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Fisher, Dr. (bishop of Salisbury), death Gigantic man, acconut of, 91 of, 247

Glastonbury, lord, death of, 243 Foreign Eulistment Act, proclamation on. Gotha, duke of, death of, 226 forcing, [122]

Goulburn, Mr., motion and speech on the Fossil Remains, in Sussex, 48

Catholic Association, and unlawful soFouché, memoirs of, suppressed, 2

cielies in Ireland, [18] Foy, general, death and memoir of, 287 Graham, sir James, death of, 236 France: opening of the session of the Graham, lieut. P., indicted for challenging

Chambers, [134] ; king's speech, ib. ; lord Harborough, 51 civil list, [136] ; indemnification to Gravendeel, fire at, 100 emigrants, ib.; sinking fund, &c., [137]; Greece : insurrection headed by Coloco. conversion of the Rentes, &c., [138]; troui, (184); lis submission, ib.; he budget, [139] ; stale of sinking fund, and the other leaders of the rebellion ib.; law against sacrilege, [140]; state sent to Hydra, ib. ; blockade of Patras, of the clergy, ib. ; prosecutions against [185]; siege of Navarino, (186); surliberal journals, the Constitutionnel and render of Old Navarino, [188] ; recal Courier Français, ib. ; decision of the of Colocotroni, [190]; military operaCour Royale respecting ditto, [141]; tions in the Morea, ib. ; naval preparapetition for sending consols to the new tions of the Turks for the siege of Mis- * states of America, [142]; M. de Vil- solonghi,[191); naval operations, [193]; Jele's desence of the policy of France unsuccessful altempl to burn the Turktowards the American states, ib. ; ne- ish fleet at Alexandria, it.; offer of the gociations with Hayti, relative to the Greeks to place themselves under the independence of the latter, [143]; see protection of Great Britain, ib.; M. Hayti ; regulations for horse-races, 36; Rodios' letter to Mr. Canning in name assassination of M. Courier, 51; in- of the provisional government, 56* ; creased salaries of judges, 53; new manifesto of the Greek nalion, 106* ; peers, 56; arrival of the duke of North- protest of M. M. Roche and Washingumberland as ambassador extraordi- ton, the deputies of France and Amepary, 59; of Sidi Mahmoud, envoy rica, to the provisional government, 108* from Tunis, 60; article in the Aris- Guatemala : disturbances, [208]; election tarque respecting a loan to Rothschild, of president, ib. ; expenditure, ib. 61; Coronation of Charles X., 70; disturbances in the cotton manufactories Halhed, Mr., intimacy and literary conin Houlme, 114; trade with the inde- nexion with Sheridan, 171* pendent States of South America, 116; Halo light, polarized state of, 261* Societé Commandataire de l'Industrie, Hamburgh, commercial regulations at, 119; miracle, 131 ; murder at Castres, 103 ; number of vessels arrived at, 185 138 ; public libraries, 286*

Hanover, convention of reciprocity of Franklin, Mrs. (Miss Porden), death of, commerce with, 69* 227

Hanseatic cities, convention of commerce, Franks family, Keefe and Bourke tried &c. with, 70* for murder of, 31*

Harborough, lord, action of assault against Frederick, sir J., death of, 220

a seaman, 49; challenged by Mr. GraFunds, fluctuations in, from 1786, 187 bam, of the Ramillies, 51 Funeral ceremonies of the Siamese, 215* Havana, description of the city of, 225* Fury : court-martial lo inquire into the Hay, R. W., under secretary, Colonial loss of, 148 ; shipwreck of, 251*

office, 116 Fuseli, H. arlist, death and memoir of, 241 Haymarket Theatre, “ Quite Correct,” 110

Hayti: negociations with France, [143] ; Gaming-house: J. Taylor fined for keep- French decree, [144] ; confirmation of ing, 16

ditto, [145] ; proclamation of PresiGeary, sir W., death of, 27 1

dent Boyer, ib. note ; intended insurGenoa : a young woman killed by her rection, [147]; increased duty on Eng

lover, who afterwards kills several other lish goods, ib. ; trade at Port-au-Prince,

persons, and destroys himself, 166 ib. note ; proposed defensive alliance Geography, &c., 251*

with Colombia, 136* George III., illness of in 1788, 182* 183* ; Hearne, John, tried at Cork, for a rape, political intrigues connected with that and married to the prosecutrix, 120

Heathcote, sir F., death of, 228 Germany: regulations respecting bank- Henniker, sir Fred, death of, 270

rupts, 17 ; See Austria ; Wurtemburg.

