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A costly liquor, by improving time,

Indulgent to all moons fome succulent plant Equal'd with what the happiest vintage bears. Allotted, that poor helpless man might lack But this I warn thee, and shall always warn,

His present thirst, and matter find for toil. No heterogeneous mixtures use, as some

Now will the Corinths, now the Rarps, supply With watery turnips have debas'd their wines,

Delicious draughts; the Quinces now, or Plumbs, Too frugal; nor let the crude humours dance Or Cherries, or the fair Thilbeian fruit In heated brass, steaming with fire intense ;

Are prest to wines; the Britons squeeze the works Although Devonia much commends the use

Of sedulous bees, and mixing odorous herbs Of strengthening Vulcan ; with their native strength Prepare balsamic cups, to wheezing lungs Thy wines sufficient, other aid refuse;

Medicinal, and thort-breath'd, ancient fires.
And, when th' allotted orb of time 's compleat,

But, if thou 'rt indefatigably bent
Are more commended than the labour'd drinks. To toil, and omnifarious drinks would'st brew;
Nor let thy avarice tempt thee to withdraw

Besides the orchat, every hedge and bush
The Priest's appointed share ; with chearful heart Affords atlistance ; ev'n afflictive Birch,
The tenth of thy increase bestow, and own

Curs'd by unletter'd, idle youth, distils Heaven's bounteous goodness, that will sure repay

A limpid current from her wounded bark, Thy grateful duty : this neglected, fear

Profule of nursing sap. When solar beams Signal avengeance, such as overtook

Parch thirsty human veins, the damask'd meads, A miser, that unjustly once withheld

Unforc'd, display ten thousand painted flowers The ciergy's due: relying on himself,

Useful in porables. Thy little sons His fields he tended, with successful care,

Permit to range the pastures; gladly they Early and late, when or unwith’d-for rain

Will mow the Cowslip-pofies, faintly sweet,
Defcended, or unseasonable frosts

From whence thou artificial wines shalt drain
Curbid his increasing hopes ; or, when around Of icy taste, that, in mid fervors, best
The clouds dropt fatness, in the middle sky

Slack craving thirst, and mitigate the day.
The dew fufpended staid, and left unmoist

Happy lërne *, whose most wholesome air
His execrable glebe : recording this,

Poisons envenom'd spiders, and forbids
Be just, and wise, and tremble to transgress. The baleful toad, and viper, from her shore !
Learn now the promise of the coming year,

More happy in her balmy draughts, enrich'd
To know, that by no flattering signs abus'd,

With miscellaneous spices, and the root Thou wisely may'st provide : the various moon (For thirst-abating sweetness prais’d), which wide Prophetic, and attendant stars, explain

Extend her fame, and to each drooping heart Each rising dawn; ere icy crusts surmount

Present redress, and lively health convey.
The current stream, the heavenly orbs serene

See, how the Belgæ, sedulous and stout,
Twinkle with trembling rays, and Cynthia glows With bowls of fattening Mum, or blissful cups
With light unsully'd : now the fowler, warn'd Of kernel-relith'd fluids, the fair ítar
By these good omens, with swift early steps

Of early Phosphorus salute, at noon Treads the crimp earth, ranging through fields and Jocund with frequent-rising fumes ! by use glades

instructed, thus to quell their native phlegm Offensive to the birds ; sulphureous death

Prevailing, and engender wayward mirth. Checks their mid Aight, and heedless while they strain

What need to treat of diftant climes, remov'd Their tuneful throats, the towering, heavy lead,

Far from the Noping journey of the year, D'ertakes their speed; they leave their little lives

Beyond Petsora, and Illandic coasts? Above the clouds, precipitant to earth.

Where ever-during snows, perpetual shades The woodcock's early visit, and abode

Of darkness, would congeal their livid blood, Of long continuance in our temperate clime,

Did not the Arctic tract spontaneous yield Foretel a liberal harvest; he of times

A chearing purple berry, big with wine, Intelligent, the harih Hyperborean ice

Intensely fervent, which each hour they crave, Shuns for our equal winters; when our funs

Spread round a flaming pile of pines, and oft
Cleave the chilld foil, he backward wings his way They interlard their native drinks with choice
To Scandinavian frozen summers, meet

Of strongest Brandy, yet scarce with these aids
For his numb'd blood. But nothing profits more Enabled to prevent the sudden rot
Than frequent snows: 0, may'st thou often see Of freezing nose, and quick-decaying feet.
Thy furrows whyen'd love the woolly rain

Nor less the fable borderers of Nile,
Vutricious! secret nitre lurks within

Nor they who Taprobane manure, nor they, The porous wet, quickening the languid glebe.

Whom sunny Borneo bears, are stor'd with streams Sometimes thou shalt with fervent vows implore Egregious, Rum, and Rice's spirit extract. A moderate wind; the orchat loves to wave

For here, expos'd to perpendicular rays,
With winter winds, before the gems exert

In vain they covet shades, and Thrascia's gales,
Their feeble heads; the loosened roots then drink Pining with Æquinoctial heat, unless
Large increment, earnest of happy years.

The cordial glass perpetual motion keep,
Nor will it nothing profit to observe

Quick circuiting ; nor dare they close their eyes, The monthly stars, their powerful influence

Void of a bolky charger near their lips, D'er planted fields, what vegetables reign 'sider cach lign. On our account has jovę

* Ireland.


