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History and Description, continued.

Local History — Edinburgh (City), continued.

miscellany. Edinburgh, 1822. 8°. p. 528-536.)

v. 10, * DE

Comparative tables of the population in 1811 and 1821, and tables of accommodation in parish churches and other places of worship and of collections in eleven parish churches.

Porter, Jane. The ball at Holyrood House: an anecdote of the year 1745. (La Belle Assemblée. London, 1829. 8°. v. 10, p. 105-107.) * DE Precedence, The, of Edinburgh. (Herald and genealogist. London, 1863. 8°. v. 1, p. 550-566.) *R-Room 328 On the precedence of Edinburgh in relation to Dublin.

Present, The, and the past of Holyrood. (Leisure hour. London, 1859. 4°. p. 630-633.)

With illustration of Holyrood Palace.

v. 8. * DA

Proposal and agreement for building and upholding a chapel, west end of Rose street, next to South Charlotte street, Edinburgh, to be called Charlotte Chapel. [Edinburgh, 1796.] 8 p. 8°.

Protest [signed John Gloag and others, against the election of Mr. Thomas Henderson, into the office of city chamberlain, ad vitam aut culpam. Edinburgh: John Moir, printer, 1810. 15 p. 8°. CR p. box 2

R., J. Account of the attempt of Francis Bothwell upon the palace of Holyroodhouse, in 1591. (Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine. Edinburgh, 1818. 8°. v. 2, p. 30-31.)

* DA

Reprint of an original contemporary letter giving "the fullest narrative of the event hitherto published."

R., P. Edinburgh nuisances. No. I-IV. (Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine. Edinburgh, 1823. 8°. v. 13, p. 367-368.) * DA (1) Street cries. (2) Street-corner loafing. (3) Spitting in public streets. (4) Old clothes dealers.

Ramsay, Alexander, manager, Edinburgh Water Supply. On the water supply of Edinburgh. 1 map. (Royal Scottish Society of Arts. Transactions. Edinburgh, 1864. 8°. v. 6, p. 285-314.)


Ramsay, Edward Bannerman, dean of Edinburgh. "Beautifying the place of the sanctuary:" a sermon preached in St. John's Church, Edinburgh, November 28, 1867, on the occasion of reopening the church for divine service, after the completion of considerable alterations and improvements. Edinburgh: R. Grant & Son, 1867. 21 p. 8°. * C p.v. 1516 A letter to Charles Lawson, lord provost of Edinburgh, on the expediency of providing the city with an efficient peal of bells. Edinburgh: R. Grant and Son, 1863. 19 p., 1 pl. 8°. CR p. box

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Religious associations of Edinburgh. illus. (The Sunday at home. London, 1892. 4°. 1891-92, p. 632-637.) +* DD With illustrations of Greyfriars churchyard, Jenny Geddes' stool, and the stool of repentance.

Remarks on the tumult at Edinburgh, commonly called the Porteous mob; with reflections on the political state of Scotland in 1737; by a contemporary. (Edinburgh magazine and literary miscellany. Edinburgh, 1818. 8°. v. 2, p. 543-547.) * DE

From a scarce tract entitled: Memoirs of the times, in a letter to a friend in the country, London, 1737.

Reminiscences of Edinburgh sixty to eighty years ago. By a pioneer resident of Victoria for sixty years. (Chambers' journal. London, 1902. 4°. series 6, v. 5. p. 732-735.) * DA

Renwick, Robert, editor. See under Marwick, Sir James David. Edinburgh guilds and crafts.

Report of the committee, appointed by the Society of Dilettanti to examine Mr. Elliott's plans for the repair of the cathedral church of St. Giles, Edinburgh. (Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine. Edin* DA burgh, 1818. 8°. v. 3, p. 408-412.) See under Mullion, Mordecai.

Report of the committee of St. Andrew Square proprietors, appointed at the annual meeting, February 4, 1851, to consider the propriety of making a change in the central area of the square. Edinburgh, 1851. 16 p. 8°.

Report of a public entertainment held the Edinburgh Mechanics' Library, in which T. B. Macaulay...and others took part. To which is prefixed a notice of that institution. Edinburgh: A. & C. Black, 1839. iv, 5-24 p. 12°. * GS

Report of the speeches at the dinner to Earl Grey, on Monday, 15th September 1834... Edinburgh: John Hamilton, 1834. 39. p., 1 pl. 8°. *C p.v. 1172

Report of the trial of the students on the charge of mobbing, rioting, and assault at the college, on January 11 & 12, 1838...