event, 184

Hertz, Rachel, case of, who swallowed on the landlords, [74] ; tythe system, several hundred needles, 241*

[75]; abase of legal proceedings, [76]; Hippesley, sir J. Coxe, death and memoir civil ejectment bill, [77]; other topics of, 246

of investigation, [78] ; motion in parHohenlohe, prinoe, miracle by, 131

liament respecting religious animosities, Holman, a tailor, case of his refusing to [79]: state of charter schools, [80]; support his daughter, 78

report of the select committee of the Horse-racing in France, 36; in Russia, House of Lords on the state of Ireland, 125

42* House of Lords, case of Bayley v. Maule, Iron boat, 133

59 ; list of undecided appeals and writs Islands, discovered, 253* of error, 186

Isle of Man, disturbances at, on account Howison's “ Foreign Scenes,” extracts of potatoe tithes, 157

from, 225* ; description of the city of Italy : Papal states, [181]; Naples, ib. Havana, ib.

Judicial curiosity, 158 Hume, Mr., his motion against the Irish Judge, Mr., editor of the Cheltenham church establishment, [80]

Journal, assaulted by colonel Berkeley, Hungary : meeting of the diet, [155] ; 36

speech of the emperor of Austria to the Judges, regulation of salaries of, [86]; in. diet, 92*

crease of salaries of, in France, 53 Huskisson, Mr., motion respecting our Juries, Mr. Peel's bill for amending the

colonial commerce, [89]; ditto abolition laws relative to, [88]
of fees in colonial ports, [104]; ditto on
the Combination laws, [91] ; ditto re- Kelt, rev. H., death of, 266

specting the diminution of duties, [106] Krudener, Mad., death of, 215 Jealousy, singular and dreadful instance Lacepède, count de, naturalist, death and

of, in a soldier at Genoa, who, after kill- memoir of, 283 ing and wounding several persons, de- Land, minute division of, in Ireland, 42* stroys himself, 166

Launch of the “ Baron of Renfrew,” Jerningham, dowager lady, death of, 231 Quebec, 93 Jeweller, action brought by, to recover Law proceedings, exparte publication of, balance of a bill, nonsnited, 12

90 Jesuits' college at Stonyhurst, 279* Lens, J., death of, 271 Imports, colonial, at Liverpool, compared Levant company, surrender of charter of,

with the rest of Great Britain, 185 [113] Improvements : project for forming a Libel, action for, against the editor of the

street between Lincoln's-inn-fields and Dublin Star, 20*
Strand, to be called Lincoln's-Inn Place, Lilford, lord, death of, 266

Lime, oxalate of, its electric powers, 260* India, navigation to, by steam, 171 Lincoln's-Sun Place, project of a new street Inquests : hon. J. H. Stanhope, 3; Red- to be so named, 151

mond Barry, 85; J. Tietjen, killed by Linquiti, Chevalier, death of, 281

an elephant at Exeter Change, 153 Lion fights at Warwick, Nero, 105; Ionian Islands : tranquil state of, [183] ; Wallace, 108

acts relative to ecclesiastical establish- Lisbon, regulations relative to goat-ownment, ib. ; change in state of landed property, ib.

Lists, Sheriff's, 189 Joint-stock companies, table of, and list Births, 190

of advertisements of, [2] ; proposed bill Marriages, 195 relative to, [88]

Promotions, &c., 209 Josephs, Mr. E, expelled the Stock Deaths, 215 Exchange, 121

General Acts, 315 Ireland : Catholic Association, [1] ; see Local Acts, 321

Parliament; new Catholic Association Liverpool, colonial imports, 185 forned, [43]; bill for regulating elect- Liverpool, lord, speech on the Catholic ive franchise in, [67] ; proposed provi- relief bill, [64]; his conduct with resion for the Catholic clergy, [69]; gard to the Catbolics auimadverted committee of the Lords for inquiry into upon by sir F. Burdell, [79] the stale of Ireland, [71]; poverty of Living Skeleton, 239* the peasantry, [72]; their dependence Loan, Danishi, 27

ers, 133

London, consumption of provisions in, 187 Muirhead, J. G., tried for misdemeanor, Lucerné, M. Keller, a magistrate, murder- 139 ed at, 156

Murder: Francis Baker, esq., by Mr.

