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at present, may help in future transactions, by unfolding the grounds on which those preceding them had been adopted, and by which they should in some measure be explained.

At this finishing of these Memoirs, he lifts his heart in prayer to the great Preserver of his health and strength, that the peace and the prosperity of the Church, of which he has been so long a witness, and to the promoting of which he has given his best endeavours, however feeble, and however in effect far short of his desires, may be perpetuated, to the glory of God, and to the best interests, religious and civil, of his people.

W. W.

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No. 1. Page 79.

Communication with the Court of Denmark.

Copy of a Letter from John Adams, Esq. to the President of

Congress, duted the Hague, April 22, 1784.


I received, some time since, a letter from an American gentleman now in London, a candidate for orders, desiring to know, if American candidates might have orders from Protestant bishops on the continent, and complaining that he had been refused by the bishop of Lordon, unless he would take the oaths of allegiance, &c.

Meeting soon afterwards the Danish minister, I had the curiosity to inquire of him, whether ordination might be had in Denmark. Ile answered me, that he knew not, but would soon inform himself. I heard no more of it until today, when the secretary of his embassy, Mr. De Rosencrantz, made me a visit, and delivered me the papers, copies of which are enclosed.

Thus, it seems, that what I meant as current conversation only, has been made the subject of the deliberation of the government of Denmark and their faculty of theology; which makes it necessary for me to transmit it to congress. I am happy to find the decision so liberal.

I have the honour to be, &c. (Signed,)


Translation of a Communication of Mr. de St. Saphorin, to

Mr. John Adams, dated the Hague, April 21, 1784.

Mr. de St. Saphorin has the honour to communicate to Mr. Adams the answer he has received from his excellency

the Count de Rosencrone, privy counsellor and secretary of state for foreign affairs of his Danish majesty, relative to what Mr. Adams desired to know. He shall be happy if this answer should be agreeable to him, as well as to his superiors, and useful to his fellow-citizens. He has the honour to assure him of his respect.

(Signed, &c.)

Translation of the Copy of an Extract of a Letter from his

Excellency the Count de Rosencrone, Privy Counsellor of his Majesty the King of Denmark, to Mr. de St. Saphorin, Envoy Extraordinary from his Majesty to the States General.

The opinion of the theological faculty having been taken on the question made to your excellency by Mr. Adams, if the American ministers of the Church of England can be consecrated here by a bishop of the Danish Church? I am ordered by the king to authorize you to answer, that such an act can take place according to the Danish rites; but for the convenience of the Americans who are supposed not to know the Danish language, the Latin language will be made use of on the occasion; for the rest, nothing will be exacted from the candidates, but a profession conformable to the articles of the English Church, omitting the oath called test, which prevents their being ordained by the English bishops.

Secretary's Office, 6th April, 1785. SIR,

Copies of the enclosed letters from Mr. John Adams and Mr. de St. Saphorin, upon the subject of conferring holy orders agreeably to the principles of the Church of England, were this day received by council; who have been pleased to direct that they should be communicated to you.

I must beg that they be returned to this office, as soon as you may find it convenient, and am,

Sir, with the greatest respect,
Your most obedient,

Humble servant,

J. ARMSTRONG, Jur. Rey. Dr. Wm. White.

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