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General History, cont'd.

Mr. Lenox printed a collation of his various issues and editions in Norton's Literary Gazette, n. s., v. 1, p. 134a, 218c.

Smith (M. V.) Virginia, 1492-1892. A brief review of the discovery of... North America, with a history of the executives of the colony and of the commonwealth of Virginia. Washington: W. H. Lowdermilk & Co., 1893. xxi, 1 l., 208, 208a208b, 209-459 p., 1 map, 2 pl., 2 port. 8°.

Stith (William). The History of the First Dis covery and Settlement of Virginia: being An Essay towards a General History of this Colony. [With: An Appendix to the First Part of the History of Virginia. Containing A collection of such ancient Charters or Letters Patent, as relate to that Period of Time, and are still extant in our public Offices in the Capitol, or in other authentic Papers and Records.] Williamsburg: Printed by William Parks, 1747. viii, 1-256, 247-331, v, 34 p. 8°. Apparent duplication of pages 247-256 is due to error in pagination, not to duplication of text or of those leaves.

This copy is printed on thick paper, or better paper than that of the issues noted below. Inner border of ornament around initial E on page 1 is composed of eight scroll ornaments, that of the issues noted below is composed of straightline stars; the ornament at top of page 1 differs also from that of the following issues.

Williamsburg: Printed by William Parks, 1747. viii, 331, v, 34 p. 8°.

Printed from the same types as the issue first noted, but from a different composition.

Another copy.

Virginia, Printed: London, Reprinted for S. Birt in Ave-Mary-Lane, 1753. viii, 331, v, 34 P. 8°. Apparently printed from the same types and same composing as the second Williamsburg issue noted above. New York: reprinted for Joseph Sabin, 1865. viii, viii, 331, v, 34 p. 8°. (Sabin reprints, no. 6.)


Ballagh (James Curtis). White servitude in the colony of Virginia. A study of the system of indentured labor in the American colonies. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1895. 99 p. 8°. (Johns Hopkins Univ. study in hist. and pol. sci., 13. ser. vi-vii.)

Bassett (John Spencer). The relation between the Virginia planter and the London merchant. (Amer. hist. assoc. Ann. rept. for 1901, v. 1, p. 551-575. Washington, 1902.)

Boogher (William Fletcher). Gleanings of Virginia history. An historical and genealogical collection, largely from original sources. Compiled and published by W. F. Boogher. Washington, 1903. viii, 442 p., I l. 8°.

Bouldin (P.) The old trunk, or skeleton of colonial days. Richmond, Va.: Andrews, Baptist & Clemmitt, printers, 1888. 53 P. 8°.

Brenaman (J. N.) A history of Virginia conventions, with Constitution adopted by Convention of 1867-'68 and Constitution adopted by Convention of 1901-1902 appended. Richmond: J. H. Hill Prtg. Co., 1902. I22, X, I 1., 87 pp. 8°.

Brock (Robert Alonzo). The colonial Virginian. An address delivered before the Geographical and Historical Society of Richmond College, October 13, 1891. Richmond, Va.: W. E. Jones, 1891. 22 p. 8°.

Bruce (Philip A.) Economic history of Virginia in the 17. century. An inquiry into the material condition of the people based upon original and contemporary records. New York: Macmillan & Co., 1896. 2 v. 8°.

Byrd (William). The Westover manuscripts: containing the history of the dividing line betwixt Virginia and North Carolina; a journey to the land of Eden, A. D., 1733; and a progress to the mines. Written from 1728 to 1736, and now first published. Petersburg: E. & J. C. Ruffin, printers, 1841. iv, 143 (1) p. 8°.

The writings of "Colonel William Byrd of Westover in Virginia Esqr.' Edited by J. S. Bassett. New York: Doubleday, Page & Co., 1901. lxxxviii, 461 p., 3 pl., I port. 4°.

No. 39 of 500 copies printed.

Cabell (N. F.) Early history of agriculture in Virginia. Washington, D. C.: L. Towers, pr., n. d. 41 p. 8°.

Calendar of State Papers. Colonial Series. Edited by W. Noel Sainsbury. v. I, 5, 7, 9-16. (America and West Indies, 1574-1698.) London, 1869-1904. 8°.

Chandler (Julian Alvin Carroll). The history of suffrage in Virginia. 76 p. (Johns Hopkins Univ. Studies, ser. 19, no. 6-7. Baltimore, 1901.) Representation in Virginia. 83 pp. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1896. 8°. (Johns Hopkins Univ. Stud. hist. & polit. sci. v. 14. nos. 6 and 7.)