Desha, son of the governor of Kentucky, M'Elroy, Edw., tried for setting fire to 18; John Ryan, by his wife and Patrick

Mr. Wood's car-house, at Carduffkelly, Cusack, 28 ; at Oporto, 33; Frances 31

Smaller, 37 ; Mary Ann Hallenborough, Maddock, rev. T., doath of, 226

38; at Constantinople, 48; in SwitzerMalines, jubilee in honour of St. Rom- land, 53; of a sealing party, in New baut, 115

South Wales, 63 ; Josephine Duprat Manifesto of the emperor Nicholas of murders her husband, 64; Behier mur

Russia, 96*; of the Greek nation, 106* ders his wife, and a girl, 90; horrible Marriage, singular one, of a prisoner tried murder at Paris, 91; Chevalier, 112; for rape, and the prosecutrix, 120

James Read, by his wife, ib. ; murder Mars, Mademoiselle, anecdote of, 8

in the forest of Facg, 134; murder of Marlyn, rev. Thomas, death of, 255

M. Keller, 156; singular murder of a Mechanical arts, 266*

child, by cutting off its head, ib, ; at Mechanics' Institution, London, 77

Frouquet, 164; in La Bresse, 168; at Meeting at the Mansion House, 169

Genoa, 166 ; A. Hogg, 3* Meteor in Guelderland, 258*

Murray, lieutenant-governor of Demerara, Mexico : recognition of its independence, Mr. Serjeant Rough's petition against,

[14] ; meeting of congress, and presi- 9* dent's speech, [199]; treaty of com

Musical festivals at York, comparison of merce with Great Britain proposed to receipts, 1823 and 1825, 131 congress, but not ratified, [205]; close of the session, and president's speech, Naples : death of the king, [181], 218; ib.; military defence, navy, judicial reduction of the Austrian troops in the administration, [206]; voluntary sur

Two Sicilies, [182]; pretended miracles, render of two Spanish ships, [208];

ib. ; assassins executed, 55 ; quarantine surrender of the castle of St. Juan de regulations, 80

Ulloa, ib.; inland navigation, 34 Natural Philosophy, 228* Meyer, Dr. J., death of, 268

Needles, case of a Jewess, at Copenhagen, Mezzofanti, prof. (celebrated linguist), who swallowed upwards of 300, 230* account of, 280*

Netherlands : distress occasioned by inMiddleton, explosion of a mine at, 4. undations, [148]; speech at the close Miloradovitsch, prince, shot in an insur

of the session of the states-general, ib. ; rection at St. Petersburgh, [162]

decrees for the regulation of education Mine, explosion of, at Middleton, 4

and the universities, [149] ; letter from Mines in Spanish America, 285*

the court of Rome to the archbishop of Mining shares, &c., estimate of payments Mechlin, [150] note ; opposition of the

Catholic clergy to the decrees, and Ministry, list of, 293

liberality of those of Luxemburg, [150]; Miracle, effected by prince Hohenlolie, new duties imposed by France on the 131

inanufactures of the Netherlands, ib.; Miramichi, New Brunswick, dreadful fire new session of the states-general, [151]; and hurricane at, 135, 174

insurrection in Java, [152]; engageMissionaries: East Indies, 46* ; North ment near Samarang, [153]; king's America, ib.

speech, 89* ; financial embarrassments Missolonghi, siege of, [191]; surrender in India, ib. of the fort of Anatolico, [192]

New Brunswick; fire and hurricane al Money-market, panic in, [123]

Miramichi, 135 Monte Video, success of the Independents Newcomen, lord, death of, 220 against the Imperialists, [179]

New Orleans, gigantic organiç remains Moore's Life of Sheridan, extracts from,

discovered near,

247* 166*

Newgate, annual state of, 339 Moretti's fulminating acid, 261*


transmission of to the colo. Morris, Miss, and two other females burnt nies, 110 to death, 109

Nicholas, emperor, see Russia. Mostyn, lady, killed by her horses running Northumberland, duke of, goes to France

as ainbassador extraordinary, 59 Mountain, Dr., bishop of Quebec, death

North West Expedition, court-martial re. of, 263

on, 48*

away, 10

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lative to the loss of the Fury, 148 ; ac- O'Hara : case for the recovery of an es: count of the expedition, 149, 251*

tate, 22"

