too fair, for mortal too divine.

And, lo! where still ten circling columns rise
High o'er the arching spray's prismatic dyes,
Touch'd, but not marr'd -as time had paused to spare
The wreaths that bloom in lingering beauty there-
E’en where each mouldering wreck might seem to mourn
Her rifted shaft, her lov'd acanthus torn,
Nature's wild flowers in silent sorrows wave
Their votive sweets o'er Art's neglected grave.


But who sleep the calm and dreamless sleep,
Where joy forgets to smile, and woe to weep,
For you, blest maids, a long and last repose,
Has stili'd each pulse that throbs, each vein that glows;
For oft, too oft, the white and spotless vest
Conceal'd a bleeding heart, an aching breast;
Hope, that with cold despair held feeble strife,
And love that parted but with parting life ;
Still would the cheek with human passion burn,
Still would the heart to fond remembrance turn,
Vow all itself to Heaven, but vow in vain,
Sigh for its thoughts, yet sigh to think again.

And thou, Immortal Bard, whose sweetest lays
Were hymn'd in rapture to thy Tiber's praise,
What, though no more the listening vales prolong
The playful echoes of thy Sabine song ;
Weep not her olive-groves' deserted shade,
Her princely halls, in silent ruin laid,
Her altars mouldering on a nameless hill
There all is beauty, all is glory still ;
Flowers--yet more bright than Roman maiden wreath’d;
Prayers--yet more pure than virgin priestess breathed ;
A fane-more noble than the vestal trod
The Christian's temple, to the Christian's God!



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[N. B. The figures with crotchets refer to the History; those with a

Appendix to Chronicle, &c.; and the others to the Chronicle.]

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ABOLITION of Slavery, treaty with Brazil Army ; regulation for the sale and purfor, 72*

chase of commissions, 57 Accidents : explosion of Mr. Brock's Army of the United States, 1

firework maoufactory, Whitechapel, 123 Arracan, taken by Gen. Morrison, [136]
-breaking of a bridge at the launch of Assassination at Chartres, 28
the princess Charlotte, Portsmouth, 129; Assassins executed al Naples, 55
fall of a rock at Carvalinho, Portugal,

Assizes and Sessions: Antrim.-Jones v.
135; fall of a bridge at Nienburg, 169 O'Hara, 22*
Adams, Mr., chosen president of the Bridgewater ; Hannah Taunton, kil-
United States, [195]; his inaugural

ling her husband, 117 address, 109*

Bucks ; Charles Lynny, murder of AbraAdultery: case of an offender being shot ham Hogg, 3*

by the husband, 28; laws against, in Cork ; A. Keefe and Thomas Bourke, Siam, 220*

murder of the Franks family, 31* Africa, see Sierra Leone, Sherbro, Tri- Derby ; G. Bally, rape, 37

poli 226* ; Clapperton and Deubam's Kilkenny ; Farley v. J. T. Haydon, account of the interior, 254*

Jibel, 20* Agriculture and Botany, 262*

Lancaster; W. Cherry, rape, 39 Alexander, Emperor ; proclamation to the Leicester ; Hannah Read, murder of

Polish diet, (156); his illness, [157] ; her husband, 112 death, [158]; character, ib.

Limerick ; Patrick Cusack, Eleanor
America, North; dreadful fire at Mirami- Ryan, &c., murder, 23

chi, New Brunswick, 135, 173; Rules Lincoln ; R. Maydwell, murder, 37
of the Equity courls, United States, Maidstone; Poolly v. Pybus, for a inali-
136; church establishment and mis- cious commission of bankruptcy, 46
sionaries, 47" ; See Canada, United Old Bailey ; C. Wood, rape, 5 ; John

Palin, stealing four £1000% bank
America, South ; Recognition of the inde-

potes, 151
pendence of Buenos Ayres Colombia, Sussex ; G. and E. Daw, murder, 41; C.
and Mexico, (14); confederation of the Holder and D. Gardiner, threatening
United Provinces of Rio de la Plata, letter, 5*
[212] ; national army, [213]; insar- Westminster Sessions, J. G. Muirbead,
rections at Cordova, San Juan, ib. misdenieanor, 139; Robert Charles,
congress of Panama (214) ; letter from assaoll and attempt to violate, 145
Mr. Canning to the Chevalier de los Astronomy, &c. 251*
Rios, relative to the conduct of Great Avalanche, fortunale escape from, 1 ; five
Britain toward the Spanish colonies, men killed by, near Morsine, 53
51*; inines, 285*; See Brazil, Colombia, Aurora Borealis, 258*
Peru, Rio de la Plata.

