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HATEVER else may be the the island has been described as outcome of President Roose- dangerous to visit, unhealthy to in

velt's Santo Domingo policy habit and peopled by a mongrel one result seems certain. That is mixture of races in whom there is that the truth about the island will no hope of good. come out. The place has been for Now there is just enough truth half a century a breeding ground of at the foundation of all this to strange tales. Its people have been uphold a tottering structure of missaid to be truculent and cruel, dan- statement which has endured for generous to all strangers and for


The facts are entirely aneigners; voodooism and human sac- other matter. The island is inrifice has been pictured as rampant habited by two "republics," one among a savage crew of degenerates that of Santo Domingo, the other who practiced all the rites of fetish that of Hayti. Mighty mountain worship that have come down from

ranges divide the two and the inaboriginal African ancestors; in fact habitants have but little intercourse

with one another. When you land since. The product was a race in Santo Domingo and try to trace of sturdy, adventurous, ambitious, the origin of the tales of voodoo and fearless, , intellectually dominant fetish worship, cannibalism and bar- men. The better characteristics of baric practices, you learn that those each race seem to have survived in things take place, indeed, but not the stock and welded into a harthere. They prevail over the moun- monious whole. That is to say, the tain range to the westward, among result is a race still, and a better one the Haytians. I have not visited nor not a nondescript nor a mongrel.

. studied the Haytians. I have an Things have happened otherwise in idea, however, that when you reach Santo Domingo. It had a race them you find that the end of the once, a gentle people who thrived rainbow with its pot of gold is over there in peace.

Then carne the

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on the next hill. Probably the Hay- Spaniard and with

with unexampled tians can prove that these things cruelty and ferocity wiped this race occur, indeed, but not there, only from the face of the earth. Later over in Africa.

came thither the buccaneers and A mixture of races does not neces- pirates who were the offscourings sarily mean degeneracy. The Sax- of Europe, and later still the slave ons grafted their stock upon that traders brought the negroes. of the Britons, the Normans came The Spaniards laid the foundation and mingled with the two and the of an old world civilization deep in Celt adventured among them all. Santo Domingo. They established Yet the outcome of it all was the cities, cut roads through the tropiEngland which has ruled the sea cal wilderness and gave the island and shaped the forces of civilization a code of laws which has prevailed —through various channels-ever in large measure to the present day. .


They built churches of great archi- might well have been another Engtectural beauty, some of which land, but it was not; it was a mixhave survived the decay of the cen- ture of races which cannot weld turies. Others are but crumbling into a harmonious whole. The reruins. Could they have remained sult was not a race, but a mongrel.

. there, their blood unmixed, it is That is what the Dominican is easy to believe that the island to-day and that is what is the matwould have to-day been civilized, a ter with his republic. You find in place of fair cities, prosperous plan- the island a few men of the uncontations and no political problem for taminated Spanish stock. Of such the United States or Germany or is Don Emiliano Tehera, well




anybody else to grapple with. Un- named "the grand old man" of the fortunately there were the negroes.

island. Another is Miguel A. RoThey thrived and multiplied in the

man, governor of Santiago province favorable climate and their blood

in the interior. These, and a few and that of the Spaniards mingled.

like them, are the brains and the Could it have been Saxon, Norman, stability of the people, and when Celt and Briton, Santo Domingo the mongrels reach a deadlock in

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