Chitwood (Oliver Perry). Justice in colonial Virginia. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press, 1905. 123 (1) p. 8°. (Johns Hopkins University Studies in historical and political science, v. 23, nos. 7-8.)

Conway (Moncure Daniel). Barons of the Potomack and the Rappahannock. New York: Grolier Club, 1892. xvii, 290 p., 3 pl., 4 port., 3 fac-sim. 8°.

Cooke (John Esten). My lady Pokahontas, a true relation of Virginia. Writ by Anas Todkill, Puritan and Pilgrim. With notes [or rather written by John Esten Cooke]. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1885. vi, 190 pp. 12°.

Craighill (R. T.) The Virginia "peerage "; or Sketches of Virginians distinguished in Virginia's history. Richmond: W. E. Jones, printer, 1880. V. I. vi, 1 l., 356 p. 8°.

Corner (J. M.), and E. E. SODERHOLTZ. Exainples of domestic colonial architecture in Maryland and Virginia. Compiled, photographed, and published by C. and S. Boston, 1892. 3 p.l., 51 pl. 2. ed. f°.

Dashiell (T. Grayson). A digest of the proceedings of the conventions and councils in the diocese of Virginia. Richmond: W. E. Jones, 1883. vii, 431 pp. 8°.

[Davis (John).] The first settlers of Virginia, an historical novel exhibiting a view of the rise and progress of the colony at James Town. New York: 1. Riley & Co., 1805. xii, 13-284 p. 2. ed. 12°.

History-Miscellany, cont'd.

Dead (The) towns of Virginia. [Richmond,] 1888. 5 p. 8°.

Mounted newspaper clippings from the Richmond Critic, Feb. 27, 1888.

De Hass (Wills). History of the early settlement and Indian wars of Western Virginia; embracing an account of...expeditions into the West, previous to 1795. Also, biographical sketches of

actors in our border wars... Wheeling: H. Hoblitzell, 1851. 416 p., 1 facsim., 4 pl. 8°.

Duelling in Virginia [Richmond, 1888.] 2 p.l., 1-3 p. 8°.

Mounted newspaper cuttings from the Richmond Critic, Jan. 30, 1888.

Edwards (R.) Statistical gazetteer of the state of Virginia; embracing... topographical and historical information... with the results of the last census, population in most cases to 1854. Richmond, 1855. (4), 53-469 p. illus. 8°.

Eggleston (E.), and L. E. SEELYE. Pocahontas; including an account of the early settlement of Virginia, and of the adventures of Captain John Smith. New York: Dodd, Mead & Co. [1879] 310 pp., 4 pl. 12°. (Famous American Indians.) Evans (Nelson W.) Land warrants issued to Virginia soldiers. (Old Northwest Gen. Quart. vol. 7, p. 109. Columbus, 1904.)

Extract from a manuscript collection of annals relative to Virginia. Washington: P. Force, 1838. 9 p. 8°. (In: Force's Coll. of Hist'l Tracts, vol. 2, no. 6.)

Ferrar (Michael Lloyd). The Ferrar papers at Magdalen College, Cambridge. (Virginia Maga. of Hist. and Biog. v. 10, p. 130-138, 415-418, v. II, p. 41-46. Richmond, 1902–03.)

Fiske (John). Virginia in the Colonial period. 8°.

Extr.: Harper's Magazine, Nov. 1882. p. 895-908.

Foote (William Henry). historical and biographical. Martin, 1850. v (3), 568 p.

Sketches of Virginia, Philadelphia: W. S. 8°.

historical and bio

Sketches of Virginia, graphical. Second series. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1855. xiv, 13-596 p. I port. 8°. 2. ed.

Gannett (Henry). A gazetteer of Virginia. Washington: Govt. Prtg. Office, 1904. 159, iii pp. 8°. (U. S. Geolog. Survey, Bull. 232.)

Glimpses of colonial days. [New York: Old Dominion Steamship Co., 1897.] 361. ob. 24°. Goodwin (M. W.) The colonial cavalier, or southern life before the Revolution. New York: Lovell, Coryell & Co., 1894. 304 p. 12°.

Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1895.

I p.l., 316 p., I pl. 12°.

Green (W.) The Genesis of certain counties in Virginia, from cities or towns of the same name. (In: Slaughter (Philip) A brief sketch of the life of William Green. Richmond, 1883. 8°. p. 98-131).

