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St. Louis Railway Club, v. 13, April, 1909, p. 318-323.) TPB General in scope, with list of applications of the process.

(Railway and engineering review, Chicago, v. 49, May 15, 1909, p. 429.) TPB

171. Wiss, Ernst. Das autogene Schneiden und das Verfahren der Sauerstofferzeugung nach G. Claude. illus. (Zeitschrift des Vereines deutscher Ingenieure, Berlin, v. 53, Aug. 28, 1909, p. 1417-1422.) VDA

Results of welding heat on test pieces. Metallographic sections are interesting.

172. Younger, A. Scott. Steamship repairs by electric and autogenous welding. illus. (Transactions of the Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland, Glasgow, v. 53, 1909-10, p. 208-247.) VDA With discussion on p. 247-274.

Abstracted in Electrician, London, v. 64, March 18, 1910, p. 923, VGA; Elektrotechnik und Maschinenbau, Vienna, May 8, 1910, p. 400-401, VGA; Engineering, London, v. 89, p 285, VDA: Elektrotechnische Zeitschrift, Berlin, v. 31, Aug. 11, 1910, p. 823, VGA; Electrical review, London, v. 66, April 8. 1910, p. 572-573, VGA; Stahl und Eisen, Düsseldorf, v. 31, Nov. 23, 1911, p. 1932-1934, VIA; Practical engineer, London, v. 41, p. 232-234, 268-269, 295-296, VDA.

Lengthy descriptive paper with comparisons. (Mechanical engineer, Manchester, v. 25, Feb. 25, 1910, p. 228-233; VFA March 4, p. 265-270.)

173. Zur Auslegung des Patentes Fouché. (Carbid und Acetylen *, Berlin, v. 13, 1909, p. 139-143, 173-174, 195-196, 217-218.) VGA Discusses priority claims.

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180. Baumann, R. Bericht über Untersuchungen autogen geschweister Kesselteile ausgeführt im Frühjahr 1909 im Auftrag des Internationalen Verbandes der Dampfkessel-Ueberwachungsvereine. (In: C. von Bach, and R. Baumann, Berichte über Versuche mit autogen geschweisten Blechen... Berlin, 1910, p. 21-70.) VDA

Abstracted in Stahl und Eisen, Düsseldorf, v. 30, Oct. 26, 1910, p. 1853-1855, VIA. For the discussion which followed this paper, see Carbid und Acetylen Berlin, v. 14, July 15, 1910, p. 158-163, VGA.

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Account of cutting off the tops of sheet piling. 187. Cutting structural steelwork with the oxy-acetylene flame. (Engineering record, New York, v. 62, Aug. 27, 1910, p. 230.) VDA Work on the Gillender building, New York City. 188. Davis, Augustine. Dangerous oxyacetylene apparatus. (Machinery, New York, v. 16, Engineering edition, May, 1910, p. 751-752.) VFA Gives reasons for bad repute of some processes, with practice in approved types.

(Boiler maker, New York, v. 10, May, 1910, p. 133-134.)


[blocks in formation]

Brief reference to practice in the shops of the Colorado and Southern Railway.

190. Deutscher Acetylen-Verein. Bericht über die zwölfte ordentliche Hauptversammlung zu Eisenach. (Carbid und Acetylen*, Berlin, v. 14, 1910, p. 230-241, 245247, 256-264, 282-287.) VGA

Contains abstracts of papers and discussions; also report of Dr. A. Levy upon patent litigation relating to autogenous cutting.

191. Deverell, E. C. Oxy-acetylene welding for railroads. (Acetylene journal, Chicago, v. 12, Oct., 1910, p. 156-157.) VGA

Paper read before the Acetylene Convention. Aug. 5, 1910.

192. Diegel, C. Die autogene Schweissung. illus. (Stahl und Eisen, Düsseldorf, v. 30, Jan. 26, 1910, p. 161-164.)

VIA Controversy with H. Rinne as to merits of autogenous welding.


Die Untersuchung von autogen geschweissten Blechteilen. (Dinglers polytechnisches Journal, Berlin, v. 325, Sept. 24, 1910, p. 593-596.) VA

His report of the proceedings of the International Verbandes der Dampfkesseln Ueberwachungs Vereine zu Lille, June, 1909.

