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ditional poems.


A new edition of Mr Alaric A. Watts's Rameses, an Egyptian Tale, with his “ Poetical Sketches,” with illustrations, torical notes of the era of the Pharaohs, is is preparing for publication, which will announced in three volumes.

include Gertrude de Balm, and other adMemoirs are printing of the Life and Writings of Mrs Frances Sheridan, mo Early in January will be published, the ther of the late Right Hon. R. B. Sheri. Pirate of the Adriatic, a romance, in dan, and author of “ Sidney Bidulph,” three volumes, by J. Griffin. ** Nourjahad,” and “ the Discovery," The Life of Jeremy Taylor, and a Cri. with remarks upon a late Life of the tical Examination of his Writings, by Dr Right Hon. R. B. Sheridan, criticism and Heber, bishop of Calcutta, are nearly selections from the works of Mrs Sheri- ready for publication, in 2 vols. post 8vo. dan, and biographical anecdotes of her with fine portrait by Warren, from an family and contemporaries; by her grand original picture. daughter, Alicia Lefanu.

Shortly will be published, the Plenary A History of the Origin and Progress Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures assertof the Greek Revolution is preparing by ed, and Infidel Objections shown to be E. Blaquiere, Esq.

unfounded, in Six Lectures ; by the Rev. The twelfth part of Views on the S. Noble. Southern Coast of England, from draw. In a few days will be published, a Narings by J. M. W. Turner, R. A. &c. and rative of the sufferings of a French Proengraved by. W. B. and G. Cooke, and testant Family at the Period of the Reother eminent artists, is on the eve of pub- vocation of the Edict of Nantes, written lication ; and the four remaining parts, by John Magault the Father, translated which will complete the work, will speed and now first published from the original ily follow.

manuscript, in the possession of a deThe Odes of Anacreon of. Teos, as scendant of the family residing near Spitaltranslated into English verse, by W. fields, at the request of members of the Richardson, Esq. are in the press.

Spitalfields Benevolent Society. In the press, and will appear imme. Dr Cox will shortly publish, Remarks diately, in one volume, octavo, with a on Acute Rheumatism, and the importportrait from an acknowledged likeness, ance of early Blood-letting in that Disease, Memoirs of Rossini, consisting of anec as preventing Metastasis to the Heart. dotes of his life and of his professional M. de la Beche will shortly publish a career, by the Author of the lives of Selection of the Geological Memoirs conHaydn and Mozart, printed in an uniform tained in the “ Annales des Mines," tomanner with the translation of that work. gether with a synoptical table of equiva

The several Treatises of the late James lent formations, and M. Brongniart's table Baverstock, Esq. on the Brewery, are of the classification of mixed rocks. about to be collected into one volume, Mr C. Chatfield has in the press a Comwith notes, together with an introduction, pendious View of the History of the containing a biographical sketch of the Darker Ages, with genealogical tables. author, a paper on specific gravities, and A work is forthcoming on the Antiquity on the various hydrostatical instruments of the Doctrine of the Quakers respecting which have been used in the brewery ; by Inspiration, with a brief review of that his son, J. H. Baverstock, F. S. A. Society, its religious tenets, practices, and

A Sketch of the System of Education legal exemptions, and a comparison beat New Lanark, by R. D. Owen, is in the twcen the life and opinions of the Friends press, and will appear in a few days. and those of early Christians.

The Annual Biography and Obituary The Crimes of Kings and Priests, or for the year 1824 is announced, contain- Exposition of the Effects of Absolute ing Memoirs of celebrated Men who have Monarchy and the Domination of the died in 1822-23.

Priesthood, will soon appear. Prose, by a Poet, is announced.

A volume of Poems, by Mr Percival, 'work, called Plain Instructions to will appear in February. Executors and Administrators, showing

On the 1st

February 1824 will be the duties and responsibilities incident to published, No. I. of Original Views of the due performance of the trusts, with the Collegiate and Parochial Churches of directions respecting the probate of wills Great Britain, by Messrs. J. P. Neale and and taking out letters of administration, J. Le Keux. &c. will soon be published.