Hawks (Francis Lister). A narrative of events connected with the rise and progress of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Virginia, to which is added an appendix, containing the journals of the conventions in Virginia from the commence

ment to the present time. New York: Harper & Bros., 1836. 8°. xvi, 17-286, I l., 1-332 p. Contributions to the ecclesiastical history of the United States of America.)

Hendren (S. R.) Government and religion of the Virginia Indians. 58 pp. (In: Johns Hopkins University Studies... 13th series, II and 12.) Henneman (John Bell). Historic elements in Virginia education and literary effort. A paper read before the Virginia Historical Society...Dec. 21, 1891. (In: Virginia Hist. Soc. Coll., new series, vol. II, 1892, p. 25-46.)

Holmes (George F.) The Virginia colony; or, the relation of the English colonial settlements in America to the general history of the civilized world. An address delivered at the annual meeting of the Virginia Historical Society, at Richmond, Dec. 15, 1859. (Virginia Historical Reporter, 1860, v. 2, part 1, p. 19-63.)


Hunter (Robert Mercer Taliafero). tions on the history of Virginia...delivered before the Virginia Historical Society at their eighth annual meeting, Dec. 14, 1854. Richmond: Clemmitt & Fore, pr., 1885. 48 p. 8°.

Also in the Virginia Historical Reporter.

Ingle (Edward). Local institutions of Virginia. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Univ., 1885. 127 p. 8°. (Johns Hopkins Univ. studies in hist. and polit. science. 3. ser. no. 2-3.)


Colonial county government in Virginia. Extr.: Mag. Amer. History, Dec., 1889. p. 532-549. The parish in Virginia. 8°.

Extr.; Boogher's Repository, May, 1883. p. 177-198.

James (C. F.) Documentary history of the struggle for religious liberty in Virginia. Lynchburg, Va.: J. P. Bell & Co., 1900. 272 p. 12°.

Johnston (F.) Memorials of old Virginia clerks, counties, with... index of names and dates of service from 1634... Lynchburg Va.: J. P. Bell Co., printers, 1888. v, (1), 7-405 (1) xx p., 4 port. 12°.

Kingsbury (Susan M.) An introduction to the Records of the Virginia Company of London, with a bibliographical list of the extant documents. Washington: Gov't Printg. Off., 1905. I p. l., 214 p. f°.

Land Patents (The) of Virginia. [Richmond, 1885-97.] I p.l., 10, 149 p. 8°.

From the Richmond Critic. Clippings mounted.

Latané (J. H.) The early relations between Maryland and Virginia. Baltimore, 1895. 66 p. (In: Johns Hopkins University Studies... 13th ser., 3 and 4.)

McCabe (W. Gordon). Virginia schools before and after the revolution, with a sketch of Frederick William Coleman, M. A., and Lewis Minor Coleman, M.A. An address before the Society of the Alumni of the University of Virginia, June 27, 1888. Charlottesville, Va.: Chronicle Steam Book & Job Office, 1890. 66 p. 8°.

McGee (W J) Geography of Virginia. A supplement to Maury's Manual of geography. New York: Univ. Pub. Co., 1904. 18 p. fo. (In: Maury (W. F.) Manual of geography... New York, 1904. f.)

History-Miscellany, cont'd.

McIlwaine (H. R.) The struggle of Protestant Dissenters for religious toleration in Virginia. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1894. 67 p. 8°. (Johns Hopkins Univ. studies. 12. ser., no. 4.)

McRae (S.) The great seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia. [Richmond, 1866?] 4 p. 8°. Repr. Dec. number "Old Dominion Magazine."

Magill (M. F.) Stories from Virginia history for the young. Lynchburg, Va.: J. P. Bell Co. [cop. 1897] 217 p. 12°.

Martin (Joseph). A comprehensive description of Virginia, and the District of Columbia, containing a copious collection of geographical, statistical, political, commercial, religious Joseph Martin. To which is added a history of Virginia, from its first settlement to the year 1754, with an abstract of the principal events from that period to the independence of Virginia, by W. H. Brockenbrough. Richmond: J. W. Randolph, n. d. 636 p. 8°.

Charlottesville: J. Martin, 1835.

636 p., I map. 8°.

[blocks in formation]

A brief review of the Episcopal church in Virginia, from its first establishment to the present time; being part of an address... Fredericksburg, May 22nd, 1845. Richmond: W. Macfarlane, 1845. 15 PP. 8°.

