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South Brisbane, Australia. Twenty-fifth annual report, Fire Brigade Board, for the year 1913. 21(1) p., 4 I. illus. 8°.

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Southampton, England. Chamber of Commerce. Report of proceedings for the year ending February 28th, 1914. Also list of members, statement of accounts, report of annual meeting, [and] report of annual dinner. 68 p. 8°.

Springfield, Mass. The organization and administration of the Pauper Department of Springfield, Mass. Report of a survey made by the Springfield Bureau of Municipal Research. April, 1914. 32 p. 8°.

Stoke Newington, England. Annual report of the Public Libraries Committee. and list of books added, 1913-14. 301-344 p., 1 table. 8°.

Treves, Germany. Jahresbericht der Handelskammer für das Jahr 1913. 60 p.

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Udine, Italy. Bilancio preventivo dell' entrata e della spesa per l'esercizio finanziario 1914. 73, xxxxi p. fo.

Vienna, Austria. Wiener KommunalKalender und städtisches Jahrbuch für 1914. 2 p.1., xi, 995 p., 1 pl., 1 port. 8°.

Waltham, Mass. Annual report of the Board of Health for the year ending January 31st, 1914. 20 p. 8°.

Inaugural address of Hon. Thomas F. Kearns, mayor, January 5, 1914, with the annual reports of the several departments for the financial year of 1913, and roster of the city government for the year 1914. 672 p., 1 pl., 1 table. 8°.

Worcester, Mass. Annual report of the Board of Park Commissioners, 1913-14, with statement of receipts and expenditures for the year ending November 30, 1913. 41 p., 1 map. 8°.

Yonkers, N. Y. Report of the comptroller of the city, 1913. 45 p. 8°.



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Adam, Hargrave Lee. Woman and crime. London: T. W Laurie [1914]. ix, 306 p., 1 fac., 11 pl., 4 port. 8°. SLK

Adams, Frederick Upham. Conquest of the tropics; the story of the creative enterprises conducted by the United Fruit Company. Garden City: Doubleday, Page & Co., 1914. xii, 368 p., 1 1. illus. 8°. TLH

Alsberg, Max. Justizirrtum und Wiederaufnahme; mit Beiträgen der Rechtsanwälte Buhr... [and others]. Berlin: P. Langenscheidt, 1913. xv, 368 p. 8°. (Enzyklopädie der modernen Kriminalistik. Bd. 10.)


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Calvert, Albert F. A history of the Salt Union; a record of 25 years of disunion and depreciation, compiled from official reports, with an introduction by A. F. Calvert. London: E. Wilson, 1913. xxxviii, 286 p. 8°. TN

Carr, A. S. Comyns, and others. National insurance by A. S. Comyns Carr, W. H. Stuart Garnett and J. H. Taylor. With a preface by... D. Lloyd George. London: Macmillan and Co., Ltd., 1913. 1284 p. 4. ed. 8°.

v-xliii, TDO

Carr, William Kearney. Capitalistic morality; some odds and ends. Washington, D. C.: Woodward & Lothrop, 1913. 3 p.1., (1)6-298 p. 12°. TDB

Centralverband des Deutschen Bankund Bankiergewerbes. Festgabe zum 60.

Geburtstage des Herrn Geheimen Justizrats Professor Dr. Riesser. Berlin: J. Guttentag, 1913. 8°. TB

Chadwick, William Edward. The church, the state, and the poor; a series of historical sketches. London: R. Scott, 1914. viii, SGF 223 p. 8°.

Clifford, William George. Building your business by mail; a compilation of successful direct advertising campaigns drawn from the experience records of three hundred and sixty-one firms, representing every line of business. Chicago: Business Research Pub. Co., 1914. 3 p.l., 5-448 p. illus. 8°. TW

Coit, Stanton. The soul of America; a constructive essay in the sociology of religion. New York: Macmillan Co., 1914. xi, 405 p. 8°.


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Escher, Franklin. Practical investing. New York: Bankers Pub. Co., 1914. 3 p.l., 177 p. 8°. TG

Esmonin, Edmond. La taille en Normandie au temps de Colbert (1661-1683). Paris: Hachette et Cie., 1913. 8°. (Études sur les institutions financières de la France moderne.) TIN Gewerbe und

Falkenberg, Wilhelm.

