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man (that has made these two na- tion has revolutionized the home tions famous in art for centuries), life of the African savage, for the may again deluge the world with Yankee made sewing machine is yet more delicate and wonderful used intelligently

in the designs; for strange to say, the jungles of Ethiopia, and machine is capable of more accu- solely as a household ornament. rate and lifelike picture work than In Yucatan the pure blooded the hand alone. With the spread of Yucca Indian girls pride themselves sewing machine schools in the far on the skill with which they use East what

wonders in art our machine that sews, but throughwork may we not expect these re- out the South American continent markable people to accomplish? it is the German made imitation

Even the King of the Cannibal article that sweeps the field. HowIsles uses Yankee sewing ma- ever, Yankee concern

is chine, and the Caroline Islanders erecting a factory, in Canada, that one and all delight in the American will employ nine thousand hands,

invention that has come to them solely for the purpose of making hand in hand with the Bible. In sewing machines to contest with fact a sewing machine is now a part Germany for supremacy in the only and parcel of the missionaries' par- field that does not pay tribute to aphernalia. In Africa, as soon as the stockholders of the American the Scripture is expounded, the na- sewing machine companies. Soon tives are taught to use the machine the finest store buildings in the for sewing together more appro- southern continent will be employed priate garments than are usually as display places for the Yankee worn there.

The sewing machine product. has found its way even into the The first familiar sights to greet compounds of the South African

the eye of the American traveler diamond mines where the thousands abroad, are the sky-scraping Ameriof native workers are compelled to can insurance buildings, and the herd together in an immense cage, extensive, gorgeously decorated shop covering the mines, until their con- windows in which the Yankee sewtract with the company expires. ing machine and its marvelous picThe Yankee sewing machine agent ture embroideries are displayed in has actually invaded this forbidden the main boulevards of every forground, where he freely sells ma- eign capital and large city. Only chines to the diamond workers, to in Germany has capital had the be paid for out of the contract temerity to invest in native commoney at the end of the term of panies that hope to compete with service, when the native who has the American machine. Here, unmastered the art of making the protected by patent laws, the Yanmachine sew trudges hundreds of kee invention has had to win by miles to his home in the forest merit alone—the survival of the fitwilds to teach his wife the intrica- test. The German companies at cies of his new and useful toy, or first ridiculed the gorgeous window to swap it off with his chief for displays of the American firms, the more cattle or a new wife or two. very expense of which they preAt any rate this American inven- dicted would bring about their downfall, and the triumph of Ger- The conquest achieved by the man ideas. The reverse has been Boston tramp of fifty years ago has the case, however; the Germans been complete; through his invenhave adopted American ideas, and tion American genius holds tostill there are more Yankee ma- gether the clothing of the world chines sold in Germany than the to-day, and throughout the universe total output of the home factories, woman has been emancipated and while the repair shops of the Yan- the dolorous song of the shirt kee machines at Berlin

Berlin employ hushed forever in the resounding more mechanics than does any fac- hum of the triumphant American tory for the output of German sewing machine—the regenerator of machines.

mankind's apparel.

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Our District Attorney




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OSTON has a new District expired term. Under these cirAttorney, an active and deter- cumstances Jr. Sughrue, having mined man.

This fact is evi- offered himself as a candidate, was dent from the intense public interest promptly nominated by the Demothat has recently centered around cratic party and received the apthe actions of that official.

proval of the Republican, as the The Constitution of Massachu- logical candidate and successor of setts provides that the District At- his late chief. torney shall be chosen by the people At this juncture there arose for such term of office as the Legis- man of remarkable life and achievelature shall provide and the Legis- ments, who commenced and conlature has provided that such term, ducted single-handed and alone in the County of Suffolk, shall be what has been called the most for three years. It also provides remarkable political campaign ever that the District Attorney for the waged in the United States. This district including Boston may ap- man was John B. Voran, the present point a first and second assistant District At orrer of Suffolk CounDistrict Attorney and a clerk. ty, who entered the field as an in

, Obedient to these provisions the dependent candidate and on the 18th late Mr. Stevens, who held that of October, 1905, appeared for the office for many years, appointed as first time upon the platform, unhis first assistant Mr. Michael J. announced and unintroduced, and Suglirue, a man of acknowledged presented to his assembled constituability, who was holding the office ents the following brief platform: of first assistant in the summer of

"MORAN'S BRIEF PLATFORM 1005 when Mr. Stevens resigned.

"Official freedom from politicians The Governor thereupon appointed and grafters. Mr. Sughrue to fill the vacancy “Official action with the Grand jury,

instantly receipt of information made by the resignation of Mr.

from the press or private sources, Stevens. But the law provides also without waiting for the Lower Court. that the appointment of a District

“Fair treatment to all lawyers and

favors to none, Attorney to fill a vacancy made by

“No withholding of evidence favorthe death or resignation of a pre- able to the defendant.

"No intimidation of jurors by readecessor shall only be util a suc

sonless challenges. cessor shall have been chosen and

"No intimacy, social or otherwise, qualified.

with jurors.

“Rigid enforcement of laws against Therefore, after the resignation

grafters and bribers. of Mr. Stevens, it became necessary “Trivial offenders leniently treated

with the idea of reformation. in November following to elect a

"Justice, tempered with mercy, to District Attorney to serve for the all."