Australia, vew seitlement in, 83
Amiens, a parricide executed at, 64 Austria : emperor's speech to the Hunga-
Anatomical invention 245*

rian diet, 92*
Andrews, Dr., dean of Canterbury, death Aulographs, at sale of Boswell's Library, 81
of, 254

Ayr Sleain-boat, Comet run down by, 142; Animal ingrafting, experiments of, 246* trial of the master, &c. 174; liberation Antique coins, forgery of, 104

of ditto, 184 Antiquities: excavations at Pompeii, 122 ;

Roman boat discovered at Glasgow, 479* Baden, speech of the Grand duke to the

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one, 33

pore, 267*

states, [154]; sospension of the new execution of insurgents, ib.; unconstito

tariff, urged by Switzerland, [155] tional administration of the emperor, Bailey, Mr. P., his tragedy of Orestes in ib.; servile addresses to him, [176]; the Argos, 54

province of Chiquitos seeks protection Baker, Francis, murdered by I. B. Desha, from Brazil, against Pera, [177]; revolt

son of the governor of Kentucky, 18 of Fructuoso Rivera, [1787; he and LaBalcarras, earl, death of, 237

valleja liberate Banda Oriental from the Banda Oriental, province of, rendered in- Brazilian yoke, ib.; Lavalleja's victory dopendent of Brazil, [178]

over the Imperialists, [179] ; treaties Bankrupt laws, consolidation of, [88] for the abolition of Slavery, 72*; do. reBankruptcy, case of maliciously suing a specling commerce, 75*; treats between cominission of, 46

the emperor and the king of Portugal, Bankrupls : number of, 333; severe re- 103* ; communication from the winis. gulation against, in Gerinany, 17

t:r for foreign affairs, of Rio de la Banks, failures of, and list of those which Plata, 105* failed, &c. (123)

Brazilian topazes, sold by a French Barbor, singular imposition practised by jeweller for diamonds, 103

Bridge, the new London, 86 Barne, Miles, death of, 280

Bridge, suspension one, of cano, at AllySnowden, ditto, 266 Baron of Renfrew, wreck of Ihe, 142 Brookes, Mr., assault apon, 172 Barry, Redmond, brother of the painter, Brougham, Mr., speech on the address at deall of, 85

opening of the session, [8]; presents a -Dr., theory of the circulation of petition from the members of the Cathe blood, 246*

tholic Association, [40]; motion in beBavaria, death of the king of, [154]

half of ditto, [41] ; public dinner given Bay of Biscay, the destruction of the Kent to him at Edinburgh, 42; bis intomIndiaman, by fire, 22

perate speech on that occasion, 43 Beere, Mr., action against lord Donough- Brussels, church struck by lightning, 99 more, 35

Buenos Ayres, recognition of indepenBerkeley, colonel, his assault on Mr. dence of, [14); revolt of Lavalleja and

Judge, editor of the Chellenham Journal, Rivera against Brazil, [178]; authority 36

committed to Buenos Ayres by the Bertie admiral sir Thomas, death of, 261 South American congress, [212] Bessieres ; heads the insurgenls in Spain, Burdett, sir F., Catholic petition presented [171] ; arrested and shot, ib.

bs, [46] ; resolutions moved by, in the Bhurtpore, death of the Rajah, and insur- committee on the Catholic claims, [51]; roction, [133]

Catholic Relief bill introduced by, [52]; Bills of mortality, 335

molion respecting the court of Chan-in parliament, private, [121] 16 cery,[85]; reflections upon lord LiverBland, rov. R., death of, 235

pool's conducl with regard to the CaBlida (near Algiers) destroyed by earth- tholic question, [79]; Roman Catholic quake, 26

Relief bill 34* Blood ; Dr. Barry's theory of the circula- Burinese war, [124]; the forl of Syriam tion of, 246*

taken by the British, ib. ; proclamation Boat of sheet iron, 133 ;

by sir A. Campbell, [125] ; attack on Roman, discovered at Glasgow, Donabew, [128] ; capture of ditto, 279*

[130]; articles of cessation of hostilities Bolivar;

his speech to the constituent con- [131] gress of Pero, [211]; note to, from the Burying alive, horrible instance of, 133