Handel; Handbuch für Handel- und Gewerbetreibende; ein zuverlässiger Ratgeber in geschäftlichen und rechtlichen Dingen. Leipzig: Verlag für Gewerbe und Handel [1913]. 1062 p. 8°.


Farrer, Frederick Edward. The law relating to prospectuses simply and exhaustively stated for lawyers and laymen. With supplement: Alterations and additions to include Indian Companies Act, 1913. London: E. Wilson, 1913-14. XV, 167, 23 p. 4°. TNG

Economics, Sociology, etc., continued.

Freeman, Arnold. Boy life & labour; the manufacture of inefficiency. By Arnold Freeman. Preface by M. E. Sadler. London: P. S. King & Son, 1914. XV, 252 p. 8°. TDL

Gill, Wilson Lindsley. A new citizenship, democracy systematized for moral and civic training, by W. L. Gill. Introduction by P. Du Bois. Philadelphia: American Patriotic League [1913). 2 p.1.. 7-268 p., 8 pl. 12°.


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Kohler, Josef. Recht und Persönlichkeit in der Kultur der Gegenwart. Stuttgart: Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, 1914. ix, 278 p. 8°. (Das Weltbild der Gegenwart. Bd. 4.) SB

Lindstedt, Anders, and M. MARCUS. Lag om allmän pensionsförsäkring den 30. juni 1913; med anmärkningar, historik och sakregister utgiven av A. Lindstedt och M. Marcus. Stockholm: P. A. Norstedt & Söner [1914]. 2 p.1., 97 p. 3. ed. 12°. SIW

Lytle, John Horace. Letters that land orders... New York: Ronald Press Co., 1914. 170 p. 12°.


Nowak, Victor. Zur Reform der Ehe... Wien, 1914. 8°. SNV

Orage, Alfred Richard. National guilds; an inquiry into the wage system and the way out; edited by A. R. Orage. London: G. Bell & Sons, Ltd., 1914. viii, 370 p. 8°. TDD

The substance of articles published in the New Age.

Parents and their problems; child welfare in home, school, church and state; edited by M. H. Weeks. Washington: National Congress of Mothers and ParentTeacher Associations [1914]. 8 v. pl. 12°. SOC

Pelham, Herbert Sidney. The training of a working boy. With a foreword by the bishop of Birmingham. London: Macmillan and Co., Ltd., 1914. xv, 165 p., 8 pl. 12°. SOH

Penndorf, B. Geschichte der Buchhaltung in Deutschland. Leipzig: G. A. Gloeckner, 1913. iv, 247(1) p. 8°.

Philip, George, & Son, Ltd. Chamber of Commerce atlas... 1914. 2. ed. 4°.




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Economics, Sociology, etc., continued.

Weiss-Bartenstein, W. K. Bulgarien; Land, Leute und Wirtschaft zur Zeit des Balkankrieges. Leipzig: Dieterich, 1913. vi p., 1 1., 220 p., 31 pl. 8°. TAH

White, Frank, and GODFREY GOLDMARK. White and Goldmark on non-stock corporations; containing the statutes and procedure relative to the organization, regulation and powers of membership and religious corporations in the state of New York with decisions, annotations and forms. New York: Baker, Voorhis & Co., 1913. vii, 725 p. 8°. TNG

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Carpenter, Rolla Clinton, and H. DIEExperimental engineering and manual for testing for engineers and for students in engineering laboratories. New York: J. Wiley & Sons, 1913. xix, 1132 p., 2 diagr. illus. 7. ed. 8°. VFC

Cheyney, Edward G., and J. P WENTLING. The farm woodlot; a handbook of forestry for the farmer and the student in agriculture. New York: Macmillan Co., 1914. xii p., 1 1.., 343 p., 1 pl. illus. 12°. (Rural science series.) VQP

Cunningham, Brysson. The dock and harbour engineer's reference book. Being a compilation of notes on various matters connected with maritime engineering, and ports and harbours. London: C. Griffin & Co., Ltd., 1914. vi p., 1 1., 319 p., 6 diagr. illus. 16°. Desk Tech. Div.

Cushing, Harry Cooke, the younger. Standard wiring for electric light and power as adopted by the fire underwriters of the United States, containing the national electrical code explained and illustrated, together with the necessary tables and formulae for outside and inside wiring and construction for all systems. New York: H. C. Cushing, jr., 1914. 200 p. illus. 20. ed. 16°. Desk - Tech. Div.

