The struggle for the sea

Smith, Elder, & Company, 1900

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Página 108 - Like leviathans afloat Lay their bulwarks on the brine ; While the sign of battle flew On the lofty British line : It was ten of April morn by the chime, As they drifted on their path, There was silence deep as death, And the boldest held his breath For a time. But the might of England flushed To anticipate the scene, And her van the fleeter rushed O'er the deadly space between. "Hearts of oak!
Página 238 - Kiss me, Hardy," said he. Hardy knelt down and kissed his cheek. " Now I am satisfied," said Nelson ; " thank God, I have done my duty.
Página 97 - The manner in which Nelson was received is said to have excited some envy. One captain observed to him : " You did just as you pleased in Lord Hood's time, the same in Admiral Hotham's, and now again with Sir John Jervis : it makes no difference to you who is commander-in-chief.
Página 248 - England had no army wherewith to meet Napoleon; Napoleon had no navy to cope with that of his enemy. As in the case of an impregnable fortress, the only alternative for either of these contestants was to reduce the other by starvation.
Página 229 - English vessel, which 1 saw quite exposed and close to me. I could even have taken aim at the men I saw, but I fired at hazard among the groups I saw of sailors and officers.
Página 116 - I have only one eye — I have a right to be blind sometimes...
Página 146 - Whatever plans may be adopted, the moment the Enemy touch our Coast, be it where it may, they are to be attacked by every man afloat and on shore: this must be perfectly understood. Never fear the event.
Página 73 - If it had not been for you English, I should have been Emperor of the East ; but wherever there is water to float a ship, we are sure to find you in our way.
Página 229 - The smoke enveloped them ; was dissipated for a moment, and returned thicker at each broadside. The two decks were covered with dead bodies, which they had not time to throw overboard. I perceived Captain Lucas motionless at his post, and several wounded officers still giving orders. On the poop of the English vessel, was an officer covered with orders, and with only one arm. From what I had heard of Nelson, I had no doubt it was he.

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