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London, consumption of provisions in, 187 Muirhead, J. G., tried for misdemeanor,
Lucerne, M. Keller, a magistrate, murder- 139
ed at, 156

Murder : Francis Baker, esq., by Mr.

Desha, son of the governor of Kentucky,
M'Elroy, Edw., tried for setting fire to 18; Jolin Ryan, by his wife and Patrick

Mr. Wood's car-house, at Carduffkelly, Cusack, 28; at Oporto, 33; Frances

Smaller, 37 ; Mary Ann Hallenborongh,
Maddock, rev. T., death of, 226

38; at Constantinople, 48; in Switzer-
Malines, jubilee in honour of St. Rom- land, 53; of a sealing party, in New
baut, 115

South Wales, 63; Josephine Duprat
Manifesto of the emperor Nicholas of

murders her husband, 64; Behier mur-
Russia, 96* ; of the Greek nation, 106* ders his wife, and a girl, 90; horrible
Marriage, singular one, of a prisoner tried murder at Paris, 91 ; Chevalier, 112;
for rape, and the prosecutrix, 120

James Read, by his wife, ib. ; murder
Mars, Mademoiselle, anecdote of, 8

in the forest of Facq, 134 ; murder of
Martyn, rev. Thomas, death of, 255

M. Keller, 156; singular murder of a
Mechanical arts, 266*

child, by cutting off its head, ib. ; at
Mechanics' Institution, London, 77

Frouquet, 164; in La Bresse, 168; at
Meeting at the Mansion House, 169

Genoa, 166 ; A. Hogg, 3*
Meteor in Guelderland, 258*

Murray, lieutenant-governor of Demerara,
Mexico : recognition of its independence, Mr. Serjeant Rougl's petition against,

[14] ; meeting of congress, and presi- 9*
dent's speech, [199]; treaty of com-

Musical festivals at York, comparison of
merce with Great Britain proposed to receipts, 1823 and 1825, 131
congress, but not ratified, [205] ; close
of the session, and president's speech, Naples : death of the king, (181], 218;
ib.; military defence, navy, judicial reduction of the Austrian troops in the
administration, [206]; voluntary sur- Two Sicilies, [182]; pretended miracles,
render of two Spanish ships, [208]; ib. ; assassins executed, 55 ; quarantine
surrender of the castle of St. Juan de regulations, 80
Ulloa, ib.; inland navigation, 34 Natural Philosophy, 228*
Meyer, Dr. J., death of, 268

Needles, case of a Jewess, at Copenhagen,
Mezzofanti, prof. (celebrated linguist), who swallowed upwards of 300, 230*
account of, 280*

Netherlands : distress occasioned by in-
Middleton, explosion of a mine at, 4 undalions, [148]; speech at the close
Miloradovitsch, prince, shot in an insur- of the session of the states-general, ib. ;
rection at St. Petersburgh, [162]

decrees for the regulation of education
Mine, explosion of, at Middleton, 4

and the universities, [149] ; letter from
Mines in Spanish America, 285*

the court of Rome to the archbishop of
Mining shares, &c., estimate of payments Mechlin, [150] note ; opposition of the

Catholic clergy to the decrees, and
Ministry, list of, 293

liberality of those of Luxemburg, [150];
Miracle, effected by prince Hohenlohe, new duties imposed by France on the

inanufactures of the Netherlands, ib.;
Miramichi, New Branswick, dreadful fire new session of the states-general, [151];
and hurricane at, 135, 174

insurrection in Java, [152] ; engage-
Missionaries: East Indies, 46* ; North ment near Samarang, [153] ; king's
America, ib.

speech, 89* ; financial embarrassments
Missolonghi, siege of, [191]; surrender in India, ib.
of the fort of Anatolico, [192]

New Brunswick ; fire and hurricane al
Money-market, panic in, [123]

Miramichi, 135
Monte Video, success of the Independents Newcomen, lord, death of, 220
against the Imperialists, [179]