The Deserted City, Eva, a tale in two

City: VOL. xiv,

cantos, and Electricity, Poems by J. Mr G. Phillips is printing a CompenBounden, will shortly appear.

dium of Algebra, with notes and demonOn the first of February will be pub- strations, showing the reason of every lished, the first part, to be continued rule; designed for the use of schools, and quarterly, of the Animal Kingdom, as ar. those persons who have not the advanranged conformably with its organisation, tage of a preceptor ; the whole arranged by Baron Cuvier, with additional descrip- on a plan calculated to abridge the labour tions of all the species hitherto named, of the master, and facilitate the improveand of many not before noticed. The ment of the pupil. whole of the “ Regne Animal" of the Captain Parry's Second Voyage for the above celebrated zoologist will be transla. Discovery of a North-west Passage, with ted in this undertaking ; but the additions twenty-five plates, is announced for im. will be so considerable, as to give it the mediate publication ; with an Appendix character of an original work.

of Natural History, &c. to Captain Party's An Italian translation of Dodsley's First Voyage of Discovery, with plates. Economy of Human Life, by Signior Aureus, or the Adventures of a SoveAloisi, a native of Tuscany, is nearly reign, written by himself, is printing in ready.

two volumes. Translations have been ordered by au. Procrastination, or the Vicar's Daugh: thority to be made of the chief Elemen- ter, a tale, by S. Percy, is announced. tary Books on the English Interrogative Shortly will be published, Plantarum System into the Russian language. Scientia, or the Botanist's Companion,

A comprehensive System of English being a catalogue of hardy exotic and inGrammar, Criticism, and Logic, is pre- digenous plants cultivated in this country. paring for publication, arranged and illus. Dr R. Southey, poet-laureate, author of trated upon a new and improved plan, “ Wat Tyler,” &c. announces the Book containing apposite principles, rules, and of the Church, in two volumes, octavo. examples, for writing correctly and ele Mr Britton announces a Grammar of gantly on every subject; by the Rev. P. English Antiquities. Smith, A.M.

The Suffolk Papers, from the collecMrs M. A. Randall announces a Sequel tion of the Marchioness of Londonderry, to the Grammar of Sacred History, being with historical, biographical, and expla. a paraphrase on the Epistles and Gospels natory notes, and an original whole. for every Sunday throughout the year, length portrait of the Countess of Suffolk, with explanatory notes. To which are are print in two volumes. prefixed, a simple Ilustration of the Li. The Green-house Companion, by Dr turgy, and a Paraphrase on the Church Thornton, intended as a familiar manual Catechism.

for the general management of a greenAn improved edition is in the press of house, is in preparation. Milburn's Oriental Commerce, or the Australia, with other Poems, by T. K. East-India Trader's Complete Guide, con Hervey, will appear in a few days. taining a geographical and nautical de The first part of the third folio volume scription of the maritime parts of India, of Mr Lodge's Illustrations of English China, and neighbouring countries, in Portraits, accompanied with biographical cluding the eastern islands, and an account narratives, is printing. of their trade, productions, coins, weights, A work, called Scilly and its Islands, and measures : abridged, improved, and from a complete survey undertaken by brought down to the present time, by Mr order of the Lords Comissioners of the T. Thornton.

Admiralty, by Captain W. H. Smyth, An East-India Vade-Mecum will soon R. N. with fourteen plates, beautifully enappear, being a complete guide to gentle. graved by Daniell, in quarto, will speedmen proceeding to the East Indies in ily appear. either the civil, military, or naval service, A Tour through the Upper Provinces or on other pursuits ; by Dr J. B. Gil. of Hindoostan, comprising a period bechrist.

tween the years 1804 and 1814, with re. The Improvisatriee, and other poems, marks and authentic anecdotes ; to which are preparing for publication.

is added, a Guide up the River Ganges, The second volume of the Lady of the from Calcutta to Cawnpore, Futteh Ghur, Manor, by Mrs Sherwood, is in the press; Meeratt, &c. will soon appear. also the Willoughby Family, by the au Letters from the Caucasus and Geor. thor of " Margaret Whyte," &c. ; Rose gia are announced, with maps and plates, Grant, or a Matlock Sketch; a Whisper octavo. to a Newly-Married Pair, from a Widowed A Complete History of London, West. Wife ; and · Memory, by the author of minster, and Southwark, by J. Bayley, Margaret Whyte," &c.

Esq. F.A.S. is in preparation.

Mr W. Irving has collected materials fac-similes of original sketches found in for a new work during his recent tour in the Note-book of a Briefiess Barrister, is Germany.

announced. The History of the Hundred of Hey The twelfth number of Mr Fosbroke's tesbury, Wilts, adjoining that of Mere, Encyclopædia of Antiquities, which comalready published, by Sir R. C. Hoare, pletes the first volume, is printing. Bart. is preparing for publication; also, Lives of the Bishops of Sherburne and Salisbury, from the year 705 to the pre

EDINBURGH. sent time; by the Rev. S. H. Cassan, « Tales and Sketches of the West of M.A.

