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Darien, river of, iv. 301, 392 Davila, Arias Don Pedro, sent as new governor to the colony of Darien, iv. 396; his character, ib., advovocated by Fonseca, iv. 397 ; arrives at Darien, iv. 406; sends messengers to Nuñez, ib., falls sick, iv. 414; jealousy of, v. 3.; the daughter of, offered in marriage to Nuñez, v. 18; Sorsa sent from Spain to supersede, v. 26; difficulties between Nuñez and Davila renewed, v. 27; Arguello, friend of Nuñez arrested, v. 30; hypocrisy of, v. 34; orders Nuñez to be executed, v. 39 Dead and dying, manner of treating the, by the Haytiens, ii. 140 Delphin, island of, iii. 7 Deluge, universal, ideas entertained by the Haytiens in respect to, ii. 139 Deza, Diego de, character of, i. Io9; coincides with Columbus at the council at Salamanca, ib., assists him with his purse, i. 119; made archbishop of Seville, iv. Io9; is chosen arbitrator between the King and Columbus, iv. 113 Diaz, Bartholomew, account of his discoveries, ii. 235 —, Miguel, his romantic history, ii. 318; discovers the gold mines of Hayna, ii. 320 ; commands the fortress of San Domingo at the time Bobadilla arrives, iii. 193; his conduct on being desired to give up his prisoners, iii. 194 —, de Pisa, mutiny of, ii. Io9; confined on board of one of the ships, ii. 212 Disaster, river of, iii. 295 Discovery, progress of, under Prince Henry of Portugal. i. 24 Dobayba, account of the golden temple at, iv. 336,347 Dogs, dumb, found at Santa Maria, ii. 187

Domingo, San, foundation of the city of, iii. 33
Dominica, island of, discovered, ii. 44
Doves, stock, presented to Columbus by the natives of
Cuba, ii. 189
Drogeo, a vast country, fabled to have been discovered
by some fishermen of Friseland, v. 222
Drum, a species of, used by the Haytiens, ii. 144
Dying, manner of treating the, ii. 140


EAR, coast of the, iii. 290 Eden, garden of speculation of Columbus in respect to, v. 361 Egg, anecdote of the, i. 372 Egypt, Soldan of, his message to Ferdinand, i. 117 Elmo, St., electrical light seen by Columbus, ii. 43 Enchanters, the natives of Cariari taken to be, iii. 3oo Enciso, Martin Fernandez de, appointed alcalde by Ojeda, iv. 218 ; expedition of, iv. 287; touches at Carthagena, iv. 290 ; magnanimous conduct of the Indians, iv. 291 ; crusade against the sepulchres of Zenu, iv. 296 ; sacks them for gold, ib., his landing opposed, iv. 297 , reads formula to the natives, ib., attacks them, iv. 29S ; returns to San Sebastian, iv. 300; vessel strikes on a rock, ib., vow made by, iv 302; establishes the seat of government at Darien, iv. 303; difficulty with Nuñez, iv. 320 ; imprisoned, iv. 321 ; returns to Spain, represents Nuñez as governing the colony by force and fraud, iv. 396 English voyages, Ojeda's mention of, iv. 171 Enriquez, Beatrix, her connection with Columbus, i 93; Colum' us' legacy to, iv. 124

Escobar, Diego de, arrives at Jamaica on a mission to Columbus from the governor of Hispaniola, iv. 111 ; returns to his ship immediately, iv. 13 —, Rodrigo de, chief notary to Columbus' first expedition, i. 156 Escobebo, Rodrigo de, his conduct after the departure of Columbus, ii. 76; death of, ii. 78 Espinal, Antonio de, the first prelate sent to the New World, iii. 246 Espinosa, Gaspar de, judicial affairs of the colony of Darien confided to, iv. 4or ; takes part against Nuñez in his controversy with Davila, iv. 425; gives verdict against Nuñez, v. 37 Esquibel, Juan de, employed against the natives of Higuey, iv. 65; his atrocious conduct to his prisoners, iv. 74–76; causes the natives to be hunted like wild beasts, ib., sent to Jamaica to take command, iv. 221; difficulty with Ojeda, iv. 222 Estotiland, a supposed island on the coast of North America, said to have been discovered by some fishermen of Friseland, v. 221 Eudoxus, remarks on his voyage, v. 227 Evangelista, island of, discovered by Columbus, ii. 208 Exuma, discovery of, i. 221; named Fernandina by Columbus, ib.