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Pearl, and barbaric gold : Meanwhile the swains Whose shrilling clang reach'd heaven's extremeft sphere, Shall unmolested reap what plenty ftrows

Rouz'd at the blast, the gods with winged speed From well-stor’d'horr, rich grain, and timely fruits. To learn the sidings come, on radiant thrones The elder year, Pomona, pleas’d, shall deck

with fair memorials, and impreses quaint With ruby-cinctur'd births, whose liquid itore Emblazon'd o'er they fate, devis'd of old Abundant, flowing in well-blended streams,

By Muliber, nor small his skill I ween. The natives shall applaud ; while glad they talk There she relates what Churchill's arm had wrought, Of balefull ills, caus'd by Bellona's wrath

On Blenheim's bloody plain. Up Bacchus rose, In other realms; where'er the British spread

By his plamp cheek and barrel belly known,
Triumphant banners, or their fame has reach'd The pliant tendrils of a juicy vine
Diffulive, to the utmost bounds of this

Around his rosy brow ia ringlets curld;
Wide universe, Silurian cyder borne

And in his hand a bunch of grapes he held,
Shall please all tastes, and triumph o'er the vinc. The entigns of the god! with ardent tone

He mov'd, that straighit the nectar'd bowl should flow,
Devote to Churchill's health, and o'er all heaven

Uncommon orgies thoula be kept till eve,
C E RE A L I A.,

Till ali were rued with immortal moust, 1706. Delicious tipple! tiat, in heavenly veins

Afimiled, vigorous ichor üred, “ Per ambages, Dcorumque ministeria

Supe.ior to Fronriniac, or Bordeaux, Præcipitandus eft liber spiritus." PETRONIUS. Or old Falern, Campania's best increases

Or the more dulcet juice the happy illes
F English tipple, and the potent grain,

From Palma or Forteventura (end.
Which in the conclave of Celestial Powers
Bred fell debate, fing, Nymph of heavenly stem,

Joy fuh'd on every face, and pleasing gles
Who on the hoary top of Pen-main-maur

Inward affent discover'd, till uprose Merlin the seer didît visit, whilft he sate

Ceres, no: blithe, for marks of latent woe With astrolabe prophetic, to foresee

Dim on her visage lour'd: such her deport Young actions issuing from the Fates Divin.

When Arethuta from her reedy bed Full of thy power infus'd by nappy ALE,

Told her how Dis young Proferpine had rapid, Darkling he watch'd the planetary orbs,

To sway his iron sceptre, and command In their obscure sojourn o'er heaven's high cope.

In gloom tartareous half his wide dornain. Nor ceas'd till the gray dawn with orient dew

Then, bighing, thus the said " Have I 10 long Impearl'd his large mustachoes, deep en conc'd Emplɔy'd my various art, t'enrich the lap Deneath his over-th dowing orb of hat,

Of Earth, all-bearing mother; and my iore And ample fence of elephantin nole.

Communicated to the unweeting hind, Scornful of keenelt polar winds, or sleet,

And ihall not this pre-eminence obtain ?" Or hail, sent rattling down from wintery Jove.

Then from bereath her Tyriin vest the took (Vain efforts on his seven-fold mantle, made

The bearded ears of grain the most admir’d, Of Caledonian rug, immortal woof!)

Which gods call Chrithe, in terrestrial speech Such energy of soul to raise the song,

Ey-cleped Barley. “ 'Tis to this, the cry'd,

The British cohorts owe their martial fame
Deiga, Goddess, now to me ; nor then withdraw
Thy pure presiding power, but guide my wing, And far-retoubted prowess, matchless youth!
Which nobly meditates no vulgar fight.

I his, when returning from the foughten field,

Or Noric, or Iberian, seam'd with scars, Now from th' en sanguin'd Ister's reeking flood (Sad signatures of many a drcadful gah!) Tardy with many a corfe of Božan knight,

The veteran, carouling, foon restores And Gallic deep ingulfi, with barbed fteeds

Puissance to his arm, and strings his nerves ! Promiscuous, Fame to high Olympus flew,

And, as a snake, when first the rory hours Shearing th' cxpanse of heaven with active plume; Shed vern?l swets o’er every vale and mead, Nor (witter from Plinlimmon's feepy top

Rolls tardy from his cell obscure and dank; The staunch Gerfaulcon through the buxom air

But, when by genial rays of summer fun Stoops on the steerage of his wings, to truís

Purg'd of his naugh, he nimbly thrids the brake, The quarry, hern, or mallard, rewly sprung Whetting his sting, his crefled head he rears From creek, whence bright Sabrina bubbling forth, Terrific, from each eye retort he shoots Runs fast a Naïs through the fowery roads, Enfanguin'd rays, the distant (wains admire To spread round Uriconium's towers ber streams. His various neck, and spires bedrope with gold : Her golden trump the goddefs founded thrice, So at each glats tie harrass'd warrior feels

Vigou: renate; his horre:t arms be takes,

And ruting faulchion. on while ample hilt * This poem is taken from a fulio enpy, 1906, Long Victory lat dormant : loon she inakes communicated from the Lambeth Library by Dr. Du- Her drowsy wings, and follows to the war, carel, in which the name of Philips was inserted in With ireed succirct, where foon his martial port che hand-writing of Abp. Tenison. It was publish- She recognizes, whilll he haur hty stands ed by T. Bennet, the Bookseller for whom « Bien- Un the rough edge of battie, and bestowe Beim was printed : another strong prefumptive proof wide torment on the seried gies, fo us’d xf this being by the same author. N.

Frequent in bold cmprize, to work lad rou“ VOL. II.


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