Scotland, by a Native of that district." The Miscellaneous Works of Burnet. There are two Tales, and a View of the Bishop of Salisbury, are printing, in two Changes which have occurred in society series, seven volumes each.

and manners during the last eventful A new translation of the Elegies of half century. Tibullus, by Lord Thurlow, will soon Observations on the Surgical Anatomy appear.

of the Head and Neck. Illustrated by A volume of Eccentric and Humo. Cases and Engravings. By Allan Burns, rous Letters of Eminent Men and Wo late Member of the Royal College of men, including several of Dean Swift, Surgeons, London, and Lecturer on AnaFoote, Garrick, &c. is printing.

tomy and Surgery, Glasgow. Second EdiEighteen additional Sermons, intended tion. With a Life of the Author, and addi. to establish the inseparable connexion tional Cases and Observations. By Granbetween the doctrines and practice of ville Sharp Pattison, Surgeon, Professor Christianity, by the author of the former of Surgery in the University of Mary. volume, will soon appear.

land, &c. &c. The Spirit of the British Essayists, A volume of Şerinons, selected from comprising the best papers on lile, man. the Manuscripts of the late Robert Boag, ners, and literature, contained in the D.D. first Minister of the Abbey Parish Spectator, Tatler, Guardian, &c. with the of Paisley. Edited by Professor Milne. whole alphabetically arranged, according The Scottish Wanderer, or the blessed to the subjects, is printing in a small effects of true religion, exemplified in a volume.

brief Memoir of Thomas Hogg, of JedPortraits of the Worthies of Westmin- burgh, in Scotland, by a Clergyman of ster-hall, with their autographs, being the Church of England.



A Guide to Practical Farriery, contain.

Xenophontis Memorabilia Socratis, ing Hints on the Diseases of Horses and

cum Apologia Socratis eidem Auctori vul. Neat Cattle, with many valuable and ori.

go adscripta, cum Texta et Notis Plu.

rismus J. G. Schneideri, auxit Notis et ginal recipes from the practice of an emi. nent veterinary surgeon. By J. Purs

Variis Lectionibus, ex Simpson et Benglove, sen. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

welli, excerptis Johannes Greenwood, A Treatise upon Breeding, Rearing, imper Socius, et Regii Orphanotrophii

M.A. domus Petri apud Cantabrigiensis and Feeding, Cheviot and Black-faced Sheep in high Districts, with some ac.

Christi e Praæceptoribus, accesserunt L.

C. Valkenaerii et D. Ruhnkenii Annota. count of, and a complete cure for, that fatal malady the Rot, together with ob

tione Integra. 8vo. 9s. bds.- with Laservations upon laying out and conduct

tin Version, 10s. 6d. boards. ing a Store Farm. By John Fairbairn,

L. Annei Senecæ Tragediæ recensuit farmer in Lammermuir. 8vo. 5s. bds.

et accuravit Joannes Carey, LL.D. 24mo.

Os, boards. ANTIQUITIES. Sabæan Researches, in a series of Es. says, addressed to distinguished Antiqua Mary Stuart, a tragedy ; the Maid of ries, and including the substance of a Orleans, a tragedy ; from the German of Course of Lectures delivered at the Royal Schiller, with a Life of the Author, By Institution of Great Britain, on the en. the Rev. H. Salvin, M.B. 8vo. 10s. 6d. grared Hieroglyphics of Chaldea, Egypt, Joseph and his Brethren, a Scriptural and Canaan. By John Landseer, F.S.A. Drama By H. L. Howard. Post 8vo. 4to. with numerous plates. £.2.12.6d. 78. 6d. boards.




Magazine: containing a portrait of the Illustrations of the Interrogative Sys late John Hunter, and other plates. tem of Education. By Sir Richard Phil

On the Nature and Treatment of the lips. 6d.

Distortions to which the Spine and the A companion to the Musical Assistant,

Bones of the Chest are subject : with an with an Appendix, containing Exercises inquiry into the merits of the several for Pupils copying Music, &c. and which modes of practice which have been folmay be studied in conjunction with any

lowed in the treatment of Distortions. elementary book already in the hands of By John Shaw. 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards. the pupil. A work recommended to

The Medical Guide for the Use of the teachers in schools and families.

