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Of the Governor, Lieut. Governor, Senators and Represežtatives in Office at the time

of the passage of the Laws contained in this Volume.

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First District, Andrew Harvie,

Henry C. Kibbee, Macomb,

Titus Dort,

Joseph T. Copeland, St. Clair.
Second District, --- N. G. Isbell,

Michael Shoemaker, Jackson,
B. Case,

George Danforth,

Third District, Alfred French, Branch,

Isaac P. Christiancy, Monroe,
H. S. Mead,

John Barber, Lenawee.

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John Bacon,

Chippewa. Noah H. Hart, Lapeer. John L. Balcombe, Calhoun. M. W. Hicks, Oakland. Elias J. Baldwin, Lenawee. John P. Hitchings, Jackson. Eleazer Barnes, Monroe. Sardes F. Hubbell, Oakland. Charles N. Beecher, Genesee. Benjamin F. Hyde, Wayne. Calvin Britain, Berrien, John D. Irvine, Mackinac. John W. Butterfield, Berrien.

E. C. Kimberly, Shiawassee. Alanson Calkins, Tuscola. S. L. Lawrence, Branch. D. L. Case,

Ionia. George Martin, Wayne. S. M. Case, Livingston. Jarris E. Marvin, Washtenaw. George Chandler, Macomb. Joseph P. Minne, St. Clair. A. W. Childs, Lenawee. W. R. Montgomery, Hillsdale. Thomas B. Church, Kent. A. H. Moore, St Joseph. Darius Clark, Calhoun. H. M. Moore,

Montcalm. David Clark,

Clinton. James Patterson, Oakland.
Wm. L. Clyburn, Cass. Nathan Pierce,

Patrick Corrigan,
Monroe. Roland Root,

Lewis M. Covert,

Oakland. James Sexton, Wayne. George Crane, Lenawee. Jonathan Shearer, Wayne. Sanford H. Corbin, Macomb. George Sherwood, Cass. John S. Crosman,


David Shook, Macomb.
Henry Darling,
Lenawee. James L. Smith,

St. Clair. Barney Earl, Kalamazoo. Ezra Stetson, Kalamazoo. Jerome B. Eaton,

Jackson. Aaron D. Truesdell, Washtenaw. Levi Eaton, Wayne.

Oka Town,

Allegan. Joseph S. Fenton, Genesee. John W. Turner, Saginaw. Thomas W. Ferry, Ottawa.

Hiram Voorbies, Oakland. Morgan L. Fitch, Van Buren. Jonathan G. Waite, St. Joseph. Ralph Fowler, Livingston. Pascal D. Warner, Oakland. Thomas Gray, Lenawee. William Warner,

Washtenaw. Charles Gregory,

Hillsdale. Freeman C. Watkins, Jackson. Alfred B. Gulley, Wayne.

Calvin Wheeler,

Washtenaw. Horatio Hall, Eaton. John K. Yocum,

Wasbtenaw. Salmon C. Hall, Barry.


The People of the State of Michigan do ordain this Constitution:



over which tives.

The State of Michigan consists of and has jurisdiction over the territory embraced within the following boundaries, to wit: Commencing at a point on the eastern boundary line of the State of Indi- Territory ana, where a direct line drawn from the southern extremity of Lake the chimne of Michigan to the most northerly cape of the Maumee Bay shall inter- has jurisd sect the same-said point being the north-west corner of the State of Ohio, as established by act of Congress, entitled “an act to establish the northern boundary line of the State of Ohio, and to provide for the admission of the State of Michigan into the Union upon the conditions therein expressed,” approved Junė fifteenth, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six; thence with the said boundary line of the State of Ohio till it intersects the boundary line between the United States and Canada in Lake Erie; thence with said boundary line between the United States and Canada through the Detroit river, Lake Huron and Lake Superior to a point where the said line last touches Lake Superior; thence in a direct line through Lake Superior to the mouth of the Montreal river; thence through the middle of the main channel of the said river Montreal to the head waters thereof; thence in a direct line to the centre of the channel between Middle and South Islands in the Lake of the Desert; thence in a direct line to the southern shore of Lake Brule; thence along said southern shore and down the river Brule to the main channel of the

Menominie river; thence down the centre of the main channel of the
same to the centre of the most usual ship channel of the Green Bay
of Lake Michigan; thence through the centre of the most usual ship
channel of the said bay to the middle of Lake Michigan; thence through
the middle of Lake Michigan to the northern boundary of the State
of Indiana, as that line was established by the act of Congress of the
nineteenth of April, eighteen hundred and sixteen; thence due east
with the northern boundary line of the said State of Indiana to the
north-east corner thereof; and thence south with the eastern bounda-
ry line of Indiana to the place of beginning.



Seat of gov- $ 1. The Seat of Government shall be at Lansing, where it is now ernment.



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DIVISION OF THE POWERS OF GOVERNMENT. $ 1. The powers of government are divided into three departments: Division of powers of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial.

. No person

§ 2. No person belonging to one department shall exercise the belonging to one depart-powers properly belonging to another, except in the cases expressly cise powers provided in this constitution.

of another.


§ 1. The legislative power is vested in a Senate and House of

department. Representatives.

Senate. $ 2. The Senate shall consist of thirty-two members. Senators

shall be elected for two years, and by single districts. Such districts
shall be numbered from one to thirty-two inclusive; each of which
shall choose one Senator. No county shall be divided in the forms.
tion of Senate districts, except such county shall be equitably enti-

tled to two or more Senators. House of

$ 3. The House of Representatives shall consist of not less than Representa

sixty-four, nor more than one hundred members. Representatives
shall be chosen for two years, and by single districts. Each Repre-
sentative district shall contain, as nearly as may be, an equal num-
ber of white inhabitants, and civilized persons of Indian descent, not

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