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Manuscripts, contd. sion, transcribed recently for the New York Public Library, contain documents relating to the losses and services of Virginia loyalists. The Washington copy-press letters, 1792– 1799, deal largely with agricultural and local matters, the management of his estate, the navigation of the Potomac river, etc. The papers of Gov. James Barbour, 1811-41, re

late in some degree to the political affairs of Virginia as well • as to those of the nation at large. Other material for the

period, from the close of the Revolution to about 1835, may be found among the papers of Madison and Monroe.

EM. P*


Calendars and Catalogues. Palmer (William P). Calendar of Virginia state papers and other manscripts, 1652(-1869), preserved in the capitol at Richmond...Richmond, 1875-93. II V.

4o. Some Virginia colonial records. [1670 ?-1708.] From the originals, Virginia State Library. (Va. Mag. of Hist. and Biog., vol. 10, p. 371-382; vol. II, p. 57–68, 155-169. 1903.)

These records were discovered after the Calendar of Vir. ginia State Papers had been published. They were intended for a supplementary volume, which, however, was issued.

Stanard (William G.) The Virginia archives. Washington: Gov't Print, Off., 1904. 645-664 p. 8o.

Rep. from the Annual Report of the Amer. Hist. Ass. 1903.

Vol. 1, pages 645-664. Virginia Historical Society. Catalogue of the manuscripts in the collection of the Virginia Historical Society, and also of some printed papers. Richmond: W. E. Jones, 1901. 2 p.1., 120 p. 8o.

Supplement to the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography,

Single works and groups. Donne (George). Virginia reviewed. About 1640. Transcript from Harleian MS. in the British Museum. 1868 ? 38 11. fo. Unbound. Moore.

Gatford (Lionel). Public Good Without Private Interest; or, A Compendious Remonstrance of the present sad state and condition of the English Colonie in Virginea... London: Printed for Henry Marsh, 1657. Transcript. 1850 ? 75 II. 4o. Half calf.

BANCROFT. See Sabin 26760.

Great Britain.-Ordnance Board. Estimate of stores for a voyage to Virginia, list of stores sent, and of stores in the magazine of the colony, 1676– 1681. 12 11. Fo. Unbound. See Catalogue of the Moore library, part 2, no. 1956.

Howe (Henry). Historical Collections of Virginia. Illustrated by Thos. Addis Emmet, M.D. New York, 1880. 3 vol. 4o. Half morocco.

EM. 14607-15107 Jefferson (Thomas). Proposed constitution for Virginia, June, 1776. A.D. 4 II. F°. Half

Principio Company, Va.(1768-1769). Eighteen pages of accounts, and twelve letters by Thomas Russell, Nathaniel Martin, Francis Phillips, and William Baxter concerning the Principio Company's iron works on the Potomac River.

Fo. Simancas Archives. Transcript of papers in the Simancas Archives relating to the History of Virginia and other portions of America between 1608 and 1624, made for Alexander Brown and partly used by him in his book The Genesis of the United States, Boston, 1890. 731 II., 2 maps, I plan (copies). Fo.

Half morocco. Presented by Hon. George L. Rives, 1898.

Smyth Papers. Virginia papers, 1613-1634. The manuscript coll’ns of John Smyth of Nibley Glocestersh, the author of the “ Lives of the Berkeleys,” one of the original Adventurers in the promotion of plantations and settlements in the second Virginian colony. With some papers of later date added. 84 originals and contemporary transcripts, 1613–1679. Fo. Morocco.

The collection was presented by Mr. Alexander Maitland, 1897. Calendared in Bulletin of the N. Y. Public Library, vol. 1, p. 168. See also the account of the collection, vol. 1, P. 68; and selections printed in vol. 1, p. 68, vol. 3, pp. 160, 208, 248, 276.

Tobacco-claimants, Richmond, Va. Letterbook containing copies of petitions by several merchants of Virginia, May-June, 1865, to the U. S. military authorities, asking that certain quantities of tobacco, taken possession of by the United States Army on entering Richmond, be returned to them; with copies of affidavits, endorsements, etc. I p.I., 131 p.

Fo. Cloth, roan back. United States.-Army (Revolution): Virginia Line. A list of officers, and a list of soldiers, of the Virginia Line, on continental establishment, who have received certificates for the balance of their full pay agreeable to an Act of Assembly passed November session 1781. Certified in the Office of Accounts, May 11, 1789, as a true ex• tract from the State Auditor's List. About 250 p. Fo.

