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Dr. William Edmundson has moved his offices from the Steele block, where he has been located for many years, to 1415 Welton street.

Hahnemann of the Pacific, according to the Pacific Coast Journal of Homeopathy, "also has an unusually large and intelligent (freshman) class.”

The Western Illinois Hospital for the Insane, located at Watertown, Illinois, now has a former interne of the Cook County Hospital for assistant superintendent.

The December issue of Medical Century was devoted to the doings of the Southern Tuberculosis Congress and was an unusually brilliant number. But, “what's the use?”

At the last meeting of the Southern Homeopathic Association, held at Louisville, Kentucky, Dr. E. Stillman Bailey of Chicago was elected president for the ensuing year.

The sympathy of the medical profession will go out to Dr. C. E. Fisher in the loss of his father, which occurred recently. He lived in Kansas and was eighty-two years old.

Thirty thousand dollars was recently received by the Hahnemann Hospital, Chicago, this being the amount of the bequest of the late George E. K. Dodge. Keep coming!

Medical Century says: “The Burlington railroad has issued an interesting folder on “Colorado as a Winter Resort?

Illustrations Look Invigorating." Guess yes?


Mr. C. Stream, representing the Stream-Walker Chemical Company, Des Moines, Iowa, was a very pleasant caller at The Critique sanctum the 12th of last month. “Lactucodia."

Dr. Edward Cranch, 109 West Ninth street, Erie, Pennsylvania, is another enthusiast who takes great pleasure in testifying to the merits of Kent's "incomparable Repertory,” as he expresses it.

A second edition of 25,000 copies of The Critique's November editorial, “Colorado as a Winter Resort” has been issued by the rail. roads and the Colorado State Commercial Association.

Dr. Guy Vinyard, Woodlawn Park, Colorado, was a caller upon many professional and other friends in this city the middle of last month. Was looking well and reported wife and babies as thriving.

Battle & Co. have just issued the eighth of their series of twelve illustrations of the intestinal parasites, and will send them free to physicians, on application. 2001 Locust street, St. Louis, Missouri.

We understand that a new medical staff is to be appointed for the Denver public institutions some time this month. Wonder who will pluck the homeopathic plum?

The Eclectic Medical Journal, Cincinnati, Ohio, begins its sixtysixth volume with the January, 1906, issue. May it continue its much deserved popularity and prosperity indefinitely.


Dr. F. B. Morgan, formerly of Fort Collins, Colorado, is located at Cornell, Illinois, having succeeded Dr. J. H. Veatch at the latter place. So says Medical Visitor.

In a recent issue of his journal, Kraft refers to Editor Dewey of Medical Century as a “farmer.” They will be having to give that man the benefit of the "full count" the first thing he knows.

The Cleveland Medical and Surgical Reporter has been giving an interesting series of clinical cases for the past month or so, to show how the homeopaths of that burg do business along the firing line.

The Cleveland Medical and Surgical Reporter says: "Two homeopathic physicians of Council Bluffs, Iowa, have succeeded in bringing the hom pathic profession into disagreeable notoriety." Guess again.

The Delta Upsilon Club of Colorado entertained President Jordon of the Stamford University at a banquet at the Savoy hotel, this city, the 28th of last month. The business manager of The Critique par. ticipated.

Dr. Harriet Emolene Williams, formerly assistant to Dr. Kent, Chicago, Illinois, announces herself as assistant to Dr. Waring, with offices in Masonic Temple, in a card received too late for publication in our last issue.

The associate editor of Medical Times gives four accidental causes for the continued existence of homeopathy, among which is the "general and individual ignorance of the regular school." The other three reasons were wholly superfluous.

Read our directory of homeopathic physicians to be found among our advertising pages. Physicians desiring to refer business to Colo rado doctors or to those located at points indicated in the aforesaid, will do well to read this arrangement.

The highly artistic position which the index of Cleveland Medical and Surgical Reporter occupies in its December issue will give our friend Kraft something to think about in looking up bad work in the proof reading line for some time to come. Wow!

A. B. and B. S. degrees will not be recognized by the Ohio State Board of Medical Examiners for advanced standing, unless the victim has done the science work comprised in the first year of the medical course, during the academic course.

Prince Louis, who came to this blooming country recently to show off a few English war ships, had an exhibition of American nerve handed him by a New York dentist who charged him $1,000 for twelve hours' work. This was neither a priceless nor painless brand of dentistry.

The Los Angeles Medical Journal, speaking of one of the promi. nent physicians of that particular part of the earth, says: “This man is working an injury to the whole state of California.” Rather plain speaking people, those, out on the extreme western wing of this wild and woolly country.

We have been a long while saying it, but that does not alter our opinion of Dr. LeRoy C. Hedges' presidential address delivered before the Colorado Homeopathic Society, and that is that it was the most finished article of the kind that has found its way into any medical publication for some while. One publication, however, has overlooked it so far. Too much good common sense and homeopathy for it. Sir?

The wife of the Alumni Association editor of the Pacific Coast Journal of Homeopathy presented him, recently, with a daughter. Dr. R. F. Tomlinson is the name of the happy father and The Critique desires to number itself among those who extend congratulations.