Vice-president of Colombia, 142* Butcher's Meat, prices of, 335 Books, "decision in France, respecting works printed for foreign publication, Calculla, Bisliop's College, 46* ; mission

aries, 48* Boon, Mary, a religious impostor, 66 Campbell, col., of Gleplyon, death of, and Borghese, princess, death of, 258

singular anecdote respecling, 276 Boswell's Library, sale of, 81

sir Archibald, operation in the Bow-street; daring escape of a seinale East Indies, [124] prisoner from, 124

T., Stanzas to the Memory of Brazil: ils independence recognized by the Spanisl. Patriots, &c., 287* ; Song

Purlegal, (174); treaty will ditto, [175]; of the Greeks, 288* ; Dream, 289*


Canada, proposed measures relative to Coins, antique, forgery of, 104

importation of corn from, [105] Colonial office, increase of business, and Canadian chiefs, introduced to the king, additional under-secretary, 116 48

policy, alterations in, [99]; adCanning, Mr., reply to Mr. Brougham, vanlages granted to the United States,

[12] ; remarks on the Catholic Asso- [100] ciation ; on the recognition of the South Colombia, treaty of amily and commerce American States, [13] ; speech on the with, 80* ; treaty of commerce with Catholic Association, [32] ; his course the United States, 117* ; vice-presiof conduct with regard to the Catholic dent's message to Congress, 131* ; spequestion, [34] ; nole to the chevalier cial articles in the treaty with the de los Rios, relative to the conduct of United States, 140* vice-president's Great Britain with respect to the Spa- note to Bolivar, 142* ; minister's note nish American colonies, 51* ; letter to, to the chargé d'affaires at Buenos from M. Rodios, in behalf of the Greek

Ayres 146* government, 56*

Columbus (timber-ship) loss of the, 65 Canova, anecdotes of his early life, Combination Laws, debate on, [91];

previous to his residence at Rome, dangerous tendency of, [92] 189* ; studies under Toretto, 193* ; Comet, new one discovered, 105 goes to Venice, 198* ; his first statue,

steam-boat, loss of, 142; trial of Eurydice, 202* ; Orpheus, 204* ; Es- the master and pilot of the Ayre, 74 culapius, 206* ; Dædalus and Icarus, Comets, 258* ib. ; list of his works, 208*

Commerce, prosperous slate of, [2] ; proCapper, col. James, death of, 279

posed abolition of fees, at colonial ports, Carbonic acid gas, natural sources of, 260* [104], [111]; commercial regulations Carlisle, earl of, death of, 277

at Hamburgh, 103 ; convention with Catholic Association, [1] ; mischief of, Russia, 64* ; Denmark, 66* ; Hanover,

pointed out by Mr. Canning, [13]; 69* ; convention of, with the Hanseatic discussion on, in parliament, [17]; cities, 70*; treaty with Brazil, 75* ; Mr. Goulburn's speech on, [18] ; Mr; with Columbia, 80* Plunkett's, [26] ; Mr. Canning's, [32]; Commissions in the army, regulations for petition from, 10]; bill passed against, sale and pur [42] ; plan of a new Association, [43] Committals, Convictions, Executions, &c.,

Relief bill, [52], 34* ; debates 337 on, in the Commons, [51]; in the Companies, Joint-stock, list of, 97 Lords, [6+]

Company, new Joint-stock, in France, Rent, [23] ; suppressed, and 119; Lower Rhine steam navigation “ Free Gifts” adopled instead, [40] ;

company, 121 purposes of the latter, ib.

Congress of Panama, [214] Catholics, petition from, [40]; ditto Conspiracy of Carbonari, at Rome, 160":

presented by sir F. Burdett, [46]. Constantinople, murders at, 48 Chalmers, George, death of, 253

Consuls, regulations respecting, [112] Chancery, court of, [83]; characler and Contrivance, singular one, for effecting

utility, [84]; complaints and attacks robberies, 132 against, ib.; discussions on, in par- Convention of commerce with Russia,

liament, [85] ; rules and practice of, 100 61* ; with Denmark, 66* ; Hanover, Charles X, his coronation, 70; manner 69* ; Hanseatic cities, 70* of living, 104

