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SHAVES for 1 cent.



and Blade

Full Size


A set of new
Blades will cost


so you can see

how you can get 300 to 600 shaves for $1.00, or an average of about 4 shaves for 1 cent.

The safety razor has become popular, and self-shaving is now a part

of every gentleman's education. It has remained for the MORTON to develop to the highest point, where others have experimented. Its construction is so simple that it cannot get out of order and anyone can use it. There are only two pieces—handle and blade. The blade slips into the handle without screws, clasps, hinges, or other movable parts. With the MORTON cutting the face is impossible.

Prove all this by a Trial at Our Expense Use the MORTON thirty days and if for any reason you want your money back, just return the razor and we will return your money without question. We pay express charges both ways. We authorize all dealers to make this offer. If yours don't handle the MORTON write us for our Intereresting booklet; but be sure he doesn't induce you to to try"some other kind. There is no other razor“just as good"

MORTON SAFETY RAZOR CO. 1191 Tacoma Building

Ghicago, III., U. S. A.


Cut this Coupon off, and send Today!

This accepterature offer of Critique, Cosmopolitan, Review of Re

BOTH FOR $1.25 Pull out this coupon cut it oftmall it TO-DAY,- and secure the greatest bargala that will ever be offered to the readIng public. Dort to-day, SURE! We also want agents to work this great proposition for us.

tan for 1 yr, both for $1.25 and enclose same amount.






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Reads like a fairy tale, but is an accomplished fact. One of the most interesting and difficult feats of railroad engineering was the building of a bridge across the waters of Great Salt Lake. This is one of the sights for passengers on their trip to




Be sure your ticket reads over this line.

Inquire of
E. L. LOMAX, G. P. & T. A,

Omaha, Nebr.


Copyright 1905, The C. N, Crittenwn Co.

Dr. Givens' Sanitarium

FOR THE TREATMENT OF Nervous and Mild Mental Diseases, Drug and Alcoholic Addiction,


and General Invalidism, AT STAMFORD, CONN., offers exceptional advantages of location and skillful and scientific methods of treatment.

The Cottage plan of arrangement insures pleasant association and the rest and quiet of rural surroundings, while the environment is that of an ideal Summer or Winter Resort, with all the diversion and requisites for healthful outdoor amusement.

Sixteen years' successful treatment of this class of ailments, and methods strictly in conformance with professional standards, have won the endorsement and recommendation of many eminent medical men.

l'pon request we will send prepaid our illustrated prospectus, giving a detailed description of the Institution. Address:

DR. AMOS L. GIVENS. Summer S+ Stamford, Conn

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