TONER (J. M.) Index to names of persons and churches in Bishop Meade's Old churches..., revised by H. A. Morrison. Washington: Southern History Association, 1898. 63 p. 8°.

Miscellaneous papers, 1672-1865, now first printed from the manuscripts in the collections of the Virginia Historical Society, comprising Charter of the Royal African Company, 1672; Report on the Huguenot settlement, 1700; Papers of George Gilmer of Pen Park, 1775-1778; Orderly book of Capt. George Stubblefield, 1776; Career of the iron-clad, Virginia, 1862; Memorial of Johnson's Island, 1862-4; Beales' Cav. Brigade Parole, 1865; edited by R. A. Brock. Richmond: The Society, 1887. 4 p.l., 374 p. 4°. (Virginia Historical Society. Collections. v. 6.)

Molbech (O. C.) Pocahontas. Et Nutids billede. Köbenhavn, 1905. 12°.

Neill (Edward Duffield). History of the Virginia company of London, with letters to and from the first colony never before printed...Albany: J. Munsell, 1869. xvi, 432 p., I port. sq. 8°.

Notes on the Virginia colonial clergy. Philadelphia, 1877. 34 (1) p. 8°. Reprinted from Episcopal Recorder.

Pocahontas and her companions: a chapter from the history of the Virginia Company of London. Albany, 1869. port. sq. 8°.

Virginia Carolorum: The colony under the rule of Charles the first and second, A. D. 1685, based upon manuscripts and documents of the

period. Albany, N. Y.: J. Munsell's Sons, 1886. (2), 5-446 (1) p. sq. 8°. (Neill's series of Virginia history.)

Virginia Governors under the London Company. Saint Paul, Minn., 1889. 35 p. 8°. (Macalester College Contributions. ser. I, no. I.) Virginia as a penal colony. (Hist. Maga. ser. 2, v. 5, pp. 296-297. Morrisania, N. Y., 1869.)

Virginia Vetusta during the reign of James the first. Containing letters and documents never before printed. A supplement to the history of the Virginia company. Albany, N. Y.: J. Munsell's Sons, 1885. xv (1), 216 p. sq. 8°.

Newton (M. M. P.) Colonial Virginia: a paper read before the Historical Congress at Chicago, July 13th, 1893, together with a series of World's Fair letters. Richmond, Va.: West, Johnston & Co., 1893. 71 p. sq. 16°.

Old (The) Virginian gentleman, and A social study of our oldest colony.

Extr.: Macmillan's Magazine. June, 1883, p. 131-140; March, 1886, p. 241-349; April, 1886, p. 427-438.

P. The memory of Pocahontas vindicated against the erroneous judgment of Waddy Thompson, by A Kentuckian [signed P.]. Washington, 1847. 8°.

Papers relating to the history of the church in Virginia, A. D. 1650-1776. Edited by W. S. Perry. [Hartford,] 1870. xvii, 585 p. ́ fo.

Pennsylvania. Old rights, proprietary rights, Virginia entries, and soldiers entitled to donation lands, with an explanation of Reed's map of Philadelphia. Edited by W. W. Egle. Harrisburg: C. M. Busch, 1896. 3 p.l., 3-772 p., 2 maps with I in pocket. (Pennsylvania archives. 3. ser., v. 3.) Perry (William Stevens). Papers relating to the history of the church in Virginia, A. D. 16501776. [Hartford], 1870. f°.

Pocahontas. A legend. With historical and traditionary notes. Philadelphia, 1840. 12°.

Preston (T. L.) Historical sketches and reminiscences of an octogenarian. Richmond: B. F. Johnson, 1900. 170 p., I port. 8°.

Ann. rept.

Prince (Walter Franklin). The first criminal code of Virginia. (Amer. hist. assoc. for 1899, v. I, p. 309-363. Washington, 1900.) Pritts (J.) Mirror of olden time border life; embracing a history of the discovery of America... also, history of Virginia...together with numerous sketches of frontier men...Abingdon: S. S. Mills, 1849. 696 p., 9 pl. [2. ed.] 8°.

Pulliam (David L.) The constitutional conventions of Virginia from the foundation of the commonwealth to the present time. Richmond: J.T. West, 1901. 180 p. 8°.

Ripley (William Zebina). Financial history of Virginia, 1609-1777. New York, 1893. 8°. (Columbia Coll. Univ. Faculty of Polit. Sci. Stud. in Hist... ...V. 4. no. 1.)

