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Kept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Caltonhill. N.B.-The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock forenoon and four o'clock afternoon.—The second Observation, in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register Therinometer. Attach.

Attach. 1823. Ther. Baro. Wind. Weather. 1823. Ther. Baro.




Rain morn.
fair day.

Dec. 17{


A. 31

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A. 35

21 M.28

.805 M.35 1

A. 37

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23 S M.38



Dec. 1
M.375 28.930 M.46

M.52 28.919 M.39

Sh. of snow.
A. 41 29.102 4.44

A. 38

.710 A. 32) and sleet aft. 1.35 28.910 M.13

.810 M.33
Chle. Ditto.
A 40 .902 A. 10

Keen frost.

.998 A. 34
.892 M.39

Do. & heavy,

19 M.22 29.357 M.33
.892 A. 38)


SE. rain night.

A. 29 (M.29

.314 A.31 )
.615 M.37

Heavy rain

20 ) M.20; 28.792 M.38 Cble. Hail, sleet, .645 A. 57) and sleet.

A. 32
M.29 29.350 M.37

.691 A. 31)

and snow. Cble.

Frosty, with .95 A.37) sunshine.

SE. Dull, with

A. 35 91.98

.998 A.37) heen frost.

.498 M.34

M.33 29.396 M.38
.925 A. 35 )
foren, sun.


Foggy, but

.397 4.37)
.930 M.591
Morn. sleet.


.536 M.36 .950'A.57 )

Frost morn. day frosty,

A. 36

.479 4. 31 )
.711 M.47
Morn. frost,

foggy day.
A. 46

24 M.30.525 M.37
.768 A. 42
day fresh.


Frost morn.
A. 38

.505 A. 31
.835 M.39
Frosty, sun.

day dull.

25 M.581/ .355 M.15
.930 A. 39
very cold.

Cble. Morn rain.
.895 M.40
Fair, but

.176 A. 15)

fn. sun. cold.

005 M.41
A. 10

.642 A. 12

H.rain morn.


A.38 28.955 A. 40 )
.452 M.46

Sun. foren,
.515 A. 41

.750 M.12
rain aftern.


Rain morn.

A. 41
M.98 28.999 M.37

.796 A. 40

fair day,

Frost, with
1.33 99.153 A. 36
shrs. snow.

.816 M.40 Isw. Day f. even.

.430 A. 44 .696 M.36

rain & sleet. W.

Frost with
A. 35 .$13 A. 55

29 {

Heavy rain, .443 A. 45

and sleet aft. .750 M.36


Frost foren.
.463 A. 39
rain aftern.

Foren. fair, .576 A. 41

rain aftern. .780 M.37


Fair, with
A. 36 .675 A. 39

31 M.341

.999 M.42 sunshine.


Day fair,cold

A. 38 .999 A. 40
.395 M.44
Foren. fair,

rain night. A. 46 28.999 A. 13) 'night rain.

Average of Rain, 3.682 inches.


A. 36


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fair day.

A. 47

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AGRICULTURAL REPORT. FROM the middle to the end of December, the weather continued cold, and rains were frequent. The mean temperature, for that period, did not exceed 36°, and the depth of rain amounted to 24 inches. The new year commenced with pleasant wea. ther. The rains that have fallen since the 1st of the present month do not exceed two-tenths of an inch, and the mean temperature was about 41o. Frosts have been frequent, but of short continuance, and seldom so hard as to give any interruption to field labours ; plowing is, therefore, now far advanced. A considerable breadth of clo. ver ley has been turned over, for oat-seed furrow, on light lands; on clay soils, it is thought rather early for that operation.

The progress of vegetation has of late been rather rapid for the season ; immense lists of plants in flower appear in almost every newspaper ; but, in glancing over such lists, it is easy to observe, that most of the flowers mentioned are Autumn, and not Spring flowers. They therefore only afford a proof, that, hitherto, frosts have not been severe, but they offer no data whereby to judge of the actual progress of vegetation. It may, however, be mentioned as an anomaly, that the lateness of vegetation last season, and its earliness at present, are conspicuous in the green state of the arbutus-berries, (which usually assume a scarlet colour in December,) and the early springing of the snow-drop, which seldom appears before the end of January. Latesown wheats have had a favourable season, and look well, except in some instances in pease stubbles, where the slugs have made terrible depredations. Turnips are be. ginning to run, and a short continuance of the present weather will soon hurt their quality.

