Transactions of the ... Session of the American Institute of Homoeopathy, Volumen26

American Institute of Homoeopathy., 1873
Includes World's Homoeopathic Convention #1, 1876; 4, 1891; 7, 1906 others are in book collection.

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Página 225 - He is gone who seem'd so great. Gone; but nothing can bereave him Of the force he made his own Being here, and we believe him Something far advanced in State, And that he wears a truer crown Than any wreath that man can weave him.
Página 224 - Washington the Chief of a nation in arms, doing battle with distracted parties ; calm in the midst of conspiracy ; serene against the open foe before him and the darker enemies at his back ; Washington inspiring order and spirit into troops hungry and in rags ; stung by ingratitude, but betraying no anger, and ever ready to forgive ; in defeat invincible, magnanimous in conquest, and never so sublime as on that day when he laid down his victorious sword and soiight his noble retirement : — here...
Página 144 - Lord, you delivered to me two talents look, I have gained two more talents besides them. His lord said to him, "Well done good and faithful servant you have been faithful over a few things. I will make you ruler over many. Enter into the joy of your lord.
Página 717 - I never allow any insane person to be punished by blows or other painful corporeal inflictions, since there can be no punishment where there is no sense of responsibility, and since such patients only deserve our pity and cannot be improved, but must be rendered worse by such rough treatment.
Página 225 - And thro' the centuries let a people's voice In full acclaim, A people's voice, The proof and echo of all human fame, A people's voice, when they rejoice At civic revel and pomp and game, Attest their great commander's claim With honour, honour, honour, honour to him, Eternal honour to his name. VII, A people's voice! we are a people yet. Tho...
Página 224 - Great in council and great in war, Foremost captain of his time, Rich in saving common sense, And, as the greatest only are, In his simplicity sublime.
Página 670 - I have ever received in the matter of diet, was derived from a half-nourished babe, in the presence of a plate of raw oysters. It made such violent demonstrations of craving for them, that the mother, holding a fine one by the tough muscular portion, allowed the child to suck the remainder, which it thus demolished in a short time; and by acting on this hint, the difficulty in its case was bridged at once. I have since repeatedly prescribed the same, with excellent effect — even in adults, who,...
Página 670 - The juice, or the soup of a plain stew, with crackers or otherwise, may be the initial form; afterwards, the tender portion of the oyster itself. In stewing, the juice is to be first cooked with milk and salt, and the oysters added when it boils; letting them remain on the fire only until heated through. Thus they remain tender. Oyster-hash, very fine, made only of the tender portions of such stewed oysters, may be given when that form is most manageable. Even a fried oyster may sometimes be chewed...
Página 669 - Desiccated meat*, ie, with the moisture completely evaporated, may be sometimes utilized, being easily grated, and containing in this state a large proportion of absolutely nutritious matter. This may be given like the beef extract, in hot water, or dry, in a suitable vehicle, as the wafer, or jelly, or stewed fruit, which may be punctured to insert it, small masses at a time. Any form of meat diet is of doubtful propriety, to say the least, in typhoid fever, when the urine is without sediment. And...
Página 664 - Barley is the crude article wholly deprived of bran, by mutual friction of the grains during continued agitation in a revolving mill ; without other change. Farina, a well-known dietetic, is flour prepared from wheat which has been thus "pearled." Both of these consequently require long cooking in order to render their starchy constituents soluble. Moreover the pearling process is wasteful of the gluten and phosphates, so needful for the nutrition of muscle, bone, &c.; and which are largely removed,...

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