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Economics, Sociology, etc., continued.

Foss, William, and JULIUS WEST. social worker and modern charity. don: A. & C. Black, 1914. xi, 220 p. (The social workers series.)




Fyfe, Thomas Alexander. The Scottish bankruptcy code; the statutes relating to bankruptcy, 1612-1913, with introduction, notes, and forms. Edinburgh: W. Hodge & Co., 1913. 4 p.l., 299 p. 8°. TLX

Gibson, Charles R. Wireless telegraphy, and telephony without wires: a popular account of the past and present of wireless telegraphy and telephony which assumes no previous knowledge of the subject on the part of the reader. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Co., 1914. 3 p.l., 9-156 p. illus. 8°. TTF

Goddard, Henry H. School training of defective children. Yonkers-on-Hudson, N. Y.: World Book Company, 1914. 3 p.l., vii-xxii, 97 p. 8°. (School efficiency series.) SOD

Hagemeyer, J. F., and W. SCHOLVIN. 500
Millionen Mark für Arbeiterwohnungen.
Bremen: F. Quelle, 1914. 4 p.l., (1)8-73


Henderson, Charles Richmond. The cause and cure of crime. Chicago: A. C. McClurg & Co., 1914. 6 p.1., 175 p. 12°.

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Maxwell, Joseph. Le concept social du crime, son révolution. Paris: F. Alcan, 1914. 2 p.l., iv, 456 p. 8°. SLC

Miller, Hugh Gordon, 1875, and J. C. FREEHOFF. The Panama Canal tolls controversy; or, A statement of the reasons for the adoption and maintenance of the traditional American policy in the management of the Panama Canal. With introductions by William J. Bryan...Oscar S. Straus...Wm. Hughes... Boston: Chapple Pub. Co., Ltd., 1914. xxxii, 208 p. 12°. TSB

Montessori, Maria. Dr. Montessori's own handbook. London: William Heinemann 1914. viii, 136 p., 1 pl., 1 port. illus. 12°. SSI

Neugebauer, Wilhelm. Japan im Handelsverkehr mit Deutschland und Österreich-Ungarn. Leipzig: F. Meiner, 1914. iv, 95(1) p. 8°. TLH

Pankhurst, Emmeline Goulden. My own story. New York: Hearst's International Library Co., 1914. 8 p.l., 364 p., 15 pl., 1 port. 8°. SNS Preece, Sir William Henry, and SIR J. SIVEWRIGHT. SLG Telegraphy. Revised and partly re-written by W. Llewellyn Preece. London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1914. x, 442 p., 2 diagr. illus. new ed. 8°. (Textbook of science.) TTC

Henry, James Dodd. History and romance of the petroleum industry. Illustrated by Philip Pimlott, Eric Swinstead. In three or more volumes. v. 1. London: Bradbury, Agnew & Co., Ltd. [1914. 4°. TAK

Hobson, C. K. The export of capital. London: Constable and Co., Ltd., 1914. xxv, 264 p. 8°. (Studies in economic and political science. no. 38.) TG

Holt, Harold G. Fire protection in buildings: a practical treatise for engineers, architects, surveyors, and property owners. London: C. Lockwood and Son, 1913. XX, 260 p., 2 plans, 3 pl. illus. 8°.


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Rolfe-Martin, A. B. Wireless telegraphy; a handbook on the fundamental principles and modern practice of radio-telegraphy. With one hundred and forty-three illustrations. London: A. & C. Black, 1914. vii, 256 p. illus. 12°. TTF

Seligman, Edwin Robert Anderson. Principles of economics, with special reference to American conditions. New York: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1914. liv, 711 p., 1 map, 17 diagr. (5 col'd, 5 double, 2. col'd double), 5 tables. 6. ed. rev. 8°. (American citizen series.)


Secrétan, Henri F., 1854. La population et les moeurs. Paris: Payot et Cie., 1913. 437 p., 1 1. 12°. SDK

Smith, Arthur Bessey, and W. L. CAMPBELL. Automatic telephony; a comprehensive treatise on automatic and semi-automatic systems. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., 1914. xii, 407 p., 4 fold. diagr. illus. 8°. TTH




Economics, Sociology, etc., continued.