Robertson (Wyndham). Pocahontas, alias Motoaka, and her descendants through her marriage at Jamestown, Virginia, in April, 1614, with John Rolfe... With biographical sketches by Wyndham Robertson, and illustrative historical notes by R. A. Brock. Richmond: J. W. Randolph & English, 1887. viii, 84 p., I port. 4°.

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Typewritten note pasted inside front cover states: "My book Pocahontas,' written in June, 1898, has been the outcome of a bet with Guenther Kiesewetter, the well-known musician and composer. Although he possessed a printed copy of a burlesque Pocahontas,' produced on the stage 30 or 40 years ago, he claimed that Pocahontas will never do for heroine of a Comic Opera and was only a fit subject for Romantic Opera, an opinion shared by the late German American poet Paul Immergrün, with whom he had discussed that subject. I contended that I could write a libretto for a Comic Opera embodying the historical and serious romantic features. The result was this manuscript. Since then I have occasionally worked on that book, which will be published in both English and German in this Jamestown Ter-Centennial Year, A.D. 1907."

Pocahontas; or, Virginians in New York. A Historical Comedy in Three Acts and Eleven Scenes, Arranged as a Libretto for Comic Opera, including German Lyrics. Typewritten, in English. 5 p.l., 46 p. fo. Paper.

[New York: the Author, 1907.] 8°. Schuricht (Herrmann). History of the German element in Virginia. Baltimore, Md.: T. Krop & Sons, p't'rs, 1898, 1900. 2 vol. (In: Society for the history of the Germans in Maryland, 12th, 14th annual reports, 1898, 1900.)

Semple (R. B.) A history of the rise and progress of the Baptists in Virginia. Richmond: the Author, 1810. vii, (1) 446, (1) pp. 8°.

Sigourney (Mrs. L. H.) Pocahontas, and other poems. By Mrs. L. H. Sigourney. New York: Harper & Bros., 1841. I p.l., ix-xii, 13282 p., 1 l., 2 pl. 12°.

1855. 1864.

Slaughter (Philip). The colonial church of Virginia. An the centennial council in the city of Richmond... May, 1885. Boston, 1885. 8°.

Smith (John). Works. 1608-1631. Birmingham: [Edward Arber,] 1884. I p.l., lxxxvi, 984 p., 6 pl. 12°. (The English Scholar's Library. no. 16.)

The adventures and discourses of Captain .J. Smith...newly ordered by J. Ashton... London: Cassell & Co., n. d. xx, 309 p. 12°.

The Travels and Adventures of Captaine John Smith in divers parts of the world, begun about the yeere 1596. (Purchas, his Pilgrims. London, 1625. II, viii, 1361-1370.)

The true travels, adventures, and observations of Captaine John Smith, in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, from Anno Domini 1593 to 1629... London: Printed by J. H. for Thomas Slater, 1630. 6 p.l., 60 p., 1 pl. fo.

Title page has verso blank, ornament at head of A3 is same as in following two copies.

[blocks in formation]

Wonderlijcke Reyse en seltsame voorvallen, door en in verschyedene gedeelten des Weereldts. (In: Seer gedenckwaerdige voijagien...Amsterdam, 1678. 4°. pp. 90-104.)

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Avontuurlijke Reys Togten... in verscheyde Gedaan des Werelds... in het Jaar 1593 en vervolgens... Door de... Resiger selfs in het Engels beschreeven... Leyden; P. vander Aa, 1706. 21., 81 (10) pp., I map, pl. 8°. (Vander Aa's Zee en Land-Reysen. v. 21.)

Leyden: Vander Aa [1706]. I l., 44 col., 2 l., I map, 3 pl. fo. (Vander Aa's Voyagien der Engelsen. v. I.)

De gedenkwaardige Reizen vanden beroemden Capiteyn J. Smith na Virginien; gedaan in den Jare 1606, en vervolgens... Leyden: P. vander Aa, 1707. 224 (22) pp., I map, 7 pl. 8°. (Vander Aa's Zee en Land-Reysen. V. 23. 1707.) Virginia, in het Jaar 1606 en vervolgens, verhalende de Voortgangen en Volkplantingen der Engelsse aldaar... Als mede een... Aanwijsing van het Landschap Virginia... Door den Reysiger selfs ontdekt, beschreeven, en nu...uyt het Engelse vertaalt... Leyden: P. vander Aa [1707]. 1 1., 119 [i. e. 120] col., 3 l., I map, 7 pl. Fo. (Vander Aa's Voyagien der Ost en West-Indien. Leyden [1727]. v. 1. F°.) The title differs from that in the octavo edition, but the text, map, and plates are the same.