FORD There are also about 20 miscellaneous papers relating to the Virginia troops of the Revolution, as, muster rolls, pay rolls, returns of killed and wounded, etc., chiefly, in the Emmet and Ford collections. See also mention the services of these troops in MS. letters of the period.

United States.- Treasury Dept. Accountbook of sales of captured and abandoned Confederate property at Lynchburg, Va., with contingent expenses for labor and transportation, etc., July-Aug., 1865. 27 11. F° Boards, roan back.

Virginia Bishopric. Draft of a document providing for the erection of a bishopric in Virginia, during the reign of Charles II. About 1680 ? In Latin. Transcript from MS. 238 in the Library of All Souls College, Oxford, 1868. With an English translation by George Henry Moore. 13, 11 II. Fo.

Unbound. Virginia Letters. John Pory's letter on the Virginia colony, Sept. 30, 1619; John Harvey's declaration of the state of Virginia, 1624; letter from the governor and council to the lords of trade, Apr. 6, 1626; letter of Richard Kemp, May 17, 1635. Copies, perhaps contemporary. 3 vol. Fo. Calf.

The last two are calendared in State Papers, colonial series.

Virginia Papers. Chalmers collection of letters and documents relating to Virginia, 1606–




This is the "fair copy,” printed in Ford's Writings oj Jefferson, vol. 2, p. 7. The history of this document is there noted by Mr. Ford. The manuscript was presented to the Lenox Library by Mr. Alexander Maitland in 1894.

Mason (George). Letters of George Mason to George Mason jr., John Mason, and others, 17661788, on political matters and the course of the war, particularly as affecting Virginia; and extracts from the Virginia charters, with remarks on them, 1773. 20 transcripts from the originals in possession of J. M. Mason, and from the papers of R. H. Lee, 1857. 4°. Haif morocco.


Manuscripts, cont'd. 1775; letters of governors, and instructions to them, petitions, orders in council, etc., and correspondence of Lord Dunmore during the beginning of the revolution. About 200 items, the greater part transcripts, largely from the State Paper Office. 4 vol. Fo Calf.

Virginia Papers. Letters of governors of Virginia to the home government, and other letters and documents relating to Virginia, 1755-1780, a great part being letters of Lord Dunmore dealing with the beginning of the revolution. 185 transcripts, mostly from the State Paper Office. 1850 ? 3 vol. 4o. Half morocco.

BANCROFT Virginia Papers. Letters, orders in council, and other documents relating to the early history of Virginia, 1606-1685.' 628 transcripts from the State Paper Office. 1852? 9 vol. F° Boards, cloth backs.

Calendared in State Papers, colonial series.


Virginia (Colony) Burgesses, House of. [Williamsburg ) May 1, 1688. Address to Francis Lord Howard Baron of Effingham, protesting against the raising of money in Virginia to give as. sistance to the government of New York in maintaining the Indian nations under that government against the pretensions of the French. D. S., A. Allen, speaker. 2 p. Fo.

EM. 6203 Virginia (Colony). James City, Nov. 10, 1699. Order to Gawin Corbin, H. M. Collector of Rappahanock District, to observe the thereinbefore written order of His Majesty's Commissioners of Customs Jo Werden, Charles Godolphin, Sir Robert Southwell and J. Ward as to duties on tobacco. D. S., ffr. Nicholson. With transcript of order prefixed. I page. Fo..

EM. 10553 Virginia (Colony) Governor. (Williamsburg,] April 17, 1715. Writ of administration on John Sandiford's will, to William Sandiford, executor. D. S., A. Spotswood. Countersigned by Wm. Cocke. I page.


EM. 6210 Virginia (Colony)-Governor. Williamsburgh, May 28, 1719. Proclamation, publishing the royal proclamation of clemency to pirates, of Dec. 21, 1718, and appointing July i as last day of surrender to himself or governors of Maryland and Carolina, D. S., A. Spotswood. Endorsed. I page. Fo.

EM. 10661 Virginia (Colony)— Governor. Williamsburg, June 10, 1725. Proclamation proroguing the General Assembly to Thursday, Nov. 18, 1725. D.S., Hugh Drysdale. Endorsed. I page. F°. EM. 6212

Virginia (Colony)-Governor. Williamsburgh' Oct. 19, 1725. Proclamation proroguing the Geno eral Assembly to May 12, 1726. D. S., Hugh Drysdale. Endorsed.

