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Puerto de Bastimiento, harbor of, iii. 313

Bello, discovery of, by Columbus, iii. 312
Santo, Columbus' description of, i. 254

QUEEN'S GARDENS, archipelago of, discovered, ii.

185; Columbus' arrival at, in his third voyage, iii.

Question, the territorial, how settled, ii. 35
Quibian, Cacique of Veragua, interview with Bartholo-

mew Columbus, iii. 327 ; second interview, iii. 328;
is seized by the Adelantado with his wives and
children, iii. 341 ; determines on preventing the
Spaniards from obtaining a settlement in his terri-
tories, iii. 336; conspires to burn their houses and
murder them, iii. 339; escapes in a very extra-
ordinary manner, iii. 342-346; attacks the Spaniards

and is defeated, iii. 347
Quinsai, Marco Polo's account of, v. 288
Quintanilla, Alonzo de, receives Columbus into his

house, i. 91


RABIDA, LA, convent of, Columbus is entertained at,

on his first arrival in Spain, i. 125; present state,

note, 358
Reeds, river of, ii. 121

immense, seen on the Mosquito coast, iii. 294
Reinier, King of Naples, Columbus engages in his

services, i. 17
Religion of the natives of Hayti, ii. 132
Repartimientos, origin of, iii. 139 ; opposition of Don

Diego Columbus to the, v. 120

Requelme, Pedro, makes his house the headquar.

ters of the rebels at Hispaniola, ii. 112; made
alcalde by Roldan, iii. 141; joins in a conspiracy
with Adrian de Moxica, iii. 166; is taken, iii.

Rewards and punishments, ideas of the Haytiens in

respect to, ii. 141
Rio Verde, or the Green River, ii. 122
Road, the first constructed by Europeans in the New

World, ii. 116
Rodriguez, Sebastian, takes a letter from the prior

Perez to the Queen, i. 127
Roldan, Francisco, history and character of, iii, 62 ;

an account of his conspiracy, ib.; takes possession
of Xaragua, iii. 104 ; his conduct in respect to the
ships sent forward by Columbus, iii. 105 ; promises
to repair to San Domingo on the arrival of Columbus,
iii. 100; his interview with Ballester, iii. 112; re-
jects an offer of pardon, ib.; demands his discharge,
iii. 123; his interview with Carvajal, etc., iii. 126;
determines on going to the Admiral, iii. 131 ; sends
propositions by Carvajal, ib. ; which are accepted,
iii. 132 ; circumstances prevent their being acted
upon, iii. 133; makes a second arrangement with
the Admiral, iii. 134; is permitted to resume his
office of alcalde-mayor, iii. 137; receives a grant of
lands, iii. 140; visits his lands, iii. 141; assumes
new authority, ib.; is sent to meet Alonso de Ojeda,
iii. 147; his manoeuvres with him, iii. 153-159; his
rivalship with Guevara, iii. 262 ; seizes bim in the
dwelling of Anacaona, iii. 166; treated with con-
fidence by Bobadilla, iii. 208 ; his conduct in vesti-
gated by Ovando, iii. 256; sails for Spain and is lost
in a vioient hurricane, iii. 279

Roman, Friar, his account of the natives of Hispaniola,

ji. 133

SABELLICUS, his account of the capture of the Venetian

galleys, v. 170
Saint Michael, bay of, discovered, iv. 369
Salamanca, the learued assembly at, to consider the

proposition of Columbus, i. 99; pronounce the plan

to be vain and impossible, i. 121
Salcedo, Diego de, arrives at Jamaica with succors

from Ovando, iv. 85
Salvador, St., discovery of, i. 206; awe and surprise of

the natives on first beholding the ships of Columbus,
i. 208; description of them, i. 209 ; gold first dis-

covered in this island, i. 212
Samana, gulf of, discovered, i. 319
Sanchez, Juan, takes charge of Quibian, iii. 342 ; who

escapes, ib.; killed in battle by the Adelantado, iv.