Prices of grain have improved considerably since our last, and at a period of the season, too, when the market is usually glutted. Wheat is in demand ; best new, from 28s. to 30s., in the northern markets. Barley is keenly sought after, and brings from 26s. to 27s. per boll : seed oats also find ready buyers at about 20s. per boll. Fat cattle are rather scarce, and brings from 6s. 6d., to 7s. per stone, Dutch weight. Turnip-fed sheep are in request, and will pay something for their keep, besides the value of their droppings to the soil. The season has been favourable to the operation of planting forest-trees, and labourers are easily found at ls. 2d. per short day of seven hours.

Perthshire, 12th January 1824.

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s. d. s.d. s. d. 8. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. 6. d. s. d. Dec. 171 784 20 0 330 30 8 210 25 615 6 22 0 19 0 210

241 683 20 0 360 29 3 250 25 6 156 22 0 190 210

311 650 21 0 38 0 28 6 21 0 25 6 16 6 23 6 180 200 Jan. 7 837 18 6 38 0 29 2 23 0 26 0 15 6 23 6.190 21 0

14) 786 23 0 39 0 30 7 23 0 260 156 23 6.190 210

d. 9 10 10 10 10

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Wheat, 240 lbs.

Oats, 26 4 lbs.
Barley, 320 lbs.

Bns. & Pse. Oatmeal Flour, 1824. Dantzic. For. red. British. Irish.

140 lbs. 280 lbs. British. English. Scots. Stirl. Meas. S. S. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. S. d. s. sd Dec. 18 30 140 34 6 170 920

28 0 29 0 23 6 26 6 29 6 250 80 20 049 50 25 30 200 360 18 0 24 0

28 0 30 0 260 270 240 260 200 21 3 50 52 0 Jan. 1 30 200 360 180 210

280 31 0 26 0 28 0 24 0 260 20 0 22 6 50 520 8 30

200 370 18 6 240 240 25 0 300 31 0 270 280|| 240 260 20 0 26 6 50 53 0 15

200 380) 18 6 250 240 260 | 35 0 34 0 28 0 29 0|| 24 6 200 200 26 61 52 54 0


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1 28

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s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. S. d. s. d. s. d.

S. d. 21 0 25 6 170 210 17 910 17 0 210 Dec. 15 16 0 129 0 25 9 180 22 0 16 200 160 200 22 17 0 200 240 180 22 0 15 200 150 200 29 18 0 220 26 0 19 0 24 0 14 21 0 14 0 21 Jan. 5 18 6 1/25 6 31 6 200 24 6 15 19 6 16 0 200 12 18 6

S. d. 179 18 6 19 6 19 9 206

1 3 1 4

[blocks in formation]

Course of Exchange, London, Jan. 13.-Amsterdam, 12: 3. Ditto at sight, 11:19. Rotterdam, 12 : 4 Antwerp, 12 : 5. Hamburgh, 37 :7. Altona, 37 : 8. Paris, 3 days sight, 25 : 65. Bourdeax, 25: 85. Frankfort-on-the-Maine, 157. Madrid, 361. Cadiz, 354. Gibraltar, 304. Leghorn, 465. Genoa, 431. Naples, 384. Lisbon, 52. Oporto, 52. Rio Janeiro, 49. Dublin, 9£ cent. Cork, 94 pcent.

Prices of Bullion, P 02.-Portugal Gold in bars, £.0.0.0.--Foreign Gold in bars, £.3.1746.-New Doubloons, £.3.15.6.- New Dollars, £.0.14191.-Silver in bars, Standard, £.0.4.114.