Program for the meeting of the Denver Homeopathic Club, which will be held at the Adams January 15th, is as follows: President's address, reports of secretary and treasurer, payment of dues for 1906, election of officers. This should be of sufficient interest to attract a large audience.

Work has been begun on a $600,000 state institution at Allentown, Pennsylvania, which, when completed, will be under homeopathic management. We refer to the new state asylum for the insane which is being erected at that place. More power to Pennsylvania and the homeopaths thereof.

Seventy-eight physicians in the state of Vermont, some of whom have been practicing medicine in that state for the past thirty years or more, have been summoned before the State Medical Board for failure to have their licenses recorded. Three members of the faculty of the medical department of the University of Vermont are among the number, which goes to show-; don't go to show anything very much, we guess.

Punk proof reading is not entirely monopolized by The Critique. Förinstance: "Sunday Indisposition" article in last issue of The Chironian. But say, let's let up on noticing these trifles; the first thing you know Kraft's professional will make a slop over and then—but it is too terrible to think of.

We note that the editor of American Physician has taken occasion to fire some more hot shot into the camp of the Reporter, lauding to the skies the ex-editor, and suggesting that the present staff take a course in some editorial "kindergarten."-Cleveland Medical and Surgical Reporter. Well, what are you going to do about it?

We would be pleased to receive several copies of the December issue of The Critique. Although an unusually large edition was issued and reprints made of the article on “Homeo-pathy vs. Anti-pathy," we find ourselves much short of the demand. Orders for extra copies must be in the business office at least ten days in advance of date of issue, which, we are pleased to say, is promptly the first of the month.

Dr. W. A. Yingling writes of Kent's Repertory: “We have a repertory that we can confidently rely on in all its features and rubrical remedies.

Every symptom is placed right where it belongs. We get by this means the most complete and full repertory extant.

In every instance the 'Generals' are given as well as the ‘Particulars.'”-Homeopathic Recorder.

November number of The Chironian continues to reflect great credit upon it's editors and managers. Among the many meritorious manuscripts reproduced in that issue we notice one from Dr. Rudolph F. Rabe, “The Patient-Not the Disease,” which is not only good Homeopathy but interesting reading.

"Antimonium Crudum: A Practical Study," by P. W. Shedd, M. D., New York, in December number of the Homeopathic Recorder, is a most interesting and modern presentation of this particular drug. Dr. Shedd had been referred to as the Helmuth of the present-day homeopathic profession; as a writer of both prose and poetry he has few superiors.

After occupying offices in the Steele block, corner of Stout and Sixteenth streets, this city, for a period beyond which the memory of a majority of people runneth not, Dr. E. H. King, one of the oldest and most highly respected homeopaths of the city, found himself obliged to vacate the fore part of last month owing to the remodeling of the building. He is now located in the Union block, corner of Sixteenth and Arapahoe. Office hours 10 to 11 a. m., 3 to 4 p. m. Tele. phone Pink 696. The good doctor will be pleased to see all his old friends at the new stand.

We observe that a certain New York doctor with an inhaler to advertise has succeeded in "working" a few unsuspecting members of the medical editorial fraternity.

In its November issue the Hahnemannian Monthly devotes two of its editorial pages to the “Doing of a Small Mind,” which, on careful consideration, turns out to be the obituary editor of the Journal of the A. M. A. Comparison: "He has a soul so small that it could be put in a nut-shell; and, moreover, if there was a maggot-hole in the shell it would drop out." Now Mr. 0. E., will you be good ?

We don't like to call attention to the fact, but we do wish that some philanthropic individual would donate enough money to the Denver Homeopathic Hospital Association to enable it to repaint the outside of the association's building at the corner of Humboldt and Park avenue, Denver, Colorado. Will some one please walk up to the captain's office and contribute? The financial agent of the concern would be pleased to open negotiations with anyone thus inclined.

Dr. James T. Kent has turned the sale of his famous Repertory and also his Homeopathic Philosophy over to Boericke & Tafel.

Dr. Charles Gatchell has sold his well-known Pocket Practice to the same firm. Boericke & Tafel have in press the following works: Materia Medica, by A. L. Blackwood, M. D.; Diseases of Children, by C. S. Raue, M. D. (second edition); Refraction, by R. S. Copeland, M. D., and A. E. Ibershoff, M. D.; Lilienthal's Therapeutics, and Before and After Surgical Operations, by Dean T. Smith, M. D.

Miss Mattie McFadden, who held the position of superintendent at the Denver Homeopathic Hospital for some while, up to within the past three months, left for her home in Detroit, Michigan, the latter part of November. Miss McFadden was one of the most capable, painstaking and thoroughly equipped by training and education of anyone ever holding this position, excepting, of course, Miss Durant, and leaves a large circle of well-wishers in this community who will be pleased to hear good reports of her wherever she may locate. This very charming young woman was the only one holding the position of head nurse at the Denver Homeopathic Hospital who escaped matrimony. Oh! She may come back yet.

"One of the spiciest little journals that comes to the secretary is the American Medical Journalist. It contains many very readable articles, and its last issue seems to be chiefly directed against the various transactions of the American Medical Association, especially against the Journal. We rather think that there is a great deal of truth in what it has to say and advise all who which to know both sides of the question to read it. It is published by D. A. O'Gorman of New

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