British and Foreign Medico-chirurgical Review: Or, Quarterly Journal of Practial Medicine and Surgery, Volumen15


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Página 131 - The Diagnosis, Pathology, and Treatment of Diseases of Women ; including the Diagnosis of Pregnancy. By GRAILY HEWITT, MD &c. President of the Obstetrical Society of London. Second Edition, enlarged; with 116 Woodcuts. 8vo. 24s. Lectures on the Diseases of Infancy and Childhood. By CHARLES WEST, MD &c.
Página 136 - Journal. WHAT TO OBSERVE AT THE BEDSIDE AND AFTER DEATH, IN MEDICAL CASES. Published under the authority of the London Society for Medical Observation. A new American, from the second and revised LondoL edition.
Página 231 - The human understanding, from its peculiar nature, easily supposes a greater degree of order and equality in things than it really finds; and although many things in nature be sui generis and most irregular, will yet invent parallels and conjugates and relatives, where no such thing is.
Página 78 - ... must therefore be confined to dead matter; but such apprehensions are, it is believed, groundless, or, at all events, premature. All parts of living structures are allowed to be in a state of incessant change, of decomposition and renewal. The decomposition occurring in a living membrane, while effecting osmotic propulsion, may possibly, therefore, be of a reparable kind In other respects chemical osmose appears to be an agency particularly adapted to take part in the animal economy.
Página 285 - Carpenter adds a second, namely, that " in all cases where the different functions are highly specialized, the general structure retains, more or less, the primitive community of function which originally characterized it.
Página 236 - I define life as the principle of individuation, or the power which unites a given all into a whole that is presupposed by all its parts.
Página 137 - Nor can this remote matter suddenly Progress so from extreme unto extreme, As to grow gold, and leap o'er all the means. Nature doth first beget the imperfect, then Proceeds she to the perfect.
Página 79 - The natural excitation of osmose in the substance of the membranes or cell-walls dividing such solutions seems therefore almost inevitable. In osmose there is further a remarkably direct substitution of one of the great forces of nature by its equivalent in another force — the conversion, as it may be said, of chemical affinity into mechanical power. Now what is more wanted in the theory of animal functions than a mechanism for obtaining motive power from chemical decomposition as it occurs in...
Página 404 - A soft humming in the ears is heard; a sense of tingling steals over the body, and in a few seconds complete unconsciousness and insensibility supervene, and continue so long as the pressure is maintained.

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