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(Knight of the Orders

of Vasa and St. Olaf.) " COD LIVER OIL Purest Norwegian Cod Liver Oil.


The value of Peter Moller's services, in introducing a superior method of preparing Cod Liver 011, has been signally recognized by the NORWEGIAN GOVERNMENT and several scientific institutions; and His Majesty, CHARLES XV., the King of Sweden and Norway. was pleased to copfer on him the order of Vasa, and has recently (April 2, 1868) still further rewarded his exortions in promoting an important branch of national industry, with the Order of Knighthood of St. Olaf.

The main objection to the use of Cod Liver Oil has heen, hitherto, its loathsome taste and smell, arising from an utter disregard of cleanliness in the process of extraction, and from the livers being invariably in a more or less advanced stage of decomposition when submitted to treatment. “Many patients are unable to take the colored oil in sufficient quantity to produce any therapeutical effect, and physicians are compelled to have recourse to the pale Newfoundland variety, though inferior in medicinal power, and not infrequently pro. ductive of considerable organic derangement. These serious defects have now been satis. factorily remedied by the superior mode of preparation introduced by the maker of this oil. Thus obtained, LOFOTON COD LIVER OIL is pure flavored, free frorn smell, and is burne with facility by the most delicate stomach.

Mr. Moller's procone, which is carried on in factories located in the immediate vicinity of the fishing grounds of the Lofoten Islands, may be briefly described as follows:

So soon as the fish have been landed, the livers are taken out and submitted to treatment, a few hours being sufficient to affect the purity of the oil. All poor, small, hruiser and diseaseul livers, are throron aside; and those selected all of large size, are carofully cleansed by washing in several waters, from blood, membrane and other impurities; and all gall bladders aro watched for and removed. The livers are then introduced into a machine which minces them into very small pieces, or rather reduces them to a soft, pulpous mass. This pulp is transferred to an apparatus heated externally by steam, and the mass gradually warmed to 100 or 102 degrees Fahrn. As fast as the oil exudes, it is drawn off and filtered. Filtration completes the process. The fresher the livers and the lower the temperature, the purer. paler, brighter, and the sweeter in taste, will be the oil, When prepared by this method, COD LIVER OIL is never light broren or brown. GENUINE LOFOTEN OIL is true Cod Liver Oil, prepared from the livers of the Gadus Morrhua.

The banks of the Lofoten Islands are the only localities in the world where the true Codfish

is found in immense shoals, absolutely ALONE, LOFOTEN NORWEGIAN COD LIVER OIL' is best adapted for modicipal uso, being endowed

with remedial properties in a bigher degree than any other kind. THE PALE LOFOTEN OIL is superior in purity to the Light Brown, the latter, even when genu.

ine, being invariably obtained from livers more or less decomposed. The relative absence of color, odor, and taste, are guarantees that the process of separation has been carefully conducted at a low temperature, and that THE LIVERS WERE FRESH WHEX THE OIL WAS EXTBACTED. The following are extracts from some of the testimonials received from eminent Medical men:

No. 13 EAST 28TH STRERT, NEW YORK, March 16, 1870. Messrs. W. H. SCHIETFELIX & Co.:For some years I had given up the use of Cod Liver Oil altogether, but since my attontion was called by Dr. Sayre to your Peter Moller's Cod Liver Oil, I have prescribed it almost daily, and have every reason to be perfectly satisfied with it.

J. MARION SIMS, M.D. JOHN O. THOROWGOOD, M.D., Member College Physicians, Assistant Physician to the City of Lon. dich Hospital, for Diseases of the Chest, Victoria Park, says: I feel it my duty to state that those who have taken it have done so with great comfort and ease, and further, with much

relief to their symptoms. Mr. Moller's Cod Liver Oil appears to mne to be a thoroughly trust• worthy and pore oil, and possesses marked curatire properties in consumption."

ABBOTS SMITH, M.D., M.R.O.P., Physician to the North London Consuemption Hospital and Fins. bury Dispensary, Honorary Secretary to Mertical Snciety of London, &c., dc., de., Bays: “I have tried Möller's Cod Liver Oil both in private and hospital practice, and bave always found its administration to be followed by antisfactory results."

ARTHUR HILL HASSALL, Author of Adulterations Detecterl in Food and Medicine, Senior Physician to the Royal Free Hospital, London, AAVS: "I have subjected to careful analysis a sample of Cod Liver Oil prepared by Peter Moller, of Christindia, and find it tu be the purest specimen of the oil ens submitted to me for examination."

Professor W. BOECK, M.D., of Christiania, writer Peter Moller: “I am pleased to hear you have established an agency in London for your Cod Liver Oil. * * * I took the oppor. tunity of recommending it to niany of my professional friends there as the best adapted for medical use, knowing that you are always present at Lofoten during the Cod-fishing season,

for the purpose of superintending the preparation of the oil from nong bat fresh livors." . . Dr. L. A. SAIRE, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery in Bollerne Hospital Medical College, New York, having tested all the other Cod Liver Oils that come to this market, and having found then ansatisfactory, testifies that he is convinced that Puter Moller's process is the only one by which Cod Liver Oll should be made.

This is the only Cod Liver Oil which received the fire prize at ench of the following exhi. bitions: 1862 London International Exhibition. 1865—Bergen Exhibition of Fisheries, Gold Medal of the Royal Society for the welfare of Norway. 1886 Great Exhibition at Stock.

olm. 1866-International Exhibition, Bologne. 1867- Paris International Exhibition, at whicb it took tho Orit prize among twonty-eight competitors.

W. H. SOHIEFFELIN &.00., Now York,

"Solo Agenlo for the Unelted States and Canadas,

Importing & Manufacturing Pharmaceutisi,

30 North William Street, New York.

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The immeasurable therapeutic superiority of this oil over all other kinds of Cod Liver Oils sold in Europe or in this market, is due to the addition of IODINE BROMINE, AND PHOSPHOROUS.

This oil possess not only the nourishing properties of Cod Liver Oil, but also the tonic, stimulant and alterative virtues of IODINE, BROMINE AND PHOSPHOROUS, which are added in such proportions as to render FOUGERA'S COD LIVER OIL, FIVE TIMES stronger and more efficacious than pure Cod Liver Oil, saving therefore



(COMP. DRAGÉES OF SANTONINE.) Santonine, the active principal of Semen contra (European Wormseed,) oceapies the first rank among the anthelmintic remedies. In this preparation the santonine is combined with a purgative agent and is at once pleasing to the eye and efficacious. For several years many of our principal Physicians in all parts of the Union have expressed themselves highly pleased with the efficacy and elegance of this vermifuge. Euch dragee contains one half gtain of Santonine and one fifth grain of gambogine.

Full directions accompany each bottle.


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Resuscitation of the Drowned, and other Treatment in Asphyxia.

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