194. Entwicklung, Die, der autogenen Metallbearbeitung in Frankreich. (Carbid und Acetylen*, Berlin, v. 14, Feb. 15, 1910, p. 41-42.) VGA

Brief but interesting history of the art in France. 195. Evaporate. Some recent boiler repairs by the oxy-acetylene process. illus. (Boiler maker, v. 10, April, 1910, p. 91-93.)

VFA Renewing half tube sheet, crown sheet, wasted landing edges, bottom of combustion chamber. Closing up cracks in furnaces.

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liarly adapted. illus. (Iron age, New York, v. 86, July 21, 1910, p. 172-173.) VDA

A bank vault of steel rails and chrome steel bars imbedded in cement, cut with the oxy-acetylene torch by the Autogenous Welding Equipment Company of Springfield, Mass.

197. Frankfurt a M.-Kgl. Landgerichtes (6. Zivilkammer). Teilurteil betreffend das autogene Schneiden. (Carbid und Acetylen*, Berlin, v. 14, May 1, 1910, p. 98106.) VGA

Decision in re Chemische Fabrik Griesheim-Elektron versus 27 firms for infringement of D. R. P. 137588, 140149, 143640, 147541, 151299, 161273.

198. Friedmann, Immanuel. Anwendung der autogenen Schweissung auf Dampfkesselausbesserungen. (Carbid und Acetylen *, Berlin, v. 14, Jan. 15, 1910, p. 16-17.) VGA

Abstracted from Zeitschrift des Bayerischen Dampfkessel Revisions-Vereines.

199. Hartline, George. Oxy-acetylene welding. (Acetylene journal, Chicago, v. 12, Dec., 1910, p. 248-249.) VOA

Paper read before the Railroad Master Blacksmiths' Convention. Cost figures of cutting.

200. Herzfeld, Hans. Neue Anwendung der entleuchteten Flamme zum Schweissen, Löten und Trennen der Metalle mit Experimenten. illus. (Verhandlungen des Vereins zur Beförderung des Gewerbfleisses, Berlin, 1910, v. 89, p. 331-336.) VA Describes apparatus manufactured in the factory of Herr Herzfeld.

201. Hopfer. Die Selbstherstellung von Wasserstoff und Sauerstoff durch Elek

trolyseure für autogene Schweissung. (Zeitschrift des Vereines deutscher Ingenieure, Berlin, v. 54, Feb. 12, 1910, p. 279281.) VDA

Paper read before the Leipzig branch of the society. Description of apparatus with costs of gas production.

(Carbid und Acetylen *, Berlin, v. 14, 1910, p. 56-58, 68-70.) VGA 202. Jacobs, H. W. Autogenous welding in a railway shop. illus. (Railway age gazette, New York, v. 48, June 17, 1910, p. 1535-1539.) TPB

Author is assistant_superintendent of motive power, A. T. and S. F. Ry. Discusses plant and costs. 203. Lake, E. F. Oxy-acetylene welding apparatus. (American machinist, New York, v. 33, part 2, Sept. 8, 1910, p. 436438; Sept. 22, p. 529-31.) VFA

Consideration of torches, flashback preventers, effect of flame on metal being welded, gas impurities, tanks and generators, safety, lubrication of gas compressors.

204. Lauer, W. T. Oxy-acetylene welding. (Railway age gazette, New York, v. 48, May 6, 1910, p. 1165.) TPB

With discussion.
Discussion of the process in railroad shop work.

205. Lavinder, P. T. Oxy-acetylene welding. illus. (Acetylene journal, Chicago, v. 12, Dec., 1910, p. 249.) VOA

Paper read before the Railroad Master Blacksmiths' Convention.

206. Leeds, F. H., and W. J. A. BUTTERFIELD. Acetylene; the principles of its generation and use. A practical handbook on the production, purification, and subsequent treatment of acetylene for the development of light, heat, and power. London: C. Griffin and Co., Ltd., 1910. xi, 396 p., 2 tables. illus. 2. ed. 8°. (Griffin's scientific text-books.) VOF

Brief references to welding on p. 257-258, 293. 207. McDonald, A. J. Oxy-acetylene welding and cutting; a consideration of the value of the process for automobile work. illus. (Automobile engineer, London, v. 1, Dec., 1910, p. 197-199.) †† TOL

Discusses the three types of torches. Eye test for flame. Instructions.

