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of vaccination prevail, the magnitude of the undertaking and accomplishment carried out by Dr. Linn and his homeopathic confreres in our sister state should not be underestimated. The article was received too late for printing in this issue, else its appearance this month ; but it is good and fresh and will “keep." I would advise all to read advertising page seven. It contains something of interest to all homeopaths.


RAILROAD LITERAT['RE REGARDING ('OLORADO “ AS A WINTER TEST."--The remarkable phenomena of a region affording opportunity for enjoyment of the invigorating influences of a high altitude atmosphere with equal profit and pleasure in the winter season as well as summer, seems to strike a number of my eastern correspondents as being highly improbable and I take this opportunity, in lieu of my inability to answer each one individually,to assure all such that this fact has been so completely confirmed as to call for its wide publicity through different channels, but more especially so by way of numerous publications issued through courtesy of the railroads.

Some doubt seems to exist as to the desirability of relying upon these documents in advising patients regarding Colorado climate, etc., and I want to say that any of the literature sent out bearing the trade mark of trunk lines or staie roads, will come about as near being reliable as a letter from a personal friend, inasmuch as the material contained therein has been compiled by experts in this particular line whose sole idea seems to have been to put such matter in readable shape more with a view of placing reliable information in the possession of inquiring individuals than of making capital out of a wellworded advertisement.

I make the foregoing statement that physicians residing beyond the reach of other reliable means of information and who are called upon to plan pleasure and physical profit for their patients who may require a change of climate, may feel assurance that a line to any of the representatives of the numerous railroads doing business in Colorado will bring absolutely reliable returns through the medium of personal and printed in

formation, and that in advising their clients favorably to Colorado “as a winter resort,” they will be making no mistake in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred, provided good results might be expected from a summer sojourn in these parts.


REGARDING OUR "ASSOCIATE EDITORS.'-I take a justly pardonable pride in presenting readers of THE CRITIQUE the names of a number of prominent Homeopathic physicians who have consented to act in the capacity of associate editors of this publication.

Among this goodly number there is not one but that possesses an abiding faith in Homeopathy as well as a record for the close observance of its principles, added to which is a willingness to work for the cause where work is needed; not the sort of meddlesome effort which invariably leaves in it's wake destructive results, but the kind which makes Homeopathy and its adherents, whether individual or institutional, respected wherever such term is applied.

Promises at this particular period regarding the future conduct of this publication are wholly out of order, so I will restrict myself to the very amiable assurance that hereafter its policy will be to observe a decent advocacy of the faith fostered and featured by that fearless and faithful class to whom the cause of Homeopathy owes its growth; its accomplishment of good to humanity and its greatness as a separate and superior school of scientific therapeutics.

This issue is a fair sample of what THE CRITIQUE hopes to present in the future; it is not connected in any way whatsoever with club, college, dispensary, hospital, society, sanitarium, pharmacy or publishing house; it is free to criticise as it has in the past and hopes, in return, to receive some good healthy raps; it will pursue the placid path of peace, if permitted to do so, but will not shirk its duty in commenting upon, if not crusading against, un-Homæopathic conditions wherever uncovered.

I believe with the augmentation of additional editorial associates from time to time, and the retention of our present

high-class stuff, it will merit a continuance of the patronage, support and encouragement which has been accorded it so abundantly in the past.


HOMEOPATHY IN FOREIGN FIELDS.- According to reports of foreign delegates to the International Homeopathic Congress, it appears that the United States of America stands before other countries as the leader in instruction, as well as practice, in homeopathy. It is to us that the nations on both sides of the world turn for inspiration and guidance in the scientific healing art and interpretation of doctrines of cure of disorder and relations of action of remedies.

