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to feel sanely. Bah! what a miser- were a woman, and then you would able excuse for trampling on the have done with it, but in a man, it heart of a friend!

hangs round, a haunting sense of Feb. The 20th. The time draws some other life that might have near. Only one more week of school. been, or has been, some condition Mrs.

sent a curt note this not understood that should have morning,—If I put her girl back, been, but now it's too late. Some of she'll take her out of school. Her them were sorry. One of the girls bark is worse than her bite, and had tears in her eyes. It wasn't there may be more coals of fire com- Annie. ing, so I'll sauce her back. We're Bagaduce won't want me again. going to close with a public gather- I don't want Bagaduce any more. ing. Dialogues, songs, declamations, But there are some in Bagaduce and parting words.

whom I love, and shall not soon forEvening, 10 o'clock, The 28th of get, I shall watch them as the years February. It's all over. I don't exact- go by. ly know how I feel. Relieved, surely, I have learned something. My but, way down deep, where nobody next school will be better, and my ever thinks of looking when he can next sermon will be better. But avoid it, there's an uneasy feeling thanks be to the great Ruler of huthat doesn't let me rest, and won't man destiny, I now return to the go away. It's the kind of feeling land where they raise not dried that would make you cry if you apples.

On a Corot Landscape


Thin violet haze o'er swims gray hill and cloud

And dims the distant edges of the sea;

Nearer, but vaguely outlined, bush and tree
Float opalescent; mystery-endowed,
Dark willows spread majestic, while a crowd

Of joyous forms, too sylvan-glad to be

E'en gladdest youth of dull humanity,
Make wildest mirth where deep the shades enshroud.

The picture bursts upon my tired eyes,

Unlooked-for. Real, yet all unreal it seems.
I catch my breath and stand in mute surprise,

Like one who opes some casement that he deems
Mere earthly, and, outleaning there, descries

Far off, a misty morning-land of dreams.

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N Cape Ann the winter waned; Gates," such a chance for comparithe springtime breathed on son !—has declared it a paradise.

the ice-shackles that bound The South-Wind, he, too, must have the harbor and the channel was free. been enamored of the charms here Square, white cakes with a deck found, for, once on a time he came load of pebbles slipped from the north a-wooing and, although we shore boulders and started seaward have no record of any special favors on their first and last voyage. The showered on the sister capes by the crystal bridge that arched the brook way, this we do know, when he toppled in and the brook, presenting kissed Cape Ann he left a Magnolia arms to the sun, charged for the sea. seed in her mouth. Up the harbor, behind tug-boats All the sea-rover blood in New that puffed importantly, came the England is astir this spring day and new, mastless vessels fresh from as the boundaries drawn by the pen the shipyards at Essex. A forest oi of a diplomat might as well try to topmasts, wharf-held, conforming to keep from a river the drain of its the undulations of the sea-port, water-shed as to shut men from the writes its character and its length mart of opportunity, crowds of fishon the sky-line.

ermen are pouring in from the Brit"Here it is beautiful!" exclaimed ish Provinces neither daunted nor Thorwarld the Dane, if the Sagas deterred by the last year's death speak truly and when the Chevalier rate and the memorial services. de Champlain looked on the blonde Every wharf is alive with new life and crescent-shaped beaches, the and new hope for the mackerel are sun-kissed dunes and the beautiful coming from the south, bay, wooded to its shore, he could think of no other word but “Le

"The old sea-hunger to herd them,

The old spring-fever to drive." Beauport," and so it is designated on the old chart that looks like a and the fishermen are determined to corrugated iron roof. Even she meet them half way, to keep the old who saw so clearly "Beyond the tryst just to the northward of "Hat

teras.” Such a setting up of rigging, chuckle as if he had delivered himsuch a tarring down of rigging, self of a new and a rich saying. such a stir and bustle and shouting And now, we were all ready, the of commands!