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FAMINE at Darien, in which seven hundred perish, iv. 414

Farol, Cape, at Jamaica, ii. 223

Ferdinand, King of Arragon and Castile, character of, i. 84; engagements of, on the arrival of Columbus

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Ferdinand—Continued. grants an audience to Columbus, i. 96; desires the Prior of Prado to assemble men of science to consider his plan, i. 97; attempt to assassinate him, i. 113; takes Malaga, i. 114; one of the rival kings of Granada surrenders his pretensions, i. 117; receives a message from the Soldan of Egypt, ib., his message to Columbus on learning the unfavorable decision of the Council, i. 121 ; refers his plan to persons of confidence, i. 133 ; his reluctance to the plan after the Queen has consented, i. 138; his joy on learning the success of Columbus, i. 359; his reception of him, i. 362, 364; prepares a second expedition, ii. 7; his negotiations with John II. in respect to the new discoveries, ii. 17 ; listens to the charges against Columbus, ii. 300 ; his conduct, ii. 301 ; his reception of Columbus on his second return, ii. 342 ; lays the foundation of the power of Charles V., ii. 344; promises Columbus to furnish him with ships for a third voyage, ii. 343; disappointed that his newly discovered possessions have not become a source of profit, iii. 177 ; assaulted by the clamors of ruffians who had returned from Hispaniola, iii. 178; his ingratitude to Columbus becomes evident, iii. 179; listens to the rebels who had been permitted to return to Spain, iii. ISI ; sends out a commission to inquire into the conduct of Columbus, iii. 182; reprobates the conduct pursued against Columbus, and invites him to court, iii. 223; promises to restore him to all his rights and privileges, iii. 226; his jealousy awakened at the discoveries of the English and Portuguese, iii. 235; his ingratitude, to Columbus, iii. 236 ; listens to the project of Columbus for a fourth voyage, iii. 26o ; his ingratitude Ferdinand—Continued. more evinced on the return of Columbus from his last voyage, iv. IoI, III, 117; erects a monument over Columbus, iv. 126; cupidity of, iv. 211; favors the projects of both Nicuesa and Ojeda, iv. 216; receives Cayzedo and Colmenares, iv. 397; orders an expedition to scour the islands of the Caribs, v. 96; his conduct to Don Diego, Columbus' son, v. III; consents that Don Diego should commence a process against him before the Council of the Indies, v. 112 ; the defence set up, ib., separates the Isthmus of Darien into two great provinces, v. 117; death, v. I24 Fernandez, Garcia, physician of Palos, his account of Columbus at the gate of the conventon his first arrival in Spain, i. 124; testimony of, relative to Pinzon, v. 203 Ferrer, Jayme, an eminent lapidary, substance of his letter to Columbus, iii. 258 Festival, religious, of a Haytien cacique, description of, ii. 142 Fevers, the aborigines' mode of treating, iv. 162 Fiesco, Bartholomew, embarks with Mendez, from Jamaica to Hispaniola, iii. 383; attends the last moments of Columbus, iv. 125 Fish, curious, ii. 226 Fishing, curious methods of, ii. 187 Florida discovered, v. 92 Fonseca, Juan Rodriguez de, appointed superintendent of Indian affairs, ii. 8; his character, ib., his difference with Columbus, ii. 31 ; impedes the affairs of Columbus, ii. 359; writes a cold letter to Columbus, by order of the sovereigns, iii. 132 ; his baseness fully displayed, iii. 149; supposed to have instigated

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