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812 | Mr. Romero to Mr. Bayard.. | Dec. 9 | Imprisonment of James Burnett: The report sent

this Department communicated to the Mexican
Government and the governor of Chihuahua:
correct statement from the governor of Chihua-
hua: no reply from the Mexican Government;
exaggerated reports sent newspapers ; letter of

the governor of Chihuahua inclosed.
843 Mr. Romero to Mr. Bayard.. Dec. 12 | Imprisonment of Jamos Burnett: Interview with

Mr. Bayard telegraphed to Mr. Mariscal; Mr.

Mariscal's reply inclosed.

1888. 844 Same to samo...

Jan. 4 Imprisonment of James Burnett: Decisions of

the circuit court of Chihuahua, sustaining the
district judge in suspending proceedings against
Burnett and releasing him unconditionally, in-

845 | Mr. Bayard to Mr. Romero.. Jan. 0 | Quarantino against Mexican cattle: Due to the

absence of all sanitary restrictions against din
eased cattle; quarantine also declared against
State of Missouri ; no discrimination ; measures
on the part of Mexico to prevent the importa-
tion of disease from abroad and eradicate it at
home would be re-assuring; report of the chair.
man of the Arizona live-stock commission in-

846 | Mr. Romero to Mr. Bayard.. Jan. 7 | Case of the Monserrat: The Monserrat sentenced

at San Diego to pay $1 per ton additional ton-
nage for wănt of papers ; papers lost accident-
ally and orders given to havo them duly re-

847 Same to same............... Jan. Quarantine against Mexican cattle: Mr. Bavard's

poto inclosing report of Mr. Bruce, stating that
the quarantine was to prevent the importation
of diseased cattle through Mexico, communi.
cated to the Mexican Government for necessary
measures; Mexico not an importer of cattle,

except for breeding and cattle free from disease. 848 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Romero.. Jan. 11 Case of the Monserrat: Mr. Romero's note in re

gard to the fine imposed on the Monserrat for
a defect in her papers stated to have been duly
authenticated, but lost, received, and copy sent

to the Secretary of the Treasury. 849 Same to same......

Jan. 23 Quarantine against Mexican cattle: The Moxican

system of sanitary inspection of native and im-
ported cattle requested; regulations in regard
to cattle diseases under the State governments,
and precautionary measures necessary to pre-
vent their evasion by transit through Mexicau

territory. 850 Saine to same.....

Jan. 23 Case of the Monserrat: The duty collected not a

fine for failure to producu papers, but the same
which is levied on the vessels of all foreign na-
tions who have not acquired rights by treaty

or law; no reason for exempting the Monserrat. 851 Mr. Romero to Mr. Bayard.. Jan. 26 Case of the Monserrat: The collection of $1 a ton

should be levied on all, if any foreign vessels in
United States ports; it is a violation of the
shipping act of 1881; the Secretary of the
Treasury ran return the amount illegally col.

852 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Romero.. Feb. 10 Drain-pipe at El Paso: The injury resulting from

it to the residents of Paso del Norte not appar.
ent; letter of Governor Ross and report of Die.

trict Attorney Dean inclosed.
853 Mr. Romero to Mr. Bayard.. Feb. 10 Free Zono : Belief in the United States tbat the

establishment of the Free Zone was an act an-
tagonistic to the United States, and to enconr-
age smuggling; history of the Free Zono: its
establishment an act of necessity : Mexico a
worse sufferer than the United States from smug.
gling by the inhabitants of the Zone; Ameri-
can goods imported free of duty; Mr. Romero
opposed to the existence of the Zone ; legisla-
tion in regard to it; decree of the governor of
Tamaulipas, establishing the Zone, law of the
Federal Congress confirming the decree, regu.
Jations of the governor of Tamaulipas of 1860
and of the Federal Congress of 1878 inclosed.








From and to whom.











84 Ar. Romero to Mr. Bayard. Feb. 11 Vrain-pipe at El Paso : Note from this Depart-

ment, inclosing the report of Mr. Dean on drain.
pipes, will be sent to Mr. Mariscal ; Mr. Sama-
niego corrects the interview reporting him as

not opposing the laying of the pipe. 856 1 Same to samo....

Feb. 141 Free Zone established in imitation of the United

States to prevent smuggling of goods shipped
in bond to the border United States towns, its
continuance due to the prosperityof the zone con.
sequent upon the civil war in the United Statos,

but which was attributed to the Free Zone.
856 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Romero. Feb. 21 Free Zone : Mr. Romero's communications not

considered an invitation to discuss the matter;
an opportunity offered for making public his
letters by a resolution of the Senato calling for
unpublished correspondence in regard to the
Free Zone; Mr. Romero's wish as to their pub-

lication asked.
857 Ms. Romero to Mr. Bayard. Feb. 22 | Free Zone: No diplomatic questions between the

two countries in regard to it, and their writing
voluntary, to remove any misconceptions in
regard to the reason of the existence of the
zone; no objection to the publication of the

communications. 858 Same to samo...