[ADAMS (Henry).] Captain John Smith. [Review of Capt. Jolin Smith's "A true relation of Virginia." ed. by Charles Deane.] Boston, 1866. (North Amer. Rev. v. 104, pp. 1-30. Boston, 1867.) (Chapters in Erie. Boston, 1879.

p. 192.)

BRADLEY (A. G.) Captain John Smith. London: Macmillan & Co., 1905. viii, 226 p., I map, I port. 12°. (English men of action.)

CAPTAIN John Smith. (In American Nepos, The: a collection of the lives of the most remarkable and the most eminent men, who have contributed to the discovery, the settlement, and the independence of America. 2d edition.) Baltimore, 1811. 16°.

CONGRATULATORY (A) Poem upon the Noble Feast Made by the Ancient & Renouned Families of the Smiths. [London, 1640?] Broadside.

Photographic facsimile (made 1906) from the original in the British Museum.

[blocks in formation]

Stanard (W. G. and M. N.) The Colonial Virginia register. A list of governors, councillors, and other higher officials, and also of members of the house of Burgesses, and the revolutionary conventions of the colony of Virginia... Albany, N. Y.: J. Munsell's Sons, 1902. 249 p. 4°.

Taylor (James Barnett). Lives of Virginia Baptist ministers. Richmond: Yale & Wyatt, 1838. viii, 9-492 p. 2. ed. rev. and enl. 12°.

Temple (O. P.) The covenanter, the cavalier, and the puritan. xi, 9-260 pp. Cincinnati: The R. Clarke Co., 1897. 8°.

Thacker (T.) Plantation reminiscences. n. p., 1878. 69 pp. 8°.

Thom (William Taylor). The struggle for religious freedom in Virginia: the Baptists. 105 p., map. (Johns Hopkins Univ. Studies, ser. 18, nos. 10-12. Baltimore, 1900.)

Thompson (G. W.) Virginia; her ancient title to the North-western territory, and her rights upon the Ohio, vindicated. Richmond: Macfarlane & Fergusson, print., 1848. 16 p. 8°.

From the Southern literary messenger, April, 1848.

[blocks in formation]

names of the Siouan tribes of Virginia. With historical and ethnological notes. New York: F. P. Harper, 1901. 83 p. 12°. (The Algonquian Series, no. 5.)

Trent (William Peterfield). English culture in Virginia: a study of the Gilmer letters, and an account of the English Professors obtained by Jefferson for the University of Virginia. Baltimore, 1889. 8°. (Johns Hopkins University Studies, Hist. and Polit. Sci. 7. ser. nos. 5-6.) Virginia Colonial militia, 1651-1776. Edited by W. A. Crozier. New York: The Genealogical Assoc., 1905. 144 D. 8°. (Virginia Record Publ.

v. 2.)

Virginia.—Legislature. Colonial records of
Virginia. Senate document.—(Extra.) Richmond,
Va.: [Clemmitt & Jones, printers,] 1874. (6), viii,
9-32, (8), 37-66, (4), iii-iv, 69-106 p. 4°.

i. The first assembly of Virginia, held July 30, 1619.
ii. List of livinge and the dead in Virginia, Feb. 16, 1623.
iii. A briefe declaration of the plantation of Virginia during
the first twelve years when Sir Thomas Smith was
governor of the company.

iv. A list of the number of men, women and children, in-
habitants in the several counties within the Collony of
Virginia in 1634.

v. A letter from Charles II, acknowledging the receipt of
a present of Virginia silk, 1668.

vi. A list of the parishes in Virginia, 1680.
vii. Addenda.


Waldron (William Watson). princess of Virginia: and other poems. By William Watson Waldron. New York: Dean & Trevett, 1841. 108 pp. 12°.

West (Gerald Montgomery). The status of the negro in Virginia during the colonial period... New York: W. R. Jenkins [1890?]. iv, 76 p. 4°.

Withers (Alexander Scott). Chronicles of border warfare; or, A history of the settlement by the whites, of northwestern Virginia, and of the Indian wars and massacres, in that section of the State, with reflections, anecdotes, &c. Clarksburg, 12°. Va.: J. Israel, 1831. 319 p., 1 l.

A new edition edited... by R. G. Thwaites, with...a memoir of the L. C. Draper. Cincinnati: Robert Clarke Co., 1895. I p.l., xx, 447 p., I port. 8°.

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