Premiums of Insurance. Guernsey or Jersey, 258. a 308.--Cork or Dublin, 25s. a 30s.-Belfast, 258. a 30s.-Hambro', 20s. a 50s.-Madeira, 20s. a 30s.-Jamaica, 40s. a 50s.-_Greenland, out and home, 6 gs. a 12 gs.

Weekly Prices of the Public Funds, from Dec. 17th 1823, to Jan. 14th 1824.

Dec. 17. Dec. 24. Dec. 31. Jan. 7. Jan, 14.

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ALPHABETICAL List of ENGLISH BANKRUPTS, announced between the 20th of

November and the 20th December 1823: extracted from the London Gazette. Abrahams, J. Castle-street, Houndsditch, jeweller. Grant, M. Clifton, Gloucestershire, lodging-house Allum, T. W. Great Marlow, builder.

keeper. Appleton, J. Tottenham Court-road, cooper. Hamilton, R. Stoke-upon-Trent, potter. Appleyard, J. Catherine-street, Strand, bookseller. Harris, J. Kennington Cross, livery-stable keeper. Bauch, J. and M. J. Joseph Fox, Ordinary-court, Heavey, J. Shoreditch, cabinet-maker. Nicholas-lane, merchants.

Hill, T. West Smithfield, grocer. Bailey, J. Liverpool, merchant.

Hodge, H. Duval's-lane, Islington, brick-maker. Baines, B. Canterbury, bookseller.

Holbrook, J. Derby, grocer. Baylis, E. Painswick, Gloucestershire, wool-dealer. Hodges, J. Aldgate, blanket-warehouseman. Bosher, J. St. Stephen's, Hertfordshire, dealer in Hodgson, J. Newgate-street, linen-draper. cattle.

Holland, T. Nottingham, lace-manufacturer. Bruggengate, G. A. T. and T. H, Payne, Fen Hooper, J. Mitre-court, Fleet-street, stationer. church-buildings, merchants.

Hutchinson, J. Little St. Thomas Apostle, buttonBuchanan, J. and W. R. Ewing, Liverpool, insu factor. rance-brokers.

Isaacs, J. Haverfordwest, draper. Chambers, J. Gracechurch-street, tobacconist. Jones, E. A. and W. H. Hackney-fields, brewers. Champtaloup, J. Counter-st. Southwark, orange Jones, W. Dog-row, Mile-end, wheelwright. merchant.

Joyce, L. Keyford, Somersetshire, innkeeper. Coates, S. Fore-street, Cripplegate, dealer. King, T. Frederick's-place, Kennington-lane, mer. Cork, J. Rochdale, ironmonger.

chant. Cordingby, W. Russel-place, Bermondsey, brewer. Larbalestier, J. Angel-court, Throgmorton-street. Crosshey, s. King-street, Westminster, cheese Lincoln, J. Norwich, miller. monger.

Marsden, T. King street, Portman-square, horse. Cross, R: Manchester, leather-factor.

dealer. Cutmore. J. Birchin-lane, jeweller.

Minchin, T. Verulam-buildings, Gray's Inn, dealer Darms, G. Chesterfield, draper.

and chapman. Davidson, J. Chorlton-row, Lancashire, stone Mitchel, T. Oxford-street, Cannon-street rond, mason.

grocer. Davies, J. Hereford, victualler.

Moody, W. Leeds, joiner. Dixon, G. Chiswell-street, ironmonger.

Moon, J. Bristol, currier. Dowling, W. King-street, Tower-hiil, grocer. Morris, C. Fore-street, Cripplegate, victualler. Driver, A. P. College-wharf, Lambeth, flour. Moody, J. L. Clifton-street, Worship-street, silkdealer.

manufacturer. Ella, J. Lower Thames-street, wine-merchant. Moses, S. Portsea, slopseller. Ellaby, T. Emberton, Bucks, lace-merchant. Murday, R. Rochester, plumber. Eyre, W. Cockspur-street, Charing Cross, trunk. Olivant, A. Sculcoates, Yorkshire, miller. maker.