Olaneta, royalist general in Peru, defeat Obituary: Madame Krudener, 215; We- and death, [211]

witzer, 217 ; Ferdinand IV. of Naples, Opera-house, foundation slone discovered, 218; Thomas Green, ib.; Dr. Dixon, 29 ib. ; sir Leonard T. W. Holmes, 219; Oporto, murder at, 33 George Dance, architect, ib.; lord Organic remains, discovered near New Newcomen, 220; sir J. Frederick, ib.; Orleans, 247* J. Cox, ib. ; lord Thanet, 221; Dr. Ouroux, M., artificial anatomy contrived Tilloch, 229; duke of Gotha, 226; by, 245* rev. T. Maddock, ib.; J. H. Parry, Owen, Mr. (of Lanark) leclares at Wash227 ; Mrs. Franklin (Miss Porden) ib.; ington, 17 sir T. F. Heathcote, 228; adm. Purvis, Owen, William, R.A., death of, 235 ib. ; lord Braybrooke, 230; dowager Jady Jerningham, 231 ; sir James Ers- Palin, John, trial of, for stealing four kine, ib.; John Young artist, 232; bank notes, of 1,0001. each, 151 rev. Dr. Elmsley, ib.; Mrs. Barbauld, Paraguay, [212] ; British subjects obtain 234; W. Owen, R. A., 235; rev. R. leave to quit the country, 56 Bland, ib.; sir James Graham, 236; Parkins, ex-sheriff', Byrne versus, 7* earl of Balcarras, 237; rev.J. Pridden, Parliament: opening of, by commission, 238; G. Saverio Poli, 240; H. Fuseli, (3]; King's speech, [4] : lord Dudley R. A., 241; lord Glastonbury, 243; and Ward's, [5] ; Mr. Brougham's, baron Denou, 244; sir J. C. Hippis- [8]; Mr. Canning's reply to, [12]; ley, 246 : Dr. Fisher (bishop of Salis- debates on the Roman Catholic Assobury), 247 ; carl Whitworth, 248 ; ciation, [17]; Mr. Goulburn's speech, Domenico Corri (composer) 251 ; lord [18]; sir H. Parnell's and Mr. Peel's, Kilmaine, 252; sir J. G. Egerton, ib. ; [23]; Mr. Plunkett's, [26]; Mr. George Chalmers, 253; Dr. Andrewes Canning's, [32]; pelition presented by (dean of Canterbury), 254 ; sir W. W. Mr. Brougham from the members of the Pepys, 255; professor Martyn, ib.; Catholic Association, [40]; bill passed princess Borghese, 258; Dr. es, ib.; against the Association, [42]; petilion sir Thos. Bertie, 261; Dr. Mountain of the Catholics presented by sir F. (bishop of Quebec), 263 ; Peter Tuchan Burdett, [46]; Mr. Plunkett's speech, (giant), 264; rev. H. Kelt, ib.; Snow- [47]; Mr. Peel's, [49]; motion cardon Barne, 266; lord Lilford, ib. ; ried, and committee forined, [51]; lady St. John, 267 ; duke of St. Alban's, Catholic relief bill, [52] ; Mr. Peel's ib. ; Dr. J. Meyer, 268; earl of Craven, speech, [54] ; duke of York's speech, ib.; duchess dowager of Dorset, 269; [58]; Mr. Brougham's commenls on, sir W. E. Taunton, 270; sir Frederick [61]; bill passes the Commons, introHenniker, ib.; sir W. Geary, 271 ; duced into the Lords, [64]; bill relaJohn Lens, ib.; lieut-col. Downman, tive to Elective Franchise in Ireland, 272; lord Radstock, 273; earl of [67]; committee of inquiry into the Donoughinore, 275; Constantine De- state of Ireland, [71]; Mr. S. Rice's metriades, ib. ; col. Campbell of Glen- motion respecting religious animosities Jyon, 276; earl of. Carlisle, 277; col. in Ireland, [79] ; Mr. Hume's motion James Capper, 279 ; Miles Barne, 280 ; against the Irish church establishment, Mrs. W. P. L. Wellesley, ib. ; sir T. [80]; abuses in the charter schools of Stepney, ib. ; chevalier Linquili, 281; Ireland, ib.; abuses in chancery, [85]; rev. P. R. Dobree, 282; Lacepède, judges' salaries, [86] ; laws relating to French naturalist, 283; Walter Fawkes, juries, and bankrupl laws, [88]; joint285; sir J. Stewart, ib. ; George Cal- stock companies, ib.; Unitarian marvert, 296; hon. A. Waldegrave, 287 ; riage bill, [89] ; usury laws, ib. ; Scotch general Foy, ib. ; duchess of Rulland, law proceedings, [90]:

combination 288; Dr. J. Nolt, 289; dowager mar- laws, [91]; report of the commillee ou chioness of Batlı, 291 ; David, French ditto, [96] ; bill passed on, [97]; corn painler, 292

laws, [93]; alterations in our colonial Ogle Castle, East Indiaman, shipwreck of, policy, [99] ; diminution of duties 155

proposed by Mr. Huskisson, [106]; O'Gorman, Mr., secretary to the new

financial situation of the country, (115); Catholic Association, liis intemperate reduction of datics, [118]; assessed

