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Robinson, 18604

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Professor of Bibl Literature in the Union Theol Seminary, New York;

Author of Biblical Researches in Palestine, etc, etc.






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Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1846, by Edward Robinson, in the Clerk's

Office of the District Court of the Southein District of New-York.

BS 2566 :R6 1860


The Harmony of the Four Gospels in Greek, published in 1845, having been favourably received, I have been requested by many persons whose advice I could not disregard, to prepare a similar Harmony of the Gospels according to the common English Version. This I have attempted to do in the present work.

In the Gospels we have four different narratives of the life and actions of our Lord, by as many different and independent historians. The narrative of John, except during the week of the Saviour's passion, contains very little that is found in either of the other writers. That of Luke, although in its first part and at the close it has much in common with Matthew and Mark, comprises nevertheless in its middle portions a large amount of matter peculiar to Luke alone. Matthew and Mark have in general more resemblance to each other; though Matthew, be. ing more full, presents much that is not found in Mark or Luke; while Mark, though briefer, has some things not contained in any of the rest. The Evangelists were led, under the guidance of the Spirit, to write each with a specific object in view, and for different communities or classes of readers; much as in the case of the authors of the Epistles. Hence, while the narratives all

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