I page. Fo.

EM. 14654 Virginia (Colony)-Governor. Williamsburgh, May 7, 1765. Receipt to Colonel Preston for 23 for pedlars' licenses granted in Augusta County. A.D.S., Fran: Fauquier. Endorsed. I page. 4°.

EM. 14858 Connecticut (Colony)— Committee of Correo spondence. Lebanon, Conn., Aug. 10, 1773. To Peyton Randolph and the Committee of Correspondence of Virginia. Connecticut Committee of Correspondence have appointed the undersigned a select Corresponding Committee; the Virginia Committee is referred to the Committee of Correspondence of Rhode Island for information in regard to recent Court of Enquiry held in that Colony; information is requested as to action of Judges of Superior Court in Virginia in the matter of writs of assistance; Virginia assured of the support of Connecticut, and of their hope to strengthen that har. mony of union among the colonies which daily appears more necessary. Signed by Wm Williams, Silas Deane, Benja Payne, Joseph Trumbull. 3 p. 4o.

E.M. 259 Connecticut (Colony) - Committee of Correspondence. Wethersfield, June 13 [1774). To Peyton Randolph, Robert C. Nicholas, Richard Bland, Committee of Correspondence, Williams. burg, Va. Enclosing resolutions of the House of Representatives; July or August suggested as time for a congress to meet, the place to be New York or Philadelphia; "the wise, spirited, and seasonable proceedings of Your truly patriotic House of

Calendar of Virginia Public Papers. The following list contains only those Virginia papers of an official nature that have heretofore been calendared; and it should be noted that the work of calendaring individual manuscripts has so far covered only the Emmet collection, the Samuel Adans papers, and some smaller groups.,

Unofficial letters relating to Virginia are not included in this list.

Virginia Company. Clapham, Apr. 28, 1613. Petition to Lord Chancellor Ellesmere, praying that Sr Henry Nevill, Sr Henry Carye, Sr Willm Cornewallis, Sr John Cutts, the younger, Sr George Huntley, St John Radcliffe, Sr Walter Chute, Sr Arthur Manwaringe, Sr John St. John, Sr Thomas ffreake, John Vaughan, Richard Monyngton, John Smithe, Arthur Ingram, William Hall, Edmond Allen, Sr Thomas Connyngsby, Richard Hall, Sr William Boulestrode and Nicholas Wheeler be cited to appear and answer for their arrears to the Treasury and Company of Adventurers and Planters of the City of London for the first Colony in Virginia. D. S., Chris Brooke. Evelyn p[ro] def. 23 leaves, folded. Fo.

Printed in Brown's Genesis of the U. S., vol. 1 (Bost., 1890) pp. 623-631. The statement there made (page 630) that the names of Edmond Allen, Sir Thomas Conyngsby, and Richard Hall do not appear the second time is erroneous, the one line containing their names having been omitted accidentally by the transcriber.

. ] Jan. 1629. Certificate to the Council and Company for the first southern colony of Virginia, of the arrival of Berkeley on January 29, 1624, of the fifty persons whose names are given on the docu. ment. D. S., George Yeardley; countersigned by Jo: Pory, Secretary. With seal affixed

I page and i leaf with endorsement. F'. SMYTH 31

Virginia (Colony). —Quarter Court. (Jamestown,] Mar. 7, 162-Mar. 7, 1623. Transcripts by Benjamin Harryson of entries from the court records relating to the debts of George Thorpe. Endorsed in the handwriting of John Smyth: Mr. Thorps debts in Virgynia.' 3 pp. Fo.

SMYTH 38 Virginia (Colony)-Governor. Apr. 23, 1670. Order for Thomas Ludwell, escheator general, to summon a jury and inquire whether certain land escheats to the king. D. S., William Berkeley. Endorsed. I page. 4o.

EM, 14648



I page. Fo.


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Manuscripts, cont'd. Burgesses, in early proposing a Correspondence and Union of the Colonies has justly merited & universally received the Approbation and grateful Acknowledgments of British America-And the manly, pious, and humane attention more lately manifested to the distresses of the town of Boston reflect equal honor on them as Men, as Patriots, & as Christians"; a post script tells of the day of fasting appointed by the Assembly and the contribution voted for the relief of Boston. A. L. S., Silas Deane. 2 p. 4°.