Clergy, Heads of Families, and Practi. tioners in Medicine and Surgery, compris.

ing a Domestic Dispensatory, and PracPart XIV. of a Series of Engravings in tical Treatise on the symptoms, causes, outline, by Henry Moses, of the Works

prevention, and cure, of the diseases inci. of A. Canova, with descriptions. 8vo. dent to the human frame, with the latest 4s.

discoveries in medicine. By R. Reece, A Treatise on the Principles of Land. M.D. 10s. 6d. boards. scapes, Designs, &c. in eight parts.

No. XII. of the Philadelphia Journal A concise Treatise on Perspective, in of the Medical Sciences, supported by an two parts.

Association of Physicians, and edited by Studies of Trees, and Precepts for N. Chapman, M.D. 8vo. 5s. Landscape Painting. By John Varley.

An Engraved Representation of the Myriorama, or many Thousand Views, Anatomy of the Human Ear, exhibiting consisting of numerous cards, on which at one view the external and internal are fragments of landscapes, neatly co parts of the organ, &c. By Thomas Bu. loured, and so ingenionely contrived, that chanan. Folio. 12s. 6d. boards. any two or more placed together will

MATHEMATICS. form a pleasing view, or, if the whole are The Second Volume of Dr Hutton's put on a table at once, will admit of the as. Course of Mathematics, with many cortonishing number of 20,922,789,888,000 rections and improvements. By Olinthus variations : the Cards are fitted up in an Gregory, LL.D. 8vo. 10s. 60. boards. elegant box. 15s.

The Elements of a new Arithmetical GEOGRAPHY.

Notation, and of a new Arithmetic of InParts I. to V. of Clark's Geographical

finites, in two books : in which the series Dictionary. 2nd edition, 4to.

discovered by modern mathematicians for

the Quadrature of the Circle and HyperHORTICULTURE.

bola are demonstrated to be aggregately A Treatise on the Culture and Manage- incommensurable quantities, and a critement of Fruit-trees. By Charles Harri. rion is given by which the commensura. son, F.H.S. Svo.

bility or incommensurability of infinite Part III. Vol. V. of the Transactions series may be accurately ascertained. By of the Horticultural Society. 4to. £.1. T. Taylor. 8vo. 8s. boards. HISTORY

MISCELLANEOUS. Memoirs of the Reign of George III.

Rivington's continuation of Dodsley's from the Treaty of Amiens, 1802, to the

Annual Register for the Year 1799. 8vo. Termination of Regency, 1820. By Wm.

£.1. Belsham. 2 vols. 8vo. £.1.1s. bds.

A new Series of the Investigator, or LAW AND JURISPRUDENCE.

Quarterly Magazine. 3s.

A Treatise on the Game of Ecarte, as The Marriage Act, 4 Geo. IV. cap. 76, played in the highest circles of London arranged under the heads-Repealing and Paris ; translated from the French, Clause, Banns of Matrimony, Licence of

with additions, annexed to which are the Marriage, Register of Marriage, General

rules in French, printed verbatim from Clauses, Exemptions, with short explana the Paris edition. 18mo. ls. 6d. tory observations, and an Appendix. By Part X. of the Bibliotheca Britannica, George Lawton, proctor.

or a General Index to the Literature of MEDICINE AND SURGERY.

Great Britain and Ireland. By R. Watt, A Treatise on the Physiology and Dis. M.D. 4to. £.1.1s. eases of the Ear, containing a compara Essays on the Inventions and Customs tive View of its Structure and Functions. of Ancient and Modern Nations in the By J. H. Curtis, Esq. 8vo. 7s. 6d. Use of Wine and other Liquors, with an

The Second Volume of the Weekly historical view of the practice of distillaMedico - Chirurgical and Philosophical tion. By S. Morewood. 8vo. 12s. bis.


An Attempt to explain, on Natural and Political Events in Spain, during the Principles, the Cures, alleged to be Mira last Twelve Months; with some introculous, of Miss Lalor and Mrs Stuart. ductory Remarks on the present Crisis. Sro. Is. 8d.

By Edward Blaquiere, Esq. Miracles, a rhapsody. By E. Barton. The last Days of Spain, or an Histori. Svo. 2s.6d.

cal Sketch of the Measures taken by the A Complete Exposure of the late Irish Continental Powers in order to destroy Miracles, in a letter to Dr Murray, Titu, the Spanish Constitution. 8vo. 3s. lar Archbishop of Dublin. By a Rational Christian. Svo. 2s. 6d. sewed.