Convictions, 337, 339 Check, loss of, action respecting, 68 Cook, capiain, of the Cambria, letter to Cheltenham : col. Berkeley's assault on the agents at Lloyd's, relative to the Mr, Judge, 36

loss of the Kent Indiainan, 23; re- . Chemistry, 260*

warded by the East India company, 26 Chile: plot and commotions, [216] ; em- Cooper, the hon. A. F., killed by fighting, barrassed finances, [217]

at Eton school, 20 Chronometers, 259*

Copenhagen : new steam-carriage, 53 City of Glasgow, steam-packet, loss of, Corfu, directions for vessels navigating 141

the channel of, 264* Clergy of Austria, 1; of France ib. Corn Laws: Mr. Whitmore's motion reCoclirane, lord, his arrival at Portsmouth, specting, [98]; proposed measures re93

specting importation of corn from CaCoinage, the new, 83

nada, [105]

of, 57

tus," 63

by, 153

Coronation of Charles X., 70

Donoughmore, earl of, death of, 275 Corri, Domenico, composer, death of, 251 Dorset, duchess dowager, death of, 269 Corsica, extracts from Benson's Sketches Downman, lieul.-col., death of, 272 of, 224*

Drama: Orestes in Argos, 54; William Cotton, general, altack on Donabew, Tell, 62; Fauslus, 63; Broken Pro[126], &c.

mises, 96; Qoite Correct, 110 Colton manufactories, disturbances in, at Dream, the, by T. Campbell, 289* Houlme in France, 114

Drury-lane, “ William Tell,” 62; “ FausCottons, duties on, [106] Covent Garden : Orestes in Argos, 54 Dublin : singular species of robbing comCourier, M. Paul Louis, assassination and initted by lenants pulling down houses,

memoir of, 51; trial of his assassin, 89 126

Duprat, Josephine, tried for the murder of Court-martial, on caplains Parry and her husband, 64 Hoppner, 148

Duties, proposed diminulion of, on colCourls: Admiralty ; case of the Zodiac, tons, [106]; woollen goods, ib.; books,

9; trial of the master and pilot of the glass, iron, &c., [107]; copper, [108] Comet steam-packet, 174 Chancery ; Townshend, v. Agnew, Earthquake, at Santa Maura, 8; at Algiers, 100

26 Common Pleas; Brooke v. Carpenter, East Indies : operations of sir A. Camp95 ; J. Hunter, esqp, contempt of

bell, [124] court, 159

Edinburgh : remarkable incident respectHigh Court of Justiciary, Edinburgh; ing two brothers, 120

W. Allen, robbery and murder, 182; Egerton, sir J. Grey, death of, 252
case of the Comet, 184

Elephant at Exeter Change, keeper killed
House of Lords ; Maule, v. Maule, 77
King's Bench ; Montague v. Espi- Elliston, Mr., action against for assault, 76

nasse, 12; The King v. Taylor, Elmsley, rev. Dr., deall of, 232
gaming houses, 16; Harborough v. England fifty years ago, 284*
Pinner, assault, 49; Down v. Halling, English Opera House, “ Broken Pro-
&c., 68; Poole v. Elliston, assault, mises,” 96
76; Robinson, v. Ward, for recovery Equitable Assurance Company, capital of,
of a sum of money paid by the de. 96
fendant into his own banker's in his Equity Courts in the United States, rules
own name, 150; Joseph v, Perrer, of, 136
1* ; Byrne v. Parkins, 7* ; Blore v. Erskine, sir James, death of, 231
Stockdale, libel 13*

Espinasse, Mr., action against by a jewelCraven, earl of, death of, 268

ler, for recovery of money, 12 Crimes, 337

Eton, fatal contest between two scholars, Currents of the Ocean, 257*

20 Custom House, fall of the floor of the Excise, produce of, [116], [117] long room, 11

Exhibition of paintings in water colours, 54 seizures, 16

Exparte publications of law proceedings, Customs, produce of, [115], [117]

90 Cuxhaven, hurricane and inundation, 14

Fanaticism and Imposture, 66,79 Dance, George, architect, death of, 219 Ferdinand IV. of Naples, death of, 218 Danish Loan, 27

Fise cause, final decision of, 169 David, French painter, death of, 292 Finances, stalement of, by the chancellor Demetriades, Constantine, Greek mendi. of the Exchequer, [115]; Mexico, [200] cant, death of, 275

Finlayson's Mission to Siam, &c., extracts Denmark, convention of commerce with, from, 213* 66*

Fires : Kent, Indiaman, 22; in St. Mary Denon, baron, death and memoir of, Axe, 65 ; extensive fire in Mortimer244

street, &c., 22 ; at Gravendeel, 100; at Disturbances at Sunderland, 117 ; num- Mr. Jones's, Cavendish-street, 109; at

ber of persons wounded by the military, Obigt, 134; destructive fire al Mira118; in the Isle of Man, 157

michi, New Brunswick, 173 Donabew, taken by sir A. Campbell, Fish, quantity of, imported, at London, [130]


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