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Rooney, Patrick, Esq., pseud. Impressions of Edinbro'. (Blackwood's Edin8°. burgh magazine. Edinburgh, 1832. * DA v. 31, p. 783-789.)

Rose, Alexander. Accompt of expenses in Edinburgh by A. Rose, son of the laird of Kilravock 1715. Edited... by A. H. Millar. (Scottish History Society. Miscellany. Edinburgh, 1893. 8°. v. 1, p. 495504.) CPA

Ross, J. Calder, and P. C. ROBERTSON. Bits about Edinburgh. illus. (Scottish notes and queries. Aberdeen, 1890-92. sq. 8°. v. 4, p. 14-15, 46-47; v 6., p. 52-53.) CPA

The Buckstane. 2. In Colinton churchyard. The Lamp acre.


Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. Historical sketch and laws...from its institution to December, 1865. Edinburgh, 1867. 4 p.1., 170 p., 1 pl. sq. 8°.


Royal Edinburgh. (Church quarterly review. London, 1891. 8°. v. 32, p. 335* DA

358.) Transactions. Edinburgh, 1861. VA S°. v. 5, p. 162-166.)

Description of the clock-trigger for the time-gun signal in Edinburgh Castle. (Royal Scottish Society of Arts. Transactions. Edinburgh, 1864. 8°. v. 6, p. 152159.)


Ritchie, Robert. Additional report as to who was architect of Heriot's Hospital. Being a sequel to his report, printed and circulated in 1855 at the request of the governors. Edinburgh: Neill & Co., 1856. 32 p. 8°. * C p.v.1223, no.11

Robertson, P. C., joint author. See Ross, J. Calder, and P. C. ROBERTSON.

Robie, James. The representative radicals of Edinburgh: their professions and practices described, in important corre spondence with Mr. Duncan McLaren, ExBailie Fyfe, and others. Edinburgh: W. P. Nimmo, 1867. 55 p. 8°.

Rogers, Charles. History of the Chapel Royal of Scotland, with the register of the Chapel Royal of Stirling, including details in relation to the rise and progress of Scottish music and observations respecting the Order of the Thistle. Edinburgh: The Grampian Club, 1882. ccliv p., 1 1., 126 p. CR Rogers, G. A._Edinburgh society seventy years ago. (Belgravia. London, 1879. v. 37, p. 423-443.)

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* DA Romantic Edinburgh. (Chambers's jour4°. London and Edinburgh, 1900. * DA series 6, v. 3, p. 588-592.)

Romantic Edinburgh. 1 pl. illus. (EngLondon, 1911. * DA

lish illustrated magazine.

8°. v. 45, p. 309-313.)

Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh. 1904-07. Report for the year. London, 1905-08. 8°.


Royal, The, Stuarts and their capital. (Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine. Edinburgh, 1891. 8°. v. 149, p. 161-173.) * DA

S., J. C. Remarks on Captain Brown's letter to the lord provost of Edinburgh. (Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine. Edin* DA burgh, 1821. 8°. v. 8, p. 204-207.)

Regarding the city police.

S., M. E. W. Edinburgh and its surroundings. (The Galaxy. New York, 1871. 8°. v. 12, p. 91-96.) * DA Descriptive.

S., T. Comparative prevalence of fever in Edinburgh, according to the number of patients admitted into the Royal Infirmary during 1815, 1816, 1817, and the first five months of 1818. ( (Edinburgh medical and surgical journal. Edinburgh, 1818. 8°. WAA v. 14, p. 402-403.)

St. Giles Church, Edinburgh. Registrum cartarum ecclesie Sancti Egidii de Edinburgh. A series of charters and original documents connected with the church of St. Giles, Edinburgh. Edited by D. Laing.] Edinburgh: T. Constable, 1859. xviii p., 1 1., cxv, 336 p., 1 fac., 6 pl., 1 plan. sq. 4°. (Bannatyne Club.) † CP

Saint Margaret, queen of Scotland. With a description of Saint Margaret's Chapel, castle guide, and guide to the principal sights of Edinburgh. Edinburgh: published at St. Margaret's Chapel, n. d. 30 p., 1 1. 12°. CR p. box 1

Sang, Edward. Reflections on the water distribution within the city of Edinburgh.

History and Description, continued.

Local History — Edinburgh (City), continued. (Royal Scottish Society of Arts. Transactions. Edinburgh, 1873. 8°. v. 8, p. 6499.)