A Dictionary of all Religions and ReNATURAL PHILOSOPHY.

ligious Denominations. To which are Four Dialogues between a Tutor of the prefixed, An Essay on Truth ; On the University of Oxford and a Disciple of

state of the World at Christ's Appearance; the Common Sense Philosophy. By Sir

and a Sketch of Missonary Geography. Richard Phillips. 4s. 6d.

By T. Williams. 10s. 6d. boards. NOVELS, TALES, AND ROMANCES.

A Monitor to Families, or Discourses The Days of Queen Mary, or a Tale of

on some of the Duties and Scenes of Dothe Fifteenth Century, 12mo. 5s, bds.

mestic Life. By the Rev. Henry BelMountalyth, a Tale, in 3 vols. By frage. l2mo. 7s. 6d. boards. Jane Harvey. 158.

Morning Communings with God, or Corfe Castle; or, Keneswitha, a Tale.

Devotional Meditations for every Day of 8vo. 12s. boards.

the Year. Translated from the Original - Hurstwood; a Tale of the Year 1715,

German of Sturm. By William John3 vols. 12mo. 16s. 6d.

stone, A.M. 2 vols. royal 12ino. 16s.

boards. Adventures of Congo. 18mo. 5s. plain.; 6s. 6d. coloured.

Sermons of the late Rev. James Sau. The Lady of the Manor. By Mrs rin, pastor of the French Church at the Sherwood. 7s. extra boards.

Hague. Translated by the Rev. R. RoThe History of George Desmond, binson, Henry Hunter, D.D. and the Rev. founded on Facts which occurred in the Joseph Sutcliffe, A.M. With additional East Indies, and now published as a use

Sermons, now first translated; the whole ful Caution to Young Men going out to

corrected and revised by the Rev. Samuel that Country. Post 8vo. 78.

Burder, A.M. 6 vols. 8vo. with portrait

of the author. £.3.3s. boards. Eugenia ; or, the Dangers of the World. By Miss More. 4s. boards.

The Seventh and Eight Volumes of a The Captivity, Sufferings, and Escape, Works of John Owen, D.D., Vice-chan

New and Uniform Edition of the whole of James Scurry, under Hyder Ali and Tippoo Saib. 12mo.

cellor of the University of Oxford, and Mammon in London, or the Spy of the Dean of Christ Church'; to be completed Day ; a Characteristic and Satirical Ro.

in 16 vols. 8vo. 12s. mance, on the Model of Le Diable Boi.

The Anti-Swedenberg. 12mo. 2s. 6d.

boards. teux. 2 vols. 12mo. 12s. boards. POETRY.

A Course of Lectures, illustrative of the Horæ Jocose, or the Doggerel Deca.

Pilgrim's Progress. By the Rev. Daniel meron, being Ten Facetious Tales, in

Warr, Haverfordwest. 8vo. verse. By Joseph Lunn, Esq. 4s. 6d.

A Charge delivered at the Primary The Nun, a Poetical Romance; and

Triennial Visitation of the Province of two others. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Munster, in 1823. By Richard, Archbi. The Sea Songs of England, selected

shop of Cashel. 8vo. ls. from Original Manuscripts and early

The Doctrines of General Redemption, printed Copies, in the Library of William

as held by the Church of England and by Kitchiner, M.D. Folio. £.212s. boards.

the early Dutch Arminians, exhibited in The Pilgrim's Tale, a Poem. By Chas.

their Scriptural Evidence, and in their Lockhart. 6s. boards.

Connection with the Civil and Religious Clara Chester, a Poem. By the Au.

Liberties of Mankind. By James Ni. thor of “ Rome,” and “ The Vale of chols. 1 vol. 8vo. 168. boards.

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. Chamouni.” 8vo. Ts. 6d.

Vol. II. of Travels in the Interior of POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. Southern Africa. By W. J. Burchell,

An Appeal to the British Nation, on Esq. completing the work ; 4to.; with the Humanity and Policy of forming a 116 coloured and black engravings. National Institution for the Preservation £.414,6d. of Lives and Property from Shipwreck. Travels into Chile over the Andes, in By Sir William Hillary, Bart. 8vo. the years 1820 and 1821 ; with some

Count Pecchio's Journal of Military Sketches of the Production and Agricul.


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