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As in every patient, the trained homeopathist observes every deviation from normal, not only in vital functions but in nutritive, eliminative and nervous functions, especially in the mental state, and in every individual characteristic, knowing that in the fuller activity the system will reveal more clearly the image of disorder, whose similar, in remedies, is requisite to restore order. Such a physician searches not to detect an index of necessity to terminate the functional activity of the uterus, nor to stimulate separate weakening organs lest they fail to sustain life through the climax of parturition; but that both the mother and the child shall have life more abundantly, in greater freedom, power and beauty than either could have without a homeopathic prescription, correcting any abnormal condition that may have appeared.

With the new creature ever in mental view, there is urged upon these women the wisdom of being under the direction of a real physician (which can only be a Hahnemannian Homeopath) from the earliest days of pregnancy and even earlier when possible.

When they can scarcely be persuaded in their own interests, they may co-operate for the good of the coming little one, for that which will be done for nothing else, will ofttimes be done for one's offspring.


Pregnancy and parturition are natural functions for which woman's anatomy and physiology are especially adapted. Pathological perversions, extensively discussed in allopathy's circles and the occasion of meddlesome interference by that kind of doctors, on the theory argument “of safety to the mother," are results as well as evidence of disorder within. The homeopathic remedy restores order, under such circumstance as truly as when these functions are not operating. Restored order induces the uterus to retain its tenant, and all other organs to contribute to its natural growth. Then what is more clear to the perception than that the foetus shares in this orderly growth and is so much farther progressed toward health than was the mother before this true correction to normal occurred.

The physical ills of infancy and early childhood are nature's fresh expressions of the parents' abnormal states; while the tendencies to abnormal conditions in later life are repeated evidence of continued internal disorder. Reason clearly shows that in proportion as the parental internal condition is turned into order before the children's birth, there is less occasion for disorderly manifestation in the new generation. Pre-natal check to its progress, turning it back on its course, precludes the development of later stages of tissue ultimates; of cancer, tuberculosis and other degenerations.

Are these conclusions justified in fact! The children born of parents under the influence of Homoepathy are proof that this is science in full accord with the harmonies of life, regardless of false theories. In such children the bodies are wellformed, of good tissue. Catarrhal conditions are rare, and if present, mild.

Ability to assimilate suitable nutriment precludes severe intestinal disorders and development of emaciated travesties, but results in plump, clean, wholesome-appearing infants, growing steadily into strong, active children.

Splendid babies, one involuntarily calls them, and beautiful children they become, suffering fewer ailments and more resistent to all adverse influences, occasioning less anxiety, and more delight to their parents than the children of parents who have been treated along the lines of theory and superstitious ideas. The contrast of children of the same parents, under this other theory treatment, and then under Homeopathic treatment is as conspicuous as if they were of different families. The half has not been told when we here take up the subject of

MATERNAL IMPRESSIONS. The following truths are established in the laws of creation, and are confirmed to the attentive intelligence of every child born to Man:

As a man thinks, so is his life.

As a mother thinks and wills in her pregnancy, so is the child then developed.

Each one's natural desires and adversions, and disposition, are based on those of the mother during that one's fætal development.

The passions, impulses and habits of pregnancy are continued in the life of the offspring of that pregnancy.

Sexual excesses in thought and act, from sexual lust, in place of true mutual affection and correct performance, mark the pregnancy of the mothers of sexual perverts.

Desire to destroy the developing life, and hatred of its existence, are the seeds of murderous impulses in that fetus developed to extra-uterine life.

Drugs taken to destroy or expel the products of conception when they fail to empty the uterus, impress the developing child with a tendency to idocy and epilepsy.