VA Scotsman, A, pseud. An answer to Mr. Burke's speech in Parliament, in favour of the Scots Roman-Catholics residing in Edinburgh and Glasgow, on the 18th of March, 1779. Edinburgh: W. Gray, 1779. 1 p.l., viii, (1)4-31 p. 12°. ZMY p.v. 3

Scott, James W. A bibliography of Edinburgh periodical literature. (Scottish notes and queries. Aberdeen, 1891-96. sq. 8. v. 5. p. 20-21, 33-35, 51-53, 71-73, 84-87, 102-105, 117-120, 132-135, 149-151, 166-169, 182-184; v. 6, p. 10-12, 17-20, 35-37, 55-57, 70-73, 86-87, 99-102, 119-122, 129-132, 150152, 165-167; v. 7, p. 18-20, 35-37, 68-69; v. 8, p. 46; v. 9, p. 26-27, 171.)

See also under Couper, W. J.


Scott-Moncreiff, Robert. Notes on the Corporation of Surgeons and Barbers of the City of Edinburgh. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Proceedings. Edinburgh, 1912. sq. 8°. v. 46, p. 247-257.)


Scottish Military Academy, Edinburgh. Prospectus of a Scottish_military academy, to be opened on the 27th day of May, 1823...under the superintendence of Mr. Geo. Scott... Edinburgh, 1823. 8 p. 8°. * C p.v. 1119

Scrap-book of newspaper clippings, etc., relating to Edinburgh and Leith. 1828-29. fo. †† CR

Second, A, letter from a minister of the Established Church, to one of his parishioners, concerning the fitness and lawfulness of some things in the civic part of the Edinburgh burgess-oath. n. t.-p. [Edinburgh, 173-? 8 p. 16°. ZWGF p.v. 26

Sellar, Eleanor C. old Edinburgh. 3 illus. ican. New York, 1893.

Grandes dames of (Illustrated Amerfo. v. 13, p. 17-19.) * DA

Lady Lovat and Lady Eglintown (sic).

Semple, Robert. The sege of the Castel of Edinburgh. [By Robert Semple. Imprentit at Edinburgh be Robert Lekpreuik. 1573. (Reprinted in: Scotish poems of the sixteenth century. Edinburgh, 1801. 16°. p. 285-300.)


Seton, George. Notice of the ancient incised slabs in the Abbey church of Holyrood. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Archæologia Scotica. Edinburgh, 1857. 4°. v. 4, p. 440-447.) + СРА

Notice of four stained-glass shields of arms and a monumental slab in St. Magdalene's Chapel, Cowgate. 1 pl. (Society

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Shand, Alexander Innes. Older Edinburgh. (The Saturday review. London, 1903. f°. v. 94, p. 512-514, 544-545, 609610.) * DA

Deals with old Edinburgh inns and hotels and "surviving celebrities of the golden age of letters."

Shaw, Claud. Forbes & Wilson's plan of the city of Edinburgh and its vicinity: adapted to illustrate the antiquities, as well as the present state and intended improvements of the city Engraved by G. Bartholomew. Edinburgh: Forbes & Wilson 16°. [18-?. 221⁄2 x 18 in. CR

Laing and Forbes' plan of the city of Edinburgh and its vicinity... Edinburgh: Laing & Forbes, n. d. 23 in. x 19 in. folded. 16°. Stuart 8940

Shepherd, T. H. See under Britton, John.

Siege, The, of the castle of Edinburgh. (In: Memoirs of the Lord Viscount Dundee... London, 1714. 12°. p. 38-41.) * C p.v. 510

Silliman, Benjamin. A winter in Edinburgh. (In his: A journal of travels in England, Holland and the years 1805 and 1806... New Haven: S. Converse, 1820. 3. ed. 12°. v. 3, p. 172270.)


Sime, A. H. Moncur. The literary life of Edinburgh. (New century magazine. London, 1898. 8°. v. 3, p. 20-27, 93-100.) * DE

Simpson, Eve Blantyre. Distinguished Edinburgh dogs. (Chambers's journal. London and Edinburgh, 1900. 4°. series 6. v. 3, p. 154-157.) * DA

Sinclair, John. Case for the_extension of the municipal boundary of Edinburgh, and the transference of the powers of the police and paving boards to the Town Council. Edinburgh: Adam & Charles Black, 1855. 73 p. 8°. * C p.v. 1138

Sinclair, John. Notes on the disputed tomb of Mary of Gueldres, queen of James II., and the Stuart vault in Holyrood, 1 illus. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Proceedings. Edinburgh, 1903. sq. 8°. v. 37, p. 252-257.) CPA

Notes on the Holyrood "Foir-Yet" of James IV. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Proceedings. Edinburgh, 1905. sq. 8°. v. 39, p. 352-362.) CPA

Notes on James Fifth's towers, Holyrood Palace. 6 illus. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Proceedings. Edinburgh, 1900. sq. 8°. v. 34, p. 224-241.)