Mar. 12 Duty on tobacco: The decision of the Treasury

making the leaf the unit of taxation believed to
be contrary to the tariff laws and detrimental
to commerce between Mexico and the United

States. 859 Same to same...

Mar. 13 Case of the Monserrat: No higher tonnage

dues levied in Mexican ports op vessels of the
United States than on those of other nations,
and no ground for the belief that there is any

discrimination. 860 Same to samo...

Mar. 19 | Crossing of cattle over the boundary: Mr. Bar.

rora's calves having strayed into United
States territory to graze, seized and bond for
import duties on ihem exacted ; measures nec-
essary to meet euch cases ; resolation intro-
duced in the Senate to exempt from duty cattle
that had strayed into Mexican territory ; pro-
vision suggested that Mexican cattle straying

into the United States be exempted also. 561 Samo to same....

Mar. 19 Arrest at Janos of three sherits of Arizona Ter.

ritory and two Papago Indians, pursuing three
American bandits who had taken refuge in Mex-
ican territory, because they had no permit from
the Mexican Government: Their subsequent
release, their arms being taken from them by
order of the President of Mexico; their arms
will be delivered to any one appointed to receive

82 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Romero. Mər. 20 Case of the Monserrat: The Secretary of the

Treasury states the tonnage tax of $1 per ton to
have been properly collected under sections
4219 and 4225 of the Revised Statutes of the
United States; these sections not repealed by

the act of June 26, 1884: the effect of that act. 563 Same to same....

Mar. 23 Arrest of three United States sheriffs and two In.

dians at Janos: Señor Romero's note stating
that they had been released and their arms re-
tained for delivery to the Governinent of the
United States received; information previ.
ously received and report awaited; copies of
the note will be sent to governor of Arizona

and the Attorney-General.
864 Same to same... ........... Mar. 24 Crossing of cattle over the boundary: Copy of

note in regard to the calves of Señor Barrera sent to the Secretary of the Treasury, to show absence of intent to evade the law; a favora ble decision would be facilitated by the assur: ances of reciprocal action on the part of Mex. ico; the recommendation that arrangements be made between the countries and modification of the bill in Congress to include strayed Mex. ican cattle; copy of note will be communicated to Committee on Finance; assurances of reci. procity desired; willing to compare views in regard to the Senate resolution of May 6, 1886; reciprocal agreement for the restoration of stravs necessary, which may be in the form of a diplomatic understanding or formal protocol.







From and to whom.










865 Mr. Romero to Mr. Bayard. Mar. 25 Crossing of cattle over the boundary: Approval

of the suggestion in regard to restoration of
strayed cattle by Mr. Bayard; cattle imported
into Mexico not subject to duty and the ditlicul.
ties complained of not liable to occur, views
mutually in accord; Mr. Bayard's note will be
communicated to the Mexican Government

with a request for instructions.
866 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Romero.. Mar. 30 Case of the Monserrat: No higher charges on

United States vessels than those of other na.
tions in Mexico, and no discriminatory duties;
the United States Jaws in regard to discrimij.
patory duties apply to duties levied on national
as well as foreign vessels, found in section 4225;
its provisions; the proclamation in regard to
Spanish vessels and cargoes the last under this

act. 867 Same to samo..

Duty on Mexican tobacco : The complaint that

adopting the leaf instead of the "hand" unit
increases illegally the duty on Mexican tobacco;
decision of the Treasury Department that it is
according to statuto; no discrimination in.

tended : tariff revision pending in Congress. 868 Mr. Romero to Mr. Bayard.. Apr. 11 | Arrest of United States sheriffs and posse at

Japos : Their arms and horses will be delivered
to the person appointed by the United States

Government to receive them.
869 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Romero.. Apr. 16 Claim of J. Escober y Armendariz to land in New

Mexico: The grant acted upon by the sur-
veyor general of Mexico and his recomenda-
tion transmitted to Congress, where it now is;
a survey under the circumstances improper ;
the report of the surveyor-general properly
transmitted to Congress; report of acting Com.

