Biblical Seeds for Success

Xulon Press, 2007 - 88 páginas
Dr Randy Gibson uses Bible-center principles to show you how to have true and lasting success. You will discover wisdom for interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution. This book will help you to realize the awesome potential of the word of God in your overall success. Power to Overcome Bondage Vision Beyond Obstructions Staying Filled with God Receiving God's Comfort Understanding the Blessings of God Avoiding Strife The Value of Patience Defeating Worry Avoiding Hardness of the Heart The Value of Being Christ-centered Overcoming Anger The Rewards of Forgiveness The Benefits of Prayer Hope and Happiness Randy has invested himself in creating a tool that is practical and timeless. This material will enable you to grow as a disciple as well as help other disciples grow, as you lead them through it. Take the journey and see if you don't agree it is life changing. Dr. Benny Tate Picture Randy Gibson was born in Queens New York, and is a graduate of Liberty Bible Institute. Randy received his Doctor of Divinity from Harvester Theological Seminary. Dr. Randy Gibson is senior pastor of Second Baptist Church in Forest park, Georgia. Randy is best known for his ability to teach God's word with Clarity. He believes that the greatest need in the Body of Christ is for the believer to receive and understand the word of God. Randy and his wife Connie, live in McDonough, Georgia.

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Power to Overcome Bondage
Vision Beyond Obstructions
Staying Filled with God
Receiving Gods Comfort
Understanding the Blessings Of God
Avoiding Strife
The Value of Patience
Defeating Worry
Avoiding Hardness of the Heart
The Value of Being Christcentered
Overcoming Anger
The Rewards of Forgiveness
The Benefits of Prayer
Hope and Happiness
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