New Orleans, gigantic organiç remains
Moore's Life of Sheridan, extracts from, discovered near, 247*

Newgate, annual state of, 339
Moretti's fulminating acid, 261*

Newspapers, transmission of to the colo-
Morris, Miss, and two other females burnt nies, 110
to death, 109

Nicholas, emperor, see Russia.
Mostyn, lady, killed by her horses running Northumberland, duke of, goes to France

as ain bassador extraordinary, 59
Mountain, Dr., bishop of Quebec, death North West Expedition, court-martial re,

of, 263

on, 48*

away, 10


lative to the loss of the Fury, 148 ; ac. O'Hara : case for the recovery of an es.
count of the expedition, 149, 251* tate, 22"

Olaneta, royalist general in Peru, defeat
Obituary: Madame Krudener, 215; We- and death, [211]

witzer, 217; Ferdinand IV. of Naples, Opera-house, foundation slono discovered,
218; Thomas Green, ib. ; Dr. Dixon, 29
ib. ; sir Leonard T. W. Holmes, 219; Oporto, murder at, 33
George Dance, architect, ib.; lord Organic remains, discovered near New
Newcomen, 220; sir J. Frederick, ib.; Orleans, 247*
J. Cox, ib.; lord Thanet, 221; Dr. Ouroux, M., artificial anatomy contrived
Tilloch, 229; duke of Gotha, 226; by, 245*
rev. T. Maddock, ib.; J. H. Parry, Owen, Mr. (of Lanark) lectures at Wash-
227 ; Mrs. Franklin (Miss Porden) ib. ;

ington, 17
sir T. F. Heathcote, 228; adm. Purvis, Owen, William, R.A., death of, 235
ib. ; lord Braybrooke, 230; dowager
lady Jerningham, 231 ; sir James Ers- Palin, Jolin, trial of, for stealing four
kine, ib.; John Young artist, 232; bank notes, of 1,0001. each, 151
rev. Dr. Elmsley, ib.; Mrs. Barbauld, Paraguay, [212] ; British subjects obtain
234; W. Owen, R. A., 235; rev. R. leave to quit the country, 56
Bland, ib. ; sir James Graham, 236; Parkins, ex-sheriff, Byrne versus, 7*
earl of Balcarras, 237 ; rev. J. Pridden, Parliament: opening of, by coinmission,
238 ; G. Saverio Poli, 240; H. Fuseli, [3] ; King's speech, [4] ; lord Dudley
R. A., 241; lord Glastonbury, 243; and Ward's, [5]; Mr. Brougham's,
baron Denou, 244 ; sir J. C. Hippis- [8]; Mr. Canning's reply to, [12];
ley, 246 : Dr. Fisher (bishop of Salis- debates on the Roman Catholic Asso-
bury), 247 ; earl Whitworth, 248 ; ciation, [17]; Mr. Goulburn's speech,
Domenico Corri (composer) 251 ; lord [18]; sir H. Parnell's and Mr. Peel's,
Kilmaine, 252; sir J. G. Egerton, ib. ; [23]; Mr. Plankett's, [26]; Mr.
George Chalmers, 253; Dr. Andrewes Canning's, [32] ; petition presented by
(dean of Canterbury), 254; sir W. W. Mr. Brougham from the members of the
Pepys, 255; professor Martyn, ib.; Catholic Association, [40]; bill passed
princess Borghese, 258 ; Dr. Rees, ib.; against the Association, [42]; petition
sir Thos. Bertie, 261 ; Dr. Mountain of the Catholics presented by sir F.
(bishop of Quebec), 263 ; Peter Tuchan Burdett, [46] ; Mr. Plunkett's speech,
(giant), 264; rev. H. Kelt, ib.; Snow- [17]; Mr. Peel's, [49] ; motion car-
don Barne, 266; lord Lilford, ib. ; ried, and committee formed, [51] ;
lady St. John, 267 ; duke of St. Alban's, Catholic relief bill, [52] ; Mr. Peel's