208. Michaelis, Max. Ueber Wasserverschlüsse. (Carbid und Acetylen*, Berlin, v. 14, Dec. 1, 1910, p. 274-279.)


209. Morrison, A. Cressy. Oxy-acetylene in metal working. (American machinist, New York, v. 33, part 2, Nov. 24, 1910, p. 962-963.) VFA

General in scope. 1911, p. 337-338.) 210. National Board of Fire Underwriters. Rules and requirements for the construction, installation and use of oxyacetylene heating and welding apparatus as recommended by its committee of consulting engineers. n. p., 1910. 29 p. 24°. SX p.v.4 211. Oxy-acetylene cutting. illus. (Metallurgical and chemical engineering, New York, v. 8, March, 1910, p. 164.) VIA

(Acetylene journal, v. 12, Feb., VOA

Holes 13 feet in diameter cut in steel piling. 212. Oxy-acetylene welding. illus. (American engineer and railroad journal, New York, v. 84, March, 1910, p. 110-111.) TPB

Repairing flue sheet of locomotive fire-box, boiler plate, and of flywheel spokes. Oxy-carbi process. - 213. Oxy-acetylene welding for power plants. (Power, New York, v. 32, Feb. 8, 1910, p. 282.) VFA

Welding of cast iron threaded flanges of a steam header to pipe.

214. Peculiar oxygen tank explosion. (American machinist, v. 33, part 1, March 10, 1910, p. 474-475.)


Explosion in automobile repair shop of Alton, Laine and Co., New York City. Acetylene seems to have played no part.

215. Perkins, Frank C. Autogenous welding in automobile repair shops. illus. (Modern machinery, Chicago, v. 25, May, 1910, p. 2-4.) VFA


A striking oxy-carbi boiler fusion weld. illus. (Boiler maker, New York, v. 10, March, 1910, p. 61-63.) VFA Method of welding a patch in the flue sheet of fire-box.

217. Ragno, Saverio. Die autogene Schweissung der Metalle. Ins Deutsche übertragen von E. Schütz. Halle a. S.: Wilhelm Knapp, 1910. 5 p., 1 1., 84 p. 8°. VID

218. Reich, W. I. Emergency welding apparatus. illus. (American machinist, v. 33, part 1, April 21, 1910, p. 730-731.) VFA

24 H. P. Darracq automobile remodeled and equipped with complete outfit.

219. Reyer, William G., and R. W. CLARK. Oxy-acetylene welding and cutting. illus. (Railway age gazette, New York, v. 49, Aug. 5, 1910, p. 242-244.) TPB

Practical discussion on the welding of side sheets of fire-box.

220. Rinne, H. Die autogene Schweissung. illus. (Stahl und Eisen, Düsseldorf, v. 30, Jan. 26, 1910, p. 164-165.)


[blocks in formation]

Typical of manufacturing and repairing. 223. Smith, H. S. Oxy-acetylene welding. (Journal of the Royal Society of Arts, London, v. 58, Feb. 25, 1910, p. 372381.) VA Abstracted in Carbid und Acetylen, Berlin, v. 14, June 15, 1910, p. 142, VGA.

Comparison with electric and oxy-hydric processes. Strength of welds. Description of high Generators. and low pressure plants. Acetylene purifiers. Table showing gas consumption and speed for varying plate thicknesses. Classes for which the system is best adapted.

224. Springer, J. F. The oxy-acetylene blowpipe. illus. (Railway and locomotive engineering, New York, v. 23, Oct., TPB 1910, p. 404.)

[blocks in formation]


The acetylene welding torch. illus. (American engineer and railroad journal, New York, v. 84, Nov., 1910, p. 431-433.) TPB

A discussion on the mixing of gases in the tip of a welding torch, how the high temperature is maintained, and why it is necessary. How the danger of explosion has been eliminated and the method of using the torch.

228. Suscipi, L. G. A new flux for oxyacetylene welding of aluminum. (Acetylene journal, Chicago, v. 12, Nov., 1910, p. 204-205.) VOA

229. Syo, E. de. Beiträge auf dem Gebiete der autogenen Metallbearbeitung. (Carbid und Acetylen*, Berlin, v. 14, Sept. 1, 1910, p. 201-202.) VGA

Remarks on the article by Baendel in the number of July 1, 1910.