Penny, J. and T. Shepton Mallet, grocers. Farrier, W. Friday-street, Cheapside, wine-mer Powell, J. G. Egham, dealer. chant

Preddey, R. Bristol, baker. Fasanet, D. Bath, fancy-stationer.

Price, J. Lower-street, Islington, coach-maker. Fox, T. Mosbrough, Derby, scythe-manufacturer. Ransom, J. Stoke Newington, conch-master. Ford, J. Little Dartmouth, Devon, lime-merchant. Reby, R. Radnor-street, City-road, tailor. Glover, T. Derby, brush-manufacturer,

Redfern, W., T. Stevenson, and W. Blatherwick, Gough, J. Little Tower-street, vintner.

Nottingham, hosiers. Grace, R. Fenchurch-street, hatter.

Reeves, R. Stockport, shopkeeper.

Roberts, E. Oxford-street, linen-draper.

Tomes, C. Lincoln's-inn fields, scrivene Robinson, J. Bursiem, potter.

Upton, J. Tadcaster, scrivener. Rogers, J. S. and J. Portsmouth, coach-makers. Vincent, c. Tarrant Rushton, Dorsetshire, dealer Rowe, G. Chelsea, surgeon.

and chapman. Sargent, J. Wentworth-street, Whitechapel, ma Wadham, B. Poole, cooper. nufacturing chemist.

Wagstaff, J. Worcester, saddler. Sealey, B. and E. Nash, Red Lion-yard, Alders Watkins, W. L. Old Bailey, eating-house keeper. gate-street, horse-dealers.

Weedon, G. Bath, brass-founder. Simes, W. Canonbury-tower, Islington, dealer. Weller, T. Croydon, watchmaker. Smith, G. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, draper.

Wharton, C. A: King's Arms, Maidenhead, wineSmith, W. St. Clement, Worcestershire, brewer.

merchant. Spencer, J. Norwich, bombazine-manufacturer, Whalley, Thomas, Chorley, Lancashire, manufac Symes, G. B. New Terrace, Camberwell green, turer. dealer and chapman.

Whalley, C. Rivington, Lancashire, shopkeeper. Thomas, W. Regent-street, Piccadilly, stationer. Wilson, R. Birminghamı, tea-dealer.


December 1823; extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Gardner, Thomas, carpet-merchant in Edinburgh ;

by William Scott, accountant there Gow, James, junior, merchant in Glasgow Graham, John, merchant and manufacturer in

Hamilton, William, merchant in Glasgow; by the

trustee there Glasgow Hart, John, manufacturer in Paisley

Hunt, Charles, late merchant in Punfermline; by Henniker, J. and L. merchants in Clasgow

D. Lindsay, accountant in Edinburgh. Laidlaw, William, skinner in Dunse

Lamb and Miller, merchants in Glasgow; by D. Munro, William, of Achany, cattle-dealer, &c.

Cuthbertson, accountant there Sharp, Lauchlin and James, road-contractors at

Menzies, Robert, distiller in Paisley; by James Kinnaird, near Dunkeld

Craig, accountant there Tweedale, John, vintner and mail-coach contrac

Newlands, James and Luke Fraser, jewellers in tor in Montrose

Glasgow; by P. Grierson, jeweller there Watson, John, cloth-merchant in Edinburgh.

Oddy, George, grocer in Tradestown, of Glasgow;

by M.Pherson and Maclachlan, writers there DIVIDENDS.

Pollock, John, cotton-spinner in Greenhead, Glas

gow; by Wm, Sharpe, merchant there Barber, Henry, brewer, &c. in Castle-Douglas ; Robertson, William, innkeeper in Perth; by P. by Anthony Mackenzie, accountant there

Stewart, junior, merchant there Brownlee, William, engineer, &c. in Glasgow; by Wright, Alexander, fish-curer in Banff; by George

Thomas Cuthbertson, iron-merchant there Alexander, merchant there.


Dec. 21. At Whitton, the Lady of Charles Calvert, E«. M. P. a son and heir.

- Mrs John Wardrop, 103, George Street, Edin. burgh, a son.

