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April, natural appearances on Astronomical terms explained,
the first of, i, 101

i, xxxv, Intr.
Arbutus, description of, iii, 350 ASTRONOMY, History of, ii, 27.
Ascham, Roger, his visit to 60, 98, 132, 185, 209, 228,
Lady Grey, iv, 39

246, 264, 288, 309, 327; iii,
Ascension Day, i, 114 ; ii, 164; 10, 47, 74, 105, 135,170, 191,
iïi, 133; iv, 133

222, 262, 294, 316, 339
Ash, description of, iii, 38 ASTRONOMY, Sonnet on, ii, vi,
Ash-Wednesday, i, 37-cere Intr.-principles of, vii,

monies of penitents on this -dignity and utility of, ib.
day, 38—extraordinary fasts -Ptolemaic system, viii
at this season, i, 39; ii, 50; Copernican system, ix- the
iii, 45; iv, 41

fixed Scars, xi – constella-
Ass, Sterne's pleasing tribute tions, xiii--of the Sun and
to, iv, Ixix, Intr. note

his motions, xvi-of the
Ass's feast, account of, ii, 318 Planets, xxi-of the Moon,
Assumption, i, 200 ; ii, 239; iii, xxxvi-of the tides, xl--of
220; iv, 226

the satellites of Jupiter, xlii
ASTRONOMICAL OCCURRENCES -of Saturn, xliv of the

in Jan. 1814, i, 11; Feb. 41; Georgium Sidus, ib.-of the
March, 60; April, 87; May, fixed Stars, xlv-on the
121; June, 146; July, 174; importance and utility of,
August, 203; September, iv, 11-21
234; October, 259; Novem- | August, explanation of, i, 197;
ber, 291; December, 317 , ii, 237; iii, 218; iv, 224
Astronomical Occurrences in Autumn, beauties of, i, 243

Jan, 1815, ii, 21 ; Feb. 54;|
March, 93; April, 127;

. B
May, 179; June, 203 ; July, Bacon, Lord, prognostics re-
223; August, 240 ; Septem-l lative to the weather, i, 353
ber, 259; October, 284; No-| Banbury, Shepherd of, rules

vember, 304; December, 322 for predicting changes in the
Astronomical Occurrences in weather, i, 360

Jan. 1816, iii, 16; February, Barometer described, i, 350 .
52; March, 82; April, 111; Bastile, lines on the destruc-
May, 142; June, 174; July, tion of, iv, 197
197o; August, 232; Septem- Bear, picturesque description
ber, 269; October, 300; of, iv, lxv, Intr.
November, 324; December, Beating of husbands, practice

of, i, 83
Astronomical Occurrences in Beauties of nature, concluding

Jan. 1817, iv, 9; February, reflections on, iv, lxx
43; March, 64; April, 99; lines on, lxxi
May, 138 ; June, 166 ; July, Becket, Thomas à, i, 166; ii,
201 ; August, 229; Septem- 219; iii, 189; iv, 196 .
ber, 260; October, *289; | Bede, Venerable, i, 116; i,
November, 322 ; December, 175; iii, 134; iv, 135

| Beech, description of, üi, 65

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Beech Tree's Petition, iii, 65,, parts of, ib, xxxviii-mecha-

nical wonders of a feather,
Bees, description of, i, 72– ib. xxxix-anatomical de-

floating apiaries, 73-best scription of, ib.various ge-

setters of cucumbers, 271– nera of, xl--birds of prey,
- lines on the destruction of, xl-pies, xli-passeres, or

274-curious particulars of, small singing birds, xlv-lines
:ii, 113– The Captived Bee,' on the construction of their

115--account of an excur nests, xlvii-their search af-
sion of one to the blossoms ter food, vernal and autum-
of an almond tree, iii, 149 nal flights, xlviii-particulars
151---picturesque lines on, I of bird-catching, xlix-li-
ib, 152-on the economy of, high price of singing birds,
202; iv, 82-84-lines de li-general poetical descrip-
scriptive of, 84, and note, tion of birds, lviji
ib. 118-list of trees, plants, Bittern, booming of, i, 104;
&c. visited by, 149—birth of ii, 147
the bee, a poem, 150-Cu-| Blackbirds, the, an elegy, iv,
pid stung by one, 151, note 192-194

Lines descriptive of its sum Blenheim, lines on the battle of,
'mer rambles, 181-cruelty iv, 226

of destroying, 215-lines to Blossoms, lines on, i, 105
- the Burnie Bee, 216-stan Bomb in St. James's Park, in-
• zas on, from the Spanish, scription on, iv, 200

241-elegy to, by Dr. Wol- | Bookseller, to my, a sonnet, iv,
cott, 303 $lines on the eco-1 225

nomy of, xxiii, Intr. Botany, elements of, iii, vii,
Belsize house, account of, ii, l Intr. — similarity between
, 170, note

animals and vegetables, viïi-
Birch, description of the, iii, 67 arrangement of plants and
Bird-catching in the neighbour trees, ix-the sexual system,

hood of London, particulars x-parts of a perfect flower,
of, iv, xlviii-li, Intr.