Through the ages it has been a common observation that strange, peculiar mental states and impulses arise in women during this period. Perversity, irritabiliy, special cravings and altered states of the affections have from time immemorial been ignored and excused because the women were pregnant. In the light of the fore-stated truths realize what this means to the succeeding generation. Observe what it has meant to those dwelling, from infancy, in physical, mental and moral perversions. Instruction in the influence of maternal impressions is of value, but to urge the necessity of change of “habits” is not a victory gained when these “habits" depend on lack of self-control. Who can control the appetites and regulate the disposition of a pregnant woman? Who can alter her view of friends and surroundings and change her hatred to love or dispel her impassioned impulses ?

CONTROL OF MENTAL STATES, The subtle influence of the homeopathic remedy will do this very thing. Its careful administration is followed by dissolution of these strange fancies; by the ability to think rationally of the relation of things; by such orderly processes that natural maternal instincis reign within, and life is well governed. If it be administered before these states have become manifest, or have become “habits,” they will not arise. From its promulgation, as a science, to cure the ills developed from ignorance and disordered living, homeopathy has exerted her powers in mental derangements.

Recognizing from the start that the body is not all of the man, that his real beginnings are in the will and intellect, this

science claims the centres of his being, as her field of operation whence the curative processes extend to the uttermost tissues.

Thus with orderly processes established, the newly developing life is built of orderly affections, well governed reason and love to the neighbor, with resulting joy and peace.


Pre-natal treatment, to be most effective, must include not only the maternal but the paternal parent; we cannot depend upon the remedies selected for the mothers to be homæopathic to the abnormal nature of the father, so widely may they differ. The implanting of a father's constitutional taint upon a child, whose mother manifests no evidence of such tendencies, is a matter of too frequent occurrence to demand proof. These abnormal conditions must be changed in the father, before he contributes his influence in germination, or the child of joint parentage will suffer his disorders in opposition to the mother's best influences, although even then a real physician can with Homæopathy remedy much of this abnormality during gestation. Always include both parents in pre-natal treatment, and Homæopathy prevents mal-formations, cancer and tuberculosis, development of criminals, eplieptic idiots and insanse persons. Its scope thus begun and continued after birth is to weed out the otherwise inherited tendencies towards their final destruction, and is unlimited except by the lack of knowledge of its administrators.

To say what remedies contribute this influence is to present the entire materia medica, the vast array of remedies now available to the real physician, through their provings as well as others yet to be made known. Frequent and laborious study of the materia medica and of the principles for its application, makes Homeopathy a strong partner, one not to be excelled in the realm of pre-natal development, and towards ideal mental and physical development in future generations.

II arrisburg, Pennsylvania.

NOTE.-Original publication in The Critique.


The history of our school in medicine is largely one of struggles, fights and emergencies. We have grown accustomed to them, and in fact, the rank and file of the profession has come to pay little attention to them. At the present time a situation has arisen which calls not alone for the thought and efforts of a few representative men and legislative committees, but demands the serious attention and must be made the business of every professed homeopathic physician.

One who has followed the trend and thought and expression of the most careful observers in our ranks during the past four or five years must have been impressed with the fact that they were sounding notes of warning that homeopathy is in unusual danger. From what? Not only from outside hostile influences, but from its friends and adherents. Let us briefly review the situation.

We are accumtomed to think and speak of evolution in the past tense, yet the struggle for survival of the fittest still goes on. The war for perpetuation of species and kind, and against other kinds, is as fierce as ever. Whatever appearances my be, that this is true in medicine is reasonably certain. Our opponents have made a great record for determination and resourcefulness, in the long contest, with methods harsh and oppressive in character. We have withstood them all, and probably could, under normal conditions, continue to do so. At last they came to see the futility of such tactics; in fact, practically concede as much.

Dr. Jacobi, of New York, at a conference in November last in which representatives of the three schools of medicine together with laymen participated, spoke as follows:

“There would be no such schools and no such differences in our time if the medical profession of the world, and of the United States, particularly, had not taken a very false step some sixty or seventy years ago. Our very old men who have lived through part of that distant time, and who have studied the history of medicine, remember that the formation and dis

*Address of Dr. Candee at N. Y. Med. College Alumni Banquet.

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