230. Treiber, E. Schweissen. illus. (In: Otto Lueger, Lexikon der gesamten Technik, Stuttgart, 2d. ed., v. 8, 1910, p. 7-14.) Desk - Room 115 Pages 11-12 contain a brief account of oxy. acetylene welding.

231. Ueber den Einfluss der im Acetylen enthaltenden Phosphors auf Schweissungen. (Carbid und Acetylen*, Berlin, v. 14, Sept. 15, 1910, p. 214.)


[blocks in formation]

Discussion concerning water seals to prevent flash-back.

234. Whittemore, Herbert L. The strength of oxy-acetylene welds in steel. Urbana, Ill., 1910. 65 p., 2 pl. 8°. (University of Illinois. Engineering Experiment Station. Bulletin 45.) VDA

Abstracted in Wisconsin engineer, Madison, Wis., v. 15, Jan., 1911, p. 149-166, VDA; Boiler maker, New York, v. 11, Feb., 1911, p. 52, VFA; Railway age gazette, New York, v. 50, Apr. 7, 1911, p. 837, TPB; Engineering magazine, New York, v. 41, May, 1911, p. 338-340, VDA; Zeitschrift des Vereines deutscher Ingenieure, Berlin, v. 55, July 15, 1911, VDA; Stahl und Eisen, Düsseldorf, v. 31, June 29, 1911, p. 1060, VIA; Railway master mechanic, Chicago, v. 35, May, 1911, p. 170-172, TPB.

235. Willenbacher, A. Die Knappichsche Sicherheits Wasser-Vorlage im Dienste der autogenen Metallbearbeitung. illus. (Carbid und Acetylen*, Berlin, v. 14, Oct. 1, 1910, p. 219-222.) VGA

Detailed description of Knappich patent.

236. Zur Frage des Sauerstoffsverbrauches der Acetylen-Sauerstoff Schweissbrenner.

[blocks in formation]

238. Acetylene welding and cutting. illus. (Automobile, New York, v. 25, Dec. 28, TOL 1911, p. 1143-1144.)

Abstracts from German articles.

239. Acetylene welding and cutting machine. illus. (Canadian engineer, Toronto, v. 21, Aug. 31, 1911, p. 249-250.) VDA Davis-Bournonville apparatus.

(Practical engineer, London, v. 44, Sept. 29, 1911, p. 401-402.) VDA (Cassier's magazine, v. 40, Oct., 1911, p. 564-566.) VDA

240. Amédéo, Raoul. Die autogene (Carbid Schweissung des Aluminiums. und Acetylen*, Berlin, v. 15, Feb. 1, 1911, p. 29-32.) VGA

From Revue de la soudure autogène. English translation in Acetylene journal, Chicago, v. 12, Oct., 1910, p. 157, 181-183, 186, VOA.

241. Autogenous welding by the "Cyclone" process. illus. (Iron and coal

trades review, London, v. 83, Nov. 24, 1911, p. 850.) VIA

Apparatus manufactured by Messrs. Matthews and Yates, Ltd., Cyclone Works, Manchester, Eng. 242. Becker. Winke für die Wahl und den Ankauf von Apparaten zur autogenen Schweissung. (Der praktische MaschinenKonstrukteur, Leipzig, v. 44, Nov. 11 1911, p. 351-353.) VDA

Describes the four types of generators. Brief reference to burners of general and special types. 243. Beitrag zur Frage der Betriebsprüfung von Acetylen-Apparaten und Wasservorlagen. Ein Briefwechsel. (Carbid und Acetylen*, Berlin, v. 15, May 15, 1911, p. 109-121.) VGA

Opinion of Deutscher Acetylen Verein on two petitions, filed with the Minister für Handel und Gewerbe by "Autogen" Werke für autogene Schweiss-Methoden G. m. b. H.

244. Bentley, H. T. Oxy-acetylene welding. (Proceedings, Western Railway Club, Chicago, v. 24, Sept. 19, 1911, p. 38-45.)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Abstracted in the Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry, London, v. 30, Oct. 31, 1911, p. 1217-1218, VOA. Metallurgie, Halle a. S., v. 9, Feb. 8, 1912, p. 110-111, VIA.