EM. 355 Virginia (Colony)- Convention. Williamsburg, Jan. 9, 1776. Commission from the Committee of Safety to John Tipton, as captain of a company of the militia of the county of Dunmore. D. S., Edmd. Pendleton, John Page, Thos. Lud. Lee, P. Carrington, Dudley Digges, W. Cabell, Carter Braxton, J. Mercer. Printed form filled in. Endorsed.

EM. 6308 Maryland (Province) — Convention. Philadelphia, Mar. 19, 1776. (To Committees of Safety of Virginia or Pennsylvania?) Maryland convention has voted a sum of money to defend Baltimore; batteries are erecting;“ if your Colony can spare us four eighteen pounders or eight Twelves or eight Nines, which shall be returned as soon as others can be procured, they will be of infinite Service in defending a Boom now very nearly ready to be laid across the River." L. S., Th. Johnson, Jun., Sam. Chase, Wm. Paca. I page. 4°.

EM. 405 Virginia (Colony) — Convention. [Williamsburg,] June 12, 1776. A declaration of Rights made by the Representatives of the Good People of Virginia, assembled in full and free Convention, which Rights do pertain to them and their Posterity, as the Basis & foundation of Government. At the end is the note; “ This declaration of Rights was the first in America-it received a few alterations in the Virginia Convention (some of them not for the better) and was afterwards closely Imitated by the other United States. G. M.” Contemporary copy of the first draft by George Mason. 3 p. Fo.

EM, 1506 In the letter-press, Dr. Emmet states that the copy" is not in Mr. Mason's handwriting, but was found among his papers.".

For a fac-simile of the original draft see Rowland's George Mason, vol. 1 (1892), p. 240.

Gibson (John). Fort Pitt, [Pa.] June 15, 1776. [To the Committee of Safety of Virginia.] Acknowledges letter from John Harvey enclosing resolve of the Convention; the present distracted state of the country has been brought about by designing men, whose grants from the Indians are likely to meet with opposition from Virginia; a memorial has been circulated praying Congress for a new government west of the mountains; some have said that the Convention has no right to frame laws, that they would refuse obedience, and that Virginia had no charter; others have said that if Congress refused the petition they would move westward with 20,000 families. Capt. John Nevil, John Campbell and himself have opposed this; refers the Committee to Campbell, who bears letter. A.L.S. I page. Fo.

EM. G.* Virginia.-Governor. In Council, Williams. burg, (Va.] Sept. 17, 1777. To Gen. (Edward] Hand, Fort Pitt. The Board are perfectly satis

fied with the draughts made by Gen. Hand on the militia, but they fear that his plans may be interfered with by the late requisition of Congress for one-third of the militia of several of the counties ; they have sent his letter to Col. Aylett who will carry out his wishes respecting provisions; they earnestly desire that the perpetrators of the horrid murders committed on the Indians at the late treaty may be brought to justice. A. L. S. 2 pp. and i leaf with endorsement. 4°.

Virginia.-General Assembly. (Williamsburg, Oct. ? 1778.] Examination of (John] Harvie and [John] Banister, lately returned from congress; queries and answers on the state of public affairs, including foreign relations and the disagreements of Dr. (Arthur) Lee with Franklin and Deane, Copy, in the handwriting of Arthur Lee? 6 pp., I leaf with endorsement; also a narrow strip with a series of questions on Cunningham's cruise, in the handwriting of Richard Henry Lee. to.

Buford (Abraham). Salisbury [N. C..] June 2, 1780. To the Assemby (of Virginia). Sends an account of his misfortunes on the 29th ult.; states that his troops were moving slowly owing to the bad state of the roads and the heavily loaded wagons, when they found that the enemy was close upon their rear; Col. Tarleton sent a flag of truce demanding surrender, which he refused; they were immediately attacked, and though the officers behaved with great bravery, they were overpowered by superior numbers, and forced to retreat; twothirds of the troops were killed or wounded; many were killed after they had surrendered; has spent five days collecting stragglers; had appointed Salisbury as the place of rendezvous; Gen. Huger had advised him to send his officers to the Assembly and if possible get more men; is ill himself, but will wait on the Assembly for orders and advice; reports the loss of 10,000 lbs. of powder, a quantity of unmade clothing, two field-pieces and 20 wagons and teams with the baggage of the regiment. A. L. S. Endorsed. 4 pp. Fo.