Dr. J. Meyer, 268; earl of Craven, speech, [54]; duke of York's speech,
ib.; duchess dowager of Dorset, 269 ; [58]; Mr. Brougham's comments on,
sir W. E. Taunton, 270; sir Frederick [61]; bill passes the Commons, intro-
Henniker, ib.; sir W. Geary, 271 ; duced into the Lords, [64]; bill rela-
John Lens, ib.; lieut. col. Downman, tive to Elective Franchise in Ireland,
272; lord Radstock, 273; earl of [67]; committee of inquiry into the
Donoughmore, 275; Constantine De- state of Ireland, [71]; Mr. S. Rice's
metriades, ib. ; col. Campbell of Glen- motion respecting religious animosities
Jyon, 276; earl of Carlisle, 277; col. in Ireland, [79] ; Mr. Hume's motion
James Capper, 279 ; Miles Barne, 280; against the Irish church establishment,
Mrs. W. P. L. Wellesley, ib. ; sir T. [80]; abuses in the charter schools of
Stepney, ib.; chevalier Linquiti, 281; Ireland, ib. ; abuses in chancery, [85];
rev. P. R. Dobree, 282; Lacepède, judges' salaries, [86] ; laws relating to
French naturalist, 283; Walter Fawkes, juries, and bankrupl laws, [88]; joint-
285; sir J. Stewart, ib. ; George Cal- stock companies, ib.; Unitarian mar-
vert, 296; hon. A. Waldegrave, 287; riage bill, [89]; usury laws, ib. ; Scotch
general Foy, ib. ; duchess of Rutland, law proceedings, [90]: combination
288; Dr. J. Nolt, 289; dowager mar- laws, [91]; report of the commillee on
chioness of Bath, 291; David, French ditto, [96] ; bill passed on, [97]; corn
painter, 292

laws, [93]; alterations in our colonial
Ogle Castle, East Indiaman, shipwreck of, policy, [99]; diminution of duties

proposed by Mr. Huskisson, [106];
O'Gorman, Mr., secretary to the new financial situation of the country, [115];

Catholic Association, lis intemperale reduction of daties, [118]; assessed
speech, [45]

ib. ;


taxes, [120]; private bills, [121]; Quarantine at Naples, 80
close of the session, and king's speech,

Rabbits, quantity of, sold by a single
Parr, rev. Dr., memoir of, 151" ; account poulterer, in Leadenhall market, 188

of Sheridan wbile a school boy, 167* Radstock, lord, death of, 273
Parry, captain, court-martial on, relative Railway, suspension, at Cheshunt, 266"
to the loss of the Fury, 148

Pape : C. Wood, 5; G. Bally, 37 ; W.
J. H. death of, 227

Cherry, 39
Patents, list of, 268*

Rees, Dr., dealh and memoir of, 258
Payments on foreign loans, mining shares, Reports of the select committee of the
&c., 48*

House of Lords, on the state of Ireland,
Peel, Mr., speech on the Catholic asso- 42*

sociation, [23]; on the Catholic relief Reprieve, singular anecdote, and fatal
bill, [54]

mistake respecting, 276
Peru : defeat of the patriots, [209]; their Rhejms, coronation of Charles X., 70

subsequent success and victory obtained Rigaudier, Denis, trial for murder, 112
by Sucre at Ayacucho, [210] ; libera- Rio de la Plata, new United Provinces
tion from the Spanish yoke, [211]; of, [212]; their independence recog-
constituent Congress opened by Boli-

nized by Great Britain, [216]; treaty
var, ib. ; Mr. Rowcroft, the first con- with the United Provinces of, 84* ;
sul, shot by a sentinel, 12 ; note of the communication to the minister of Bra-
government council to the executive zil, 105* ; note from the government
of Rio de la Plata, 144* ; articles of of Peru, 144*

capitulation of the Spanish arıny, 148* Ritzebuttel, hurricane and inundation,
Picton, general, monument to, near Caer. 14
marthen, 119

