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the menses there comes a muddy, watery flow, lasting many days, and extreme excoriation of the parts. Thin, bloody, excoriating leucorrhæa at all times or at any time. The vagina is excoriated and condylomata grow upon the genitalia. Erectile tumors. Caruncles at the orifice of urethra, exquisitely sensitive to touch. The itching is aggravated by cold. The parts are fissured and bleed easily.

Many troubles culminate during menses and lactation. Lumps in the mammæ. The nipples are fissured and tender, are excoriated and have splinters.” Tendency to abortion from general weakness and the ease with which a uterine hemorrhage may set in.

Hoarseness, and ulceration of the larynx. Voice lost. Laryngitis in old syphilitic subjects. Oppression of the chest, ameliorated by expectoration. Shortness of breath. Intermittent breathing.

The cough is aggravated in winter, yet aggravated in a warm room and from becoming warm. The.cough is dry, barking, aggravated during the night, aggravated lying, aggravated before midnight; comes on during sleep. Cough with hectic fever and night sweats. Paroxysmal cough with retching, like whooping cough, violent racking cough. Hard, prolonged coughing spells with difficult expectoration. The irritation to cough is like tickling the

larnyx. The expectoration is greenish, viscid thin, dirty, watery, bloody mucus, or dark clotted blood. Loose cough in daytime, dry at night. Rattling in daytime, but no expectoration. Cough in broken-down constitutions, from liver and lung affections, in tubercular subjects. The sputum tastes bitter, sour

It is offensive, even putrid. He is covered with sweat during efforts to expectorate. Stitching in the chest. In typhoid pneumonia, with rattling in the chest, inability to expectorate, or when he can expectorate the sputum is brown and bloody, and the urine smells like that of a horse. In tuberculosis with night sweats and hæmoptisis. Palpitation from excitement, on ascending stairs. The pulse is rapid, irregular, and every fourth beat is missed.

Swelling of glands of neck and axilla. Stiff neck. Stitching pains in back and chest. Burning spots in spine. Pain in back, nights, compelling him to lie on the abdomen. Sharp pains in back and limbs in tabes dorsalis. Sharp pains in back on coughing.

Rheumatic pains in limbs. Emaciation of upper arms, and thighs. Weakness of limbs. Dropsy of limbs. Crippled nails. Rheumatic pains in upper limbs. Stitching. Sticking pains in limbs in cold weather. Numbness of arms and hands. Copper




colored spots on arms. Chilblains on hands and fingers. Cold, sweaty hands. Numerous large warts on back of hands. Herpes between the fingers. Vesicles on the tip of the thumb that open into ulcers, felons, distorted and discolored nails. Yellow curved nails, splintered sensation under nails. It is useful in wounds that inflame and have the “splinter” sensation Tearing in the long bones of the lower limbs at night. The legs are weary and bruised. Pain in hip as if sprained. Sticking pains along the nerves as from splinters. Syphilitic nodes on the tibia with nightly pains. Chilblains in the feet and toes. Phagedenic blisters on the toes (Grapi..). Extreme soreness of the tibia. Profuse, offensive sweat of feet.

Shocks on going to sleep (Agar., ARG-M., ARS., NAT-M.). The pain comes during sleep. Starting in sleep. Anxious, unrefreshing sleep, with frightful dreams.

Nitric Acid is a very useful remedy in fevers. The thirstlessness during all stages has often called attention to it. Cold hands and feet. Chronic intermittent in cachetic constitutions, copious night sweats, extreme weakness, with the characteristic odor of the urine, and bleeding from some part a dark blood, this remedy will act well.

NOTE:—This excellent article upon Nitric Acid was especially prepared for The Critique by Dr. James Tyler Kent, and appears for the first time, in these pages.-Editor.


By Guernsey P. Waring, M. D., H. M., 55 State St., Chicago.

“Lest we forget, let us flock together." Since the last crusade installment appeared in the Critique the first organized protest against the sham and duplicity in the homeopathic profession has developed in Chicago.

The Regular Homeopathic Medical Society was organized January 29th, and presented February 6th a genuine program worthy of the name, at which time about seventy-five loyal Homeopaths responded to a call and rallied to preserve and promote homeopathy. An address has been issued, including a Declaration of Principles, which has been furnished to all homeopathic journals, and may be read elsewhere in the Critique. ;

This is not so much an outcome of the crusade as that both the crusade and this new organization are the spontaneous outgrowth of a necessity demanded on the part of the regular homeopaths to claim their own by right and inheritance. “While

men slept the enemy has sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way," and now when the harvest appeareth (as in the Cook County exhibit) “I will say to the reapers: gather ye together first the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them (by publicity) but gather the wheat into my barn."

This crusade of publicity will sort out the tares, and turn on the fire, while the regular homeopathic medical societies already doing good work or soon to be organized throughout the country will garner in the wheat. The Regular Homeopaths will stand firmly by and loyal to the truth to preserve and promote Homeopathy. The irregulars who are abandoning Homeopathy—the so-called “liberal," "scientific” and “progressive aggregation will be left by themselves to preserve and promote “rational medicine."

It Is Mutiny Far More Than Apathy. The greatest enemies to Homeopathy are to-day posing as leaders in the homeopathic profession. This has been the case to some extent throughout the history of the curative healing art, but never before as at the present time, has there been such activity and evident determined purpose on the part of so many to disgrace and abandon the fundamental principles of Homeopathy.