xi-xvi-table of the classes,
Birds, poetical description of xvi-explanation of, xviii, xxii

building their nests, i, 104— .-structure and economy of
migration of, i, 249, 304; ii, plants, xxiv-xxviii - reflec-
104-melody of, 106-of tions of Dr. Smith on the ad-

their nests, 144, 145-mi-l vantages of botany, xxis
* gration of, 156, 272-nidi-l lines on, xxx

fication of, 192 -curious ef- Bouquet, poetical, of wild flow-
fect of cold on, iii, 60-on ers, iv, 339, 340
the melody of, 146-poetical Box, description of, iii, 95
description of, iv, 52--of Boxen Bower, a poem, iii, 95,
making their nests, 79-lines note
· on the return of, in the spring, Boy-bishop, ceremony of, i,
110-on forming their nests, 306, 307
115 poetical description of Brooks, resort of cattle to, iv,
various, iv, xxxvii, "Intr.- 244-beautiful allusion to the

failure of, in summer, ib. | Candlemus day, i, 28---lines on

| Candlemas eve, 29
Buffon's garden described, iv, 95 Caraccas, earthquake at, iv, 63
Büll-fish described, iii, 214 Carling Sunday, i, 60; ii, 19;
Bullock's, Mr. beautiful col- iii, 74; iv, 62
lection of humming birds, Carnation examined by a mi-
iv, xlv, Intr, note-fine spe- croscope, iii, 156-158
cimen of a camelopard Carnival at Rome, i, 35; ii, 48
there, Ixvi

Carol, Scotch, i, 311
Burnie bee, lines to, iv, 216 | Carp, great fecundity of, iv,
Burns, Robert, lines to Mary xxvii, Intr.--can be fatten-
in Heaven,' iv, 198

ed in a damp cellar, xxxii
Bustard, common, particulars Casimir, ode of, translated, iv,
of, iv, lv, Intr.

Butcher-bird, extraordinary Cassini, discoveries of, ii, 212

courage of, iv, xli, Intr. Cat, strange part acted by one

in the Fête Dieu, ii, 173
Butterfly, lines on, i, 132, note by a bear and twelve cats, ib.

-various, described, 219 note-cats burnt alive on
lines to, 220--the birth of, Midsummer-day, 173_lines
a poem, iii, 148, note-pica descriptive of, iv, Ixiii, Intr.
turesque description of, 237, note
238-extract from the But- Caterpillars, account of vari-
terfly's Ball, iv, 117, notem ous, iii, 124-examination
lines descriptive of, 148; 1 of, iv, 119
xxi, Intr. ; xxii, note

Celandine, lines to, ži, 90
Byron, Lord, lines from his Cercaria changeable, described,
Hours of Idleness,' iv, 6 L iv, xii, Intr.

Ceres, the planet, account of,

i, 239; ii, xxv, Intr.

Cervantes's Don Quixote, rapid
Cæsar's Calendar, i, väi, Intr. | sale of, iv, 98
Čalais, surrender of, iii, 3- Chaffinch, lines on, iii, 58, 59,
taken, 219

Calendar of Julius Cæsar, ex-Chameleon, curious particulars

planation of, i, viii, Intr. of, iv, xxxv, Intr.
the calendar, xiii-xxiv - Champaigne, substitution of
French, or republican, xxv Perry for, iv, 305
Swedish, ib.--explanation of Chamouny, lines written in the
the word, xxvi11--of the ca-l valley of, iv, 27
lendar, 87-91, 121

Charles V, anecdote of, iii,
Call-birds, peculiarities of, iv, 291
xlix-li, Intr.

Charlotte, Princess, lines on
Calves' head club, i, 9

the marriage of, iv, 132
Cumel, curious particular in Chatterton's description of an-

the hoof of, iv, Ixv, Intr. I tient Christmas ceremonies,
Camelopard, description of, iv, i, 312, 313-tribute to his
Ixv, Intr.

mémory, iv, 227


Cherry blossoms, lines to, ii, Cock-throwing, account of, i,

36 ; ii, 45
Chesnut, description of, iii, 96 Cold, lowest degree of, in Jan,
Childermas-day, vulgar super- . 1814, ii, 41-curious effect
stitions on, iv, 346

of, on the feathered tribe,
Children coming from school, iii, 60
iv, 36

Collop Monday, i, 35
Chimney swallow, i, 98

Comets, on the nature and use
Christmas, lines on the Christ- of, i, 317, 325-remarkable

mas fare of turkeys, iv, 345, ones, 327'; ii, xxxii, Intr.
and note on the meeting of ommissioners of woods and
friends at, 360