Road-trusts, 283*
Piracy, St. Christopher's, 15*

Robbery, extraordinary system of, by
Plunkett, Mr., speech on the Catholic prisoners, 112
claims, [47]

Rochester cathedral, tomb of bishop John
Poetry, 287*

de Sheppy, discovered, 8
Poland : the states convoked by the em- Rodios, M., letter, in the name of tho

peror Alexander, [156]; his speech on provisional government of Greece, to
the first sitting of the Chambers, 93* ; Mr. Canning, 56*

ditto on the closing of ditto, 95* Roman Catholic relief bill, sir F. Bur-
Poli, G, Saverio, death of, 240

dett's, 34*
Police : Hatton Garden ; singular charge Roman boat discovered at Glasgow, 279*

respecting a scheme for throwing per- Rome: Ceremony of opening the sacred
sons down in the street, 132

gale by the pope, 2; execution of two
Marlborough-street; assault

Carbonari, 160
Brookes, the anatomist, 172

Rough, Mr. serjt., his petition against
Union-hall; singular case of imposi- Jieut.-gov. Murray, 9*
tion, 33

Rowcroft, Mr., British consul in Peru,
Poor's rates, 284*

shot by a sentinel, 12
Portsmouth : sixteen persons drowned at Rassia, illness and death of the emperor

the launch of the princess Charlotte, Alexander, (157); oath of allegiance

taken to Constantine, [160]; his renun-
Porlagal : change of ministry, and influ- ciation of the throne, ib. ; accession of

ence of British policy, [174] ; recog- Nicholas, [161] ; military insurrection
nition of the independence of Brazil, at St. Petersburg, [162]; alleged con-
[175]; change of commercial system, spiracy ib., ; revolt of Mouravieff Apos-
ib.; trade with England, 13

tol, [164]; he is taken prisoner, ib.;
Prices : stock, 333 ; sugar and hay, 334 ; line of policy adopted by Nicholas, ib. ;
corn, ib. ; butcher's meat, 335

speeches of the emperor Alexander to
Pridden, rev. J., death of, 238

the chambers of Poland, 93*,95* ; mani-
Prison discipline, 286*

festo of the emperor Nicholas, 96* ;
Privy council, report of, on Mr. Serjt. letter of the grand duke Constantine to

Rough's petition against lieuls-gov. the emperor Alexander, renouncing his
Murray, 9*

right of succession, 98* ; answer to
Public Documents, 34*

ditto, 99* ; Alexander's manifesto re.
libraries in France, 286"

specting the successiou, ib. ; Constan.
Purvis, adm., death of, 228

tine's letter to his mother on Alexander's

upon Mr.

[ocr errors]

death, 100*; dillo to the emperor Ni. Silk, St. Helena, 263*
cholas, 101* ; the emperor's order to Slave trade ; negociations respecting he-

army, 102* ; convention with Eng- tween the United Statos and Great Britain
land respecting commerce, fisheries, &c. broken off, 62* ; treaty with Brazil for
64* ; devastations committed by wolves, abolition of, 72* ; articles respecting

84", 86* ; abolished in Colombia,


St. Alban's, duke of, death of, 267 Slave testimony competency of, 15*
St. Domingo, see Hayti.

Society for the propagation of the gospel
St. John, lady, death, 267

in Foreign parts, summary statement of,
St. Nicholas, miracles by, in Spain, 94 45*
St. Petersburgh, horse-races at, 125 Song of the Greeks, 288*
St. Rombaut, festival in honour of, at Ma- Spain : Zea Bermudez appointed minister,
lines, 115