Stokes, Anson Phelps. Memorials of eminent Yale men. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1914. 2 v. 4°. † STG Taylor, Joseph Schimmel. A handbook of vocational education. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1914. xvi p., 1 1., 225 p., 9 pl., 1 port. 12°. SSM 228 Taylor, Winifred Louise. The man behind the bars. New York: C. Scribner's Sons, 1914. vii(i), 302 p. 12°.


Tierney, Richard H. Teacher and teaching. New York: Longmans, Green, and 12°. Co., 1914. viii p., 1 1., 178 p. SSI Treitschke, Heinrich Gotthard von, 18341896. Selections from Treitschke's lectures on politics. Translated by Adam L. Gowans. London: Gowans & Gray, Ltd., SEB 1914. 128 p. 12°.

Valdour, Jacques. La méthode concrète en science sociale. Lille: R. Giard, 1914. 3 p.l., (1)4-140 p., 1 1. 12°. SB

Verrill, Alpheus Hyatt, 1871. South and Central American trade conditions of today, including Mexico, Cuba, Haiti and Dominican Republic. New York: Dodd, Mead & Co., 1914. 4 fold. maps. 5 p.l., ixxiv, 255 p. 12o. TLH

Whitman, Roger Bradbury, 1875. Motorcycle principles and the light car, with explanations of the construction and operation of those parts of motor cycles, cycle cars and the Ford car that differ from automobile practice, and chapters on care and maintenance, and on the location and remedy of trouble. Fully illustrated with drawings by the author. New York: D. Appleton and Co., 1914. xv, 281 p.

12°. TORB

INDUSTRIES AND INDUSTRIAL ARTS Arndt, Kurt. A popular treatise on the colloids in the industrial arts. Translated from the 2... German ed., by Nahum E. Katz. Easton, Pa.: Chemical Pub. Co., 1914. 3 p.l., (i)vi, 73 p. 12°. VBA

Touches briefly on the application of colloids in the manufacture of glass, mirrors, tungsten lamps, ceramics, glues, filters, soap, beer, lubricants, etc. Very complete index.

Austerweil, Géza. Die angewandte Chemie in der Luftfahrt. München: R. Oldenbourg, 1914. viii, 199 p. illus. 8°. (Luftfahrzeugbau und-Führung. Bd. 16.) VDY

A technical discussion of the preparation of materials entering into the construction of balloons and flying machines.

Benetsch, Armin. Die volkswirtschaftliche Bedeutung der Torfmoore und Wasserkräfte unter besonderer Berücksichtigung: der Luftstickstoff-Frage. Von Oberingenieur A. Benetsch... Berlin: F.


Siemenroth, 1914. 2 p.l., (1)iv-v, 229 p., 1 fold. map, 1 fold. plan, 5 pl. diagr., tables. VEW Statistical and economic consideration of peat and water power, with reference to fertilizers and nitrogen fixation.

Beresford, Lord Charles William de la Poer. The memoirs of Admiral Lord Charles Beresford, written by himself. Boston: Little, Brown, & Co., 1914. 2 v. 8°. VYD

Bonini, Carlo Federico. I processi termoelettrici della siderurgia moderna. Forni elettrici. Milano: U. Hoepli, 1914. 3 p.l., (i)x-xv, 607 p. illus. 8°. VIP

Burgess, Charles Frederick. Applied electrochemistry and welding... Chicago: American Technical Society, 1914. 6 p.l., 132, viii p. illus. VID


Useful for the engineer and fascinating for the layman. Everything that the latter wishes to know about electrolysis, electroplating, and the electric furnaces. Chapter on welding covers both electric and autogenous types.

Cain, William. Practical designing of retaining walls, with appendices on stresses in masonry dams. New York: D. Van Nostrand & Co., 1914. viii, 174 p. illus. 7. ed. 24°. Desk Tech. Div. Omits the detailed results of experiments on model retaining walls and rotating boards, as described in earlier editions, giving more space to the treatment of designs of various types of walls.

