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Germany and the German people. London: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co., Ltd. [cop. 1914. 140 p. 12°. (Na[V.] 3.)

tions of the war.


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Compiled and edited from articles published in "The Standard" and "The Evening Standard and St. James's Gazette."

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Johannsen, Nicholas A. L. J. [A broadside in German, by N. Johannsen, including a communication from von BethmannHollweg which appeared in the New Yorker Staats-Zeitung, August 23, 1914.] Rosebank, N. Y., 1914. n. t.-p. 1 1. 8°. BTZE p.v.3, no.6

Relates to financial conditions in Berlin.

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Nash's war manual.


London: E. Nash, BTZE

1914. 350 p. tables. 12°.

On cover: Facts about the causes of the war; the armies and navies engaged; descriptive information about the countries involved, etc.

Nes, W. van. Oorlogshumor, door W. van Nes. Uitgegeven ten bate van het Koninklijk Nat. Steun-Comité. Deventer: J. J. C. van der Burgh [1914). 24 p. 12°. BTZE p.v.8, no.5

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1914. Poem by C. W. Heffer & Sons, Ltd., 1914. 12°.

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BTZE p.v.1, no.1 Rand, McNally & Company. Frontiers of Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg in war zone. [A map., Brooklyn: Brooklyn Eagle Free Information Bureau, 1914. Map Div.

Latest map of Europe showing complete war zone and new Balkan boundaries... Brooklyn: Brooklyn Eagle Free Information Bureau, 1914. Map Div.

Map of the British Isles and surroundings...showing part of the North Sea, naval battle-ground in the European war, and a section of the continental coast. Brooklyn: Brooklyn Eagle Free Information Bureau. 1914. Map Div.

Map of France German and Belgian frontiers. Brooklyn: Brooklyn Eagle Free Information Bureau, 1914. Map Div. Map of Germany and her war frontiers... Brooklyn: Brooklyn Eagle Free Information Bureau, 1914. Map Div.

Map of war zone in the Austro-Servian conflict...[showing new territory gained by the Balkan_states_from_Turkey. Brooklyn: Brooklyn Eagle Free Information Bureau, 1914. Map Div.

Russia and her war zone frontiers A map. Brooklyn: Brooklyn Eagle Free Information Bureau, 1914. Map. Div. War map of Austro-Hungarian monarchy... This map shows the AustroHungarian monarchy, with the provinces of Bosnia and Herzogovina on the Southwest, and Servia on the south, where the first scenes of the European war are laid. Brooklyn: Brooklyn Eagle Free Information Bureau, 1914. Map Div.

Regiment, The. Army drill made easy; a handbook on dismounted drill for everyone, with an A. B. C. of the army. Written and illustrated by the staff of "The Regiment." London: Temple Press, Ltd. [1914. 2 p.1., 7-90 p. diagr. illus. 16°.


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Salomon, Felix. Wie England unser Feind wurde. Leipzig: K. F. Koehler, 1914. 32 p. 8°. BTZE p.v.10, no.7 Sattler, Otto. Krieg; Gedichte der Zeit. New York: R. Rochow, 1914. 38 p. 16°. BTZE p.v.15, no.1

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Antwerp). New York: M. Kennerley, 1914. 5 p.1., 9-256 p., 13 maps. 12. ed.j


BTZE "Many...of the chapters of this book were first written as editorial articles" for the New York Evening Sun.

Sladen, Douglas Brooke Wheelton. Germany's great lie; the official German justification of the war, exposed and criticized. London: Hutchinson & Co., 1914. 195(1) p. 12°. BTZE A reply to the book entitled: "Truth about Germany: facts about the war," including a reprint of the original.