Sande, Don Ruy de, his mission to the Spanish court,

ii. 17.

San Rafael, discovery of, ii. 227
San Sebastian, settled by Ojeda, iv. 240; tigers,

panthers, and large venomous serpents found at,
ib.; ambuscade of the Indians, iv. 241 ; conduct of
the natives, ib.; arrival of Talavera at, iv. 246 ; fac-
tion in the colony, iv. 247 ; Pizarro first lieutenant

of, iv. 250
Santa Cruz, island of, discovery of, ii. 56
Santa Gloria (St. Ann's Bay), discovered by Colum-

bus, ii. 177
Santa, La Isla, discovery of, ii. 379
Santa Maria, seat of government established at, iv.

303 ; faction at, iv. 304

Santa Marta, island of, discovered, ii. 187
Santiago. See Jamaica ; letter of Heneken, ü. 118
-, river of, discovered, i. 312
Saometo, discovery of, i. 223
Saona, island of, discovered, ii. 226; difference of

longitude between, and Cadiz, ib.
Scandinavians, an essay relative to the voyages of, v.

Schedel, remarks on an interpolation in his chronicle,

v. 213
Sea-wolves, killed, ii. 224
Seneca, his notice of electrical lights on the masts of

ships, ii. 44
Serafin Point, ii. 195
Sharks, a multitude of, seen on the coast of Veragua,

iii. 322 ; curious method of taking them, ib. ; super-

stition concerning, iii. 323
Ships, observations relative to the size of those em-
ployed by Columbus, v. 230

transported in pieces across the mountains at
the Isthmus, v. 19
Slaves, five hundred are sent to Spain, ii. 227 ; arrival

in Spain, ii. 307 ; Queen Isabella interests herself
in their favor, ib. orders them to be sent back to
Hayti, ii. 308; three hundred sent by Bartholomew
Columbus, iii. 31 ; negroes first introduced to the
New World, iii. 247 ; one hundred captured and
sent to Hispaniola, iv. 217; revolt of, v. 126; His-
paniola the first island to exhibit an awful retribu-

tion, v. 127
Solomon, the gold used in the temple of, ii. 323
Soria, Juan de, bis insolence to Columbus, ii. 31
Sorsa, sent to supersede Pedrarias Davila, v. 26; dies

in the barbor, v. 28

Sotomayor, Christoval de, arrives from Spain at Porto

Rico, v. 70; builds a fortress, v. 71 ; Columbus re-
fuses to put him in possession, appoints Ceron and
Diaz lieutenants, ib.; a conspiracy formed against
him by the natives, v. 75; revealed to him by an
Indian princess, v. 76; he refuses to believe it, is
attacked in the forest and killed, v. 79

-, village of, destroyed, v. 80
Soul, ideas of the Haytiens in respect to the, ii. 141;

the after state of, believed by the natives of Cuba,

ii. 213
Spain and Portugal, diplomatic negotiations between

the courts of, with respect to the new discoveries,

ii. 17

Spotorna, Gio., publishes documents relative to Co-

lumbus, iii. 268
Sugar-cane introduced into Hayti, ii. 149
Sun, supposed to be worsbipped by the Indians, iv. 386
Superstition of St. Elmo lights, ii. 43
Swallow, a, encircles the ships of Columbus, ii. 43

TALAVERA, Fernando de, prior of Prado and confessor

to Queen Isabella, i. 116; is desired by the King to
assemble men of science to consider the matter, i.
120; reports to the King that the council had pro-
nounced the plan vain and impossible, i. 121 ; takes
a message from the King, ib.; disgusted at the high
terms insisted on by Columbus, i. 134
-, Bernardino, pirates the ship of a Genoese, iv.
247 ; character of his crew, ib.; arrives at San Se-
bastian in time to save the colony, ib.; returns to
Hispaniola, iv. 251; puts Ojeda in irons, ib. ; is
hanged by the order of Don Diego Columbus, iv. 265

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