Christians. Anlage und Betrieb von Luftschiffhäfen. München, 1914. ix, 144 p. illus. 8°. (Luftfahrzeugbau und- Führung. Band 15.) VDY

Describes the most recent design of sheds for dirigibles, with operations for landing and anchoring

Clarke, J. Wright. Modern plumbing v. 1. London: B. T. Batsford, practice. VEW Ltd. [1914. 4°.

v. 1. An account of practical leadworking and plumbers' materials.

Although very practical, this book insists that a plumber is one called to high purpose that he is more than "a man who repairs water pipes." Goes into details in a heart-to-heart way. All about leadworking, the manufacture of lead pipes, the leading of art windows, and other phases of practical plumbing.

Claxton, William J. Journeys in industrial England, by William J. Claxton... 192 London: G. G. Harrap & Co., 1914. p. illus. 12°. VBA Imaginary tours among the chief centres of Eng"a little of the romance and a little lish industry of the reality."

Cosgrove, John Joseph. Principles and practice of plumbing. Pittsburgh: Standard Sanitary Mfg. Co. [1914. 7 p.l., 506 p., 61. illus. [2. ed.] 8°. VEW

First copyrighted in 1906. Revision of this well known standard is complete. "An effort was made to prepare the subject matter so clearly and concisely that a person of average intelligence...could design and proportion any plumbing installation. From preface to first edition. Craig, James Watt, 1885, and W. P. WOODWARD. Craig's "Q & A" book; ques

Industries and Industrial Arts, continued. tions and answers about electrical apparatus, illustrating general points and information concerning testing, operation, troubles and defects of electrical apparatus. Originally by Jas. W. Craig and W. B. Clayton; rewritten and revised by Jas. W. Craig and Wm. P. Woodward... Pittsfield, Mass.: Berkshire Technical Pub Co. [cop. 1914.] 264 p. illus. 3. ed. rev. and enl. 16°. Desk Tech. Div. Cutler-Hammer Mfg. Company. Gear shifting by electricity... Milwaukee [1914]. 2 p.1., 3-43 (1) p., 7 fold. pl. illus. 16°. Desk-Tech. Div.

Donkin, Bryan, 1835-1902. A text-book on gas, oil, and air engines. By Bryan Donkin. With revision by Prof. Burstall and T. Graves Smith. London: C. Griffin and Co., Ltd., 1911. xxiii, 639 p. illus. 5. ed. 8°. VFM

Gay, Carl Warren. The principles and practice of judging live-stock. New York: Macmillan Co., 1914. xviii, 413 p., 1 pl. illus. 8°. (Rural text-book series.) VPO

Georgia, Ada E. A manual of weeds; with descriptions of all of the most pernicious and troublesome plants in the United States and Canada, their habits of growth and distribution, with methods of control. With 385 illustrations by F. Schuyler Mathews... New York: Macmillan Co., 1914. xi, 593 p., 1 pl. illus. 12°. (Rural manuals.)


Ghersi, Italo. Ricettario domestico. Quinta edizione accresciuta e rimodernata con 5744 ricette e 138 incisioni. Milano: U. Hoepli, 1913. 3 p.1., 1195 p. illus. 16°. (Manuali Hoepli.) VBA Grace, Raymond Sheffield Hamilton. Finance and war. London: H. Rees, Ltd., 1910. viii, 9-72 p. tables. 8°. VWG

Gray, Alexander. Principles and practice of electrical engineering. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1914. xxi, 391 p. illus. 8°. VGC

For the man who "hasn't much time." Covers the field in a broad way and emphasizes principles. Devoid of higher mathematics. Includes a laboratory course directly related to the text. Attractive style and well illustrated, but not of the "popular" type.

Griffin, Charles Lewis, and C. C. ADAMS. Machine drawing... Chicago: American Technical Society, 1914. 1 p.l., 271 p. illus. VFE


A richly illustrated and clearly written volume for "those who are only moderately schooled in the art of mechanical drawing."

Haeder, Hermann. A handbook on the steam engine, with special reference to small and medium-sized engines for the use of engine makers, mechanical draughtsmen, engineering students, and users of steam power, by Hermann Haeder...

Translated from the German, with considerable additions and alterations, by H. H. P. Powles... London: C. Lockwood and Son, 1914. 4 p.1., 468, 64 p., 2 fold. pl. illus. 4. English ed. rev. and enl. 12°. Desk-Tech. Div.