EM. 6600 Virginia.-Delegates in Congress. Philadelphia, Aug. 20, 1781. To Thomas Nelson, Governor of Virginia. Enclosing a copy of correspondence between the Virginia delegation and the Executive [of Pennsylvania] as to a process of Simon Nathan versus goods in ship Franklin on account of State of Virginia; also papers as to charge against Gabriel Penn; had obtained from Congress passports for the importation of 50,000 bushels of salt from Bermudas. A. L. S., J. Mad. ison Junr. Signed also, Jos: Jones, Edm: Randolph, Theok. Bland.

I page. 4°.

EM. 9774 The address is mounted on the back.

Virginia.- Governor. Council Chamber [Richmond), Sept. 16, 1782. To Col. William Fleming and the Kentucky commissioners. Orders for their proceedings; speaks of the money sent on for them, and leaves matters largely to their discretion. A. L. S. Benjamin Harrison [Governor). Endorsed. 2 pp. 4°.

EM. 1081 Virginia.-Governor. Richmond, Mar. 31, 1783. Commission appointing James Browning and Benjamin Lillard, appointed justices of the peace on that same day for Culpeper county, commissioners of oyer and terminer for the trial of The Native Indians, their Religion, Laws and Customs, in War and Peace.

IV. The present State of the Country, as to the Polity of the Gov. ernment, and the Improvements of the Land. By a Native and Inhabitant of the Place. London : Printed for R. Parker, at the Vnicorn, under the Piazza's of the Royal-Exchange, 1705. 6 p.l., 104, 40, 64, 83, 16 p., I folded sheet, 2 l., 15 pl. 8°.

The Second Edition revis'd and enlarged by the Author. London : B. & S. Tooke, 1722. 4 p.l., 284 p., 12 l., 15 pl. 8°.

2. ed. London: F. Fayram, J. Clarke & T. Bickerton, 1722. 7 p.l., 284 p., 12 l., 15


pl. 8°.

2 pp.



4 v. in 1.

4 v. 8°.

Manuscripts, cont'd. slaves in Culpeper county. D. S., Benj. Harrison, Governor. Printed form filled in. With seal affixed. I page. Fo.

EM. 3897 Virginia. Governor. Council - Chamber, [Richmond, Va.,] Sept. 2, 1783. Certificate that Iverson Nuttall is entitled to the proportion of land allowed a midshipman of the State Navy for three years' service. Printed form filled in. D. S., Benj Harrison. Countersigned, Thos. Meriwether. page. 12°

EM. 5793 Virginia.—Governor. Richmond, Dec. 6, 1788. Land warrant for 6, 180 acres of land to Abraham Irvin, in consideration of three land-office treasury warrants, nos. 12,924, 12,925, 12,923, all issued July 9, 1782. D. S., Beverley Randolph, Governor. Vellum.


EM. 3901 The seal has been removed.

Lee (Henry). July 4, 1794. Division orders dated June 30, and July 4, 1794, appointing Thomas Nelson and George K. Taylor aides de camp, and prescribing the quota to be furnished by each brigade of militia in order to complete the three regiments and nine companies required of the 4th Division. D. S. 4 pp. Fo.

EM. 7975 Virginia.—Governor. Richmond, Apl. 11, 1810. To the Governor of

Being required by the Legislature of Virginia to propose to the Executive Council of each state an annual exchange of the respective acts of every state, including the Revised Code, he transmits to the Governor such acts as fall within the requisition, hoping the proposition may meet his approval. L. S., Jno: Tyler. Endorsed: 6

20th: July, 1811 acknowledged in a letter to John H. Pleasants, with laws."

[ page. 4o.

EM. 6149 Virginia.—Governor. Richmond, Oct. 26, 1841. To the Governor of New Hampshire. Circular letter enclosing documents referred to in annexed resolution of the General Assembly. Printed form, signed, John Rutherfoord Lieut. Governor.

EM. 14723 University of Virginia.-Rector and Visitors. [Charlottesville, about 1800?] To the Presi. dent and Directors of the Literary Fund. Draft of an annual report as to the policy, proceedings and finances, with preliminary observations on the death of George Washington. A. D., Thomas Jefferson. With numerous interlineations and corrections. 5 pp. 4°.


Systematic Works.
Arthur (Timothy Shay), and W. H. CARPEN-

The history of Virginia, from its earliest settlement to the present time. Philadelphia : Lippincott, Grambo & Co., 1852. I p.l., 332 p. I port. 12o. (Lippincott's cabinet histories of the States.)