There is also a certain amount of apathy in the ranks displayed by those who at heart are loyal, but are disappointed and discouraged. They represent the "do-nothings." The class to whom the above reference is made is not of the “do-nothing" type. No, no; indeed they are doing something. They are active, the opposite to apathetic.

As above stated, they are the greatest enemies to the cause of true Homeopathy because they are teaching, practicing and defending a system of practice directly antagonistic to that introduced to the world by Ilahnemann. It is mutiny far more than a pathy, which at the present time is the motive and purpose of those who are publicly attacking the citadel of Homeopathy.

The editor of the “official organ of the Illinois State Society” in an announcement within the past few days over his own signature makes this declaration : “Hahnemann said, let likes be cured by likes, and so we still believe that when we affiliate a remedy with the symptoms which represent a pathologic condition we approach a perfect method of treatment; and, referring to the Regular Loyal Homeopaths, he continues: “We cannot afford to make false claims, and the irresponsible egotists who constantly display their ignorance by their untenable statements should be allowed to flock by themselves." ...“it behooves the majority of our practicians, therefore, to overcome this disturbing element." (Italics supplied.)

This declaration and edict proclaimed in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and six, coming from a self-appointed dictator, supported by the executive power of the Illinois State Homeopathic Society, can be read in the January Clinique, the announced organ of said society.

We, the Regular Homeopaths, “are to be overcome” as a disturbing element, but graciously "allowed to flock by themselves. " Therefore it is suggested in organizing the Regular Homeopathic Medical Societies we adopt for our motto: “Lest we forget, let us flock together.”

The Lines Are Being Drawn. Thus you see the lines are being drawn dividing the homeopathic profession. The self-styled liberals are abandoning Homeopathy, and substituting what they call "progressive," "scientific" or "rational medicine." The stampede is already organized, and very many of the rank and file-the good, bad and indifferent Homeopaths—are being led knowingly, or unconsciously, away from Homeopathy into the anti-pathic wilderness.

The situation first presents two extremes. On one side there are the loyal or Regular Homeopaths who cannot be stampeded away from Homeopathy. On the other side are the so-called homeopathic doctors who have never known what Homeopathy is, or if they do know, they are notoriously disloyal in their mutinous c!amor for modern commercial un-homeopathic practice, and are abandoning Homeopathy.

Between these two extremes—the loyal host on one side and the mutinous deserters on the other side

is another and larger class who are indifferent, apathetic, discouraged or disgusted; some waiting to see what the popular trail leads to, others wondering if the loyal host will rally and organize to preserve and promote Homeopathy.

These three groups-consisting of the Loyal, the Apathetic and the Mutineers—include all the Homeopaths in fact or name. The so-called “liberal and progressive” group leading and making up the stampede away from Homeopathy are lost forever, past redemption : perhaps not worth trying to save. “They are joined to their idols, let them alone." "Good riddance to bad rubbish.” The quicker they know, and the world knows, that they hold nothing in common with loyal Homeopaths, the better it will be for the cause of truth and honesty in the practice of medicine.

The group in between the two extremes js composed of many Homeopaths who still have a warm place in their hearts for Homeopathy, and they present an inviting field for organization in which all Loyal Homeopaths should be actively identified. If

we can show by organization, enthusiasm and our honest purpose to preserve and promote Homeopathy, many included in this group will refuse to be stampeded further away from Homeopathy, but will unite with us upon a few fundamental principles. (See Address and Declaration of Principles, this issue.)

A Parting Salutation. "Line Up." TO THE ACTIVE MUTINEERS: You have boldly entered the role of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" if you still claim in the least degree the title of Homeopath.

You have entered the arsenals of Homeopathy, and appropriated the weapons of defense and means of promulgation, until with a very few exceptions all the colleges and hospitals are forced to float the red flag of disloyalty. However, you have been obliged to leave behind you the ammunition—THE TRUTH -because it could not be stolen, but remains with the loyal host, and now becomes the pebble with which to slay the Goliath giants and drive the Philistines out of the promised land.

You have paved the path for the stampede away from Homeopathy by assuming to manage and dictate the policy of all but two or three of the journals formerly entitled to the name Homeopathic; also by publishing text-books endorsing and commending un-homeopathic therapeutics to displace the true teachings of the devoted and loyal authors of the past seventy-five years.

You may be “so progressive” that you take pleasure in publicly dubbing the Regular Homeopaths back numbers," "hayseeds,” etc., or insult them as Dr. Goodno did at the last meeting of the American Institute when he applied to them the “old chestnut" story of the old lady who kept a diary on board ship, and who noted one evening, “not well, took dose of epsom salts,” next morning, “just passed an iceberg." Funny, wasn't it! However, as epsom salts has evidently become the modern mixers' polycrest, as shown in the Cook County Hospital Exhibit, there may be some excuse for reviving this old chestnut story.

You have played the role of politician in the American Institute of

? aided by some good men, too, until months before the annual meetings every bureau where the loyal Homeopaths might present or hear some grains of truth is so padded and manipulated that the mixer treatment and un-homeopathic teaching prevails galore. (Instance the bureaus of Materia Medica, Clinical Medicine, and Homeopathy, of the 'recent Chicago session.)

Several years ago Dr. H. C. Allen, that steadfast defender of truth, introduced a resolution which created a new bureau of Homeopathy, where fundamental principles might be presented and studied. Has Dr. Allen, or any other Loyal Home

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