23. At Dean Bank House, near Edinburgh, Mrs William Bruice, a son.

In Great King-Street, Edinburgh, the Lady of Capt. A. R. Kerr, C. B. royal navy, a daughter.

24. At 10, Picardy Place, Edinburgh, the Lady of Major James Harvey, of Castle Sensple, a son.

- At Edinburgh, the Lady of George Govan, Esq. M. D. Bengal Establishment, a son.

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BIRTHS. 1823. Feb. 3. At Surat, the Lady of Edward Grant, Esq. of the Civil Service, Bombay establishment, a son.

25. At Madras, the Lady of J. Macleod, Esq. a son.

Nov. 18. At Blackheath, the Lady of Captain P. H. Bridges, R. N. a daughter.

20. At Dr Monro's, Bushey, Herts, the Lady of Alexander Monro, Esq. a daughter.

23. At Kilkenny, Ireland, the Lady of John Macrobart, Esq, M. D. surgeon, 10th hussars, & son and daughter.

29. Mrs Hood, of Stoneridge, a son.
30. At Dun, the Right Hon. Lady Kennedy, a

- At Hart-Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Couper, a daughter.

Dec. 4. At No. 7, Bellevue Crescent, Edinburgh, the Lady of Jas. Wilson, Esq. advocate, a daughter.

7. At Bishop's Court, Isle of Man, Lady Sarah Murray, a daughter.

9. At Sundrum, Mrs Hamilton, of Sundrum, a daughter.

10. At Dunninald, Mrs Arkley, a son. - At Stirling, Mrs Dr Wilson, a son. 13. At 8, Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, the Hon. Mrs Peter Ramsay, a daughter.

- At Castlemilk, the Lady of William Stirling, Esq. a daughter.

Mrs (. Terrot, Northumberland-Street, Edinburgh, a daughter.

15. At Woodburn, Morningside, the Lady of George Ross, Esq. advocate, a daughter.

16. In Frederick-Street, Edinburgh, the Lady of Henry Harrington, Esq. a daughter.

-- At No. 1. George-Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Dr Nicoll, St Andrew's, a son.

28. At Ballancrieff llouse, Lady Elibank, a daughter.

21. At kinmundy, Mrs Ferguson, a son.

MARRIAGES. 1823. Jan. 21. At Googry, East Indies, Joseph Woolley, Esq. Assistant Surgeon, 2d battalion Eth regiment, to Mary, eldest daughter of Lieut.-Col. W. G. Maxwell, commanding that battalion.

Feb. 8. At Bengal, Thomas Reid Davidson, Esg. of the Civil service, to Helen Eliza, eldest daughter of Lieut.-Col. J. Paton, Commissary-General in Bengal.

July 12 At Madras, Joseph Cox, Esq. surgenn to the Hon. the Governor's Body Guard, to Catherine Grace, eldest daughter of Major Waugh, of the Madras army.

Nov. 94. At Collinsburgh, William Bonthrone, Esq. surgeon, Crail, to Margaret, daughter of the late John Scott, Esq. Crail. * -- At Lauder, George Simson, Esq. one of the Bailies of that burgh, to Miss Agnes Lauder, youngest daughter of the late Bailie George Lauder.

27. At London, Robert Hibbert, second son of Robert Hibbert, Esq. of Birtleshall, Cheshire, to Charlotte, eldest daughter of John Drummond, Esq. of Charing Cross.

- At manse of Methlick, James Nicol, Esq. ad vocate in Aberdeen, to Barbara, only daughter of the late Rev. George Allan, minister of Nevhills

29. At Edinburgh, Sir Abraham Elten, Bart, of


Cleveden Court, Somerset, to Mary, eldest daugh

DEATHS. ter of the late William Stewart, Esq. of Castle 1822. Dec. 8. At Canton, Captain Thomas San. stewart, and niece of Kenneth Earl of Seaforth. ders, of the Orwell Indiaman.

Nov. 19. In Edinburgh, Mr John C. Tweedie, 1823. Feb. 11. At Chunar, Bengal, Lieutenant merchant, Leith, to Helen, only daughter of Alex George Gordon, of the 21st regiment N. I. and ander Cunninghame, Esq.