Skene, James, of Rubislaw. Remarks on the Well House Tower, situated at the foot

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The Edinburgh Circulating Library and its contents in 1781. (Scots magazine. Perth, 1900. 8°. new series, v. 25, p. 5558.) *DE

Smith, Mrs. J. Stewart. The Grange of St. Giles, the Bass: and the other baronial homes of the Dick-Lauder family, written and illustrated with pen, pencil, and camera. Edinburgh: printed for the author by T. and A. Constable, 1898. xxii p., 1 1., 427 p., 19 pl., 4 port. illus. 4°. † ARZ

Smith, John Alexander. Note on the supposed charter chest of Johnny Faa' and its contents, probably the official box and plates, with trade marks of the Incorporation of Pewterers of Edinburgh. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Proceedings. Edinburgh, 1872. sq. 8°. v. 9, p. 264-268.)


This is really the official box and plates with trade marks of the old Incorporation of Pewterers of Edinburgh, and has nothing to do with Johnny Faa.

Notice of the shingled roof of the tower of the Canongate Tolbooth, Edinburgh. illus. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Proceedings. Edinburgh, 1873. 8°. v. 9, p. 162-167.) CPA

Smith, Thomas. Address to the Town Council of Edinburgh...delivered at the council table, Sept. 27, 1799...containing some account of the city's affairs - its debt, revenue, expenditure, &c. Edinburgh: Mundell & Son, printers, 1799. 59 p. 8°. CR p. box 2

Some account of the Wernerian Natural History Society of Edinburgh. (Edinburgh monthly magazine [afterwards Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine]. Edinburgh, 1817. 8°. v. 1, p. 231-234.) * DA

Some literary landmarks of central Edinburgh. (Chambers' journal. London, 1903. 4°. series 6, v. 6, p. 362-366.)


Some peculiarities of Edinburgh life, as observed by a Southerner. (Leisure hour. London, 1876. 4°. v. 25, p. 214-216.) * DA

Stark, J. Picture of Edinburgh: containing a description of the city and its en

virons. Edinburgh: printed for John Fairbairn... 1823. viii, 370 p., 1 map, 13 pl. 3. ed. 16°. CR

Stark James. Inquiry into some points of the sanatory state of Edinburgh; the rate of mortality of its inhabitants since 1780; their average duration of life; the differences in the rate of mortality among its different classes, and among the married and single; and its comparative elegibility as a place of residence, and for the education of children. Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, 1847. 1 p.1., 45 p., 1 table. 8°. * C p.v. 436

Report on the mortality of Edinburgh and Leith for the six months, JuneNovember, 1846. Edinburgh: Stark and Co., 1846. 8 p. 8°. (Edinburgh.) SDN p.v.3, no.9

Report on the mortality of Edinburgh and Leith, for the months of June, July, and August, 1848. Edinburgh: Stark and Co., 1848. 9 p. 8°. (Edinburgh.) SDN p.v.3, no.8

Report on the mortality of Edinburgh, Leith and Newhaven, for the months of January and February, 1846. Edinburgh: Stark and Co., 1846. 8 p. 8°. (Edinburgh.) SDN p.v. 3, no.10

State of the question respecting the seat rents of the churches of the city of Edinburgh, between the kirk sessions of the High Church and others), and the magistrates of Edinburgh...with an appendix. Edinburgh: Adam Black, 1824. 75 p. 8°. CR

Statement by the committee of the inhabitants of the city of Edinburgh, appointed at the general meeting... held on 2d December 1817, upon the subject of the North Bridge Buildings. Edinburgh: Duncan Stevenson & Co., printers, 1818. 36 p. 8°. CR p. box 2

Statements relative to the city of Edinburgh, shewing the practicability and necessity of, and containing proposals for, the extension of the royalty, popular election of the Town Council, erection of additional parish churches and schools in every parish... Edinburgh: William Tait, 1833. 55 p. 8°. CR p. box 2

Stephens, D. S. Edinburgh and its associations. (Lakeside monthly. Chicago, 1873. 8°. v. 9, p. 319-326.) *DD

History and description.

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History and Description, continued.

Local History - Edinburgh (City), continued. London: Seeley & Co., 1900. 4 p.l., 182 p. illus. 12°. CR Notes on Edinburgh. 4 pl. illus. (The Portfolio. Edited by P. G. Hamerton. London, 1878. f°. 1878, p. 82-85, 104-108, 125-128, 130-134, 146-150, 162-165, 189-192.) † MAA [I. Introductory.] II. Old Town the lands. III. Legends. IV. New Town-town and country. V. Greyfriars. VI. Winter in Edinburgh. VII. The Calton Hill.