Hall, Constant Johan Jacob van, 1875. Cocoa, by C. J. J. van Hall. London: Macmillan and Co., Ltd., 1914. xvi, 515 p. illus. 8°. VTX

Tells about varieties of cocoa, botanical characteristics, and diseases. Detailed discussion of weeding, shading, manuring and fermenting. Special chapters on culture in various countries and on the chocolate industry. Very completely illustrated. Hanson, Edward Smith. Concrete roads and pavements. Chicago: Cement Era Pub. Co., 1914. 2 p.1., 338 p. illus. rev. ed. 12°. VDG

Revised edition of this important compilation has seven chapters more than the original published a year ago. Costs and methods in various parts of the country, with 50 pages of typical specifications.

Hartwig, Dr. Der Alkoholismus im Lichte der Statistik. Berlin: MässigkeitsVerlag, 1913. p. 147-160. 8°. VTZ

Repr.: Die Alkoholfrage. Jahrg. 9, Heft 2.

Heat-treatment of steel: a comprehensive treatise on the hardening, tempering, annealing, and case hardening of various kinds of steel, including high-speed, highcarbon, alloy and low-carbon steels, together with chapters on heat-treating furnaces and on hardness testing. New York: Industrial Press, 1914. x, 278 p. illus. 8°. VIR

A compilation of articles published in the periodical Machinery.

Henry, J. D. History and romance of the petroleum industry. vi. London: published by the author [1914]. xxiv, 320 p. illus. 4°. VHY

A real history, going back to prehistoric times. Much about Col. Drake and the Pennsylvania fields.

Heylin, Henry Brougham. Cottons, linens, woollens, silks. How to buy and judge materials. A useful guide with facts for warehouse, shop and home. Manchester: J. Heywood, Ltd. [1914. ix, 101 p. illus. 12°. VLB

A concise little book full of warnings about fibres and fabrics in common use. Chapters on tapestries, carpets, gauze, and waterproofs. An excellent glossary. Should appeal to the careful housekeeper.

Hiscox, Gardner Dexter, d. 1908. Gas, gasoline and oil-engines; a complete practical work defining clearly the elements of internal combustion engineering. Treating exhaustively on the design...of all forms of...engines...includes also producer gas and its production, by Gardner D. Hiscox... Revised, enlarged and brought up to date by Victor W. Pagé... New York: N. W. Henley Pub. Co., 1915. 2 p.1., 9-640 p., 1 fold. diagr. illus. 21. ed. 8°. VFM

Attractive, well illustrated practical treatise de scribing up-to-date types of automobile, aircraft and



Industries and Industrial Arts, continued.

motorcycle power plants, farm and gas tractor motors, marine engines and their use, also ship motors and Diesel engines. New formulas and tables.

Hubbard, Charles Lincoln. Power, heating and ventilation. New York: McGrawHill Book Co., Inc., 1914. 2 v. 2. ed. 8°. VEW

By a well-known authority. Volume one covers the design of small and medium sized steam power plants of manufactories, office buildings, and institutions. Volume two has to do with the ventilation and heating of all classes of buildings. A third volume is in preparation.

Huth, Fritz. Motoren für Flugzeuge und Luftschiffe. Berlin: R. C. Schmidt & Co., 1914. 190 p., 2 fold. diagr. illus. 8°. (Bibliothek für Luftschiffahrt und Flugtechnik. Bd. 14.) VDY

Up-to-date, containing diagrams and half-tone illus. trations of European makes.

Ivens, Edmund M. Pumping by compressed air. New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1914. vi, 244 p. illus. 8°. VDM

Much of the data are the results of the author's private experiments. A comprehensive theoretical study and a practical guide to the installation engineer.

Ives, Howard Chapin, 1878. Surveying manual, designed for the use of first-year students in surveying and especially for the use of non-civil engineering students. By Howard Chapin Ives... New York: J. Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1914. viii, 296 p. diagr., illus., tables. 1. ed. 16°.

Desk-Tech Div.