[166] ; dismissal of Ugarte ib.; em-
Saline water from a spring in Windsor barrassment of the finances, [167] ; dis-
park, analysis of, 261*

turbance at Seville, [168] ; decree is-
Salmon fisheries report on, 248*

sued by Ferdinand ib.; Zea Bermudez
Santa Maura, earthquake at, 8

offers his resignation, [170]; nume-
Sardinia, attack on Tripoli, 142

rous arrests, ib. ; plan for placing Don
Scotland, law proceedings in, alterations Carlos on the throne, ib., Bessieres'

of, [90]; report on the Salmon fish- insurrection and death, [171] ; other
eries, 248*

revolts, ib.; consultative Junta formed,
Sculptors, Venetian, 199*

[172] ; Zea and his cabinet dismissed,
Seythe, the Flemish, advantages of, 264* [173] ; succeeded by the duke del
Sherbro, king of, &c. convention with the Infantadd, ib.; surrender of two ships
governor of Sierra Leone, 87*

to Mexico, [208]; ditto castle of St.
Sheridan, anecdotes of his early life, from Juan de Ulloa, ib. ; capitulation of the
Moore's “ Life” of hini, 166* ; Dr.

army in Peru, 148*
Parr's account of him, 167* ; play of Spanish patriots, stanzas to the memory
“ Jupiter" written in conjunction with

of, 287*
Halbed, 171* ; letters from his wife Speech of the king of the Netherlands,
to him, 177* ; his letter to the prince 89* ; of the emperor of Austria to the
of Wales on the king's illness, 181* ; Hungarian diet, 92* ; of the emperor
letter from captain Payne relative to of Russia to the chambers of Poland,
the same event, 182* ; wagers and bets 95*, 95*
made by Sheridan, 187*

Stanhope, hon. J. H., suicide of, al Caen
Sheriffs, list of, 189

Wood, 3
Ships ; loss of the Kent Indiaman, by fire, Steam-carriage, Copenhagen, 53

29; loss of the Mechanic, Steam-boat, --vessel on a new principle, 139
61 ; trial of the crew of the Criterion,

navigation to Iudia, 171
for revolt, 128 ; launch of the priucess Stemberg, Made. Ungern, case of her
Charlotte 129 ; recovery of the Chris- substilution in infancy, 29
tiana brig, off Margate, 137 ; loss of Stepney, sir T., death of, 230
the city of Glasgow Steam packet, 141; Stock Exchange, fund at, 121
loss of the Comel Steam packet, 142; Stonyhurst, Jesuits' college at, 279*
wreck of the Baron of Renfrew, ib. ; Storm, dreadful one at Collerelo, 105 ;
loss of the Fury 148 ; of the Ogle violent one in the melropolis, 114
Castle East Indiainan 155 ; number of Substitution of one child for another, case
vessels arriving at Hamburgh 185

of, 29
Siamese, physical character of, 231* ; Suicide : hon, J. H. Stanliope, 3; fanali-

manners and customs, 215* ; funerals cal instance of at Berne, 111
ceremonies, and treatment of the dead, Suicides, list of, in Westminster, 185
ib. ; laws, 219* ; adultery, 220* ; Sumner, Dr., epilaph on, by Dr. Parr,
theft aud debt, ib.

161* ; character, 167*
Sidi Mahmoud, envoy from Tunis, his Sunderland, disturbances at, 117
reception at Paris, 60

Superstition in England, 89
Sivori, Chevalier, his attack on Tripoli, Sweden, public affairs of, [153]; prose-

cution against the editor of the Argus,
Sierra Leone, convention between the go- [154]

vernor and the Sherbro Bulloms, 87* ;, Switzerland, opening of the Diet, [155] ;
- population, &c. 281*

murders in, 53


Tables : Public income, 294

[188] ; siege of Missolonghi, [191];
Expenditure, 296

See Greece.
Disposition of grants, 297 Turner, sir C., governor of Sierra Leone,
Payments for other services, convention with the king of Sherbro,

&c., 87*
Price of stocks, 333
Bankrupts, ib.

