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The Summer Life of the Diplomats



EW ENGLAND is, in the eyes

of the majority of foreign

governments, the "summer capital of the United States.” This is due to the fact that the diplomats who are stationed in this country as the accredited representatives of foreign powers almost without exception spend the vacation season in the northeastern section of Uncle Sam's domain. Diplomacy has been tion of the capital of the nation by termed a profession of leisure and

governmental officials during the even though this be a definition jus- heated term but the new status of tified by appearances rather than by affairs has not been reflected by any actual conditions, certain it is that change of procedure on the part of the devotees of statecraft are the diplomats. Most of them conabled to enjoy a longer play time tinue their old practice of leaving each year than workers in many Washington in the spring or early other fields of endeavor. In conse- summer and remaining in some quence many of Uncle Sam's official cooler clime until late in the auguests spend five or six months

tumn. each year in New England.

It is notable, however, that there The new multiplicity of our na- is no longer a universal migration tional interests has forever put an to Europe on the part of not only end to the old-time wholesale deser- envoys but their subordinates as


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well, such as was customary in the home to confer with his governdays prior to the Spanish-American ment there is delegated to act in his War. In acknowledgement of this place a diplomat of rank and exgovernment's ability to do the un- perience. expected in any international crisis The summer life of the diplomats no foreign power now takes the is, though less spectacular, in many risk of allowing itself to be unrep- respects quite as interesting as resented in the United States dur- their doings at the seat of governing the summer and in instances ment in winter. For one thing where it is necessary for an Am- there is less formality and Ameribassador Minister to return cans who come in contact with


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them gain a much better idea of the them year after year unhesitatingly personalities of these interesting choose New England speaks volforeigners. Eight or nine foreign umes in behalf of this attractive nations own outright the Washing- section of the country. ton houses occupied as official resi- The Austrian Ambassador and dences by their respective repre- Baroness Hengelmuller who are, in sentatives but no foreign power has point of service the veterans of the yet provided a summer home for its Diplomatic colony having resided envoy. Thus the diplomats are at in this country for more than ten liberty to indulge their personal years are unwavering in their alpreferences in the selection of sum- legiance to Bar Harbor, Maine, as a mer homes and that so many of vacation retreat. A popular memBoth the British Ambassador and his daughter are very fond of crosscountry riding, golf, tennis and other out-door sports and as a rule they take up their residence at Lenox in May and do not depart until November in order to gain the fullest measure of enjoyment of the open-air life.


The German Ambassador and Baroness Sternburg spent their first vacation season, after Baron Sternburg was assigned to his present post, in the lake district of New Hampshire but latterly have be. come converts to Massachusetts country life and for the present sea

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ber of the household is little Miss Hengelmuller, the quaint six-yearold daughter of the Ambassador. The former Russian Ambassador, Count Cassini and his remarkably pretty adopted daughter, Countess Marguerite Cassini were also very partial to Bar Harbor as a place of summer residence but the new Russian Ambassador and Baroness. Rosen have elected to spend the season of 1906 at Magnolia, Massachusetts.

Of all the alien admirers of New England in American officialdom probably the most enthusiastic is Sir Mortimer Durand, the British Ambassador. With Lady Durand and the only daughter, Miss Jose- son the Baron, who enjoys the disphine Durand, the personal repre- tinction of being one of the best sentative of King Edward spends riders in the German army has the season at Lenox and he has re- leased an estate at Beverly Farms. peatedly declared that this favored The Myopia Hunt Club is a magregion affords the closest counter- net which draws a portion of the part to be found on this continent Diplomatic contingent to the old of the ideal English country life. Bay State and thus we find Baron






Moncheur, the Belgian Minister American wife upon their return and his American wife,—the daugh- from Paris, where a portion of their ter of General Powell Clayton,--- vacation will be spent. The envoy domiciled at a point on the North of our sister republic is a famous Shore adjacent to this rendezvous of tennis player, being President Roosethe riders.

velt's most formidable opponent in Picturesque Manchester-by-the- many a hotly-contested game at the Sea with its superb beach and other White House, and he esteems Manattractions has usually been chester as a vacation mecca partly stronghold of the European diplo- because of the excellent facilities mats and there have been seasons afforded for the indulgence of his during the past half decade when favorite pastime. the summer embassies of all the · There have been some principal Continental nations have when “summer embassies” have been located in this cottage com

been established at Newport or munity. The present season finds

Narragansett Pier but for the most the Italian Embassy temporarily part foreign envoys prefer to seek transferred from Washington to

quieter havens and leave the gay Manchester and this will probably Rhode Island pleasure centres to be the destination of the French

the younger diplomats and the bachAmbassador, M. Jusserand, and his eļors of the Corps who thoroughly


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