Jones, Franklin Day, 1879. Turning and boring; a specialized treatise for machinists, students in industrial and engineering schools, and apprentices, on turning and boring methods, including modern practice with engine lathes, turret lathes, vertical and horizontal boring machines, by Franklin D. Jones... New York: Industrial Press, 1914. ix, 307 p. diagr., illus. tables. 8°. VFW

This work includes much of the material published in Machinery's Reference books Nos. 91, 92 and 95. Pref.

Ketchum, Milo Smith, 1872. Structural engineers' handbook; data for the design and construction of steel bridges and buildings, by Milo S. Ketchum... New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., 1914. xv, 896 p. illus. 1. ed. 8°. VEH

"For the student, draughtsman, or engineer who has had a thorough course in applied mechanics and the calculation of stresses in structures." - - From the preface.

"More than a handbook, and can almost be called an encyclopedia on structural engineering... The tables given are very voluminous and carried to greater limits than usually found in handbooks.". From a review in the Journal of the Western Society of Engineers.

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Mann, H. Die moderne Parfümerie. Eine Anweisung und Sammlung von Vorschriften zur Herstellung sämtlicher Parfümerien und Kosmetica unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der künstlichen

Riechstoffe, nebst einem Anhang über die Unter Parfümierung der Toiletteseifen. Mitwirkung von Fachkollegen hrsg. von H. Mann. Augsburg: H. Ziolkowsky, 1912. viii, 609 p. 3. ed. 8°. VSH

A new and enlarged edition of this well-known work.

Marsh, E. L. Laundry work in theory and practice. London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1914. xiii, 205 (1) p. illus. 12°. VSC

"Primarily to help students training for teachers, it is also in the hope that it may assist in making the home washing day easier, and be the means of saving the housewife many a bill for dry cleaning." - Preface.

Moore, Alfred S. Linen, from the raw material to the finished product, by Alfred S. Moore. London: Sir I. Pitman & Sons, Ltd. [1914. ix, 132 p., 1 col'd pl. illus. 12°. (Pitman's common commodities of commerce.) Desk Tech. Div.

National Electric Light Association. — Sub-Committee on Overhead Line construction. Handbook on overhead line construction compiled by the sub-committee Philadelphia: National Electric Light Association, 1914. x, 819 p. illus. 16°. Desk Tech. Div. The first comprehensive compilation on the subject.


Neumann, M. P. Brotgetreide und Brot. Lehrbuch für die Praxis der Getreideverarbeitung und Hand- und Hilfsbuch für Versuchstationen, Nahrungsmittel-Untersuchungsämter und Laboratorien der Mühlen, Bäckereien und Fachschulen. Bearbeitet von Dr. M. P. Neumann... Berlin: P. Parey, 1914. vii, 615 p. diagr., tables. illus. 8°. VTI

Notes on torpedo work in H. M. ships, by R. P. Portsmouth: Gieve's [1914?1. 2 p.l., 32 p., 1 1. 12°. VXV

Offinger, H. Deutsch-englisch-franzosisch-italienisches technologisches Taschenwörterbuch für Techniker und Korrespondenten von H. Offinger. Bd. 1. Stutt16°. gart: J. B. Metzler [1914]. 1 v. Desk-Tech. Div. Cover title: Technologisches Taschenwörterbuch in 4 Sprachen.

Bd. 1. Deutsch voran, fünfte Auflage, bearbeitet von...Leon Defer.

An inexpensive, although good little German-English-French-Italian dictionary.

Ornamental lathework for amateurs; a practical handbook on the execution of simple ornamental turning and decorative inlaying on an ordinary lathe, 'by C. H. C. London: P. Marshall & Co. [1914. vi, 7-121 p., 13 pl. illus. 12°. VFW

"With the addition of a simple overhead to his lathe, and a few home-made tools to be actuated by it, any lathe-man can produce unique and lovely work [in hardwoods, bone, vegetable ivory, imitation coral, bamboo, etc.]"

Otter, Paul D. Furniture for the craftsman; a manual for the student and mech


Industries and Industrial Arts, continued. anic, covering the design, construction and finishing of practically all the articles used in the furnishing and equipment of the modern home, porch and grounds, with hints on upholstering, by Paul D. Otter. New York: D. Williams Co., 1914. 306 p. illus. 8°. VEN

Pender, Harold. American handbook for electrical engineers: a reference book for practicing engineers and students of engineering, compiled by a staff of specialists. Harold Pender, editor-in-chief. New York: J. Wiley & Sons, 1914. xxviii, 2023 P. 12°. Desk-Tech. Div.

