Annual Reports of the Navy Department: Report of the Secretary of the Navy. Miscellaneous reports

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1868
1897/98, [v.2], "Appendix to the Report of the chief of the Bureau of navigation" contains correspondence and documents relating to the conduct of the war with Spain, collected, arranged and edited by Ensign H. H. Ward, under the direction of the bureau

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Página xxv - The board, whenever it finds an officer incapacitated for active service, will report whether, in its judgment, the said incapacity result from long and faithful service, from wounds or injury received in the line of duty, from sickness or exposure therein, or from any other incident of service.
Página 149 - Freight, ferriage, toll, cartage, wharfage, purchase and repair of boats, compensation to judges advocate, per diem for attending courts-martial, courts of inquiry, and for constant labor, house rent in lieu of quarters, burial of deceased marines, printing, stationery, postage, telegraphing, apprehension of deserters, oil, candles, gas, repair of gas and water fixtures, water rent, forage, straw, barrack furniture, furniture for officers' quarters, bedsacks, spades, shovels, axes, picks, carpenters...
Página xxviii - ... who may be entitled to receive the same; and if the said fund shall be insufficient for the purpose, the public faith is hereby pledged to make up the deficiency; but if it should be more than sufficient, the surplus shall be applied to the making of further provision for the comfort of the disabled officers, seamen, and marines...
Página xxviii - States from the sale of prizes, shall be and remain forever a fund for the payment of pensions and half pay, should the same be hereafter granted, to the officers and seamen who may be entitled to receive the same, and if the said fund shall be insufficient for the purpose, the public faith is hereby pledged to make up the deficiency; but if it should be more than sufficient, the surplus shall be...
Página 3 - Near the centre is a valve, under the control "f the officer of the deck, and as he turns it the water is thrown with great force, either forward or aft; thus propelling the vessel ahead or astern at his will. So soon as we got on board we proceeded out of the harbor, and to my amazement she went ahead at a speed of seven or eight miles }>cr hour, against a fresh breeze and quite a sea.
Página xxvii - ... if in the naval service, was at the time borne on the books of some ship or other vessel of the United States, at sea or in harbor, actually in commission, or was at some naval station, or on his way, by direction of competent authority, to the United States or to some other vessel or naval station or hospital.
Página xxvii - No person shall be entitled to a pension by reason of wounds or injury received or disease contracted in the service of the United States subsequent to the twenty-seventh day of July, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, unless the person who was wounded, or injured , or contracted the disease was in the line of duty...
Página 75 - For defraying the expenses that may accrue for the following purposes, viz: For freight and transportation of materials and stores of every description; for wharfage and dockage; storage and rent; travelling expenses of officers and transportation of seamen; house rent...
Página 149 - For military stores, viz: pay of armorers, repair of arms, purchase of accoutrements, ordnance stores, flags, drums, fifes, and other instruments . . 5.
Página 48 - Ropewalk machinery, widening main entrance, toola for machine and forge shops, and filling in a portion of timber dock. The amount expended on these objects during the year is, for materials, $22,104 99, and for labor, $20,723 24; making an aggregate of $42,828 23. The improvements which have been in progress during the year, but which are not yet completed, are: Extension of sheer wharf, paving and draining around dry-dock, railroad tracks, and repairs of all kinds.

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