Memoirs of Jeanne d'Arc, surnamed la pucelle d'Orléans; with the history of her times, Volumen2


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Página clxxx - ... to the sin of pride, and to the sin of heresy. All of which sins I now renounce and abjure and depart from, humbly thanking you Doctors and Masters who have brought me back to the truth and into the grace of our Lord. And I will never return to my errors, but will remain in communion with our Holy Church and in obedience to our Holy Father the Pope of Rome. All this I swear by God Almighty and the Holy Gospels, in witness whereto I sign my name to this recantation.
Página xcix - Dolphin, whose dignitie abroad foulie spotted in this point, that contrarie to the holie degree of a right christen prince, as he called himselfe, for maintenance of his quarels in warre would not reverence to prophane his sacred estate, as dealing in divelish practises with misbeleevers and witches.
Página cxlv - "Of the love or hate God may have for the English, or of what He will do for their souls, I know nothing ; but I know quite well that they will be put out of France, except those who shall die there, and that God will send victory to the French against the English.
Página xcviii - ... eight daies after, upon a further definitive sentence declared against hir to be relapse and a renouncer of hir oth and repentance, was she thereupon delivered over to secular power, and so executed by consumption of fire in the old market-place at Rone, in the selfe same steed where now Saint Michael's church stands, hir ashes afterward without the towne wals shaken into the wind.
Página cxc - ... sept fois que d'être ainsi brûlée. Hélas! si j'eusse été en la prison ecclésiastique à laquelle je m'étais soumise, et que j'eusse été gardée par les gens d'Eglise, non par mes ennemis et adversaires, il ne me fût pas si misérablement meschu, comme il est.
Página xcvii - I tell you plaine one hath sold me. I am betraied and shortlie shall be delivered to death : I beseech you praie to God for me, for I shall never have more power to doo service either to the king or to the realme of France againe.
Página lxxxix - ... party before the towne of Compyne, the thre and twentyest daye of Maye, the sayd Pucell was take in the felde armyd lyke a man and many other captyns with her; and all brought to Roan, and there she was judged by the lawe to be brente. And thenne she sayde that she was with chylde, wherby she was respyted a whyle. But in conclusyon it was founde that she was not with chylde. And then she was brente in Roan. And the other captaynes were putt to raunsonne.
Página xc - Azincourt, excite such transport : the feeling was carried even to frenzy." the Puzell, and five or sixe hundred men of armes, issued out of Compeigne, by the gate of the bridge towarde Mowntdedier, intending to set fyre in the tents and lodgings of the lorde of Baudo, which was then gone to Marigny, for the duke of Burgoyns affayres. At which time syr John of Luxenborough, wyth eyght other gentlemen (which had riden about the towne to serche and viewe, in what place the towne might be most aptly...
Página lxiv - ... et souverain Seigneur, le Roy de tout le monde, et que en aurez à faire, à tout mon pouvoir. A Dieu vous commans ; Dieu soit garde de vous. Escript à Compiengne, le XXIIe jour d'aoust*.
Página clxvi - Ah, mon Dieu, vous vous riez de moi," dit-elle, " vous n'en avez ni le vouloir ni le pouvoir. Je sais bien que les Anglais me feront mourir, croyant apres ma mort gagner le royaume de France, mais fussent-ils cent mille Goddam de plus qu'a present, * Supplement aux M6moires (Collection, vol. viii., p. 287). ils ils n'auront pas ce royaume." IrrittJ de ces paroles, le Comte de Strafford tira sa dague pour la frapper, et ne fut arrfite que par le Comte de Warwick.

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