Philadelphia : Caxton, Remsen Eu Heffelfinger, 1872. 332 p.

332 p. 16o. (Cabinet histories of the States.)

B[everley] (R[obert]). The History and Present State of Virginia, in Four Parts. I. The History of the First Settlement of Virginia, and the Government thereof, to the present Time. II. The Natural Productions and Conveniences of the Country, suited to Trade and Improvement. III.

Histoire de la Virginie, contenant l'histoire du premier établissement dans la Virginie, les productions... Du pais... les coûtumes des Indiens... Par un auteur natif... Tr. de l'anglois... Orleans, Paris : P. Ribou, 1707. 4 p.l., 416 p., 91., 15 pl., 1 tab. 16°

Authorship was here ascribed to “ D. S.," which was taken to mean D. Stevens.

Amsterdam: T. Lombrail, 1707. 4 v. in I.

Amsterdam : J. F. Bernard, 1718. 4 v, in i.

Amsterdam : Claude Jordan, 1718.

12°. Burk (John). The history of Virginia, from its first settlement to the present day. Petersburg, Virginia : Dickson & Pescud, printers, 1804–16.

Vol. 4. The history of Virginia; commenced by John Burk and continued by Skelton Jones and Louis Hue Girardin. M. W. Dunnavant, printer.

Campbell (Charles). History of the colony and ancient dominion of Virginia. Philadelphia : J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1860. (4) xiii-xvi, 17-765 p.

8o. Campbell (Charles). Introduction to the history of the colony and ancient dominion of Virginia. Richmond: B. B. Minor, 1847. 200, viii p. 4o.

Campbell (J. W.) A history of Virginia, from its discovery till the year 1781. With biographical sketches of all the most distinguished characters that occur in the colonial, revolutionary, or subsequent period in our history. Petersburg (Va.): j. W. Campbell, 1873. 310 p. nar. 12°.

Cooke (John Esten). Virginia, a history of the people. Boston : Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1883. ip.l., xxi, 523 p. I map. 12°. (American Commonwealths.)

Boston, 1884. 4. ed. 12°.

Boston, 1884. 5. ed. 12°. Doyle (John Andrew). English colonies in America. Virginia, Maryland, and the Carolinas. New York: H. Holt & Co., 1882. xvi, 420 p.,

8o. Drake (Samuel Adams). The making of Virginia and the middle colonies, 1578–1701. New York : C. Scribner's Sons, 1893. X, 228 p.

illus. 12°

Fiske (John). Old Virginia and her neighbours. Boston : Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1897. xxi, 318 p., 1 l., 3 maps; xvi, 422 p., 3 maps.

Boston : Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1900.

2 pp. 8°


I map.

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2 v.

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Illustrated edition. 8°.

2 v.


General History, contd.

Henry (William Wirt). Historical sketch of the state of Virginia. (In: Eminent and representative men of Virginia and the District of Columbia of the nineteenth century...Madison, Wis., 1893. P. 371-390.) 4°.

History of the United States: No. 1, or, Uncle Philip's conversations with the children about Virginia. New York: Harper & Bros., 1840. 282 p., 4 pl. 16°. (Boy's and girl's library. no. xxi.)

Howe (Henry). Historical collections of Virginia, containing a collection of the most interesting facts, traditions, biographical sketches, anecdotes, &c., relating to its history and antiquities, together with geographical and statistical descriptions. To which is appended an historical and descriptive sketch of the District of Columbia. Charleston : S. C. Babcock & Co., 1845. X, 11-544 p., 15 pl., 3 port., i map. illus. 8°.

Charleston : W. R. Babcock, 1849. X, 11-544 p., I map, 16 pl., 5 port. 8o.

Charleston, 1852. 8°.

Charleston, 1856. X, 11-544 p., I map, 18 pl., 4 port. 8o.

Historical collections of Virginia. Illustrated by Thos. Addis Emmet, M.D. New York, 1880.

3 v. 4°. Volume i consists of pages 1 to 162 of the 1852 edition, 2 of pages 163 to 349, 3 of pages 349 to 544, with index of 12

Inserted are 481 manuscripts, prints, maps, views, etc. The important MSS. are listed in the Calendar of the Emmet Collection, pp. 479-482.

Howison (Robert Reid). A history of Virginia, from its discovery and settlement by Europeans to the present time...2 vols. Vol. 1. Philadelphia: Carey & Hart, 1846. Vol. 2. Richmond: Drinker & Morris, 1848. 8.