Dana, Gorham. Automatic sprinkler protection. Boston: T. Groom & Co., Inc., 1914. xi, 407 p. illus. 8°. Desk - Tech. Div.

Drysdale, A. L. Greater profits from land, the secret of successful farming; a practical treatise on the land, and an exposition of agricultural research, including a complete report of the Dalmeny experiments, with scales of unexhausted manurial values, applicable to various systems of farming, &c, &c. 1911-12. Edinburgh: Edina Pub. Co., Ltd., 1914. viii, 187(1) p., 1 diagr., 6 pl. 4°. + VPH

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Hall, George Leslie. Elementary theory of alternate current working. London: "The Electrician" Prtg. & Pub. Co. [1913.1 vi, 195 p. 8°. (Electrician series.) VGM

Hoare, Charles. The slide rule and how to use it; containing full, easy, and simple instructions to perform all business calculations with unexampled rapidity and accuracy. With a slide rule in tuck of cover. London: C. Lockwood & Son, 1914. vi, 104 p. 12°. (Weale's scientific and technical series.) VDC

Horner, Joseph Gregory. Gear cutting in theory and practice. Manchester: Emmott & Co., Ltd., 1914. 2 p.l., vii-xii, 391 p. illus. 8°. ("Mechanical world" series.)


Hurst, George Henry. Textile soaps and oils; a handbook on the preparation, properties, and analysis of the soaps and oils used in textile manufacturing, dyeing, and printing, by G. H. Hurst. Second edition, revised and partly re-written by W. H. Simmons. London: Scott, Greenwood & Son, 1914. xi, 189(1) p. 8°. VON

Kersten, C. Der Eisenbetonbau; ein Leitfaden für Schule und Praxis. Teil 2. Berlin: W. Ernst & Sohn, 1913. illus. 7. ed. 12°. VEOM Teil 2. Anwendung im Hoch- und Tiefbau. Koll, Gottfried. Brücken aus Eisen. Leipzig: M. Jänecke, 1914. vii(i), 96 p. 8°. (Bibliothek der gesamten Technik. Bd. 226.) VEK

Krause, Rudolf. Bedienung und Schaltung von Dynamos und Motoren sowie für kleine Anlagen und mit Akkumulatoren. Berlin: J. Springer, 1914. vii, 118 p. illus. VGI

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Lauffer, Adolf. Die moderne Betriebsorganisation in mittleren Maschinenfabriken und ihre Einführung. Leipzig: M. Jänecke, 1914. viii, 191 p. 12°. (Bibliothek der gesamten Technik. Bd. 227.)


Livingstone, R. The mechanical design and construction of generators. London: "The Electrician" Prtg. & Pub. Co., Ltd. [1914. vi, 222 p., 3 diagr., 1 table. 8°. (Electrician series.) VGI

Miller, Charles M. Kitecraft and kite tournaments. Peoria, Ill.: Manual Arts Press [1914]. 144 p., 1 pl. illus. 8°. VDY

Neil, Marion Harris. Canning, preserving and pickling. Philadelphia: David McKay [cop. 1914]. vii p., 1 1., 11-284 p., 12 pl. 12°. VTG


Industries and Industrial Arts, continued.

Sears, Fred C. Productive orcharding; modern methods of growing and marketing fruit. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Co. (1914. xiv, 315 p., 1 pl. illus. 8°. (Lippincott's farm manuals.) VQK

Shaw, W. J. Practical and experimental wireless telegraphy; a handbook for operators, students and amateurs. London: E. & F. N. Spon, 1914. 1 p.1., (1)6-102 p., 1 pl. illus. 12°. Desk-Tech. Div.

Smith, Dempster, and P. C. N. PICKWORTH. Engineers' costs and economical workshop production. Manchester: Emmott & Co., Ltd., 1914. 2 p.1., vii-xi, 248 p. illus. 8°. ("Mechanical world" series.)


Smith, William C. The business of farming. Cincinnati: Stewart & Kidd Co., 1914. 3 p.1., 9-293 p., 39 pl. 8°. VPC

Sprague, Ernest H. Hydraulics; a textbook for students and engineers. London: Scott, Greenwood & Son, 1914. xi, 184 p. illus. 12°. (Broadway series of engineering handbooks. v. 10.)


