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VOLS. Amer. Institute of Architects Amer. Philosophical Society Amory, W. M. Avery, S. P. Bahamas, Colonial Sec.

4 Belgium, Min. de la Justice Bolivia, Min. de Justicia . Breslau, Ger., UniversitätsBibliothek

5 British Columbia, King's

Cambridge Univ. Dept. of

Carnegie Institution of Wash-

3 Chase, W. E. Cohalan, Daniel F.

7 Crane, C. R. & Freeman, J. R. Davos Public Interests Assoc. Delteil, Loys (7 prints) De Vinne, Theodore L.

4 Drenthe, Netherlands, Commiss. of Province

École Braille à Saint-Mandé
Franc, Louis
Gancia, Mme.
Gardini, Dr. Carlo
Gardner's Trust for the Blind
Gill, Mass., Town Clerk.
Gray, Mrs. H. W.. .
Great Indian Peninsula Ry.

Grenada, Colonial Sec.
Harris Institute Library.
Harrisburg, Pa., City Clerk

3 Heidelberg Universitäts-Bibliothek

9 Historical Soc. of New

Mexico. .
Hull Blind Institution
Janet, Charles
Jena, Ger., Universitäts-Bib-

Kansas Grand Lodge, I. O.

O. F. .
Kendal, Eng., Town Clerk
Kimball, James P..
Königl. Georg-August-Uni-

versität zu Göttingen Lamarche, Pierre Lancaster County Council 24

VOLS. Logan, Estate of Walter S.. 65 Loubat, Duc de Lyon, France, M. le Maire Malone, Walter Manitoba, King's Printer Martyn, Charles Mass. State Library

Meux, Lady
Middlesex County Council 3
Midland Institution for the

Moran, Wm.
National Bd. of Trade

5 National Electric Light New Brunswick, legislative

New Jersey, Custodian of the

New York Produce Exchange
New York State Library
New York State, Tompkins

County Supervisors
Newbury, Eng., Town Clerk
Pickering, Prof. Wm. H.
Redeke, Ernest W.

6 Republican State Committee Robinson, Wm. Royal Leamington Spa, Eng.,

Town Clerk Scientific American

76 Sellstedt, Lars G. . Sigma Alpha Epsilon South Carolina, State Bd. of Health

3 Steele, Rev. James D. Stewart, Charles Straits Settlement, Col. Sec. Swinton, Mrs. John U. S. Supt. of Documents

89 U. S. War Dept., Surgeon Gen. Office

14 Victoria University of Manchester.

4 Weymouth, Eng., Town

Whitney, J. Parker
Worcester Polytechnic Insti-

7 Zeeland, Neth., Sec. of the Province


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Published monthly by The New York Public Library, No. 425 Lafayette Street, New York City.
Subscription One Dollar a year, single numbers Ten Cents. Subscriptions may be sent to I. Ferris Lockwood, Business

Superintendent, No. 425 Lafayette Street, New York.
Entered at the Post O fice at New York, N. Y., as second-class matter, January 30, 1897, under Act of July 16, 1894.

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William W. APPLETON.











GEORGE BRINTON MCCLELLAN, Mayor of the City of New York, ex officio.
HERMAN A. Metz, Comptroller of the City of New York, ex officio.
PATRICK F. McGowan, President of the Board of Aldermen, ex officio.

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President, Hon. John BIGELOW, LL.D.
First Vice-President, Rt. Rev. HENRY C. POTTER, D.D., LL.D.
Second Vice-President, John S. KENNEDY, Esq.
Secretary, CHARLES HOWLAND RUSSELL, Esq., 425 Lafayette Street.
Treasurer, EDWARD KING, Esq., Union Trust Company, 80 Broadway.
Director, Dr. John S. BILLINGS, 425 Lafayette Street.

BRANCHES-REFERENCE Lafayette Street, 425. (ASTOR.)

Fifth Avenue, 890. (LENOX.)


MANHATTAN. East Broadway, 33. (CHATHAM SQUARE.) East BROADWAY, 197. (Educational Alliance Building.) RIVINGTON STREET, 61. Le Roy Street, 66. (HUDSON PARK.) BOND STREET, 49. Near the Bowery. 8th Street. 135 Second Avenue. (OTTENDORFER.) ioth Street, 331 East. (TOMPKINS SQUARE.) 13th Street, 251 West. Near 8th Avenue. (JACKSON SQUARE.) 22d Street, 230 East. Near 2d Avenue. (E PIPHANY.) 23d Street, 209 West. Near 7th Avenue. (MUHLENBERG. Department Headquarters.) 34th STREET, 215 East. Between 2d and 3d Avenues. 40th Street, 501 West. Between roth and with Avenues. (St. RAPHAEL's.) 42d Street, 226 West. Near 7th Avenue. (GEORGE Bruce.) 50th Street, 123 East. Near Lexington Avenue. (CATHEDRAL.) 51st Street, 463 West. Near ioth Avenue. (SACRED HEART.) 59th Street, 113 East. Near Lexington Avenue. 67th STREET, 328 East. Near ist Avenue. 69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue. (RiverSIDE. TravelLING LIBRARIES.) 77th Street. 1465 Avenue A. (WEBSTER.) 79th Street, 222 East. Near 3d Avenue. (YORKVILLE.) 81st Street. 444 Amsterdam Avenue. (St. AGNES. Blind LIBRARY.) 96th STREET, 112 East. Between Lexington and Park Avenues. 100th Street, 206 West. Near Broadway. (BLOOMINGDALE.) noth Street, 174 East. Near 3d Avenue. (AGUILAR.) 123d Street, 32 West. (HARLEM LIBRARY BRANCH.) 125th STREET, 224 East. Near 3d Avenue. 135th STREET, 103 West. Near Lenox Avenue. 145th Street, 503 West. (HAMILTON GRANGE.) 156th Street. 922 St. Nicholas Avenue. (WASHINGTON Heights.)

BRONX. 140th Street, 569 East, cor. Alexander Avenue. (Mott HAVEN.) 176th Street. 1866 Washington Avenue. (TREMONT.) 230th Street. 2933 Kingsbridge Avenue. (KINGSBRIDGE.)


TOTTENVILLE. Amboy Road, near Prospect Avenue.
Port RICHMOND, 12 Bennett Street.

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