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Docks, etc., cont'd.

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Regional. Africa.

V. 14, sess.

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Gauckler (

). Construction d'un mur de quai dans la baie de l'Agha (Fond de vase molle reposant sur un rocher très irrégulier). (Annales d. ponts & chaussées. Pt. 1, sèr. 8, année 1, pp. 342350. Paris, 1901.)

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Argentine Republic.

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[blocks in formation]

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[blocks in formation]

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of Civ. Eng. v. 131, sess.

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[blocks in formation]

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Report on government shipbuilding and wharves.

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v. 10,

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United States.

[Dakin (S. D.)] A brief sketch of the plan and advantages of a sectional floating dry dock, combined with a permanent stone basin and platform, and connected with level bedways, sliding ways, and house slips, for repairing, launching, and laying up in ordinary, the ships of the United States Navy. New York: P. Miller, 1845. 8°.

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Memorial of the proprietors of the improved stone dry dock [S. D. Dakin and others,] formed by the combination of the sectional floating dock, basin and rail-ways, for an appropriation...for the construction of that dock at the Pensacola Navy Yard... Washington: T. Barnard, 1846. 39 p. 8°


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