last block of ice was in the bins, the The previous year Sol Jacobs, seine-boat hoisted on deck, the Prince of the Seine, had carried the seine stowed snugly down, the first fresh mackerel into New York tested compass, the medicine chest from southern waters. So closely and the ship's papers handed on did Eben Lewis keep in his wake board and the new vessel, spick and that not a bowsprit got between span, stood ready to give a good acthem. So, as it stood, Newfound- count of herself in the long race to land was in the lead with Maine a the south; and all that held us back close second. This year, then, our was the failure of one member of skipper, Gloucester born, was deter- the crew to put in his appearance. mined that home talent should be The skipper was pacing the deck to the fore, that the first despatch and expressing his opinion of the heralding the tidings of great joy absent one in forceful and vivid around which the anxious owners phrases. No wonder he fumed! Sol would stand a-gape, would bear his Jacobs was hauling out from the signature. It was a laudable and a wharf; Eben Lewis, anchored in worthy ambition, this, for after the

the stream was hoisting his mainlong winter famine the markets of sail, his dory, half full of men, was a continent, the palates of eighty passing under our bow and the million people were waiting and crowd stimulated with more than fame and money awaited him who hope was shaking a rope in our would be first to score.

faces, which same was a challenge A great fleet was fitting away, all to come on and they would tow us eyes on the unhandicapped leaders, down south. From their throats every skipper big with the belief burst a song that echoed out over that this new effort would bear the the harbor and in


the fruit of all previous trial; that when wharves : the season wore to its close and the score was counted he would be reck- "Watch her, catch her, oned pre-eminent, the first, - in Jump up in the boog-a-boo,

Give her sheet and let her went, short, “high-line.”

This was


We're the boys to put her through. skipper's secret dream and the You'd ought to see her howlin', "firm” had such faith in him, was

The 'Onward' is her name,

She rolled over on Georges, so willing to further his ambition

And she righted up again.” that they had placed at his command the finest vessel the ship- While we all waited, sharing the builders of Essex could turn out. skipper's impatience, a pale looking His old Dad, a "killer" himself in

young fellow, evidently a stranger, the days of hook and line, to spur appeared on the wharf. After a his son

on continued to repeat- careful survey of our vessel and her "Keep a-trying' Sid, keep a-tryin'; crew he swung himself into the rigit's funny, but the more you study ging and descended to our decks. mack'rel, the more you know about Approaching the skipper who had 'em !” and the old fellow would

been pointed out he addressed him:


Put your


"Have you got your full comple- “Let her come to a bit !" ment of men, sir?"

The vessel came up in the eye of The

set and unusual speech the wind; every sail began to quiver brought a grin on the faces of the. and then the staysail was run aloft. assembled crew.

"Take a pull on the mainpeak “You mean, have we got our while she is up in the wind !" crowd, you've never been seinin'!" A half dozen men to the

"Yes, sir, I'm an old fisherman,- mainpeak halyards and, while one I can reef, splice and steer!" man held the rope under the pin the

"You can, eh, well, here,-toss up remainder threw their weight on the a marline-spike down there!-let's halyards and the wrinkles in the see you put that together!"

mainsail were soon effaced. The young man unstranded the “One more, boys, for coming up! two ropes ends presented to him that's good—b’lay all! and, handling the spike with un

wheel up!” usual grace, dexterously spliced the And now, with a graceful swerve ropes together making neat, the vessel began to cover the course smooth splice.

as if the pride of a blooded steed "That's well done,-you got that was beating through plank and from a Swede!"

stanchion. “Yes, sir," said the demonstrator A man runs, a horse gallops, a with a slight blush, "our sailing bird flies, but is there a word or