missioner of the Land Office inclosed.
870 Mr. Romero to Mr. Bayard Apr. 28 Crossing of cattle over the boundary: Authorized

to submit to the United States Government a
draught of an arrangement for the crossing of
cattle over the boundary; the Department's

views requested; draught inclosed.
871 | Mr. Bayard to Mr. Romero.. May 18 Crossing of cattle over the boundary: Noobjection

to the draught of a convention, unless to Article
III, in regard grazing cattle across the frontier,
and Article VI; Article III should require the
value of the cattle to be assessed when imported
and bond given for their exportation in six
months; Article VI should require other satis.
factory proof in addition to the certificate; a bill
to restore strayed cattle on proofs of ownership
approved by the Secretary of the Treasury, and
amendment to that ond suggested; bis views

concurred in by the Department.
872 | Mr. Romero to Mr. Bayard. May Crossing of cattle over the boundary : Will ac.

cept the additions proposed to the agreement
regulating the crossing of cattle over the front-
ier and sign it; draught of agreement, with the

changes suggested, inclosed.
873 | Mr.Bayard to Mr. Romero .. May 22 | Arrest of sheriffs and posse at Janos: Mr. Lind.

berg appointed to receive the borses; requests

I that the Mexican authorities be telegraphod. 874 Mr. Romero to Mr. Bayard.. May 23 Arrest of United States marshals and posse at

Janos: Their arms and two horses will be de-
livered to Mr. Lindberg: the third horse having
died, will be paid for if its death was due to

875 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Romero...) May 28 Arrest of sheriffs and posse at Janos : Note stat-

ing that two horses would be delivered to Mr.
Lindberg, and offering to pay for the third if it
diecl froin neglect, received; Mr. Lindberg in.

formed; the horses to be admitted tree of duty. 876 Same to same............... Juno 4 | Arrest of Mannal Mejia: Genning and Bryant ac.

quitted of the charge; Governor Zulich's assur.
ance of justice and protection to all; the gov.

ernor's letter inclosed.
877 Mr. Romero to Mr. Bayard.. July 31 Claim of J. Escobar y Armendariz to land in New

Mexico : The petition of Armendiriz shows
that the grant was valid, asks confirmation and
a resurvey; the validity of the grant acknow).
edged by Mr. Atkinson, denied by Mr. Julian,
owing to a mistake in interpreting the “ar-
chives of Mexico " to mean those of the City o










From and to whom.




the Mexic.century, and thaarcia family



897 Mr. Romero to Mr. Bay. July 3 Mexico ; 'probability of the anthorization of

provincial authorities to grant title to land, in
which case the records would be kept in the
provinces : the records of the State of Chihua-
hua destroyed in 1846-47; tho stipulation in re-
gard to record proof to prevent fraudulent ac-
quisition of land. The Garcia family in pos.
session a century, and the grant confirmed by
the Mexican Government; the claimant liable
to be deprived of a hearing by the refusal of the
Interior Department to lay the papers before
Congress; requests the good offices of the De.
partment of State; a resurvey not necessary at
present; general reflections upon the titles to
land in the United States by Mexican grants

and the laws and treaties on the subject. 878 Same to samo...

July 19 Claim for sheep of Toribio Lozano and murder of

Mexican shepherds: He established in Nueces
County, Tex., a sheep ranch in 1861; his sheep
dispersed and seven shepherds killed in 1873:
complaint made but no action taken to punish
the murderers by the authorities; claim for in.
demnity made in 1875 ; responsibility denied by
the Secretary of State ; correspondence on the

subject; demand for indemnity renewed.
879 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Romero | Aug. 13 Claim for sheep of T. Lozano and murder of Mex.

ican shepherds: Claim presented in 1875 by the
Mexican legation and refused by Mr. Fish; no
further correspondence till the present; the po-

sition of the Department unchanged.
850 Mr. Romero to Mr. Bayard.. Aug. 13 | Excradition of Paulino Preciado: Instructed to

complain of the action of the judge of Cameron
County, Tex., and request Preciado's extradi-
tion; statement of the case; the examination
before the judge of Cameron County; allega.
tion by Preciado that the proof was insuficient
and the extradition documents irregular, as Mr.
Sutton did not state that he was the principal
consular officer of the United States; dis.
charged on these grounds; provisions of the
treaty in regard to extradition; these conditions
complied with and proof sufficient; no higher
United States consular officer than consul.gen-
eral in Mexico, and that point of irregularity
therefore not tenable; full and exclusive juris.
diction of the case in the Mexican courts, and
no power in the judge of Cameron County to

acquit Preciado of the crime.
831 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Cayetano Aug. 29 Extradition of Paulino Prociado: Denial by Mr.

Romero of the insufficiency of proof and irreg.
ularity of the certitication, and of the right of
the Texas judge to acquit Preciado of the
charge ; the duty of the judge merely to deter-
mine the question of proper surrender; a rec-
ommendation asked from the Department to
the governor of Texas for Preciado's surrender
in 1887, and the inability of the Department, in
view of the previous application to the State of
Texas, to make this recommendation stated in
reply; provisions of the treaty of 1861; the De-
partment had no power to interfere in nor to
review the proceedings; new application will
receive attention.