*P, [45]


taxes, [120]; private bills, [121]; Quarantine at Naples, 80
close of the session, and king's speech,

Rabbits, quantity of, sold by a singlo
Parr, rev. Dr., memoir of, 151*; account poulterer, in Leadenhall market, 188

of Sheridan wbile a school boy, 167* Radstock, lord, death of, 273
Parry, captain, court-martial on, relative Railway, suspension, at Cheshunt, 266*
to the loss of the Fary, 148

Rape : C. Wood, 5; G. Bally, 37 ; W.
J. H. death of, 227

39 Palents, list of, 268*

Rees, Dr., death and memoir of, 258 Payments on foreign loans, mining shares, Reports of the select committee of the &c., 48*

House of Lords, on the stale of Ireland, Peel, Mr., speech on the Catholic asso- 42*

sociation, [23]; on the Catholic relief Reprieve, singular anecdote, and fatal bill, [54]

mistake respecting, 276 Peru : deseat of the patriots, [209]; their Rheims, coronation of Charles X., 70

subsequent success and victory obtained Rigaudier, Denis, trial for murder, 112 by Sucre at Ayacucho, [210] ; libera- Rio de la Plata, new United Provinces tion from the Spanish yoke, [211]; of, [212]; their independence recogconstituent Congress opened by Boli- nized by Great Britain, (216); treaty var, ib. ; Mr. Rowcroft, the first con- with the United Provinces of, 84* ; sul, shot hy a sentinel, 12 ; note of the communication to the minister of Bragovernment council to the executive zil, 105* ; note from the government of Rio de la Plata, 144* ; articles of of Peru, 144* capitulation of the Spanish army, 148* Ritzebuttel, hurricane and inundation, Picton, general, monument to, near Caer- 14 marthen, 119

Road-trusts, 283* Piracy, St. Christopher's, 15*

Robbery, extraordinary system of, by Plunkett, Mr., speech on the Catholic prisoners, 112 claims, [47]

Rochester cathedral, tomb of bishop John Poetry, 287*

de Sheppy, discovered, 8 Poland: the states convoked by the en- Rodios, M., letter, in the name of tho

peror Alexander, (156]; speech on provisional government of Greece, to the first sitting of the Chambers, 93* ; Mr. Canning, 56*

ditto on the closing of ditto, 95* Roman Catholic relief bill, sir F. BurPoli, G. Saverio, death of, 240

dett's, 34* Police : Hatton Garden ; singular charge Roman boat discovered at Glasgow, 279*

respecting a scheme for throwing per- Rome: ceremony of opening the sacred song down in the street, 132

gale by the pope, 2; execution of two Marlborough-street; assault upon Mr. Carbonari, 160 Brookes, the anatomist, 172

Rough, Mr. serjl., his petition against Union-hall; singular case of imposi- Jieut.-gov. Murray, 9* tion, 33

Rowcroft, Mr., British consul in Peru, Poor's rates, 284*

shot by a sentinel, 12 Portsmouth : sixteen persons drowned at Russia, illness and death of the emperor

the launch of the princess Charlotte, Alexander, [157]; oath of allegiance 129

taken to Constantine, (160); his renunPorlagal : change of ministry, and influ- ciation of the throne, ib. ; accession of

ence of British policy, [174]; recog- Nicholas, [161] ; military insurrection nition of the independence of Brazil, at St. Petersburg, [162] ; alleged con[175]; change of commercial system, spiracy ib.,; revolt of Mouravieff Aposib.; trade with England, 13

tol, [164]; he is taken prisoner, ib.; Prices : stock, 333 ; sugar and hay, 334; line of policy adopted by Nicholas, ib. ; corn, ib. ; butcher's nieat, 335

speeches of the emperor Alexander to Pridden, rev. J., death of, 238

the chambers of Poland, 93*,95* ; maniPrison discipline, 286*

festo of the emperor Nicholas, 96* Privy council, report of, on Mr. Serjt. letter of the grand duke Constantine to

Rough's petition against lieulo-gov. the emperor Alexander, renouncing his
Murray, g*

right of succession, 98* ; answer to Public Documents, 34*

ditto, 99* ; Alexander's manifesto relibraries in France, 286"

specting the succession, ib. ; Constan. Purvis, adm., death of, 228

tine's letter to his mother on Alexander's

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