Keith (Sir William). The history of the British plantations in America. . . Part 1. Containing the history of Virginia; with remarks on the trade and commerce of that colony. London: Soc. for the encouragement of learning, 1738. 4 p.l., 187 (1) p., 2 maps. 4°.

Magill (M. T.) History of Virginia, for the use of schools. new ed. Lynchburg, Va.:). P. Bell & Co. (1890.] 374 p. 8°.

Maury (Dabney Herndon). Young people's history of Virginia and Virginians. Richmond : B. F. Johnson Pub. Co. (1904.] 248 p., I map, I pl. 8°.

Robertson (William). The history of Amer. ica. Books IX. and X. Containing the history of Virginia, to the year 1688; and the history of New England, to the year 1652. London : Strahan, etc., 1796. viii, 249 p., il. 8°.

Philadelphia: J. Humphreys, 1799. xiv, 1 l., 17-196. 4°.

Alston, Cumberland : T. Walton Su Co., 1809. 4 v. 8°.

Berwick : W. Gracie, 1811, 2 v. 8°.
London, 1817. 4 v. 8o.

London : Sharpe & Son, 1820. 8o.

Philadelphia : R. Desilver, 1821–2. 2. Am. ed. from 10. Lond. ed. 2 v. 8o.

London : T. Cadell, 1821. 3 v. 8°. Posthumous ; edited by his son. In issues above noted books IX. and X. form the last of the 2, 3, or 4 volumes.

Smith (John). The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles: with the names of the Adventurers, Planters, and Governours from their first beginning An : 1584, to this present 1624. With the Proceedings of those Severall Colonies and the Accidents that befell them in all their Journeys and Discoveries. Also the Maps and Descriptions of all those Countryes, their Commodities, people, Government, Customes, and Religion yet knowne. Divided into sixe Bookes. By Captaine Iohn Smith sometymes Governour in those Countryes & Admirall of New England. London : Printed by I. D. & I. H. for Michael Sparkes, 1624. engr. t:.p., 1-96, 105–248 p., 4 pl. fo.

This copy belonged to Thomas Penn, and has his autograph on first leaf after title. On fly-leaf is a MS. certificate that it is the copy used as evidence in the 1745 suit between the Penn and Baltimore heirs, signed by the six judges. Another copy.

3 plates. Another copy. 3 plates. Another copy, without plates.

Another copy, on large paper. 4 plates. The Brinley copy, bound in full morocco, gilt, with the royal arms stamped on the front cover and thuse of the Duchess of Richmond and Lenox on the back.

London : Printed by 1. D. & I. H. for Michael Sparkes, 1626. engr. t.-P., 1-96, 105–208 p., 4 pl. fo.

To this present "on title has " 1624 " changed to "1626." Portrait of Charles has a crown added and title of Princeps changed to Rex.

London : Printed by I. D. & I. H. for Michael Sparkes, 1627. engr. t.-p., 1–96, 105– 248 p., 5 pl. fo.

Date is changed to 1627 in imprint but not in text of title. Duchess of Richmond portrait is lacking in this copy.

Another copy. 6 pl. fo. The Pocahontas and Duchess of Richmond portraits are facsimiles.

London : Printed by I. D. & 1. H. for Edward Blackmore, 1632. engr. t.-P., 1–96, 105–248 p., 2 pl. fo.

Another copy. 5 plates.
Portrait of the Duchess original. Pocahontas lacking.

Another copy. 6 plates.
Both portraits facsimiles.
Another copy.

6 plates.
Both portraits facsimiles.
Another copy.

6 plates and 2 facsimiles of the portraits.

Both portraits are originals, facing each is inserted a copy of each in facsimile.

From the London Edition of 1627. [Richmond: Republished at the Franklin Press, William W. Gray, printer, 1819.] 55-247, xi, 282 p., 3 pl. 8°. Reprinted at the cost of Rev. John Holt Rice, D.D.

The generall History, etc. [A prospectus.] [London, 1623.] 4p. fo.

Photographic facsimile (made 1906) from the original in the library of the Society Antiquaries,

The library contains, in the above-described copies of the Generall Historie or in other form, all seven varieties of the Map of Virginia and all nine of the Map of New England.

Philadelphia: Printed by Simon Probasco for the Proprietor, 1821. 2. Am. ed. fr. 10. Lond. ed.


4 v.

2 v.

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