The British delegates unhesitatingly refer to this country as the Mecca of Homeopathy." In the past five years the British Association for Homeopathy, composed of professional and laymen, has sent three students and will soon start another one to our country to study methods and the application of the law of cure; the women have established a traveling scholarship for study of treatment for women and children. Efforts for the endowment of the Burnett Chair of Practice of Homoeopathy are nearly completed; they have established systematic instruction of the public and of missionaries, besides supporting three journals as well as hospitals and dispensaries. They report that they are doing well and hope to do better, that they can get practically all the money they want by asking for it and their especial need is students to be trained.

In Australia the situation is different. Frankly they are in need of help. In the last twenty-one years they have had six graduates from this country and wanted sixty. There are thirty-eight practicians of homeopathy, one medical society and no periodicals.

Legislation at present is aiming to regulate the practice of medicine by refusing to accept graduates with certificates of colleges which require less than five years college work and receive those only from countries reciprocating in acceptance of the Australian graduates. The need of residents is urgent, but by the above requirements their admission from other countries will soon be prohibited.

Owing to these laws of registration the number of Homcopaths practicing in New Zealand and Tasmania does not increase rapidly. At present there are but four. It is reported that here the general love of justice and fair play compels even those inclined to other methods to admire and acknowledge the worth of work done by the Homeopaths, and the challenge to public discussion of Homeopathy has as yet not been accepted. There is much home treatment by lay-men possessing medicine cases and books for domestic use.

In India the number of practicing homeopaths has nearly doubled in five years.

There is intense interest in the many phases of Homeopathy and its application and several students have been sent to American colleges for thorough preparation. Treatment of the plague recently has showed so conclusively the superiority of Homeopathy where Old School doctors confess their own treatment seems only to aggravate the condition of the patients that those who first scoffed at the possibility of power in the “small doses,” now gladly acknowledge the superiority of our treatment. Two journals are supported: Calcutta Journal of Medicine and Indian Review for Homeopathy, and a new hospital at Calcutta is soon to be completed.

In Brazil standards of homeopathy are kept high. The two practicians are both of high education, coming from the professors and officials of the country. The people want Homeopathy, Homeopaths are such through conviction of superiority hence Hahnemannian homeopathy is maintained in practice. The sentiment appears to be in favor of having few patients and treating them properly, rather than to have many and misusing them all.

In Germany it is not customary to support institutions by private contributions as all public concerns are supported by government donations. It is therefore noteworthy that in that country a large hospital, possessing ten acres of land, has been established and supported by private contributions. The maintenance is largely supported by income from pay patients.

There are five hundred practicians and the public desire is for new representatives of Homeopathy. Many dispensaries are maintained and efforts are preparing to provide for the filling of an endowed chair of homeopathy in the empire.

In France public attention has been directed to homæopathy through the cure of the President's son after total failure of the most eminent physicians of Paris, who were in charge of the case. Dispensaries are maintained everywhere and one hospital under Homeopathy was the recipient of a large legacy from an unknown donator, whose gift was offered to the best hospital to be found.

In Mexico tourists can be cared for as well as in any hospital in the United States, according to the report of the one woman Homeopath, Dr. McMillan, who says she has received the most courteous consideration from professional associates. Homeopathy is employed in the families of the President and his father-in-law, and continues to flourish in spite of opposition. There are few surgical operations, but consistent and successful use of pure Homeopathy according to this enthusiastic disciple.

With these high standards abroad our country, regarded as a leader in instruction and practice, cannot afford to be indif. ferent to what is expected of it. We must practice and teach the doctrines and their application as the thorough science bequeathed to us or lower the esteem of sister countries with power facilities. How shall we meet the demand ?

J. C. L.

THE 1906 MEETING OF THE A. I. H.-To the interested observer the most striking thing about the Atlantic City meeting of the American Institute of Homeopathy and World's Homeopathic Congress was the distinctly Homeopathic atmosphere which prevailed. The spirit of this seemed contagious and was plainly manifested in the numerous discussions of papers, which fairly breathed the afflatus homeopathicus. Entire harmony prevailed, as evidenced by the candor, desire for truth and good will of all the speakers. One has not far to go

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