Steveni, William Barnes. The Russian army from within. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1914. 3 p.1., 9-188 p., 1 1. 12°. vwz

Szczepański, Paul von. Inner life of the Prussian cadet. [Spartanerjünglinge, by Paul von Szczepański, and Das edle Blut, by Ernst von Wildenbruch. Translated

from the German by W. D. Lowe... London: G. Routledge & Sons, Ltd. [1914.] 4 p.1., (1) 4-135 p. 12°. BTZE

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Treitschke; his doctrine of German destiny and of international relations; together with a study of his life and work by Adolf Hausrath. For the first time translated into English. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1914. xi, 332 p., 1 port. 12°. EAM

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War, The, book-of-facts; 3000 figures and facts about the conduct of war, the present crisis, and its causes; the events and men that made the war; military organization and methods... London: A. W. Shaw Co., Ltd., 1914. 128 p., 1 fold. map. 8°. Pub. Cat. Div.

War, The, on German trade; hints for a plan of campaign. Introduction by Sidney Whitman... London: W. Heinemann [1914]. xv, 123 p. 2. ed 16°. (Ammunition for civilians. [v.) 2.) BTZE p.v.15, no.2

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Why we are at war; Great Britain's case, by members of the Oxford faculty of modern history, with an appendix of original documents, including the authorized English translation of the White book issued by the German government. Third ediRussian tion revised, containing the Orange book and extracts from the Belgian Oxford: Clarendon Press, Grey book. 1914. 264 p. fac., map. 8°. BTZE Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, Ulrich von. Zwei Reden. Krieges Anfang. Die geschichtlichen Ursachen des Krieges. Berlin: Weidmann. 1914. 31(1) p. 8°.

The conduct of war. BTZE p.v.10, no.8

Wace, Henry. The Christian sanction of war; address at the service of intercession for the king's naval and military forces, held in Canterbury Canterbury cathedral: August 9th, 1914. London: C. J. Thynne, 1914. 15 p. 12°. BTZE p.v.16, no.2

Wallace, Edgar. The standard history of the war, comprising the official despatches from General French and staff with descriptive narrative. v. 1. London: G. Newnes, Ltd. [1914.] maps, port. 12°. BTZE

v. 1. Liège - Mons - Cambrai and Le CateauParis The Marne - The Aisne.

BTZE p.v.10, no.3

World's Work. Second war manual. Garden City, N. Y.: Doubleday, Page & Co., 1914. 5 p.1., (1) 10119(1) p. diagr., maps, port. illus. 8°. BTZE

The war manual. Facts everyone needs to know about the causes of the war, the armies, navies, finances, and principal characters of the countries involved. Garden City, L. I.: Doubleday, Page & Co., 1914. v(i), 136 p. maps, port. illus. 5. ed. 8°. (World's work, v. 28, no. 5.)


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American, The, business encyclopaedia and legal adviser. Editors-in-chief: John D. Long...and William P. Powell... Assistant editors: Judge Everett C. Bumpus Illustrated. and Frederick W. Coburn. Boston: J. B. Millet Co., 1913. 5 v. illus. 8°. Desk, Economics Div.

Amerikanische und englische Bahnen 1894 bis 1914, Zwanzig Jahre Uebersicht über höchste und niedrigste Kurse, Dividenden und Zinsen, Brutto- und NettoErträgnisse, Einnahme- und Ausgabe-Procentsatz, Betriebsmeilen. Berlin: A. Neumann, G. m. b. H., 1914. 247 p. nar. 16°.

Text in English.


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Berle, Adolph Augustus. Christianity and the social rage. New York: McBride, Nast & Co., 1914. 5 p.1., 389 p. 12°. SB

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scheme of national health insurance and insurance against unemployment created by that act, with the incorporated enactments, full explanatory notes, tables, and examples. With an introduction by Sir John Simon... London: Butterworth & Co., 1913. civ, 467, 65 p., 1 1. 2. ed. 8°. TDO

Conn, Herbert William. Social heredity and social evolution... New York: Abingdon Press [1914]. vi, 348 p. 8°. SB

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Denison, John Hopkins. Beside the Bowery, by John Hopkins Denison, sometime pastor of the Church of the Sea and Land. New York: Dodd, Mead & Co., 1914. xv, 288 p., 7 pl., 1 port. 12°.


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Ely, Richard Theodore. Property and contract in their relations to the distribution of wealth. New York: Macmillan Co., 1914. 2 v. 8°. TB

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Clark, Orme Bigland. The National Insurance Act 1911, being a treatise on the

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