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Average price asked for lands now held by company?

Value of donations of right-of-way or other real estate?
Three thousand dollars.

Amount of city, county, and town aid granted to company in exchange for stock, or otherwise? Specify particulars.

To the original company, Sheboygan & Mississippi R. R. Co., city of Sheboygan, $200,000 in bonds. County of Sheboygan $100,000 in bonds to the Sheboygan & Fond du Lac.

Total cash amount realized from such aid?
See below.

Amount of land sold, but not conveyed, under contracts now in force? The whole amount of cash, principal and interest, received for lands hitherto sold and conveyed?..

Whole amount of cash received, principal and interest, on outstanding contracts in force?.....

Whole amount of cash received, principal and interest, on contracts forfeited?..

Whole amount of cash received for stumpage, trespass, etc. What have been your total receipts from lands sold, and contracted to be sold, the past year?....


$300 00



What is the aggregate sum of receipts on account of lands, from all sources whatever, up to the present time?.....

$300 00

What is the amount now due the company on lands sold or contracted to be sold?.....


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The town of Brooklyn bonds are in litigation and have never been delivered. $2,000 St. Marie and $8,000 Princeton bonds have not been delivered, not having been received according to the condition of the aid.

The amount of cash realized upon all this aid was about $450,000, including aid to the old company.

No accidents.


Amount paid as damages on account of stock killed by trains...... STATE OF WISCONSIN, County of Fond du Lac, s88.

$269 25

J. A. Bentley, President of the Sheboygan and Fond du Lac Railroad Company, being duly sworn deposes and says that he has caused the foregoing statements to be prepared by the proper Officers and Agents of this company, and having carefully examined the same declare them to be a true statement of the condition and affairs of said company, on the first day of August, A. D. 1875. to the best of his knowledge and belief, except as explained by accompanying letter dated Dec. 11, 1875.*

J. A. BENTLEY. Subscribed and sworn to before me, a Notary Public, this 14th day of December A. D. 1875.

Notary Public.

*See note under head "total freight in tons," in this report.




TABLE 1.-Showing population, area and miles of railroads of the several States.
TABLE II.-Mileage and cost of construction, &c., of railroads of the United States.
TABLE III.-Showing per cent. of receipts to total capital and debt, &c.
TABLE IV.-Railroad lines and parts of lines in Wisconsin, &c.

TABLES V-XII.-Abstract from reports of railroads operated in Wisconsin in 1874.
TABLE XIII.-Mileage of roads owned and operated, capital stock, &c.

TABLE XIV.- Debt, totals of stock and debt.

TABLE XV.-Characteristics-roadway.

TABLE XVI.-Roadway; also buildings on Wisconsin lines.

TABLE XVII.-Equipment.

TABLE XVIII.-Cost of road and equipment.

TABLE XIX.-Business of the year ending June 30, 1875.

TABLE XX-Passengers carried during 1874-5.

TABLE XXI.-Freight carried during year 1874-5.

TABLE XXII.-Tonnage of leading freights.

TABLE XXIII.-Force employed in 1874-5.

TABLE XXIV.-Monthly earnings during last half of 1874.

TABLE XXV.-Monthly earnings during first half of 1875.

TABLE XXVI.-Passenger earnings for 1874-5.

TABLE XXVII.-Freight earnings for 1874-5.

TABLE XXVIII.-Earnings from sources other than the passenger and freight business; also gross earnings, &c.

TABLE XXIX.-Operating expenses, year 1874-5.

TABLE XXX.-Operating expenses; also amount of taxes, insurance, rents, &c.

TABLE XXXI.-Expenses per mile of road; per train-mile, &c.

TABLE XXXII.-Operating expenses and interest compared with earnings.

TABLE XXXIII.-Use made of excess of earnings.

TABLE XXXIV.-Land grants and local aid.

TABLE XXXV.-Accidents.

TABLE XXXVI-Comparative statistics showing financial condition and results of business operations during the year ending June 30, 1875.

TABLE XXXVII.-Comparative statement of business during 1875-3, 1874-5. TABLE XXXVIII.-Comparative statement of earnings during 1873-4, and 1874-5. TABLE XXXIX.-Comparative statement of operating expenses, net earnings, taxes, insurance, and interest during 1873-4, and 1874-5.

The statisties for 1874-5 are deduced from special returns made to the Commissioners for the year ending June 30, 1875.



Area square miles.

TABLE I.-Showing the population, area and miles of railroads of the several States; also, the capital stock, debt, and total capital account of the several companies operatiny roads therein.*

Miles railroad.


to miles railroad.

Square mile to mile railroad.

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Capital stock.

Funded and other debt.

Total capital ac




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TABLE II.-Mileage, cost of construction and equipment, business done, earnings, and profits, in 1874, of the railroads of the United States.*

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