A mine of condensed information arranged in cyclopedic form. Also intended for mechanical, civil, mining and other engineers who have to do with electrical equipment. Practice and theory treated separately. Cost data, bibliographies, and a very complete index.

Roberts-Austen, Sir William Chandler, 1843-1902. Roberts-Austen; a record of his work. Being a selection of the addresses and metallurgical papers, together with an account of the researches of Sir William Chandler Roberts-Austen... Memorial volume...compiled and edited by Sydney W. Smith... London: C. Griffin and Co., Ltd., 1914. x p., 1 1., 382 p., 2 charts, 6 diagr. (1 fold.), 14 pl., 2 port. 8°. VI Bibliography, p. 373-376.

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Shearer, David R. Electricity in coal mining, by David R. Shearer... New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., 1914. viii, 84 p. illus. 1. ed. 8°. VHW

Silberer, Victor, 1846. Warnende Stimmen in Bezug auf Zeppelin-Ballons. Hrsg. von Victor Silberer. Wien: L. W. Seidel & Sohn, 1914. 34 p. 12°. VDW

Spooner, Henry John, 1856. Engineering workshop drawing; first steps in engineering drawing, by Henry J. Spooner... London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1914. viii, (1)10-128 p. illus. ob. 16°. VFE

Stanley, Rupert. Text book on wireless telegraphy. London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1914. 2 p.l., (i)x-xi p., 11., 344 p., 1 diagr., 1 pl. illus. 8°. Desk-Tech. Div.

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Still, Alfred. Polyphase currents, by Alfred Still... New York: Macmillan Co., 1914. xii, 300 p. illus. 2. ed. rev. 12°. VGI

A new edition of this excellent treatise. Adapted to the use of students who have a fair knowledge of continuous current working. Mathematics avoided as much as possible in favor of graphical methods. "The book is a commendable one to students and practical engineers who are seeking an introductory work.. From a review in the Journal of the Western Society of Engineers.

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Stone, Herbert, and W. G. FREEMAN. The timbers of British Guiana. A report upon the collection made by the Hon. A. G. Herbert Stone...and W. G. Freeman... London: Published for the government of British Guiana, by the crown agents for the colonies, 1914. xi, 110 p., 1 pl. 8°. VQW

Biography, p. 103-104.

Sydney, Samuel. Mechanical refrigeration. New York: Joseph G. Branch Pub. Co., 1913. v, 170 p. illus. 8°.

Desk-Tech. Div.

Natural ice, in so many instances condemned as unsanitary, is being replaced by the artificial prod uct. The manufacture of the latter is described quite simply in this little volume which should prove helpful to layman and student.

Turner, Frederick W., and D. G. Town. Pattern-making. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1914. 2 p.l., v, 114 p. illus. 8°. Desk Tech. Div.

Pattern-making "is clean, pleasant, varied, and well paid, while the working conditions are usually better than are found in other trades. The intelligence and skill required for such intricate work bring together a superior set of men whose requirements rank with those of the engineer." This is an attractive little book for the beginner.

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Wagner, Frederick Henry, 1871. Coal gas residuals, by Frederick H. Wagner. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1914. xi p., 11., 179 p., 9 diagr., 1 table. 8°. VOF

Describes in concise form the recovery of tar, naphthalene, cyanogen, ammonia, and benzol, with methods of testing. Among the useful tables is one covering all of the constants of thirty-five gases.

Ward, Artemas, compiler. The grocer's encyclopedia; a compendium of useful information concerning foods of all kinds. How they are raised, prepared and marketed. How to care for them in the store and home. How best to use and enjoy them and other valuable information for grocers and general storekeepers. Compiled by Artemas Ward... New York: J. Kempster Printing Co., 1911. 748 p. illus.




Wardall, Ruth Aimee, and E. N. WHITE. A study of foods. Boston: Ginn and Co. [1914. 1 p.l., v-vii, 174 p., 1 pl. illus. 12°. VTI

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