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Proprietary roads.

4,691,206 10

Income account

Amount of excess of sundry assets over floating debt.

27,918 17



72,105,049 64

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What regulations govern your employees in regard to crossings of other railroads and are they found to be sufficient?

Employees are instructed to bring trains to a full stop before crossing the track of another company.

What regulations govern your employees in regard to crossings of public highways? And are these regulations found to be sufficient?

Engineers are required to sound whistle at signal posts, which are 80 rods before highway crossings, and to ring the bell.

What platform and coupler between passenger cars, do you use?

The Miller platform coupler.

What kind of brakes do you use on passenger trains?

The Westinghouse air brake.


What is the compensation paid you by the U. S. Government for the transportation of its mails, and on what terms of service?

Schedule of contracts with United States Post-Office Department, for carrying mails upon the different routes below named.

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What express companies run on your road, and on what terms, and what conditions as to rates, use of track, machinery, repairs of cars, etc; what kind of business is done by them, and do you take their freights at the depot, or at the office of such express companies?


Schedule of rates paid by Express companies for service on this company's lines.

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Right of through business between Milwaukee and Chicago, Elroy and Marshall,

in accordance with tariff rates to be paid between stations agreed upon January 1,


Business between Winona and Winona Junction, on Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway trains at rate of 30 cents per 100 lbs., carried whole distance, half of which is paid by this company to Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway Company their proportion of said earnings.


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Do sleeping or dining cars run on your road, and if so, on what terms are they run, by whom are they owned, and what charges are made in addition to the regular passenger rates?

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Sleeping cars are run; they are hauled in consideration of their use. They are owned by Pullman Palace Car Co." All charges in addition to regular passenger rates are collected by the owners.



Date of original charter of the road and that of any road consolidated with it, with the name of the companies.

Chicago & Northwestern R'y. Co., chartered in Illinois Feb. 19, 1859.

Chicago & Northwestern R'y. Co., chartered in Wisconsin, March 14, 1859.
Certificate of incorporation made June 6, 1859.

Since its formation the Chicago & Northwestern R'y. Co., has received by consolidations the following named companies, to wit:

Dixon, Rockford and Kenosha R'y. Co., Organized Jan. 16, 1864. Consolidatwith C. & N. W. Co., Jan. 19, 1864.

Galena and Chicago Union Railroad Co., Incorporated Jan. 16, 1836. Consolidated with C. & N. W. R'y. Co.. June 2, 1864.

Peninsala R. R. Co. (of Michigan) incorporated Feb. 12, 1855.

with C. & N. W. R'y. Co., October 21, 1864.


Beloit and Madison Railroad Co., organized Sept. 1862, consolidated with C. & N. W. R'y. Co., March, 1871.

Baraboo Air Line R. R. Co., incorporated March 8, 1870, consolidated with C. & N. W. R'y. Co., March 10, 1871.

Roads operated under lease (whether temporary or permanent) giving name, termini, length, address of lessors and terms of lease.

The line of road from Chicago to Milwaukee, eighty-five miles, (of which forty miles are in the State of Wisconsin,) is operated under permanent lease from the "Chicago and Milwaukee Railway Company:" the lessess guaranteeing six per cent. per annum on the stock of the Chicago and Milwauke Railway Company, and the payment of all bonded debt and operating expenses:

The line of road from Milwaukee to Fond du Lac sixty-two and sixty-three one hundredths miles, (all in the State of Wisconsin,) is operated under permanent lease from the Northwestern Union Railway Company," the lessees agreeing to pay a percentage on its gross earnings as follows:

Out of the first $1,500, per mile, per annum $700, per mile per annum.

Out of any excess of gross earnings, $1,500 per mile until such excess shall reach $3,000 per mile, thirty-three and one-third per cent. thereof as further rental.

Out of any excess of gross earnings over $4,500 per mile twenty per cent. thereof as further rental. And further agreeing that if such rental shall not be sufficient to pay the interest on the bonded debt of the Company, to make up the deficiency.

What is the total number of acres United States lands granted to your Company by Congress directly, or through the State?

Besides portions of right of way and depot grounds, etc., about 551,4900 acres of which 154,183 acres had been received by the Chicago, St. Paul and Fond du Lac Railroad Company, and sold by order of court on account of that company's indebtedness. No part of the proceeds thereof having been received by the Chicago and Northwestern Railway Company.

What number acres received by your Company, directly or indirectly?... 397,306

What number acres sold and conveyed?

Total number of acres conveyed...

Total number of acres sold but not conveyed

Total sales to July 1, 1875..

Average price, per acre, realized?
All sales to date $3.21 per acre.


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To what corporations have you sold land? How much, and at what price?

No sales to corporations.

Number of acres now held by Company?

On July 1, 1875....

Average price asked for lands now held by Company?

As far as appraised $1.97.


Amount of land sold, but not conveyed, under contracts now in force? being receipts previous to July 1st, 1873...

The whole amount of cash, principal received for lands hitherto sold and conveyed......

Whole amount of cash received, principal aud interest, on outstanding contracts in force..

Whole amount of cash received, principal and interest, on contracts forfeited.....

Whole amount of cash received for stumpage, trespass, &c..

What have been your total receipts from lands sold, and contracted to be sold, the past year...

What is the aggregate sum of receipts on account of lands, from all sources whatever, up to the present time..

2,136 69 acres.

$46,731 83



$1,843 81

59,129 79

107,705 43

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