Vineyards, produce of, in France, 264*
Prices of Sugar and Hay, 334 Union Hall, case of impositiou by a bar-
Corn, ib.

ber, 33
Butcher's meat, 335 Unitarian marriage bill rejected, [89]
Meteorological table, ib. United States: election of a president,
Bills of mortality, 336

[195] ; Mr. Adams' chosen, and his
Taganrog, death of the emperor Alexan- inauguration, [196]; rejection of treaty

der at, [157] ; account of, ib. ; note with Colombia relative to slave-trade,
Taunton, sir W. E, death of, 270

ib. ; differences with Georgia, [197] ;
Temple of Vesta, prize poem, 291*

message to congress, [198]; finances,
Thanet, lord, death of, 221

ib.; army 1; diplomatic
Tilloch, Dr., death and memoir of, 222 pondence with Great Britain, 60* ; in-
Titanium, metallic, in iron furnaces, 261 augural address of the president, 109*;
Tomlinson (engraver) death of, 67

president's message to congress, 114* ;
Topazes, Brazilian, sold for diamonds, commercial policy, 115* ; treaty of

commerce with Colombia, 117* ; bank-
Trade, with Portugal, 13; See Commerce. rupt laws, militia, finances, 118* ; mili-
Tread-wheel, report on, 15; not prejudicial tary service, 120* ; treaties with Indian
to health, ib.

tribes, 121* ; surveys, roads, &c., 122*;
Treaties with Brazil, 72* ; with Colombia, La Fayette, 123* ; naval force, &c.,

80* ; with Rio de la Plata, 84* ; be- ib. ; West India squadron, 124* ; naval
tween the emperor of Brazil and the academy wanted, 125* ; post, ib.; edu-
king of Portugal, 203* ; between Co- cation and science, 126* ; population,
lombia and the United States, 140* &c., 128* ; statistics, 285*
See Conventions.

University, meeting respecting a new one
Trials: C. Wood, rape, 5 ; J. B. Desha in the Metropolis, 81

(son of the governor of Kentucky), for Usury laws, bill for the repeal of, [89];
murder, 18 ; Master G. A. Wood, and and discussion on, ib.
A. W. Leith, manslaughter, 28; Ed-
ward M'Elroy, arson, 31; G. Balty Wagers, curious, made by Sheridan, 187*
and Ellis, rape, 37; R. Maydwell, Walrus, or sea-horse, found at Fierceness,
murder, ib. ; Hannah Read, murder of 78
her husband, 112; Hannah Taunton, Water : spring in Windsor-park, analysis
for killing her husband, 117; Louis of, 261* ; Cheltenham water, ib.;
Frimont, for the murder of M. Paul

Leamington ditto, ib.
Louis Courier, 127; D. M.Iunes and Water-colour exhibition, 54
Peter M‘Bride, master and pilot of the Warwick, lion-fight at, 105
Comet steam-packet, 174; Wm. Allan, Weather, extraordinary heat of, 99
robbery and murder, 182 ; Chas. Lynn, Wellesley, Mrs. W. P. L., death of, 280
inurder, 3* ; C. Holder and D. Gar- Wewitzer, Ralph, coinedian, death of, 217
diner, threatening lelter, 5* ; A. Keefe Whitworth, lord, death and memoir of,
and T. Bourke, murder of the Franks 248
family, 31*

Wilson, Harriette, her letter lo Mr. Ellice,
Tripoli, allack on, hy a Sardinian flotilla, 27; action for libel against the pub-
under the chevalier Sivori, 149

lisher of her “ Memoirs," 13*
Tuchan, Peter, a giant, death of, 270 Windsor-park, analysis of saline water
Turkey : remonstrance to the British from a spring in, 261*

government, and measures adopted in Witchcraft, man swam for, 98
consequence, [122]; relations with Wolf, ravages of a, at Tonnerre, in France,
Russia, [184] ; disturbances, and death 160
of the sultan's son, ib. ; preparations of Wood, C., trial for rape,

Redschid pacha against the Greeks, Wood, Geo. Alex., kills the lon. A. F.
[185]; Egyptian fleet sails against Cooper, in a fight, at Eton school, 20;
Navarino, (187] ; siege of Navarino, tried for ditto, 28

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