forests, useful labours of, no-
Christmas day, i, 309– boxes, ticed, iv, 156

310-antient observation of, Conception of the Virgin Mary,
ib. 311-carols, ib. 312-poe-l i, 308; ii, 317; iii, 335; iv,
tical description of antient! 342
ceremonies, 313–sonnet on, Conductors of lightning noticed,
335-ceremony of the Fête iv, 220
de l'Ane at this season, ii, Conger-eel, lines on, and de-
318-ceremonies on, iii, 336 scription of, iv, 362

lines descriptive of Christ Constellations, ii, xiii, Intr.
mas Eve, 337-of the carol, Construction of the heavens, i,
ib.-of Christmas-box, ib.-1
of visiting, 338-custom at Copernican system, ii, ix, Intr.
Clare hall, Cambridge, on, i Copernicus, account of, ii, 187
ib.-lines on adorning houses Corals and corallines described,

with evergreens at, 352 iv, x, Intr.
Chronology, how assisted by Corinna's going a Maying, ii,
astronomy, iv, 13.

Cider, manufacture of, iv, 305 Cormorant described, and poe-

- principal markets for, and tical allusion to, iv, lix, Intr.
prices of, 306, 307

Coronation of K: «George III,
Circumcision, i, 2; ii, 1; iii, 1; i, 228—the oath, 229; ii,
iv, 1

258 ; iii, 260
Clare hall, Cambridge, custom Corpus Christi, i, 140-cele-

there, at Christmas, iii, bration of the Romish church

of, ii, 172—strange part act-
Clepsydra, i, vi, Intr.

ed in, by a cat, 173—by a
Climate, on the inclemency of, bear and twelve cats, ib. note

i, 25, 331--observations on, -explanation of, ili, 166 ;
in the South of France and iv, 161
Italy, iii, 347

Country, native, lines on the
Clocks, origin of, i, vii, Intr. 1 attachment to, iii, 349
Clouds, artificial distinctions Court fools, account of, ii, 118
of, i, 338

Crabs, their power of casting
Çoborg, Prince, character of, off a limb at pleasure, iv,
iv, 343

xxii, Intr.-cast their skins
Cock-fighting, i, 36

annually, ib.

Cressy, battle of, ii, 221 | December, explanation of, i, 305
Crocodile, lines descriptive of lines on the first of, i, 332

its haunts, iv, xxxiv, Intr. 1 -explanation of, ii, 316; iii,
Crocus, account of, and lines 334; iv, 341
to, i, 50

Dew, lines on, iv, 279-new
Cross-buns, origin of, ii, 88, 89 theory of, 280, 281
Cromwell, Oliver, character of, Dials, i, v, Intr.

iv, 257-raised 40,0001. for Diurnal motion of the heavens,
the exiled protestants, 310, and fixed stars, i, 146
note—his firm conduct re- Dodd, Dr. reflections on the
specting the massacre in execution of, iv, 165
Piedmont, ib.

Dog-days begin, i, 166; ii, 219;
Crow, lines to, iv, 74

iii, 188; iv, 194
Crows, singular instance of dis-Dolphin, poetical description of

tributive justice among, iv, its death, iv, lxix, Intr.
xlii, Intr.

| Domestic fowl, rural group of,
Crow-waterfoot, use of, ii, 154 iv, lv, Intr.-Mowbray's trca-
Cruelty to animals deprecated, tise on, quoted, 125

iv, 215—sermon on, by the Duck, description of, iv, lvii,
Rev. Mr. Plumptree, recom- Intr.
mended, ib, note

Dutch, system of gardening
Cuckoo described, i, 102_lines pursued by, iv, 185-tulipo-

to, ii, 142; iii, 121-anec mania of, 187-189

dotes of, iv, 113
Cuckoo-spit insect, ii, 214
Cucumbers, best set by bees, i, 1

271_quantity of, grown at Eagle, lines descriptive of, iv,
Sandy, in Bedfordshire, iv, | xli, Intr.
254 passage in scripture il- Earth, of the, i, 124, 150; ii,
lustrated, 255

xxiv, Intr.-on the orbits,
Cupid stung by a bee, lines on, motions, &c. of, iv, 167
iv, 151, note

Earthquake at the Caraccas, iv,
Cuttle-fish described, and lines 63
on, iv, xiv, Intr.

Easter Day, i,82; ii, 91-grand

ceremony of the resurrection
at Moscow on, 90-92 ; iii,

100; iv, 93
Daffodils, lines to, ii, 148, note | Easter Evé, i, 82; ii, 90-cu-
Dagobert I, anecdote of, iii, rious custom at Florence on,

iii, 100
Dairy, lines on, i, 138; iv, 158 Easter Monday and Tuesday, i,
Daisy, lines to, i, 74, note; ii, 83; ii, 92-ceremonies at

109, note; iii, 33, 89, note ; Moscow on, 93;. iii, 101-
: iv, 8 .

custom of heaving on, iv, 94,
Days of the week, etymology Eclipses, of, ii, 179, 203, 223-
of, i, xxix, Intr.

interesting description of one,
Death-watch described, and 240—on the calculation of, ·
lines on, i, 106, note

iv, 230, 261, 291, 323, 3487

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