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Cement and Mortar, etc., cont'd.

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See also LOCKS (CANAL AND River). Material noted here includes only general works on engineering and construction of canals.

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Chapman (W.) Observations on the various systems of canal navigation, with inferences practical and mathematical; in which Mr. Fulton's plan of wheel-boats, and the utility of subterra

[blocks in formation]

canaux," and his "Sur la Liberté du Commerce." The letter and the two memoirs were printed from this manuscript in theBulletin of the New York Public Library," August, 1901, volume 5, pages 348-365.

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Recherches sur les moyens de perfectionner les canaux de navigation et sur les nombreux avantages de petits canaux, Dont les bateaux auraient depuis deux jusqu'à cinq pieds de large, et pourraient contenir une cargaison de deux à cinq tonneaux. On y a joint des observations sur l'importance des communications navigable, une description détaillée de machines à la faveur desquelles on établirait ces communications à travers les pays les plus montueux, sans le secours des sas d'écluses et des ponts aqueducs. Avec des dessins de constructions nouvelles d'aqueducs, et de ponts en bois et en fer. Ouvrage composé par Robert Fulton, Ingénieur américain, et traduit de l'anglais. Paris: Dugain-Triel, an VII [1799]. xvj, 224 p., 6 pl., I map. 12°.

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I-3. Paris: F. Didot, 1809-1816. 3 v. 4°.

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economic depth for Mayer (Joseph). The canals of large traffic. (Amer. Soc. of Civil EnTransac. New v. 39, pp. 273-284.

York, 1898.)
Oelwein (A. ). Wasserverbrauch beim
Betriebe künstlicher Wasserstrassen. (Ztschr. d.
oesterr. Ingen. u. Architekten Vereines. Jahrg.
53, pp. 104-112. Wien, 1901.)

Another copy.

Phillips (J.) A general history of inland navigation, foreign and domestic: containing ... account of the canals... in England, with considerations of those projected... London: I. & J. Taylor, xx, 369 pp., 2 l., 4 pl. 4°. Pontzen (Ernest). Canaux; construction et

This copy bound in contemporary calf, gilt tooling, is the one presented by Fulton to Napoleon on I May, 1798, at the suggestion of one of the Perier brothers. On the front and back fly-leaves is written Fulton's dedicatory letter "Au général Buonaparte," his "Observations sur les avantages


dont jouiroit la France en adoptant le systême des petits exploitation. (Mém. et compte rendu des travaux

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I illus. 7 Proc. and 127-145.

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de la rendu.

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[blocks in formation]

Graeff ( ), and (

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New York, 1905.)

[blocks in formation]

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Dams, etc., cont'd.

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v. 79,

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Regional. Australia.

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[blocks in formation]

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Engineering (The) control of the Nile. v. 77, pp. 363-365; 385-387. London,



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