Fort Adjutant at Chunar. Dec. 1. Mr Yates, the celebrated comedian, late May 4. At Calcutta, Andrew, second son of the of Covent Garden Theatre, to Miss Brunton, late John Heugh, Esq. of Gartcows, Stirling. daughter of Mr John Brunton, manager of the shire. Exeter Theatre.

June 30. At the island of Trinidad, in conse- At Greenock, George Corsine Cunninghame, quence of a fall from his horse, James Boyd, Esq. Esq. to Margaret Fenella, second daughter of the Captain in his Majesty's 9th regiment of foot. late James Macdowall, Esq. of Glasgow.

July 20. At Mooskupore, in Bengal, Mr Robert - At Hamilton, W. Owen Davies, Esq. New Pattullo, indiyo-planter, aged 34 years, son of the town, Montgomeryshire, North Wales, to Euphe late Lieutena: Wm. Pattullo, of Dundee. mia May, second daughter of the late W. Beve 23. At Valparaiso, coast of Chili, Mr George ridge, Esq. W. S. Edinburgh.

Macfarquhar, eldest son of the late John MacfarAt Kirkliston manse, John Scott, Esq. Dun quhar, Esq. W. S. dee, to Ann, daughter of the late Alex. Reid, Esq. Aug. 6. Åt sea, in progress to Europe, for the of Ratho Bank.

recovery of his health, after a servitude of 18 - At Lindertis, James Wemyss, Esq. Captain years in India, Lieutenant and Adjutant James in the Royal Scots Greys, to Miss Frances Wemyss, Macpherson, of his Majesty's 67th regiment. fourth daughter of the late William Wemyss, Esq. 30. At St Thomas's in the East, Jamaica, Mrs of Cuttlehill.

Monro, c! Novar. - At London, John Johnston, Esq. eldest son Sept. 17. At Antigua, Richard Willoc Morson, of John Johnston, Esq. of Dauson, in the county second son of the late Walter Skerret Morson, of of Kent, to Helen, eldest daughter of Walter the island of Montserrat. Learmonth, Esq. 2. Montague-Street, Russell 30. In the island of Barbadoes, the Hon. John Square.

Forster Alleyne, late President of his Majesty's 4. At Edinburgh, Robert John Napier Kellette, Council of that island. Esq. of the 48th regiment, to Jemima, only child 20. In the island of Barbadoes, the Honourable of the late James Hunter of Craigluncheoch, Esq. John Forster Alleyne, late President of his Majes

- At London, C. Hailes, Esq. of the 8th or ty's Council of that island. King's regiment, to Jane Torringham, eldest - At Cape Town, on her passage to India, Cadaughter of Robtert Campbell, Esq. of Argyle therine Richardson, wife of Lieutenant David Place.

Sherriff, of the 24th Bengal Native Infantry. - At Chichester, the Hon. Captain Berkeley, Oct. 4. At Nanchez, Mississippi State, North R. N. to Lady Charlotte Lennox, sister to the America, Dr Matthew Provan, formerly of GlasDuke of Richmond.

gow. 8. At Viewforth, Edinburgh, Mr James Chal 9. At sea, off the coast of Newfoundland, on his mers, solicitor at law, to Jane, second daughter of passage from Jamaica, Lieutenant Peter Reddie, Alexander Smellie, Esq.

R. N. commander of the ship Thisbe, West India- At Langland, Captain Archibald Shannon, to Miss Margaret Wilson.

Nov. 14. At Dublin, Mr Henry Smart, the mu- Mr Daniel M Lean, merchant, Glasgow, to sical professor, and brother of Sir George Smart, Jane, daughter of William Hunter, Esq. Shettle M. D. Mr Smart was one of the original memstone.

bers of the London Philharınonic Society, and 9. At Edinburgh, Mr Hugh M‘Pherson, mer many years leader of Drury Lane Theatre. chant, Greenock, to Miss Jane Crawford Fergu 16. At Glasgow, Mr Robert Watson, merchant, son, only daughter of Mr Thomas Craig, Edin.

aged 39. burgh.

