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The design of this volume will be distinctly seen by those who are disposed to read the introductory chapter. It is entitled GATHERED FRAGMENTS, not because it consists of extracts, or unfinished pieces, but because there have been brought together in this volume a number of separate and independent narrative sketches. These sketches, as has just been intimated, have no necessary connexion with each other, though each one illustrates some great principle of Christianity, and constitutes a complete narrative by itself.

Three or four of these sketches have been previously published in a less permanent form, among which are, The M Ellen Family," The Baptism," The Family in Eternity,and “The Meeting of the

Travellers.These pieces, however, as they appear in the present volume, have all been revised, enlarged, and altered. The larger part of the volume consists of sketches never before published.

The M Ellen Family," The Meeting of the Travellers," and one or two other narratives in this volume, will probably appear to some readers to wear somewhat of a denominational phase, though we trust they will appear to none to be imbued with a sectarian spirit. The object which the Author has proposed to

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himself is the spiritual improvement of fallen, blighted, sinful mind, which meets the eye in dense masses on every side. He hopes that this volume may be the means of guiding some strayed and erring soul to the foot of the cross—or of inspiring some faint or faltering believer to run with increased vigour“ the race set before him.He desires now prayerfully to commit this work into the hands of God, that he may bid it go abroad on an errand of mercy, or sleep in obscurity, just as he in his infinite wisdom shall see best for his own glory. Whatever shall be the issue, the Author can never fail to rejoice THAT THE LORD God OMNIPOTENT REIGNETH,—YEA, AND THAT HE ORDERETH ALL THINGS AFTER THE COUNSEL OF HIS OWN WILL.



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