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Il Teach me, O Lord, thy way moft right,

2 Into thy presence let my prayer I in thy truth will bide,

With fighs devout afcend, To fear thy name my heart unite,

And to my cries, that ceaseless are, So fall it never fide.

40 Thine car with favor bend. 12 Thee will I praise, O Lord my God,

3 For cloy'd with woes and trouble store Tbec bonor and adore

Surcharg'd my soul doth lie, With my whole heart, and blaze abroad

My life at deatb's unchear ful door Thy name for evermore.

Unto the grave draws nigh. 13 For great thy mercy is tow'rd me,

45 4 Reckon'd I am with them that pass And thou hast free'd my soul,

Down to the dismal pit, Er'n from the lowest Hell fet free,

I am a * man, but weak alas, From deepest darkness foul.

And for that name unfit. 14 0 God, the proud against me rise,

5 From life discharg'd and parted quite And violent men are met

50 Among the dead to sleep, To seek my life, and in their eyes

And like the flain in bloody fight No fear of thee have set

That in the grave lie deep. 15 But thou, Lord, art the God most mild,

Whom thou remembereft no more, Readiest thy grace to fhew,

Dost never more regard, Slow to be angry, and art fil'd

55 Them from thy hand deliver'd o'er Most merciful, most true.

Death's bidevus bouse hath barr'd. 16 0 turn to me thy face at length,

6 Thou in the loweit pit profound And me have mercy on,

Haft fet me all forlorn, Unto thy servant give thy strength,

Where thickest darkness hovers round, And save thy handmaid's son.

60 In horrid deeps to mourn. 17 Some sign of good to me afford,

7 Thy wrath, from which no felter faves, And let my focs then see,

Full fore doth press on me; And be asham'd, because chou, Lord,

+ Thou break'st upon me all thy ways, Dost help and comfort me.

† And all thy waves break me.
8 Thou doft my friends from me estrange,

And mak'st me odious,

Me to them odious, for they change, 1

And I here pent up thus.
Is his foundation fait,

9 Through sorrow, and affliction great, Tbere jeated is bis fanctuary,

Minc eye grows dim and dead, His temple tbere is plac'd.

Lord, all the day I thee entreat, 2 Sion's fair gates the Lord loves more 5 My hands to thee I spread. Than all the dwellings fair

To Wilt thou do wonders on the dead, Of Jacob's land, though there be fore,

Shall the deceas'd arise And all witbin his care.

And praise thee from their loalbfome bed 3 City of God, molt glorious things

With pale and bollow eyes? Of thee abroad are spoke ;

1 Shall they thy luving kindness te!! 4 1 mention Egypt, where proud kings

On whom the grave bath hold, Did our forefathers yoke.

Or they who in perdition dwell, I mention Babel to my friends,

Thy faithfulness unfold? Philistia full of scorn,

12 In darkness can thy mighty band And Tyre with Ethiop's utmost ends,

15 Or wondrous acts be known, Lo this man there was born :

Thy justice in the gloomy land 5 But twise that praise foall in our ear

of dark oblivion ? Be said of Sion last,

13 But I to thee, O Lord, do cry, This and this man was born in her,

Ere yet my life be spent, High God shall fix her fast.

And up to thee my prayer cloth bie, 6 The Lord shall write it in a scroll


· A ligh



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Each morn, and thee prevent. That ne'er shall be out-worn,

14 Why wilt thou, Lord, my foul forsake, When he the nations doth inroll,

And hide thy face from me? That this man there was born.

15 That am already bruis’d, and I take 7 Both they who fing, and they who dance, 25 With terror sent from thee? Witb sacred songs are there,

Bruis'd, and afilicted, and so low In thee fresa brooks, and soft ftreams glance,

As ready to expire, And all my fountains clear.

While I thy terrors undergo

Altonish'd with thine ire,


LORD God, that doet me fave and keep,

day to thee cry And all night long before thee weeps

Bclore thee proftrate lie,

+ Heb. A man witlout manly ftrength.

+ The Hebr. bears both.

Heb. Pre Concu 184718.

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HÆC quæ sequuntur de Authore testimonia, tametfi ipfe intelligebat non tam de fe quam fupra fe effe dicta, cò quod præclaro ingenio viri, nec non amici ita ferè solent laudare, ut omnia fuis potius virtutibus, quam veritati congruentia nimis cupidè affingant, noluit tamen horum egregiam in fe voluntatem non effe notam ; cum alii præsertim ut id faceret magnopere suaderunt. Dum enim nimize laudis invidiam, totis ab se viribus amolitur, sibique quod plus æquo eft non attributum effe mavult, judicium interim hominum cordatorum atque illustrium quin summo libi honori ducat, negare non poteft.


Dienli a merto maggior, maggiori i fregit
A'celeste virtù celesti pregi.

Joannes Baptista Mansus, Marcbie Villenfis, Nea

politanus, ad Joannem Miltonium Anglum. UT mens, forma, decor, facies; si pietas fic,

Non Anglus, verùm hercle Angelus ipse fores.


Non puo

Al Joannem Miltonem Anglum triplici poeseos laurea

coronandum, Græca nimirum, Latina, atque He

trusca, Epigramma Joannis Salfilli Romani.
NEDE Meles, cedat depresla Mincius urna ;

Sebetus Talsum definat usque loqui ;
At Thanielis victor cun&is ferat altior undas,

Nani per te, Milto, par tribus unus erit.

Ad Joannem Miltonum.

GRÆCIA. Mæonidem, ja&tet fibi Roma Ma


Rimaner freda, cterno alto valore
Non puo l'oblio rapace
Furar dalle memorie eccelso onore,
Suo l'arco di mia cetra un dardo forte
Virtù m'adatti, e ferirò la morte.
Del Ocean profondo
Cinta dagli ampi gorghi Anglia resiede
Separata dal mondo,
Però che il suo valor l'umana eccede :
Questa feconda sà produrre Eroi,
Ch' hanno a ragion del fuvrumao tra noid
Alla virtù sbandita
Danno ne i petti lor fido ricetto,
Quella gli è fol gradita,
Perche in lei fan trovar gioia, e diletto;
Ridillo tu, Giovanni, e mostra in tanto
Con tua vera virtù, vero il mio Canto.
Lungi dal Patrio lido
Spinse Zeusi l'industre ardente brama;
Ch'udio d' Helena il grido
Con aurea tromba rimbombar la fama,
E per poterla effigiare al paro
Dalle più belle idee trasle il più raro,

2 [2]

ronem, Anglia Miltonum jactat utrique parem.


Al Signior Gio. Miltoni Nobile Inglese

'RGIMI all' Etra ò Clio

Perche di stelle intreccierò corona
Non più del Biondo Dio
La Fronde eterna in Pindo, e ip Elicona,


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