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Mr. Bell to Mr. Bayard (No. Aug. 24 Enrollment of E. R. Connell for military service

at Batavia: His permanent establishment
there a question of fact; the mattor referred
to the Department; letter of the minister of
foreign affairs for the Netherlands, covering
the report upon the subject from the lieutenant.
colonel commanding the “scluttery" at Binta-

via, inclosed.
Same to samo (No. 281) ..... Dec. 13 | Revised constitution adopted : Important mod.

ifications of the constitution of 1818.

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884 Dr. Bell to Mr. Bayard (No. Dec. 16 Neutrality of the Suez Canal: Reply of the min.

ister of foreign affairs to questions on the sub-
ject that there was no convention, but a pro-
ject to insure the neutrality of the canal agreed
upon by France and Germany, which had been
sulimitted for tbe consideration of the powers,
and was acceptable w the Dutch Government;

provisions of the projected convention.
885 Same to same (No. 288) ..... Dec. 21 | Law regulating the work of children proposed by

the Dutch Government: Provisions of the law. 886 Same to samo (No. 289) ..... Dec. 23 Naturalization can only be secured in the Neth.

erlands by special law: Conditions requisite

for obtaining it; how it is forfeited.

887 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Bell (No. | Feb. 3 Enrollment of E. R. Connell in the "schuttery" at

Batavia: Mr. Bell's No. 262 communicated to
Mr. Connell for explanation of conflicting alle.
gations; his answer; the question is whether
the local Batarian law in according to interna.
tional usage; the "schuttery" a corps in which
all residents are compulsorily enrolled, and be-
sides defending Batavia, obliged to serve in
neighboring provinces; foreiguers temporarily
resident in & country not subject to its per.
manent military service by international law;
police and defensive service may be exacted ;
sach reasons not apparent in this case ; resi.
dence of Americans abroad encouraged ; expul.
sion of them by Dutch Government in hospita-
ble; the position of Mr.Connell pot exceptional:
desire to protect Americans and encourage
good understanding with the Netherlands; Mr.
Pos to Governer Porter, Mr. Connell to Mr.
Peis, extract from the London and China Ex-

press and Mr. Hatfield to Mr. Connell inclosed. 888 Mr. Bell to Mr. Bayard (No. Mar. 3 Eurollment of E. R. Connoll for military services 300).

at Batavia: Refusal of the minister of the Neth-
erlands to examine the law compelling Mr.
Connell's enrollment with a view to its modifi.
cation, on the ground that it is not contrary to
international law, as the services are merely of
a police nature and not in the regular military
service of the country; a similar law in the
Netherlands; the "schittery" system econom.
ical; illogical position of the Government of the

889 | Mr. Bayard to Mr. Bell (No. Mar. 26 Enrollment of E. R. Connell in the "schuttery"

at Batavia: The anomaly of the position of the
Dutch Government pointed out by Mr. Bell:
willing to let the question rest, as the practical
basis of complaint has been withdrawn, until
rerired by an actual case, without assenting

to the Dutch position.
890 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Roose. Sept. 28 | Pork, prohibition of importation of: American
velt (No. 24).

pork to be secured the same facilities as that
from other countries; Consul Eckstein's No.

709 inclosed.
991 | Mr. Roosevelt to Mr. Bay. Sept. 28 Pork, American, refused admission, although certi-
ard (No. 23).

fied to come from a place free from disease: The
case communicated to the minister of foreign
affairs: copies of letter of Mr. James Hector,
the certificate accompanying the shipment, and
Mr. Roosevelt's note on the subject to the min.

ister of foreign affairs inclosed.
892 Same to same (No. 34) ...... Oct. 6 Passports: Can diplomatic officers modify the

foring of passports! Many American citizens

left unprotected by the new forms.
893 | Mr. Rires to Mr. Roosevelt Oct. 9 Porlo Mr. Roosevelt's action in bringing to the
(No. 25).

attention of the Government of the Netherlands
the complaint of James Hector of the exclusion
of American pork, certified to be from a place
free from diseases; approved; further report

894 Mr. Roosevelt to Mr. Bay. Oct. 11. Pork: Copy of Mr. Roosevelt's notes to the minis.
ard (No. 36).

ter of foreign affairs in regard to the exclusion
of American pork from the Netherlands in.

895 Same to same (No. 37) ...... Oct. 20 Pork : Reason to beliere that the forms requisite







bad not been complied with in the case of the shipment of American pork which the railroads refused to carry, and Mr. Hoctor so informed: no further action taken.

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