Stewart, Alexander M. Old Edinburgh inns. (Gentleman's magazine. London, 1894. 8°. v. 276, p. 56-62.)

* DA Reprinted in Eclectic magazine of foreign literature, new series, v. 59, p. 264-268, New York, 1894; Littell's Living age, v. 200, p. 571-575, Boston, 1894.

Story, The, of an Edinburgh church. (Fraser's magazine. London, 1857. 8°. v. 56, p. 650-656.) * DA

Account of the destruction of Trinity College Church, Edinburgh.

Stranger's, The, visit to Edinburgh. 32 12°. (In: Chambers, Miscellany... Edinburgh, 1847. v. 14, no. 121.)



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Strathmore. The earl and countess of Strathmore against William Laing. Judgment of the House of Lords on February 22, 1826, as to the privilege attached to Holyrood Palace. (In: Great Britain. State Trials Commission. Reports of state trials. London, 1889. 8°. new series, v. 2, cols. 207-214.) SLN

Stronach, George. The Advocates' Library, Edinburgh. 3 illus. (Cassell's family magazine. London, 1886. 4°. v. 12, p. 619-622.)

* DA

Supplement to an address to the free citizens of Edinburgh. Wherein reasons are given for excluding such men in the present administration from being reelected, who have abused their trust... [Edinburgh: printed in the year 1740. 40 P. 8°. CR p. box 2 Rp.

Surrender of the castle of Edinburgh, in a letter to the dean of Durham. (Analecta Scotica. Edinburgh, 1837. 8°. series 2, p. 254-255.)


Survey, A, of the castle and town of Edinburgh, January, 1573. — Journal of the siege of the castle of Edinburgh, April and May, 1573. 1 fac. (Bannatyne Club. Miscellany. Edinburgh, 1836. 4°. v. 2, p. 65-80.) † CP

The survey was made by Rowland Johnson and John Fleminge. The journal is probably by Thomas Churchyard the poet, who was present at the siege.

The plate is a facsimile of the plan in the first edition of Holinshed. It gives a bird's-eye view of

the town and castle of Edinburgh at the time of the siege, and is probably the work of Rowland John


T., A. Medical report of Edinburgh. (Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine. Edinburgh, 1817-18. 8°. v. 2, p. 48-52, 550-555.) * DA

The second article is signed J. W. T. Tait, W. Annual report on the health of the Edinburgh police force for 1846. (Edinburgh medical and surgical journal. Edinburgh, 1848. 8°. v. 69, p. 292-308.)


Tait, W. A. Some notes regarding the construction, maintenance, etc., of the Edinburgh and district water works. 4 pl. (Royal Scottish Society of Arts. Transactions. Edinburgh, 1907. 8°. v. 17, p. 211230.) VA Tale, A, of the plague in Edinburgh. (Chambers's Edinburgh journal. London, 1833. f. v. 1, p. 57-58.) * DA

Scene is laid in the year 1645. Reprinted in The Portfolio, and_companion to the select circulating library, part 1, Jan.-June 1835, p. 21-22. Philadelphia, 1835.

Terry, Charles Sanford. The siege of Edinburgh Castle, March - June, 1689. (Scottish historical review. Glasgow, 1905. 4°. v. 2, p. 163-172.) CPA

Thoms, George Hunter MacThomas. The bells of St. Giles, Edinburgh, with a notice of the missing bells of the chapel of Holyrood House. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Proceedings. Edinburgh, 1884. sq. 8°. v. 18, p. 94-102.)


Thomson, G. Statement and review of a recent decision of the judge of police in Edinburgh: authorising his officers to make domiciliary visits in private families, to stop dancing, etc. By G. Thomson; signed Civis.] Edinburgh: Manners & Miller, 1807. 14 p. 8°. *C p.v. 470

Thomson, John. Some observations on the varioloid disease, which has lately prevailed in Edinburgh, and on the identity of chicken-pox and modified small-pox. (Edinburgh medical and surgical journal. Edinburgh, 1818. 8°. v. 14, p. 518-527.) WAA

Thomson, Thomas. List of the protocol books of the city of Edinburgh; with extracts. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Proceedings. Edinburgh, 1865. sq. v. 5. p. 141-164.) CPA


List of the protocol books, with some notice of the other records of the borough of Canongate and regality and barony of Brochton, Edinburgh, with extracts. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Proceedings. Edinburgh, 1859. sq. 8°. v. 2, p. 354-368.) CPA

To the Protestant electors of Edinburgh. Brother electors and fellow citizens... ¡A

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