Tompkins, Ernest. The science of knitting; an illustrated reference book of the elementary principles of knit fabrics and machine knitting...written by E. Tompkins for the Wildman Mfg. Co., Norristown, Pa. New York: J. Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1914. xiii, 330 p. illus. nar. 12°.

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Voigt, A. Die Herstellung der Sprengstoffe. Teil 1. Halle: W. Knapp, 1913. 8°. (Monographien über chemisch-technische Fabrikationsmethoden. Bd. 32.) YOD Teil 1. Schwarzpulver, Chloratsprengstoffe, Schiessbaumwolle, rauchschwache Schiesspulver.

Belleudy, Jules. J. S. Duplessis, peintre du roi, 1725-1802. Chartres: Imprimerie Durand, 1913. 2 p.1., 359 p., 1 fac., 6 pl., 18 port. 4°. (Académie de Vaucluse.)

no. 33 of 250 copies printed.


Bénédite, Léonce. The Luxembourg Museum; its paintings. Paris: H. Laurens, 1913. 69(1) p., 1 1., 216 p. illus. 8°.

MAVZ Briggs, Martin Shaw. Baroque architecture. New York: McBride, Nast & Co.. 1914. 238 p., 1 1., 72 pl. 4°. MQV

Chavannes, Édouard, and R. PETRUCCI. La peinture chinoise au Musée Cernuschi, avril-juin. 1912. Bruxelles: G. van Oest & Cie., 1914. 3 p.1., 98 p., 1 1., 47 pl. fo. (Ars Asiatica. v. 1.) + MAG


Dana, William Sumner Barton. Swiss châlet book; a minute analysis and reproduction of the châlets of Switzerland, obtained by a special visit to that country, its architects and its châlet homes. New York: W. T. Comstock Co. [1913.] 151 p., 1 pl. illus. 4°. MQWD

De Ricci, Seymour. Description raisonnée des peintures du Louvre. Avec une préface par J. Reinach. [v.] 1. Paris: Imprimerie de l'art, 1913. 8°. MAVZ

Duthie, Arthur Louis. Stencils & stencilling for all purposes: artistic & decorative. London: Trade Papers Pub. Co., Ltd., 1914. 159 p., 21., 1 pl. illus. 12°. ("The decorator" series of practical books. no. 10.) MLK

Fischel, Oskar. Raphaels Zeichnungen; hrsg. von O. Fischel. Abt. 1. Berlin: G. Grote, 1913. pl. illus. fo. †† MCF

Hessling, Egon, and W. HESSLING. Le style directoire le mobilier. Reproductions de meubles du temps et d'anciennes estampes accompagnés d'une notice historique, d'une analyse du style de l'époque directoire, et d'une description détaillée des planches. v. 1. Paris: E. Hessling, 1914. pl. fo. †† MLES

Lees, Frederic. The art of the great masters as exemplified by drawings in the collection of Emile Wauters. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1913. xvi, 198 p., 60 pl. illus. 4°. + MEL

Loeb, James. Die Bronzen der Sammlung Loeb. Hrsg. von J. Sieveking. München, 1913. vi, 86 p., 46 pl. fo. † MGR

Magne, Émile. Nicolas Poussin, premier peintre du roi, 1594-1665 (documents inédits), suivi d'un catalogue raisonné et accompagné de la reproduction de 145 de ses tableaux et dessins, de deux portraits autographes et autres documents. Bruxelles: G. van Oest & Cie., 1914. 5 p.1., 3232 p., 2 1., 1 fac., 124 pl., 2 port. illus. fo. † MCO no. 243 of 500 copies printed. Mauclair, Camille. Les miniatures de l'Empire et de la Restauration; portraits de femmes. Paris: H. Piazza [1913). 137 (1) p., 2 1., 1 pl., 45 port. f°. † MBO

no. 371 of 450 copies printed. Moreau, Jean Michel, the younger. Carnet de croquis par Moreau le jeune. Facsimilé de l'album du Musée du Louvre. Introduction et description par P. Marcel. Paris: J. Terquem, 1914. 2 v. 12°. MEM no. 101 of 200 copies printed. v. 1, text.

v. 2, facsimile reproduction consisting of 61 pl., and 2 p. of ms., with inscription: Etudes de M. Moreau jr., dessinateur du Cabinet du Roy.

Murillo, Bartolomé Esteban. Murillo, des Meisters Gemälde in 287 Abbildungen.

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