In addition to the pledges con- these pledges by a verdict in his tained in this platform Mr. Moran favor on election day. Thus it was is reported to have said: That the that Boston became possessed of a jurors in the Crocker Will case, ai: District Attorney different at least, important cause which had recently in many respects, from any that had been tried before the Courts of preceded him within the memory of Massachusetts, had been bribed ; man. that they were paid money by a go- But the question now arises, Has between; that he knew how much Mr. Moran kept these pledges to they got, and who gave it to them, the public and if not, why not? and and where they received it; and that if so, how? If not, is the fault his, the man who paid it, if arrested, is he surrounded by circumwould confess for whom he acted. stances which render him powerless Mr. Moran stated that when he was to do what he said he would do elected District Attorney, he would when elected ? In order to answer have the matter before the Grand these questions intelligently, it will jury for investigation; and on Wec- be necessary to understand somenesday, November the 8th, the day thing of the nature and scope of the after election, according to the Bos- duty required of the District Attorton press Mr. Moran also said: ney, and of the means he has of dis

“I will stop graft in Boston; the charging that duty with fidelity. Fenway graft will be investigated; To begin with then, the object of the Grand jury room will be open

law is order. This is plain from an

. at all times; I shall take official observation of nature. To bring notice of every offense brought to order out of Chaos was apparently my attention; I will investigate the the object of the First Great Law of Railroad bribery of Legislators; I Nature, and to maintain that order will investigate the Gas corporation

the enforcement of law is necessary. bribery of Legislators; I will inves- If the Divine Creator should cease tigate the pay roll frauds of Gtv for a moment to enforce the laws Hall; the illegal medical places will

He has made for the orderly governbe driven out of the City; the ment of the universe, chaos would Haight and Freeze case will be in- usurp the place of order and disaster vestigated; I will be merciful and would become universal. The same

I considerate to unfortunate victims rule applies to the laws of man. of environment; I will bring before They too, are made to be enforced, the Grand jury the books of Kidder- and it is primarily the duty of the Peabody & Company for the last District Attorney to enforce these six years, to investigate legislative laws as he finds them. He may, connections with Mr. Wadwell and however, if in his opinion it is necesMr. Windsor of Kidder-Peabody & sary, ask that such additional laws Company, and if the investigation be made as would, if enforced, betproves a crime, to land the criminals ter insure the peace and safety of where they belong."

the public The people having received these Let us now inquire how far he pledges from Mr. Moran, expressecl has fulfilled his promises. their faith in his sincerity and their In examining his platform, we belief in his ability to carry out find that he stood for official free

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dom from grafters and politicians; Graft at City Hall has been investifor fair treatment to all lawyers gated and evidence produced before and favors to none; for the not the Grand jury which was, in his withholding of evidence favorable to opinion, sufficient to indict; but the the defendant; no intimidation of Grand jury, he alleges, failed to do jurors by reasonless challenges; no its duty and found no bill. If this intimacy, social or otherwise, with is true, the District Attorney canjurors; trivial offenders leniently not be held to account for the omistreated with the idea of reforma- sions of the Grand jury. That body tion; justice, tempered with mercy, is purely an accusing tribunal. Its to all; official action with the Grand duties are confined to listening to jury instantly on receipt of informa- the evidence of crime and reporting tion

from the press, or private indictments whenever, in the opinsources without waiting for the ion of that body, the evidence warLower Court; and rigid enforce- rants such action. It can, like other ment of law against grafters and juries, take "the bit between its bribers.

teeth” and refuse to find an indictIt will not, I believe, be contended ment in the very face of evidence of that he has failed in the perform the most convincing character. If ance of any of these obligations it does this, the District Attorney is with the possible exception of the powerless. He has no power to last two and they will be considered oblige it to indict. His power and under the head of additional prom- his duty ends when he has preises alleged to have been made by sented evidence

upon which it Mr. Moran during his campaign, should do so. namely: That he would have the He has made some progress toCrocker will case before the Grand ward reforming the methods em. jury for investigation; stop graft in ployed at the Charles Street jail, Boston; investigate the Fenway and strange as it may seem, for this matter; investigate the railroad he has been criticised. bribery of legislators; the gas cor- Touching this matter in his adporation; the pay roll frauds at City dress before the Legislature, Mr. Hall; illegal medical places; the Moran said with emphasis: "I have Haight and Freeze case; and the been criticised for investigating the Kidder-Peabody affair.

breaks at Charles Street jail. I It must

be remembered found that a break had been made that Mr. Moran has been in office before I entered office, and a break but three months, -an increditably has been made since. I found that short period of time for the adequate no action had been taken in regard accomplishment of any one of his to the first break, and that no one ambitions, much less of all-and yet was going to the Lower Court in in that time he has stopped the ille regard to the second break. I had gal sale of liquor at all the leading reason to believe that a crime had hotels at Boston except the Essex been committed in relation to the and that hotel is now under fire by second break; that someone at the his forces. The illegal medical jail was in collusion with Gaskill places have been closed in many in

when he escaped. And believing stances and driven out in others. this, I went to the jail and the in



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