, master was from Stockholm.”' phrase that will fitly describe the

"Well, young fellow, it's pretty grace and majesty of a Cape Ann rough work for those fine hands of schooner coming across the haryours, but if you want you can put bor's bosom, leaving her anchorage your goods aboard. Throw Mc- astern? Do not those ports through Donald's clothes on the dock." which the hawsers

behold It was ready and willing hands things? Does not perception in that that broke out the sails and sent bowsprit dwell? Is there not intellithem aloft to the merry peal of gence in that triangle bounded by patent blocks and just as Sol Jacob's forefoot, waterline and rail? The mainboom disappeared around the snowy canvas, wing-like spread, the "Point" we began to crawl away

sheer embossed bows brought up from the wharf.

like giant shoulders for opposition, "Now, boys, put the duck on her lines, rivalling the leviathans; her!”

the tapering spars; the flaunting burThe topsails went block

block and gee, all bespeak that she, if not born becket with a song; the great bal- upon,

born for the element loon thrashed and bellied and was through which she moves! Her then trimmed down.

very air is eagerness for action and “Bend on your staysail!"

seems to say: "We are outward At the word of command the hal- bound and I have caught the bent yards were attached and the quad- and purpose of those I bear!" Lo, rangular piece of canvas began to where she steals across that blue ascend when it caught against the and placid sea, impelled as by the foreboom and was held down by the breath of pride, silent as light, a sispressure of the wind.

ter of the dawn!




The schooner "Blesing of the wheel and Langdon was 011 the Bay," seventy foot keel, ninety tons lookout. It was an intensely dark burthen, carrying sixteen men all night; the moon had not risen, and told, was an epitomized world. Be- the low-lying black clouds threw an fore the vessel had made one day's ebon pall over the face of the sail, the tyrant, the timid, the sea waters and shrouded the vessel in lawyer, the cleverest fisherman, the gloom. The indistinctness of the unluckiest, the one who would be shrouds and masts made the white, the butt of all practical jokes, the canvas appear like spectral strong, the weak, the proud, the wings floating unsupported on the meek,-all had been fixed in their night. As I sat on the wheel-box respective spheres by that immut- keeping the vessel on her course able law that has governed and will which on account of the smooth sea govern the association of men to the and steady character of the breeze end of time. One thing at once be- required scarcely an effort, I could came apparent: the last man added not but be conscious of an eerie to the vessel's roll, Langdon by feeling as I contemplated the inky name, was unfitted for and inexperi- blackness and the dim outlines of enced in the life he had undertaken. the silent vessel that glided over the The crew eyed him. His subdued smooth sea and through the gloom manner, his desire to be alone, start- like a sheeted spirit flying intently ing suddenly when spoken to, south. The loneliness of the situamarked him out. The history of tion was relieved at intervals by the every man on board had early be appearance of my watch-mate as he come known to every one else, but paced the forward deck in short, the antecedents of the pale and regular turns. Suddenly I missed silent man remained a mystery, and him. While my straining sight soon there grew up the self-same waited for the form it had learned atmosphere that hung about the to expect, an instinctive fear, even ship that bore the disobedient son then, knocking at my heart, a cry of Amitai to Tarshish.

that curdled the blood in my veins, "The man's running away from a sound like the thin screech of a something !" said one.

throttled beast pierced the night air. "The mack'rel will dive any seine Breaking in on that intense stillness, that that face looks into!” said an- in such an hour the effect was unother.

carthly. And now, the hair on my If there were no outspoken ques- head stood up to hear the scamper tions, the whole bearing of the of swift feet, and the next instant fishermen implied: "What is thine Langdon, as if a thousand demons occupation and whence comest ?

were at his heels, burst out of the thou? what is thy country and from dark maindeck. He cleared the what people art thou? tell us quarter deck in what appeared two

bounds and stood beside me, his It was this ill-favored man that eyes dilated with terror, his hands fate singled out for my watch-mate, beating the air as if he would fain and the incident I am about to re- keep back some embodied horror late occurred on the third night out. that was pressing upon him from We were alone on deck.-I had the the gloom ahead.


prav thee."

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