Comparison of oxy-acetylene with other processes. Conditions for securing good results. Tables show results of mechanical trials and chemical analysis on test pieces subjected to certain thermal and mechanical treatments.

246. Carton, Chester. Rebuilding Quebec's fallen bridge. illus. (Technical world magazine, Chicago, v. 15, May, 1911, p. 336-340.) VDA

Brief reference to oxy-acetylene used in cutting away wreckage.

247. Cave, Henry. Oxy-acetylene practice: its wide adaptability and progress. illus. (Acetylene journal, Chicago, v. 12, March, 1911, p. 377-378.) VOA

General in scope.

248. Clark, R. W.

Oxy-acetylene welding. (Railway age gazette, New York, v. 50, April 7, 1911, p. 847-848.) TPB

Author is foreman boiler maker of the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railway. Refers briefly to fire-box welding.

249. Compact, A, plant for oxy-acetylene welding. illus. (Iron and coal trades review, London, v. 82, May 5, 1911, p. 702.) VIA

Apparatus manufactured by McGowan, Wild & Company, Hurst Street, Birmingham, England. 250. Copony, A. [Electric and gas welding.] (Proceedings, Canadian Railway Club, Montreal, v. 10, Nov., 1911, p. 38-41.) TPB

Experiences with oxy-acetylene, blauges, and oxyhydrogen.

(Railway and engineering review, Chicago, v. 52, Feb. 17, 1912, p. 143145.) TPB

251. Courtney, W. F. Advantages and disadvantages of using the oxy-acetylene process in making repairs to boilers. (Railway age gazette, New York, v. 50, June 2, 1911, p. 1265-1266.) TPB

Abstract of paper read before the International Master Boiler Makers Association, Omaha, 1911.

252. D. Neuere englische Apparate zum Schneiden und Schweissen von Metallen. illus. (Der praktische Maschinen-Konstrukteur, Leipzig, v. 44, Oct. 12, 1911, p. 341-342.) VDA

Apparatus of the British Oxygen Company. 253. Davis-Bournonville oxy-acetylene welding and cutting machine. illus. (Machinery, New York, v. 18, Eng'ng ed., Sept., 1911, p. 65-66.) VFA

254. Deutscher Acetylen-Verein. Bericht über die dreizehnte ordentliche Hauptversammlung in Eisenach. (Carbid und

[blocks in formation]

Contains lengthy address on the acetylene industry by Dr. Vogel, with reference to oxy-benz process.

255. Bericht über die Sitzung der Fachgruppe für autogene Metallbearbeitung in München am 25. Februar 1911. (Carbid und Acetylen*, Berlin, v. 15, April 1, 1911, p. 74-76.) VGA

Includes paper of Dr. Levy concerning the 6 day course of instruction under Hugo Baendel. 256. Die vom Deutschen Acetylenverein für die Zwecke der autogenen Metallbearbeitung bis zum 31. Dezember 1910 geprüften und mit einem Typenzeugnis versehenen Wasservorlagen. illus. (Carbid und Acetylen*, Berlin, v. 15, 1911, p. 85-92, 183188.) VGA

Detailed drawings of water seals manufactured by various firms.

257. Diegel, C. Einige Versuche mit der autogenen Schweissung von Flusseisen. illus. (Verhandlungen des Vereins zur Beförderung des Gewerbfleisses, Berlin, v. 90, 1911, p. 78-90, 211-237, 269-283.) VÁ

Results of an elaborate series of tests on welds produced under varying conditions. Photographic reproductions of metallographic specimens are noteworthy.

[blocks in formation]

261. Horn, August. Die autogenous Schweiss- und Schneidetechnik... Halle a.S.: Wilhelm Knapp, 1911. vii, 210 p., 1 1., 1 diagr. illus. 8°. VID

262. Interesting application of the oxyacetylene cutting process. illus. (American machinist, New York, v. 34, Feb. 2, 1911, p. 227.) VFA

Cutting of steel sections in Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce building destroyed by fire. 263. International Acetylene Association. Report of the oxy-acetylene committee. (In: [Proceedings, fourteenth annual meeting, Atlantic City, N. J. Chicago, 1911, p. 54-58.) VOKA Reports progress of the industry during the year.

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