Consumption: Its Early and Remediable Stages

Walton and Maberly, 1862 - 447 páginas

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Página 435 - Second edition. Large crown 8vo. Cloth, price 7*. 6d, SMITH (Edward), MD, LL.B., FRS Health and Disease, as Influenced by the Daily, Seasonal, and other Cyclical Changes in the Human System. A New Edition.
Página xvii - ... on the teeth, as if smiling; otherwise of a cadaverous aspect. So also in all other respects; slender, without flesh; the muscles of the arms imperceptible; not a vestige of the mammae, the nipples only to be seen; one may not only count the ribs themselves, but also easily trace them to their terminations...
Página 437 - SCIENCE AND ART OF SURGERY; a Treatise on Surgical Injuries, Diseases, and Operations. By Sir JOHN ERIC ERICHSEN, Bart., FRS, LL.D.
Página 442 - Things. — Fire. Locomotion and Transport, their Influence and Progress. The Moon. Common Things. — The Earth. The Electric Telegraph. Terrestrial Heat. The Sun. Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Barometer, Safety Lamp, and Whitworth's Micrometric Apparatus. Steam. The Steam Engine. The Eye. The Atmosphere. Time. Common Things.— Pumps.
Página xvii - Voice hoarse; neck slightly bent, tender, not flexible, somewhat extended; fingers slender, but joints thick; of the bones alone the figure remains, for the fleshy parts are wasted; the nails of the fingers crooked, their pulps are shrivelled and flat, for, owing to the loss of flesh, they neither retain their tension nor rotundity; and, owing to the same cause, the nails are bent, namely, because it is the compact flesh at their points which is intended as a support to them ; and the tension thereof...
Página 442 - CONTENTS : The Planets ; are they inhabited Worlds ?— Weather Prognostics — Popular Fallacies in Questions of Physical Science — Latitudes and Longitudes — Lunar Influences — Meteoric Stones and Shooting Stars — Railway Accidents — Light — Common Things : — Air — Locomotion in the United States — Cometary Influences...
Página 442 - Stellar Universe. The Tides. Colour. Common Things: Man. Magnifying Glasses. Instinct and Intelligence. The Solar Microscope. The Camera Lucida. The Magic Lantern. The Camera Obscura. The Microscope. The White Ants; their Manners and Habits. The Surface of the Earth, or First Notions of Geography. Science and Poetry. The Bee. Steam Navigation. Electro-Motive Power. Thunder, Lightning, and the Aurora Borealis. The Printing Press. The Crust of the Earth. Comets. The Stereoscope. The Pre-Adamite Earth....
Página 283 - Continental physicians, they have hitherto had less than their due influence, and the principle as such is comparatively little recognised, or brought into general application. In truth, common usage takes for the most part a directly opposite course ; and, under the notion or pretext of quiet, seeks to repress all direct exercise of this important function in those who are presumed to have any tendency to pulmonary disorders.
Página 437 - The present edition has been carefully revised and much enlarged, and may be said in the main to be rewritten.
Página 439 - The new edition has been carefully revised, much new matter has been added, and a number of new original illustrations have been introduced. In its revised form this volume continues to be an admirable exposition of the present status of gynecologic practice. PERSONAL AND PRESS OPINIONS Howard A, Kelly. MD.

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