God's World of Good and Evil: A Life History of Our World from Its Birth to Its Expected Death and Then on to Eternity

AuthorHouse, 2004 - 392 páginas

Mormonism will soon become one of the major religions of the world. The theological history of Mormonism begins after the flood of Noah and during the time the people were building the great tower to reach heaven. At this time, a colony of the faithful believers in God were brought to North America where they created a magnificent civilization. Later, other colonist left the Middle East and traveled to the Americas lead by prophets of God.

The secret religion of Ancient America was recorded on metal plates and rediscovered in 1822.

With other modern revelations and records from the tombs of Egypt, along with the Bible, they comprise the doctrines and history of Mormonism.

Within this book are the secrets of the earth, and why God would create a world of good and evil. How we all came from another planet as spirits to inhabit mortal human bodies.

Our objective on earth is only part of our continuing journey. It is a school to learn about good and evil forces and that only through obedience to all of God's laws can we graduate to glory. The Devil is a main character in God's plain to try and tempt us into transgression, rebellion and sin.

This book is a Christian's Battle Manual on how to recognize and overcome evil. It is a history of God's world from its birth to its expected death and then on to eternity.

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