17. At St Heliers, island of Jersey, Capt. John At Glasgow, Mr Alexander Ferguson, mer Douglas, late of the 7th Royal Veteran Battalion. chant there, to Margaret, third daughter of Wil

At Methven manse, the Rev. John Dowe, Liam Croom, Esq. Charlotte-Street, Glasgow, mer minister of that parish, in the 78th year of his chant.

age, and 51st of his ministry. - At Bath, Captain Colin Campbell, R. N. to - At his seat, Port Elliot, in Cornwall, the Earl Elmira, widow of Lieut. General Richard Gore. of St German's, in the 63d year of his age.

11. At Edinburgh, Alexander Macdonald, Esq. 18. At Ammondell, a seat of his brother's, the of Dalilez, to Jane, only surviving daughter of Right Hon. the Earl of Buchan, the Right Hon. the deceased John Roberts, Esq. of Carronflats, Thomas, Lord Erskine, K. T. third son of the late of the city of London.

deceased Henry David, Earl of Buchan; a Privy At Greenhead, Glasgow, John Wilson, Esq. Councillor, and late Lord High Chancellor of Eng. Millport, to Miss Morris, daughter of the late land.--His Lordship is succeeded in his title and Captain Hugh Morris.

estates by the Hon. David Montague Erskine, his 12. At Smithyhaugh, James Smith, Esq. manu eldest son, late Ambassador to the United States facturer, Auchterarder, to Miss Anne Gibson, of America. daughter of Peter Gibson, Esq. Smithyhaugh. 19. At Edinburgh, George Kinnear, Esq. banker

15. At Bury, Lancashire, William Thomson, in Edinburgh. Esq. of the island of Java, merchant, to Grace, John Wilson, Esq. of Coultershogle, merdaughter of the late Mr James Grant, of Glasgow. chant in Dundee, aged 26.

18 At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Graham, mer 19. At Stranraer, Mrs Elizabeth Kennedy, of chant, Glasgow, to Jane, daughter of Mr R. D. Knocknazie, spouse of Captain George Gough OsFleming, merchant, Edinburgh.

borne. - At London, William Duncombe, Esq. M. P. * 20. At Edinburgh, Robert, third son of Mr to the Right Hon. Lady Louisa Stewart, youngest

Adam Anderson. daughter of the Earl of Galloway.

21. At Walthamstow, Essex, Duncan Maclaurin, 13. At Gibraltar, Charles Foote, Esq. M. D. Esq. of Lombard-Street, London. Gibraltar, to Mary, daughter of the late John - At London, John Roebuck, Esq. Glasgow, Esq. merchant in Glasgow.

29. Mitchel Hollinworth, Esq. of Greenwich 2. At Dundee, Williain Cator, Esq. of London, Hospital, and late of the Admiralty. to Mary, fifth daughter of the late William Wil At Libberton, Mr Robert Johnstone, late merson, Esq. of Whitfield.

chant, Port Glasgow. 25. At Edinburgh, the Rev. George Blyth, to 23. Mrs Marion Bell, wife of Mr A. Steele, w.S. Ellen Scott, eldest daughter of the late Henry - At the manse of Glammis, Barbara, daughTo, Esq.

ter of the Rev. James Lyon. Lately. At Portsmouth, Captain Thos. Monck 24. At New Palace Yard, Westminster, Mrs Mason, R. N. to Mary, eldest daughter of the Bankes, wife of the Hon. Member for Corte Castle. Hon. Sir George Grey, Bart. K.C.B., and niece to - At London, Mrs Bish, mother of Mr Bish, of Earl Grey.

Cornhill. - At Annan, Robert Davies, Esq. solicitor, and - At Greenbank, near Glasgow, Mrs Jane Bruce, town-clerk of Wells, to Caroline Mary, eldest wife of William Davidson Blair, Esa. Laughter of the late Francis Drake, Esq. of that -- At Montrose, Sarah, wife of Captain James city, and niece to Sir Digby Mackworth, Bart. Bertram.

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